Best Fan For Grow Tent – Everything That You Need To Know

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For indoor plant propagation, the unique and popular method in this new era is to grow tents. The best fan for grow tent offers the desired temperature to the plants inside the tent. These fans come with exceptional features like exhaust vent, low noise level, controllable speed, unexpected size, long cords for convenience. For more details peruse our buying guide.

Here are some of the best fan for grow tent we have observed with all of their advantages and features. AC infinity cloudline grow tent fan is an editor’s top pick that will make you astonished.

Things To Consider Before Buying

Variable Speed

  • Buy the one that at least has two-speed limits.
  • Speed limits are necessary to consider as sometimes you need more or less airflow for your plants to grow properly depending on weather conditions.
  • When comes to speed, a grow tent fan should be adjustable.

Power Source

  • There are types of power sources such as USB models, corded models, and battery operated as well.
  • Speaking favorably, you must go for a corded model for your grow tent.
  • Having corded models, you don’t need to worry about the battery dying that may really harm your plants.
  • USB fan that comes in a long USB cable is also preferable. These types of power sources eliminate your worries.


  • There are grow fans that are bigger in sizes and few are smaller too.
  • You need to first consider your space before selecting a size.
  • For plants, most of the space is reserved and limited so the smaller fan will be better.
  • Big fans are heavy and took more space in a growing tent that may harm your plants.


  • Buy the fan that comes with an oscillating feature to spread air all around the tent.
  • A decent oscillating fan will lessen your worries of buying more fans for better airflow.
  • Oscillation angles come in 90-degrees and 360-degrees.
  • One direction airflow may destroy other plants.


  • For peace of mind, consider buying a low noise level growing fan.
  • Few of the fans are noisy but mostly you can find are silent grow tent fans.
  • In case, you are buying a growing fan for large are you need to get a powerful one that usually tends to be noisy.


  • Fans that you want them to last long come in durable material.
  • Most of the fans are made of ABS plastic and steel which are highly durable.
  • For safety and quality, you may go to the certified ones by UL, CE. NOM, SAA, ETL, etc.
  • Other low-end fans will break after the use of a few months.

Best Fan For Grow Tent

1. AC Infinity Cloudline Grow Tent Fan

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  • Constructed to ventilated hydroponic fans grow rooms.
  • It transfers cooling and heating AV closets and removes odors.
  • It comes with an intelligent controller that is programmed with features like temperature and humidity.
  • The fan speed control timer and the alarm system are the additional features if offers.
  • For quiet and energy-efficient performance it is combined with PMW-controlled EC-motor.
  • 6 inches duct size, 402 CFM airflow, 32dBA noise, dual ball bearings, two duct clamps, AC power plug, corded sensor probe.


  • Quieter and smarter incline fan
  • Saves 40% in energy cost
  • Protected against dust and liquid


  • Lack of anti-vibration technology

The cloudline grows tent contains a best in class EC-engine and uses exact electronic pulses with keen programming to control fan speeds. This outcomes in a 40% commotion decrease over regular AC pipe fans depending on voltage concealment to bring down fan speeds, which creates extra engine noise and heat.

Highlights a controller with dynamic temperature observing that will naturally modify fan velocities to react to fluctuating temperatures. Every system uses a DC or EC engine that is controlled utilizing Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), which is calmer and more vitality proficient than AC fans. Including a mixed flow design, the fans keep up top execution in high static pressure conditions. The total pack incorporates the inline fan unit, controller, client manual, and everything expected to mount the fan.

This is passed on the best-developed best grow tent fan we tried. While more costly than your different alternatives, you unquestionably get what you pay for. You won’t be baffled.

Customer Reviews

Consumer rated 4.7 stars for its easy to install, 4.6 stars for east to use, 4.5 stars to the noise level, and 4.2 stars for temperature control. So overall it’s the best fan for grow tent.

2. Hydrofarm ACDF6 Grow Tent Fan

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  • This active air best inline fan for grow tent offers performance and innovation at a good cost.
  • It includes brushless thermally protected AC motors with sealed for life bearings.
  • It features durable ceramic-coated metal housing, UL-registered components, top-notch molded impeller, low noise output, eight-foot pre-wired 120V cord, and mounting brackets


  • Affordable
  • Low, medium, high fan speed adjuster
  • Active air dehumidifiers


  • None

Active air fan for grow tent offer innovation and performance at an incredible cost. With a full line of fans to meet your issues, all Active air fans highlight: Quiet activity durable ceramic-coated metal housing UL-perceived parts, high quality shaped impeller, thermally-secured AC engine includes mounting sections, and 8-foot pre-wired120-volt cord.

It is prescribed to buy with the speed adjuster. Structured particularly for outward fans. This unit effectively and correctly alters fan speed without making the engine murmur. It helps prevents damage to fan engines, guaranteeing longer life for the engine. More delicate than some other unit available, it is smaller and worked to last.

Customer Reviews

75% of consumers rated this product with five stars and amazed with the features like durability, value for money, and noise level.

3. Hurricane HGC736590 Grow Fan

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  • These are high-performance and commercial-grade indoor grow fans.
  • With the durable powder-coated finish the housings of this grow tent are made of steel.
  • For quiet operation, it is made with top-notch UL components.
  • It incorporates mounting brackets with easy-to-follow instructions.
  • It comes with 8 foot 120 volts power cord.


  • Easy to install
  • Extremely reliable
  • Consistent
  • Ideal air ducting and clamps


  • Expensive among others

In the event that you’re searching for proficient quality and productivity on a top-level, at that point make sure to investigate this model more thoroughly. The organization is about expert gauges.

Take one look at the fan, and you’ll see that right away. When you become familiar with the parts that are UL appraised and that the fan has been polished with a durable powder, you may be considerably increasingly dazzled. It’s unquestionable to serve you faithfully for quite a while, and will reliably convey the same performance.

There are likewise numerous sizes you can browse, contingent upon how huge of a grow fans and filters you required for your grow tent.

Whatever size you pick, it will be as impeccable as the fan, so there’s no explanation to get it.

Customer Reviews

A happy customer said that “I really like this inline fan; it has a great smooth motor with minimal fan noise. This is a heavy-duty well-built product and I use it to pull hot air from my crypto mining rig.”

4. Vortex Powerfans VTX1000 Grow Fan

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  • It offers easy duct hook-up due to extended collar and lip.
  • The rustproof hammertone powder coat epoxy finish.
  • Permanently lubricated balanced motor which is long-lasting.
  • The factory-installed 120 volts of the power cord.
  • It is 100% speed-controllable.


  • 10-years of warranty
  • Superior quality and smart construction
  • High-performance duct blowers


  • Mounting points are different

Ducts appear to be extremely popular, so it’s no big surprise that such huge numbers of grow room exhaust fan can be connected to a conduit without any problem. This one is no exemption. This is conceivable because of the extended collar and lip.

With respect to strength, this fan is amazingly tough and is even ready to oppose sway. The steel packaging assists with that. What additionally adds to the sturdiness is the epoxy finish and rustproof powder.

These highlights likewise give the fan its complex look, which truly causes you to acknowledge why you rampage, spent on this model.

It additionally works unobtrusively and will rush to free of the exhaust fan for grow tent.

Customer Reviews

A lot of users said that it is a quiet vent that is amazingly powerful and durable. It works great on the thermostatic fan speed controller. Highly recommended.

5. Can-Fan GL56736746 Grow Fan

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  • For easy mounting, the fan comes with the EZ mount bracket.
  • For exceptional performance, the fans have 3 control speeds.
  • That is 420 high, 378 medium, and 291 low.
  • The duct size of this grow tent fan is six inches.
  • Featuring 120-volt power cord and plug, 420 CFM, 69 watts.


  • Keeps warm areas cooler
  • Easy to operate
  • 5-years of warranty


  • A louder model

We’re well familiar to this organization giving probably the great fan available and essentially all different items they concoct, yet they’ve figured out how to exceed themselves once more, with this Pro arrangement. There were past forms of a similar fan, however, refreshes weren’t in vain. Presently the grow tent ventilation is increasingly proficient.

This is one of the key highlights that a decent fan needs. This is on the grounds that it will take just a couple of moments for the air to clear in your grow tent, and that will spare you time, vitality, and cash.

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing superior to an effective fan.

Test this magnificence out yourself by buying it.

Customer Reviews

The noise is fairly low, and the unit is powerful enough that it blows way harder than equivalent rated 6 inches metal style booster.

6. Yescom inline Fan

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  • The blower is CCC, CE, RoHS certificated for safe use.
  • It comes with a coconut shell activated carbon filter for better work.
  • The grow room fans and filters combo can eliminated odors, filter particulates, and purify air efficiently.
  • For better transit protection the fans and filters may be delivered separately.
  • Featuring 110-120 volt of power, 217 watts of voltage, 720 CFM airflow rate, 67db noise, and 1.83 Amps current flow.


  • High efficiency and powerful
  • Moisture resistant
  • Great for damp environment


  • Filter and blower delivered separately

In case you’re new to the entire growing marijuana stuff or on the off chance that you simply would prefer not to spend a great amount, at that point a Yescom is a sound speculation. It won’t cost you a fortune, yet it will convey great performance and carry out its responsibility appropriately. You won’t experience any difficulties with the moistures and fumes, that is without a doubt.

Because of the back propeller, this fan has no vibration and that makes it exceptionally calm. What’s more, the engine was for all time greased up so the fan is considerably sturdier than it used to be.

It likewise comes in different sizes to suit each client and their needs.

Watch the enchantment happen by getting this fan!

Customer Reviews

75% of consumers rated it 5 stars and amazed with the features of grow fans and filters such as great performance, highly powerful, less noise, filters, etc.

7. Air King clip fan

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  • It is a six-inch commercial grade adjustable two-speed fan with spring-loaded clip-on design.
  • The front steel grill is a zinc-plated and resistant plastic rear grill.
  • It is permanently lubricated 1/300 horsepower motor and polypropylene grade.
  • 7-foot 3-conductor type SPT power cord and OSHA approved.
  • It oscillates 90 degrees and can be locked in non-oscillating position.


  • Silent in operation
  • Versatile model
  • Easy to attach


  • Not that powerful

The Air King 9145 has a 6-inch clip-on fan that can be utilized in an assortment of spots, for example, in a grow tent, kitchen, office, salon, and a few other little spaces. This is on the grounds that it isn’t exceptionally powerful, so the cords are not extraordinary for huge grow tents or regions.

Besides, the Air King 2-speed fan can be changed in accordance with either low or rapid to address the issues of the growing region. The revolving switch at the rear of the unit permits you to effectively turn on/off the fan.

It is additionally advantageous to use as it includes a 7 foot, 3-conductor type SPT power string that covers a more extensive zone.

Customer Reviews

Users are happy with the features like noise level, value for money, easy installation, and durable construction. This product is a true people pleaser.

8. VIVIOSUN inline duct fan

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  • It is a heavy-hitting blower with a fan speed of 2550 RPM for airflow of 390 CFM, puts out only 37db noise level.
  • 1050 + RC 48 Australian virgin charcoal bed superior carbon filter.
  • The carbon filters eliminated undesirable odors, particulates from indoor grow tent, and hydroponics grow room.
  • Free pre-filter included.
  • It can be used anywhere in kitchens, bathrooms, greenhouses, grow rooms, grow tents, etc.


  • Energy efficient
  • Maximum boost with no noise
  • Lightweight and easy to install


  • none

The vivosun inline duct fan is a multi-purpose fan, which would provide you all the essentials as indoor grow fans. Moreover, it is a fantastic fan for home use. It is a well-known model when comes to odor. A lot of users are attracting to its ability to eliminate all kinds of odors and purifying the environment it offers.

It is arguably the amazing grow room fans and filters you have searched for your requirements.

Customer Reviews

People said that it is a great investment for the grow tents that will never smell things and have high-quality filters. In short, this is one of the amazing indoor grow fans suggested.


As you may definitely know, there are a couple of things that are fundamental for effective plant growth, and one of those is unquestionably the best fans for grow tents. They keep plants new and the air moving, which we as a whole know is basic for quality photosynthesis. So look your fans carefully, as your plants will require them without a doubt. When they’ve developed healthy and happy, you’ll be appreciative that you chose to purchase that best fan for grow tent.

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Do Grow Tents need fans?

Yes, grow tents need fans for better production of plants.

What size fan for 4×4 grow tent?

For 4×4 grow tent you need a fan that measures 48 inches x 48 inches x 80 inches.

Where does the oscillating fan go in a grow tent? 

For even airflow we recommend you to place your growing fan in the center of the grow tent to one of the sides near your air inlet.




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