Best Floor Buffer for Home Use – Review 2023

Last updated on November 8th, 2022 at 02:36 pm

Are you in search of the best floor buffer for home use? You are at the right place to get cracking and find out your top pick from this under review. You will learn a lot of things about floor buffers using this guide.

The market is full of the best high-speed floor buffers and polishing devices that promising to eliminate the minutest of scuff marks. They work with hydraulic mechanics, and they relieve you from the backbreaking job of doing this mechanically.

A floor burnisher or polisher is a floor scrubber that holds and restores the shine of original floors/surfaces. To improve the look of your surfaces, you have to use one of the best commercial floor buffers and polishers

Looking for the best floor buffers for home use? This in-deep review is for you! Let us take a closer look at some of the crucial aspects that you need to take into account when buying the best floor buffer for home use

Buying Guide for Best Floor Buffer

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Here are a few important things you must focus on while purchasing a floor buffer:

          • Structure
            Structure really matters. For it is the thing that will provide you durability. So, make sure how durable is its structure.
          • Horse-Power
            This differs with a variation. It provides you with the right speed that you need for cleaning.
          • Floor Type
            You ought to keep in mind for what floor type are you choosing one. Whether it is wooden or marble, the choice varies accordingly.
          • Floor Area
            This is an important factor to consider. Floor area refers to how large or small space you need to get a floor buffer for.
          • Speed
            A fast speed buffer means a quicker clean up and vice versa. So you need to make sure you get the one with a good speed.
          • Polishing Pad size
            It is another important factor to consider. The bigger the pad the more area it will cover in less time.
          • Foot Traffic
            It is another factor to be taken into consideration. The more the foot traffic, a more efficient buffer is the need.
          • Brand
            Make sure you always opt for the most reliable and well-known brands.


Types of Flooring

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The selection of floor buffer basically and mainly depends on the type of floor. There are some detergents that are harsh for some flooring, while they work well for others. Different types of flooring are given as follows:

          • Wood
          • Linoleum
          • Vinyl or PVC
          • Tile and ceramic
          • Carpets

For the sake of safety and better results, select the buffer for your home according to the type of your floor.


If you do not own the appropriate equipment, maintaining your flooring can be an arduous task. Buffers, polishers, or burnishers are electrical scrubbers that help you take care of your carpet. They work with the aid of a motor and can operate with a handle. As we are well aware, there are several types of flooring, and each of them has a cleaning system. Let us talk about some of them.

9 Best Floor Buffer for Home Use

1. Oreck Commercial ORB550MC

Oreck Commercial is a versatile best floor buffer for home use that is effective on all types of floors. Orbital drive oscillates the brush or pad at up to 175 rpm/min. Thus, you can buff, clean, polish, sand, scrub, strip, or wax floors without twisting, marking, or gouging.

This best home floor buffer is suitable for use with various accessories, including brushes, pads, bonnets, shampoos, and cleaning solutions. It buffs the floors without leaving any brush marks, thanks to the innovations built in it.

Oreck, with its 50-foot power cord, enables the machine to cover a larger area without any tension of power sources. The size of this wooden floor polishing machine pad is 13, motor capacity 3/4HP.


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      • Suitable for dry cleaning, deep cleaning, scrubbing and buffing of floors
      • Easy to use
      • Deeply clean the carpets
      • Portable due to its lightweight.
      • Suitable for beginners


2. Oreck Orbiter All-In-One Floor Cleaner

Our second pick is an incredibly versatile and adaptable high-speed floor buffer. The Oreck Orbiter Ultra makes it simple to sand, refinish, strip, scrub, wax, and polish all floor surfaces, as well as deep clean your carpet.

Oreck Orbiter is one of the best home floor polishing machines. Its machine has a random orbital system and comes with a 50-foot power cord that enables the floor buffer to cover a wide area.

The Oreck floor polishers and buffers for home use assist you to remove grout stains of tile floors and helps to restore marble and its shine. It removes all tough to remove set-in stains and dirt. This hardwood floor buffer polisher refinishes even old hardwood floors and brings back the luster in them.


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      • Removes grout stains on tile surfaces
      • Removes oil and grease from concrete
      • Restores marble surfaces
      • Useful for carpet cleaning
      • Refinish old hardwood floors
      • 10-Annual tune-ups


3. BISSELL Spinwave Plus Hard Floor Cleaner and Mop

Bissell Spinwave design to clean the delicate floors without damaging them. This high-speed floor buffer machine has two spinning pads and a tank that sprays water to clean the tiles, linoleums, and vinyl.

Bissell soft pads are ideal for gentle scrubbing. Mop pads of this laminate floor polisher machine are tough on messes but tender on sealed hard floors, including hardwood, tile, linoleum, laminate, and vinyl. The mop pads are easily removable, washable, and reusable.

The Bissell is the best hardwood floor buffer, which comes along with a 6.7 meters power cord and thus covers a large area while cleaning. It can be quickly moved around during work due to its lightweight. It is safe to use even for pets and family members.


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      • Easy to use and an adjustable handle
      • Robust construction
      • Suitable for everyday cleaning
      • Safe to use on sealed hard floors
      • Easy to assemble


4. Boss Cleaning Equipment B200752 Scrubber

The Boss is a specially designed hardwood floor polisher machine. It features heavy-duty wheels for transport and a foot-activated power release pedal. It includes two washable microfiber pads, which quickly pick up the dirt and wipe out liquids and other greasy material

Boss is one of the best commercial floor buffers and polishers; due to its grinding, stripping, and sanding properties, it is mostly used at commercial places like parks, hotels, hospitals, retail shopping centers, including your home.

This hardwood floor buffer polisher comes with two rotating scrubbing brush with a speed of 470 rpm/min. It is capable of cleaning the deepest stains on carpets as well as floors. Further, the18 foot power cord avoids frequent change of power sources.


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      • Clean wide range of floors
      • Heavy-duty wheels for easy maneuvering.
      • 10-Cleaning path
      • 18′ 3-wire cord
      •  Two washable microfiber pads


5. Ewbank EP170 All-In-One Floor Cleaner

The Ewbank gives you an all-in-one service, cleans, polish and scrub. It constructed with high impact material, which makes this laminate floor polisher machine suitable for hard floor types such as granite, marble, vinyl, and wood.

Some other buffering attributes of this wooden floor polishing machine are its twin-rotating discs that spin at a fantastic speed of 2,200 RPM, high-performance brushes that remove the toughest stains without leaving markings and other dents.

This best home floor buffer comes with three pairs of polishing pads, which are made of soft microfibre that is reusable for cost-effective service, and keep your natural surfaces looking elegant.


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      • An all-in-one performance
      • Twin-rotating discs
      • Quality bristles
      • Lightweight for easy control
      • Butterfly grip improves comfort


6. Elicto Electronic Dual Spin Mop and Polisher

The Elicto Electronic professional hardwood floor buffer polisher features 3-in-1 powerful technology that combines mopping, polishing, and scrubbing, so you can clean your sealed hardwood, ceramic, linoleum, tile, granite, and marble floors quickly and effortlessly.

The Elicto is the best hardwood floor buffer, which highlights 2 counter-rotating pads, a powerful 250 RPM motor, 250 ml water tank. And on-demand spray for dry and wet mopping, handling daily floor cleaning and removing stubborn, stuck-on stains is quick, simple, and useful.

This high-speed floor buffer is one the best commercial floor buffers and polishers comes with a 25ft extension cable to offer simple cleaning in multiple places. Its swivel joint rotates up to 180-degrees and maximizes flexibility.


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      • Sanitizes and cleans hardwood floors
      • 3-in-1 cleaning technology
      • Two premium washable and reusable mop pads
      • Easy to maneuver underneath furniture
      • Suitable for dry and wet scrubbing


7. Koblenz P-820 B Shampooer/Polisher Cleaning Machine

Koblenz is the best floor buffer for home use, comes with electronic scrubs that can clean, wash, shampoos, and polish waxes for all floor types. With little effort, you can get quick and professional results.

The Thorne electric Koblenz high-speed floor buffer machine is sure to deliver outstanding performance time with high impact housing, a powerful all-metal motor, and full-width bronze gears.

This versatile high-speed floor buffer has two-speed settings, which is ideally suited for shampooing scrubbing polishing waxing and buffing all kinds of hard surface floors and carpet. It highlights 120oz. Tank large, 12- in cleaning path, and 5 ft. Power cord.


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      • Shampoos carpets, remove stains, scrubs, waxes, and buffs
      • Heavy-duty 4. 2 a motor/1100 rpm
      • 120 oz. Tank capacity
      • Features 3 speeds
      • Full-width Bronze Gears for Extra-long Life


8. Power-Flite NM171HD 17″ Millennium Floor Machine

The Power-Flite floor polishers and buffers for home use provide the power and versatility for tough jobs like grinding. It can also use for more delicate jobs such as buffing finished floors.

This best floor buffer for home use can handle any cleaning job efficiently. This unit has all-steel triple planetary gearboxes, powerful 1.5hp, 175 rpm motor, and patented rotationally molded one-piece housing reduces noise and vibration.

The Power-Flite is a high-speed floor buffer that has all types of premium features to perform floor cleaning workout. It will prove your ideal pick, which is easy to use and durable as well.


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      • Powerful 1.5 hp motor
      • 175 RMP motor
      • Handle any cleaning job
      • All-steel triple planetary gearboxes
      • Durable


9. BISSELL BigGreen Commercial Easy Motion Floor Machine

Our last but not least pick is the best floor buffer for home use, which is extremely versatile and practical for all flooring surfaces. Cleaning, buffing, and polishing the tiles can now be more comfortable by using this handy machine.

Bissell BigGreen comes with all characteristics which are necessary for commercial floor buffers and polishers. Its multi-purpose design will help you clean all the surfaces with its unique features and attachments.

The Bissell BigGreen is the best hardwood floor buffer polisher. It has an orbital drive; this means no pressure, no scamming, and no spinning. It is easy to use a motion for a unit that anyone can use. It does not work like an electric brush machine.


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      • Orbital drive
      • Multi-purpose design
      • Scrubs and cleans concrete
      • Scrubs and cleans ceramic tile
      • Buffs hardwood floors
      • Polishes and strips vinyl



Oreck Commercial is the perfect and best floor buffer for both commercial and home uses.
Floor buffers are used to clean and shine non-carpeted flooring.
A Floor buffer typically ranges from $75.00 to $1000.
Yes, you can buff only small areas of your floor if required.
You can get hardwood floors to shine again by first sweep or vacuum, then mop with the best wood floor cleaner.

Final Verdict

We hope that our review and buying guide has been of adequate help in lowering down your search and making it easier for you to take the last call. Take a look at all selected items and their peculiarities. We are sure that you will be pleased by the high-performance and quality of all best floor buffer for home use

However, these smart and innovative floor polishers and buffers for home use provide you easy and assist you in fast operation, as well as make your floors shine all the time.



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