[Reviewed] Best Fastpitch Softball Bat for Power Hitters

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Whenever it comes to getting a baseball bat for high school, the first thing that comes to mind is that if it is BBCOR (battle ball coefficient of restitution). However, fastpitch softball is fashioned and designed in a unique way. The best fastpitch softball bat for power hitters requires such features as materials, length, weight, etc.

When researched, we have found the Hard eucalyptus mahogany as the best fastpitch softball bat as it possesses the core quality features that we have enlisted.

Top 6 Best Fastpitch Softball Bat for Power Hitters

1. Hard eucalyptus mahogany baseball bat

Hard eucalyptus mahogany baseball bat

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  • Wooden Material
  • 64cm/25.2 inches
  • 5.2cm/2.0 inches head
  • 600g

This fastpitch softball bat for power hitters is hard enough to score a home run. This one is especially suitable for training and fitness purpose. The build of this softball bat is solid; made from one piece. The size is 64cm (25.2 inches).

It is constructed with the right proportion with the 5.2 cm (2.0 inches) head (the barrel). The handle of this softball bat is anti-slippery to provide a solid grip to score the home runs. 

Further, this bat is painted to be scratch-resistant. Also, you can use this bat for your self-defence as well. 

2. Cold Steel Defence Baseball

Cold Steel Defence Baseball

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  • alloy steel
  • polypropylene handle grip
  • 29 inches bat length
  • 2 lbs. and 1-ounce weight

it is perfect for those who have just started to play baseball as it is mostly preferred for the practice sessions and the warm-ups—lighter in weight and has a better swing compared to the other regular baseball bat.

this fastpitch softball is perfect for small league games or for school tournaments. This bat has the approval to be legal in many states—still for your satisfaction cross-check to avoid any kind of inconveniences.  

Cold steel bat provides immense power and ultimate grip to the player as it made to be sturdy with a blend of aluminum alloy and polypropylene material for material. Not only to score home runs, but you can also only use it as a self-defense weapon as well. 

3. 34 inches Aluminum Baseball bat

34 inches Aluminum Baseball bat

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  • Aluminum Alloy
  • 4 sizes
  • 0.5kg weight
  • Rubber grip

It is made from solid aluminum alloy material, available in different sizes 25, 28, 32, and 34 inches long with the weight of red, silver, blue and black. The rubber grip and the slender handle are anti-skidding and absorbs the shock, giving a comfortable feel on the hands.

The construction is balanced, making it light in weight that helps in the increased speed. Each size has an enlarged sweet spot; the more length covers the more area which makes it suitable for all kinds of construction.

 In the package, you will get 1 baseball bat weighing 1.1lbs approximately. This bat is basically ideal for softball but, approved for all levels of players even for the beginners, for practice purposes even for the professionals as well.

4. Easton Typhoon 

Easton Typhoon 

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  • 29 inches length
  • 2 ¼ barrel size
  • Alloy construction
  • 17oz. weight

This baseball bat has been specially designed for the youth baseball leagues and is approved for all type matches; has the certification to play in all the USA baseball leagues.

Construction-wise this bat is made with ALX100 Military Grade alloy with a concave cap end that offers premium quality for balance and durability. The cushioned grip; 2.2 mm flex offers comfort for the hands and a solid grip.

It has a large sweet spot with a 12 drop weight that makes the swing easy. Due to the lightweight, this is the best fastpitch softball for power hitters and makes the contact better with the ball. This bat is, however, recommended by many professionals.

5. Wilson Sporting Goods Vapor

Wilson Sporting Goods Vapor

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  • 7/8 inches standard handle
  • Synthetic level grip
  • 2/5 inches barrel diameter
  • Approved for USA baseball

This slowball bat is made for a power game but putting together the combination of performance and durability. You can use it without worrying about anything as it is pre-approved for all the US states baseball for youth.

The sturdy material 1pc (made with the single chunk), 7th series bat is constructed with alloy and for solid grip, it has the leather fade grip which is 7/8 inches, standard-sized handle—weights 20ozs with the length 29 inches in general.

The barrel size is 2.625 inches which fall in the category of fastpitch bats with large barrels—minimizes the vibration. You will get a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer for this softball bat.

6. Anself Baseball bat

Anself Baseball bat

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  • Wooden
  • 24inches length
  • 10.5 inches glove size
  • Gloves and bat included

This product falls in the category of fastpitch softball bat that are appropriate for the kids and youth as well. It comes in a set in 4 different colors. The size of the bat is around 24inches that comes along with the PVC glove and a baseball bat.  

The wood material makes this bat sturdy and durable; resist batting and unbreakable. The polished surface of the handle of this bat would not hurt your hands.

What makes the best fastpitch softball bat?

The core parts for a softball bat are the barrel and the handle, the rest include the grip, end cap, and knob.

baseball bat structure

Barrel and handle

The barrel is the top part of the bat which can be defined better with the diameter (taper) and the bat’s length. The bottom of which is called the handle that offers the ultimate grip.

The construction

Construction of the softball bat could either include the fastpitch bat in one piece or in two.

The one-piece bat meant that it is constructed with a single wooden log whereas, the two-piece bat is constructed with two different sections that are attached together such as barrels, handles, and other sections. Here, is the core difference, for your better understanding.

One-Piece Bat

Two-Piece Bat

Little or no stiff feel

Creates a whip effect

Low amount of flex

More flex

Requires less energy; exerts more power

Increased swing speed

Ideal for power hitters

Ideal for the contact hitters

The features that we found out to be the best fastpitch softball bats in 2020 las include..


The baseball bat is usually available in 4 different materials; aluminum, wood, hybrid, and composite.

Aluminum: This kind is the best fastpitch softball for power hitters and is perfect for small leagues. The baseball bats reviews proved that these bbcor bats are approved for the college and high school level. They are less expensive, lighter, and sturdy.

Wood: These are the classic kind of bats which are also the best for high school game. Usually, they are used for the professional league that has a thick and dense composition. Mostly, wooden bats are ignored for the fastpitch softball game.

Composition: this bat is made with a combination of plastic, titanium, and graphite but this one is light in weight compared to wood and aluminum bats.

These types of bats possessed a large sweet spot and are costly. The drawback that this product has is it is not suitable for cold weather as it will be cracked.

Hybrid: the hybrid version is a sort of blend of aluminum and composite bat—the handle of which is made of aluminum.

The Size

The size of the softball bat varies e.g. for the wooden bats; the length should not be longer than 42 inches. They must be 2 ¾ inches wide.

The Weight

For hitting the fastpitch slowball, it is important to have a heavier bat as it offers ultimate power and great speed. The bbcor bat 3 model provides more control.


The length and weight provide immense performance with the right blend—offers full coverage to the striker end but with a little extra weight.

Softball Bat Chart

To get the perfect pitch, it is important the swing of the softball bat must be accurate that is determined with the proper equation of the length and the weight of the baseball bat. Make sure that the bat which you are getting is capable to cover the whole strike zone. Below is the chart that will help you with a better understanding.

length and weight of baseball bat


According to the updated requirements of a baseball bat, the new parameters of regulation are called BPF (bat performance factor). It helps to increase the liveliness of the bat without compromising the speed.

The only consideration which is important is that it must not have an above 1.20. BPF. Cross-check the BPF stamp while getting the softball baseball bat.

How to Improve your Swing with Fastpitch ball?

In the end..

If you have your own batting style and want ultimate power and immense grip, then it is better to have prior knowledge about your fastpitch ball. We have assembled a list of the best fastpitch softball bat for power hitters that are approved by BBCOR and legal for all kinds of leagues.


What softball bats are illegal?

The type of softball bat that has a multi-wall with a barrel that is made with composite material is illegal. The barrel of a legal bat must be made complete with a metal that could possibly be made with aluminum.

How to know if my bat is certified for high school baseball?

Many bats are illegal to use in some places as there are some rules for using the baseball bats with the mark of certification which is either permanent or of the silkscreen, pasted on the barrels of the bat.

How are the baseball and softball bats different?

There is no difference between the baseball bat and the softball bat but at the little league youth level.

What is the best BBCOR bat for a power hitter?

Hard Eucalyptus Mahogany is the best fastpitch softball for power hitters that will make it easy to score home runs. The important part in it is that they are BBCOR approved. The material from which it is constructed helps in the swing and provides and hits the ball far away.

What bat do most college softball players use?

The bats that are most popular among college students is not specified as every college has its own requirements and brand. The only common thing which is being followed is that it must be approved by BBCOR. However, according to our recommendation, Hard Eucalyptus Mahogany would work as an all-rounder.

What type of bat hit the farthest?

All bats best in their own way by covering the range. However, the best fastpitch softball for power hitters is used to be either a wooden baseball bat or aluminum which is capable of hitting 4.64 the nearest and 7.59 meters to be the farthest.

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