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In the event of a fire, only the best fireproof waterproof document bag can save your valuable documents from damage. Fireproof document bags are made with designed materials that are strong and can resist any severe damage, resulting in complete protection of your documents. These bags can stand heat and fire of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Are you looking for the best fireproof waterproof document bag in the market? We have compiled this list after thoroughly considering best fireproof document bag reviews to help you in selecting the best product.

Top 7 best fireproof waterproof document bag

Now that you have a perfect knowledge of which things to look for when selecting a document bag, let’s review these best fire and water resistant document bags in the market.



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  • High quality silicon coated fiberglass
  • Can resist high temperature High water resistant
  • Large capacity to keep all types of documents
  • Fireproof zipper adds
  • extra security for cash and documents
  • Hanging trap for portability
  • 2 years warranty


  • No handle or shoulder strap
  • Small capacity for storage


  • Silicon fiberglass material
  • Waterproof and fire proof
  • 4 inches x 9.4 inches size
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 1832’F

This best fireproof document bag is portable and very easy to use. This is not only a fire resistant document bag but it can secure your documents from water as well giving ultimate protection to your money and other important official papers. This best fire resistant document bag can keep your cash, passports, credit cards, bank books, and licenses stored and secure. The bag is very flexible and you can carry it anywhere with you.

The zipper on the bag is also fireproof and provides you with storage security and carrying safety. The size of this waterproof fireproof document bag is large enough to keep your legal documents inside easily.

Customer review:

I always wanted a document bag to keep my highly valuable documents safe. This product was the best choice. I used fire to try to burn it in order to test it. Couldn’t do it, as it is very powerful. Great for peace of mind to keep the documents safe.

2. Roloway Fire proof water proof document and money bag:

Roloway Fire proof water proof document and money bag

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  • High quality fiberglass material
  • Can withstand high temperature
  • Internally lined with silicone coats
  • Handles and shoulder straps to carry around easily
  • Double closure with sipper and hook
  • Life time warranty


  • Small opening that can be problematic

Key features:

  • High quality fiber glass
  • Can withstand 2000 degree Fahrenheit
  • Size: 16” x 12” x 5”
  • Fire proof and water resistant

ROLOWAY is one of the best waterproof fireproof bags for documents. This fire proof document holder is made of high quality Fiber glass and can withstand highest temperature of up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The two layers in the bag are silicon coated and make it the best waterproof document holder.

The bag also comes with handle for holding the bag and straps for carrying the bag on shoulder so that you can easily carry the bag around. The extra-large size of the bag with expanded dimensions allow you enough capacity to store all your valuable things, like jewelry, laptop, documents, photos and keys.

This water proof document bag also has zipper and loop and hook that provide double closure and extra security in case of any theft.

Customer review:

The size of the bag is great. I am happy with this product. I needed a bag to put documents and vehicle copies in. I just tried checking it by putting it next to our fire pit. It held great. Great product.

3. VERMINGO Fire proof water resistant document holder bag:

VERMINGO Fire proof water resistant document holder bag

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  • High quality fiber glass used
  • Large size to keep laptop inside
  • Multiple compartments to keep many valuable things
  • Water resistant zipper
  • Hook and loop closure
  • No irritation or splinters
  • Refund or exchange warranty


  • Not highly water resistant

Key features:

  • Silicon coated outer layer
  • Fire proof fabric inner layer
  • Resists up to 2000 degree Fahrenheit
  • Size: 15.8” x 12.6” x 3”

This best fireproof document safe bag is large enough that it can hold a laptop with your documents. The bag has multiple interior pockets that help you to keep all your documents organized and safe. This is one of the top fire resistant document bags as it has 6 built in card slots, 2 pockets to keep your passport in and one big pocket to keep your documents, allowing you with a large space.

The bag has two fireproof layers. The outer layer is made of fiber glass and the inner layer is also made of fire resisting fiber which combined, help to resist 2000 degree Fahrenheit of temperature. The zipper is also made of water resistant material. The bag also comes with hook and loop closure.

Customer review:

This bag is very well designed to keep all documents and it also has pockets to keep small items safe. This is a nice roomy bag. It can fit all my documents easily.

4. BRUCE Fire and water resistant document and money safe bag:

BRUCE Fire and water resistant document and money safe bag

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  • High quality liquid fiber glass used
  • No itchy material
  • Spacious bag
  • Zipper for safe storage
  • Fire proof and water proof
  • Very lightweight
  • Guarantee and customer service included


  • Zipper is not fire proof

key features:

  • Liquid silicon coated fiber glass material
  • Can withstand up to 1832 degree Fahrenheit
  • Size: 10.4” x 7.2” x 1”
  • Non itchy silicone material

This fireproof pouch for money and documents is made out of silicon fiber which is no-itchy and is very lightweight. The bag is made from very high quality liquid silicone coated fiberglass that can withstand a temperature of 1290 degrees Fahrenheit. The no-itchy silicone fiber ensures that you don’t feel uncomfortable while holding your bag and can carry it around anywhere easily.

This best fireproof document bag is spacious enough that you can keep your passport, birth certificates, social security cards, jewelry and other valuable documents in it safely. The bag is also waterproof and its design is suitable for both men and women to carry.

Customer review:

This bag has good size if you want to keep small important documents in it. It can fit perfectly in the spot in which I hide it. If you want to keep birth certificates, small diplomas and social security cards, it is the perfect bag for you.

5. ENGPOW Fireproof document bag with two pockets:

ENGPOW Fireproof document bag with two pockets

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  • High quality silicon coated fiberglass
  • Double zipper design
  • Durable and foldable
  • Easy storage
  • Good customer service


  • Zippers are not fire proof

Key features:

  • Fire proof and water resistant
  • Withstands up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Silicon coated non-itchy fiberglass
  • Size: 13.4” x 10.2”

This best fireproof waterproof document bag is made of high quality silicon coated fiberglass which can bear high temperature of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The bag contains non itchy material to allow you comfort while carrying it.

This is one of the best fire proof money bags as it contains two pockets with zippers so you can keep your money and documents in each pocket. You can also keep other important valuables in this bag too.

Customer reviews:

This is a beautiful fire proof bag to keep documents. It has two pockets and is great for security. The size is great and allows for a lot of space to store many documents.

6. BLOKKD Fire proof bag for documents:

BLOKKD Fire proof bag for documents

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  • Premium quality silicon coated fiberglass
  • Lockable zippers for additional protection
  • Large storage capacity
  • Many compartments to keep all valuables secure
  • Strong shoulder strap and handle
  • Non-itchy durable materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for men and women


  • Cannot hold off water for very long

key features:

  • Silicon coated fiberglass exterior
  • 16” x 13” x 5”
  • Locked zippers
  • Fire proof and water proof
  • Withstands 1500 degrees Fahrenheit

This fireproof money bag with lock comes with lockable zippers so that you can rest assured that your documents are not only safe from fire and water damage but also from any theft. The bag is made of silicone coated fiber glass and the Velcro flap closure ensures ultimate protection.

The bag also has fireproof seams around the corners and edges so that no hazard or accident can hurt your documents and valuable possessions. You can store your files, documents, folders, photos, binders, passports, birth certificates and many other things in this page, as the space is bag provides is wide enough to put everything in it.

Customer review:

I usually have a box in which I keep my documents to save them from fire. When I saw this bag, I thought I must try this. This bag is sturdy, lightweight and well-made and I am pleased with my decision to purchase it. The bag is roomy and provides many pockets. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

7. TRIKTON extra-large fireproof document bag with lock:

TRIKTON extra-large fireproof document bag with lock

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  • High quality fiber glass with silicon coat
  • Advance heat resistance
  • TSA combination lock
  • Visible in the dark
  • Powerful Velcro interior
  • Non-itchy material
  • Compact, portable design
  • Extra-large size


  • Can be problematic if you forget the unlock code

key features:

  • Withstands 2000 degree Fahrenheit
  • Size: 16” x 12” x 3.5”
  • Silicon coated non-itchy fiberglass
  • Water resistant and fire proof

This fireproof bag for money comes with a TSA lock which provides you assurance that your documents will be safe from any theft. This bag is water resistant but it doesn’t have reviews for the best waterproof container for documents, which means that it can resist water for some time but you should be careful not to submerge it in water.

The bag has shoulder strap and handle with metal hooks, which allow for easy carry-ability without any problem. The inner is made of powerful Velcro and can be visible in the dark due to the reflective corners of the bag.

Customer review:

I love this bag. This bag is very spacious, it hold many documents. There is even space for cards and cash. The code is very easy to set and the lock is very tight and secure. The outside is very smooth and I like it very much

Things to consider before buying a best fireproof waterproof document bag:

1. Price:

Best waterproof, fireproof bags are available from $15 to $60. While the cheaper bags are made of less fire resistant materials and can be damaged after a limited exposure to fire or heat. Your best bet should be to buy a good quality bag which are sometimes expensive but they will secure your documents and valuable gadgets safe for a long period of time in case of fire or water leakage.

2. Size:

Another thing to look out for when buying a waterproof fireproof document bag, is the size of the bag. You need to make sure that the bag will fit in your legal documents which are bigger in size than an A4 document. The bag should be big enough to hold all your documents safely inside so that they don’t fold or crinkle when you keep them in the bag.

3. Pockets for gadgets:

Document bags often come with pockets that can hold laptops, mobile phones, and keys. If you are looking for a document bag which can hold your laptop, you need to consider the size of your laptop and then purchase a bag that is big enough to hold the laptop easily. The document bag often has pockets in which to put mobile phone or keys.

4. Pockets or extra bags:

Some fireproof bags come with extra pockets for extra space. Some bags have external pockets which might not be as fire resistant as the inner pockets, but they can do the job of storing documents easily, providing you with enough space that you can carry all documents in a single bag.

Some waterproof fireproof bags have internal pockets which are more secure and which should be used to keep most valuable legal documents inside. Some bags also have inner pockets to keep passports.

Another feature that comes with some best bags is extra bags or clutches that can be used in case that you don’t need a big bag.

5. Carry-ability:

Some water proof fire proof bags have straps that can be carried on shoulders, and others can be held in hand with the handles on these bags. Some bags don’t have either and can be carried in hand like a file. While shoulder strapped bags let your hands free, hand held bags can be more secure. It is totally your choice which kind of documents bag you prefer. Either you want to carry it by a shoulder strap or your hands.

6. Material:

Some fire resistant document bags are made of high quality synthetic materials such as, silicon coated fire redundant fiberglass. These materials keep your bag secure for long exposure with fire and water.

Some fire resistant bags for documents also have inner lining made of aluminum foil. This foil maintains the internal temperature of the bag.


When you are going to select a best fie proof bag, there are many things to consider before making the final choice. While many fire proof bags claim to withstand a high degree of heat and also are water resistant, you will also need to consider the size and material from which these bags are made of. The pockets or compartments available in the bags should also be considered while you are going to purchase the bag. Carry-ability is another factor as different bags can be carried by different means.

We have compiled the above mentioned list after reviewing many fire proof bags in the market, and can ensure you that these bags are highly recommended by the customers who have used these bags. These above mentioned bags not only provide with spacious room to keep your documents inside safely, they can also withstand high degrees of temperature so you can be rest assured that all your valuables are safe in the bag. All that is left to do is for you to make your final choice and have a peace of mind after putting your documents in the bag.


Question 1. what is the best fireproof document bag?

Answer: JUNDUN fireproof waterproof money bag is the best document bag to keep your documents safe from any accidental fire hazard.

Question 2. do fireproof bags really work?

Answer: fire proof bags are made of fire resistant materials that can safe keep your documents against fire and water. These bags can withstand high degrees of heat and temperature.

Question 3. how to fireproof money?

Answer: the easiest way to ensure that your cash is safe in case of any immediate fire is to buy a fireproof pouch and keep your money in it.

Question 4. How do you water proof a document?

Answer: you can spray the documents with waterproof sprays and keep them in a storage box made out of water proof materials. This ensures that your documents are secure from water. To water proof the documents, use clear acrylic or lacquer spray. These add waterproof coating over the paper. Two or three light coats should be made rather than one heavy coat as it can damage the paper.



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