The best floorstanding speakers under 500; top 5

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Only true audiophiles are the ones who could truly understand the importance of a good sound system that gives a high-quality along with durability in the long run. Investing in a home sound system can be an expensive move but finding the best floorstanding speakers under 500 would not compromise your sound quality, thanks to advanced and innovative technology. There are one of their kind best floor standing speakers under 500, some of them work better than expensive branded ones, strange? Whether it is about basic the best floor speakers under 500 or a professional sound system, it is the key features that create the whole difference in the performance and quality of the device you are using.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Floorstanding Speakers

Talking about the key features, here we have gathered the key features that everyone purchasing their sound system, especially when it is the first time they are going to get one. The world is moving fast and you can see a new floor speaker pair in the market with every passing day. So, if you are thinking of upgrading your older floor standing speaker pair, go through this guide to see what not to miss.

Audio performance

First and the foremost thing while making a purchase for a sound system is the quality of the sound it produces.

  • Finding the best sound performance is possible even from the best floor standing speakers under 300 to 500 price range.
  • Choosing the best floor speaker pair make sure you are considering factors like sensitivity, frequency range, and efficiency.
  • Sound quality must be exceptional as it is the primary function of the speakers.

Build quality & design

Besides the quality of the sound, make sure to see the durability and design of the speakers.

  • Look for a floor speaker pair that is built to last a lifetime; high-end material and construction.
  • Make sure to consider available space for the speakers as they can be huge at times depending on the design.
  • Always try different designs, colour options, and sizes that perfectly match your space to give a nice interior aesthetic.


Floorstanding speakers pair needs to be connected to some source for sound and it varies as per the model, design, and portability.

  • Mostly floor standing speakers comes with wired and wireless connectivity; Bluetooth or WiFi and aux cable.
  • Connectivity helps in deciding the level of convenience when it comes to playing music and also portability.
  • Though, wireless speakers need an internet connection. So, if you do not have an internet connection try going for wired speakers.
  • It is claimed that wireless speakers offer low sound quality as compared to wire powered floor standing speakers, which does not have any proved supporting evidence.
  • Whereas, wireless speakers surely do offer ultimate portability. You can move these speakers around the house without having to deal with wires.

Drivers & wattage

Sound systems work by receiving sound signals, converting, and then transmitting them to an output source with the help of drivers.

  • Drivers of the sound system you are choosing must be powerful enough to receive the sound from amplifier without any distortion.
  • It is measured in watts. You can find the models that offer minimum and maximum power rating.
  • Power rating is important as supplying more power than the speaker can handle have the potential to damage the audio system.

Types of floorstanding speakers

There are various kinds of speakers that you can find in high, mid, and in the cheap affordable price range.

●       2-way sound system

It detaches frequencies to product lows and highs with the help of two different drivers. These two drivers are woofers and sub-woofers. Woofers are known to product low frequencies, whereas, sub-woofers or tweeters produce high frequencies. Depending on the quality of drivers used, the 2-way system can produce even better vocals than a 3-way system.

●       3-way sound system

As the name specifies, these sound systems produce sound with 3 different drivers; woofers, mid-range, and tweeters. Each of these has a maximum competence when it comes to a detailed variety of frequencies. 3-way floor standing speakers bring more clearer and accurate sound than the ones with a single driver for all acoustic frequencies. 3-way floor speakers are superior in terms of sound quality as compared to 2 way speakers because of a mid-range speaker that is tinier than a woofer and bigger than a tweeter.

●       Passive speakers

These speakers do not come with a built-in amplifier. You have to plug in your speaker to a detachable amplifier or a receiver. Most of the home stereo floor speakers are passive.

●       Active speakers

Passive speakers, also known as active speakers, come with their own individual amplifier, which eliminates the need to attach amplifier, saving space and time.

Active speakers give you an amazing option for home floor speakers that just need to be plugged in and are ready to go.

Where to place tv standing speakers?

Most of the people overlook this most important feature when it comes to using stand up speakers, which directly affects the quality of sound it produces. For instance, placing stand up speakers in a corner reduces the bass details. The best place to put your speakers is the side of the tv or stereo system.

Everything that is present in the room affects the sound a speaker produces. Placing stereo tower speakers against the walls destroys bass vigour, producing muddy squeak. It is not always the problem with the device you are using, but the way you are using it. The best is to place your tower speaker pair at least 6 inches from the walls and farther away is even better.

Looking into the features that create the whole difference in producing the right sound is more important than looking for brands and huge price tags. Wise choices!


Top 5 Floorstanding Speakers Under 500

Whether you are looking for standing Bluetooth speaker or wired speakers for your place, here are some of the best purchases you can go through before finalizing your next pair of floorstanding speakers.

1.     Yamaha NS-F150 Floor Standing Speaker – best floor speakers under 500



  • Elegant design
  • Maximum signal transmission
  • Piano black finish
  • Detachable speaker grille


  • Sound loudness could be better

From elegant design and luxury finish to high-end sound performance, Yamaha offers the best sound systems for every kind of use and space. These are the best ones for HD movies and sound.

Feel the best music without missing any detail as this impressive 2-way, 3 speakers sound system is specifically designed to consider minute details in a sound.


  • 2-way, 3 speaker sound system
  • 1-inch soft dome tweeter
  • Sensitivity; 88dB
  • 70 lbs in weight

2.   Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker – cheap floor standing speakers


  • 3-way, 4 speakers offer deep sound
  • 145W maximum input
  • Mica-reinforced cellular audio


  • Does not offer Bluetooth connectivity


If you are in search of cheap floor standing speakers with good sound-producing capability at a very low price, this is the product you need. Sony SSCS3 is a 3-way floorstanding speaker that offers unparallel sound experience despite the price it comes in. Have ultimate music experience with accuracy and balance with high-precision tweeters that guarantees innate sounding vocals.

These cheap tower speakers come with the following powerful feature;


  • 3-way sound system
  • 4 speaker bass-reflex system
  • 5 ¼ inches mica cellular woofer
  • 1-inch polyester main tweeter
  • ¾ inches Sony Super Tweeter
  • Sound production at 50kHz
  • Optimized crossover componentry

3.   Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Tower Speaker – best budget slim tower speakers



  • Dynamic balance technology
  • Critically tuned flared port
  • Slim and efficient design
  • Magnetically shielded
  • Stays put on the floor
  • Secure and easy connection


  • Amplifiers cannot be placed too far away

Polk audio sets a standard for good sound producing systems that are unparallel when it comes to quality and durability. It is the most popular among the users because of its straightforward and well-built construction that offers lucid and precise sound along with dominant bass and finer imaging to product grand sound.

These best budget slim tower speakers know how to balance quality and price to provide good sound to everyone.


  • The 1-inch dynamic balance dome tweeter
  • 4, 6.5 inches dynamic balance woofers
  • 5 inches speaker size
  • 5 ¼ inch Bi-laminated amalgamated dynamic balance drivers

4.   Rockville TM80C Home Theater Tower Speakers – best floor standing bluetooth speakers



  • Front panel digital display
  • Adjustable bass and treble
  • Full-range drivers


  • Bluetooth does not offer secure connection, quality could have been better.

Rockville floor standing Bluetooth speakers are designed to satisfy the latest generations sound needs. These speakers are integrated with features that give the sound that is as good as any other expensive sound systems available in the market. From its exceptional build quality to amazing audio performance it is way better than the price it comes in.

Besides the performance and quality, these speakers are designed to offer the best control with its front panel digital display.


  • Dual 8 inches subs
  • Built-in Bluetooth with a 150-foot range
  • 4 inches full-range drivers with polyester cones
  • 800W power peak
  • 8 band built-in equalizer
  • ¼ inches mic input

5.    Klipsch R-610F Floorstanding Home Speaker – affordable floorstanding speakers pair


  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • The elegant design does not take much space in the room
  • Pack of 2 speakers
  • Powerful bass
  • Support Bluetooth controlled devices


  • Some users think the sound quality could have been better


  • Pre-installed grille
  • 2 feet, 4 screws quick setup
  • R-610F high-frequency energy
  • Aluminum tweeters
  • Rear tractrix port
  • 72 lbs. in weight
  • 37 inches tall


Having the best budget floor standing speakers is not a myth anymore, especially when you are aware of what to look for in a speaker while making a purchase. To get the best budget tower speakers always look for key features rather than appealing design and colours, where no doubt appearance must not be overlooked, it is important to consider technical details vividly. Newer technology has made it possible for everyone to enjoy the best budget floor speakers without compromising the quality.


1. What are the best floorstanding speakers?

The best floorstanding speakers are the ones that offer ultimate performance along with durability in the best price. Some of the top best floorstanding speakers are mentioned below;

  • Best Overall: Polk Audio TSi400 Floor Standing Speaker.
  • Best High End: Yamaha NS-F150 Floor Standing Speaker.
  • Best Budget: Pioneer SP-FS52 Floor Standing Speaker.
  • Best Value: Polk S55 Floor Standing Speaker

 2.   Is wireless or wired floor speaker better?

Even though both the wired and wireless speakers give the same sound if they are made for the one. Whereas, wired speakers have their own benefits as they cannot be interrupted by interference in connectivity like wireless speakers. Besides that, wired speakers are cheaper than wireless counterparts and offer a more dependable high-quality sound. When it comes to portability, wireless speakers are easy to carry around places and you do not need any setup or installation.

3.   Are bookshelf speakers better than floorstanding speakers?

For sound enthusiasts, it is better to understand how sound changes when you place speakers at different places. Bookshelf speakers can give you great sonic aspect as a floorstanding speaker. whereas, putting a bookshelf speaker on a stand can even give a better sound out in the room.

4.   Do floorstanding speakers work without subwoofers?

It is not necessary to have subwoofers for your sound system to work, but to get ultimate sound from your sound system, you should get a subwoofer as it offers powerful and intense deep bass.

5.    What should I look for while buying a portable floor speaker?

You will be amazed to know that where the technicalities make the whole difference, it is important to make sure the speakers you are getting are made from strong and sturdy material. Give the speakers a good knock with your knuckles. If it gives a solid feel and sound, you are good to go. There must not be an empty sound coming out of the body of the speakers.







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