Best Floor Buffer For Home Use

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The floor mops alone cannot maintain the shine and quality of the floors. To achieve a sleek and shiny look that you see in high-end hotels, consider buying the best floor buffer for home use. With a strong motor and variety of pads for different floor types, you can enjoy the advantage of this machine for a long time.

Things to Consider


  • The speed plays an important part in cleaning using a buffer. Always go for a product that provides a minimum of 150 RPM
  • On the basis of speed, you can categorize buffers in 3 parts: if you want low-speed buffer you can it at speed of 17 RPM, it doesn’t allow any speed control
  • If you want a speed control buffer, their speed falls in the range of 175-300 RPM
  • There are also high-speed buffers that falls in the range of 1000-2500 RPM

Cleaning Path

  • The cleaning path is the area of a buffer that touches the floor at one time.
  • The average range of cleaning path that you should consider is 10-20 inches


  • The buffers used in the houses should be lightweight and small so you can easily carry it within rooms
  • The average weight range of the buffers for home use is 10-100+ pounds

Cord Length

  • The longer the cord is, easy it gets to clean the rooms without changing outlets multiple times
  • Cord length vary in each product but the maximum length you can find is 50 feet long

Buffing Pads

  • Most of the buffers come with the pads, but you might need to get more, in that case, prefer the grit range of 100-120
  • You also can get polishing pads that come in sizes of 13, 17 and 20 inch
  • If you have a small floor then the 13-inch pad will take less time as compare to other bigger sizes
  • If the surface area is large go for bigger polishing pad than 13 inch

Size of Floor

  • If you are using the buffer on a small floor area then $300 price range buffer is enough
  • But if you are using it on bigger floors then you have to spend around $500
  • So check the details of the product and see if it is suitable for your floor size

Type of Floor

  • Every household has different floor types that include marble, hardwood or even carpeting
  • If you have the same flooring then you can buy a single floor buffer
  • But if you have different flooring around the house then buy a multi-purpose buffer

Top 8 Best Floor Buffer for Home Use


1. Oreck Commercial ORB550MC

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  • This buffer is suitable for cleaning the floor made of tiles, vinyl, wood, and all other hard floors
  • The brush or the pad of the buffer’s orbiting drive oscillates at 175 RPM to clean off the dirt
  • This buffer comes with a 50-foot long cord that allows you to cover a large area for cleaning
  • The machine itself weighs at 24 lbs and has a cleaning path of 13”
  • Along with the brushes and pads, you can also use shampoos, bonnets and other cleaning solutions


  • Long cord
  • Strong engine
  • Effective
  • 1-year warranty


  • Heavy
  • The motor starts to sweat after a few months of use

This best floor buffing machine is suitable for cleaning all the types of hard floors, whether its vinyl, wood, or tiles it will effectively clean all of them. Not only that the best floor buffing machine also helps to loosen up the dirt and dry clean the carpeted floors.

To clean, strip and scrub off all the dirt from the floor without gouging them, the orbital drive of this one of the floor buffers for home use oscillates at 175 RPM. The best floor buffing machine also includes a 50 foot long cord that allows you to clean a larger area without needing to frequently change the outlets.

The cleaning area with the help of this buffer is 13 inches. But the con of this one of the floor buffers for home use is that it weighs 24 lbs which are quite heavy to pick. And also the 5.4 amp and ¾ horsepower motor are not durable, it will start sweating after a few months of use.

Customer Reviews

This best floor buffing machine is highly recommended and it’s worth the price. The only thing I felt was missing is the lock on the handle, if it is left unattended it could damage the wall.

2. Oreck Orbiter All-In-One Floor Cleaner

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  • This buffer cleans out the carpet, tile, and floors and gets every small dirt particles
  • It comes with the scrubs, pads and the cleaning solution
  • It provides you wide area of 13-inches as a cleaning path
  • You also get a 50-foot long cord to clean big areas


  • Versatile
  • Adaptable
  • Long cord


  • Weak motor

This small floor buffer comes with a long cord of 50 foot that can easily clean the big areas without thinking of changing the outlet several times which also save you a lot of time. Furthermore, a small floor buffer also gives the cleaning path of 13-inches.

The adaptable floor scrubber machine cleans out all the hard floors as well as carpet. You can also clean and polish the vinyl and tiles, and restore the marble.

The only issue with this floor scrubber machine is that you have to be extra careful with the motor, as it is weak it can wear out very quickly.

Customer Reviews

It is a very good machine, but the issue is it can’t clean under the floor cabinets in the kitchen.

3. BISSELL Spinwave Cleaner

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  • This hard surface floor cleaner buffer includes a 24-ounce capacity tank for clean water and the power rating of this product is 0.9 Ampere
  • It comes with soft pads to clean the floor and also has scrub pads for the area of sticky and tough mess
  • With its power spin pads, you don’t have to put too much effort into cleaning
  • This buffer does not come with the carpet attachment
  • The on-demand spray makes it possible to spray the right amount of cleaning solution


  • Easy to use
  • Effective
  • 24-ounce water tank


  • No carpet attachment
  • Doesn’t allow you to use any other solution rather than the Bissell’s one
  • Weak pivoting handle

This electric floor scrubber is lightweight and weighs only 11 lbs it has a motor of 0.9 amperes. In addition to that, home floor scrubber also has a 24-ounce capacity tank for clean water.

The electric floor scrubber comes with 2 soft pads to clean the hard floors and also 2 scrubby pads to get rid of the dirt and mess that is tough. Another good thing about this home floor scrubber is that it has power spin pads so you don’t have to apply too much force to clean the floor.

The disadvantage of this buffer is that it doesn’t come with the pad to clean the carpet and also it’s not a durable product because it has a weak pivoting handle.

Customer Reviews

It worked very well on my floor, but it requires a lot of cleaning solution to work.

4. Viper Venom Series VN2015

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  • The fingertip control system of this buffer makes it easy to use
  • It comes with a motor mounted pad driver storage
  • It has a 66-frame motor with the horsepower of 1.5hp


  • Fingertip control
  • Simple to use
  • Strong motor


  • The handles are not adjustable

The commercial floor buffer machine has a strong and powerful 66-frame motor with a horsepower of 1.5hp. This enables it to clean the surfaces more effectively.

You can control the settings of this commercial floor buffer machine through a fingertip control panel on the top of the machine which makes it very easy to use.

The con of this one of the home floor buffers and polishers is that you cannot adjust the handles on it that can affect the cleaning process from hard places.

Customer Reviews

This is a great machine. I use it twice or thrice a week to complete the light-duty jobs.

5. BISSELL BigGreen BGFS650

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  • It’s counter-rotating brushes oscillate at 2200 RPM
  • This product comes with a 30 feet long cord, that has a cleaning path of 9-inch
  • It comes with 6 brushes for cleaning and weighs 10 lbs


  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • 30 feet cord


  • Motor overheats

This hardwood floor buffer machine has powerful oscillating heads at speed of 2200 RPM, which gets every big and tiny particle of dust.

You can also get the cleaning path of 9-inches with its 30 feet long cord that allows you to cover a large area for cleaning. Furthermore, the hardwood floor buffer machine provides 6 brushes and each is specified for different purposes to clean hard floors, carpets, and wood floors.

The con we have found about this one of the home floor buffers and polishers is that its motor heats up very quickly, which comes in a way of cleaning time.

Customer Reviews

It works on the floor, but it didn’t show any visible results on the carpet for me.

6. Gloss Boss Mini Floor Scrubber and Polisher

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  • This buffer provides you in-home polish and cleaning
  • It has wheels that make it easy to move around and also weighs only 7lbs which makes it a portable product
  • It uses microfiber deep cleaning technology to clean every particle of dust from the floor and the brushes oscillate at the rate of 470 RPM
  • This easy to use unit provides foot-activated power release and also no special cleaners are required
  • The unit comes with 6 different pads for floor and carpets


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn’t come with assembling instruction
  • Isn’t suitable for heavy duty jobs

The residential floor buffer has counter-rotating brushes moving at the rate of 470 RPM. The buffer utilizes a deep cleaning technology that gets every corner of the house to clean the dirt.

Furthermore, the residential floor buffer comes with 6 different brushes to clean the hard floors, wood floors, and carpets. You don’t need any special cleaners to add in this buffer, just use any cleaner you have in your house and you are good to go.

This lightweight hardwood floor buffer polisher weighs only 7lbs which allows you to easily move it to different places. But the issue with this product is that it is not made to use for heavy duty jobs.

Customer Reviews

This is a nice lightweight machine, I have used it for scrubbing only and the results were great.

7. BISSELL BigGreen Floor Machine

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  • It’s pads rotate at the speed of 175 RPM
  • You can use it to buff and sand the hard floors or even scrub the tiles to get rid of oils
  • This buffer also allows you to polish the vinyl and also protects marble
  • It has a power cord of 30 feet which make it easy to clean the larger space without needing to change the outlet several times


  • Easy to use
  • 30 feet long cord
  • Polish the tiles


  • It does not include accessories
  • Heavy

This hardwood floor buffer polisher has pads that move with 175 RPM. It has brushes to clean and sand the hard floors, it also cleans and removes allergens from carpets. Along with that you can also polish and clean the tiles with this buffer.

This hardwood floor polisher machine has a capacity of 24 liters tank and also comes with 30 feet long cord to clean bigger surfaces. The drawback of this hardwood floor polisher machine is that it weighs 27lbs which makes it a heavier product and you can’t move it easily.

Customer Reviews

It is a very strong product but unfortunately, it lasts only for a few months.

8. Powr-Flite NM171HD

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  • This all-steel constructed buffer works pretty quietly
  • It has a powerful motor of 1.5hp
  • The counter-rotating brushes rotate at the speed of 175 RPM


  • Powerful motor
  • Suitable for every cleaning job
  • 175 RPM speed


  • Heavy

This hard floor cleaner machine is strong enough to take any cleaning job. It effectively cleans all the hard floors and carpets. This comes with a strong motor of 1.5hp that you can use to perform the heavy duty jobs.

The hard floor cleaner machine has an oscillation of 175 RPM that takes all the tough dirt out off the surface as well. The issue with this buffer is that it is not portable and quite heavy. You can’t pick it up and move to another place without someone’s help.

Customer Reviews

No reviews yet.


These are all the suggestions for the best floor buffer for home use. We would suggest investing in a good product that can last you for years before replacing it. You can choose any product mentioned above and you won’t be disappointed.


1. What is the best floor polisher?

Oreck Commercial ORB550MC is the best floor polisher you can find in the market today for home use.

2. What can I use as a floor buffer?

You can use a floor buffer to remove and strip off the wax from the floor. They are usually referred to as swing machines.

3. Can I polish my wood floors?

Yes, you can polish wood floors by simply using a flat-head mop along with a microfiber pad.

4. How much does a floor buffer cost?

The average buffer of 20-inch costs around the range of $700-$3000. You can choose according to your budget.

5. What is the best floor buffer?

You can find many good options in the market but the top products recommended are:

  • Oreck Commercial ORB550MC
  • Oreck Orbiter All-In-One Floor Cleaner
  • BISSELL Spinwave Cleaner

6. How long should floor wax dry before buffing?

Before buffing give wax the time of at least 30 minutes so it can dry.

7. what floor buffer is best for home use on stone?

Oreck Commercial ORB550MC is the best option to use on stone floors at home.



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