Get Glossy Finish With The Best Epoxy Resin For Crafts

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With so many available products, it is not easy to choose the best epoxy resin for crafts. There are a lot of things to consider and the main thing is to determine the use of the project you are making. If it is outdoor or there will be food and beverage around it then choose the one with water resistance and UV protection to have long term results.


Things to Consider


  • The application of the epoxy resin should be easy especially in the case if you are a beginner
  • Blushing and bubbling are the main problems that you can encounter with the application
  • The cure of the resin also depends on how easy it is to apply it


  • The curing refers to the time you can use your final product in
  • The process of cure takes place in 3 steps that need to be looked before buying
  • The first step includes the period when the epoxy is hard enough so you can touch it
  • The second step shows the time when you can apply the second coat
  • In the end, the third step shows when you can use your final product


  • This feature ensures the epoxy resin is spread equally everywhere
  • This can be important for covering the cracks, and other imperfections
  • If a company claims they have both self-leveling and quick curing time then it is not possible, with self-leveling the cure time will be long


  • When you are utilizing the epoxy resins on wooden tops and art project, this feature comes in handy
  • If you by mistake spill any beverage, this feature will help to prevent the damage
  • Few epoxy resins are 100% waterproof but most of them just offer water resistance


  • If the epoxy resin doesn’t offer UV-protection then continuous exposure to sunlight can turn the finishing yellow
  • Most of the epoxy resin are indoor friendly, but some also come with primer to protect the object from UV rays and can be used outside.

Top 9 Best Epoxy Resin For Crafts

1. ArtResin

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  • This high gloss resin is designed especially for the art projects
  • It has a simple 1:1 mixing ratio and is easy to use
  • The epoxy resin has a self-leveling formula
  • It comes with 1 gallon of product that can cover the area of 32 sq ft


  • Easy coating
  • Self-leveling
  • Resist yellowing


  • Expensive

This best epoxy resin is centered around the requirements of the craftsman, yet can likewise make a fine device for more useful purposes.

Since this best epoxy resin is intended for craftsmen from the beginning, you can be guaranteed of a simpler projecting procedure. Not all epoxy pitch items consider these necessities, so this is an incredible decision for the novice caster.

This best epoxy resin is publicized as being protected and non-harmful. To be sure, the clear epoxy for crafts gets good grades in the security class, however, the promotion may be a bit of misdirecting. With no unstable natural mixes, this one doesn’t present any peril to human life.

It is additionally liberated from BPA, a plastic added substance that has experienced harsh criticism as of late for its consequences for human wellbeing.

Customer Reviews

This was my first time using epoxy with this product and it was quite an easy process.

2. Stone Coat Countertops Epoxy

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  • With the instructional videos, you can easily use this product for countertops and your art projects
  • It has a zero VOC and is odorless
  • This product is also easy to clean afterward and is durable and scratch-free
  • It is UV resistant so the results will stay longer


  • Water-resistant
  • Clear finish
  • UV resistant
  • Self-leveling


  • Mixing is difficult

Epoxy gives perhaps the hardest completion that you could need. It will be impervious to scratching and impact. Additionally, the clear epoxy for crafts opposes heat with incredible viability. This is convenient in the kitchen, where you will regularly discover hot items.

Epoxy likewise gives a chance to be imaginative. It is generally simple to add color to your epoxy on the off chance that you do want.

This clear epoxy for crafts can be utilized to give your stone color of any shading you need, or even make it resemble an extraordinary shading. You could make a whole ledge from this clear epoxy for crafts, even though that would require a huge shape.

Customer Reviews

It is a good product, just looking forward to checking if it is actually heat resistant or not.

3. RTG Bar & Table Top Epoxy

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  • This includes 2-part waterproof epoxy resin coating for your wooden furniture
  • It contains a self-leveling formula that provides gloss finish which is scratch and impact resistant
  • The multi-functional epoxy resin can be used for a different purpose, for crystal clear apply one coat, to have 3D effect apply more than 1 thin layers
  • As this product is waterproof, it prevents the wood from rotting


  • Easy mixing
  • Waterproof
  • For tough surfaces
  • Self-leveling


  • Too glossy
  • Not suitable for outdoor projects

This thickcast casting resin is a great tabletop epoxy for all-around use. It is promoted as a decent epoxy for the individuals who have never utilized this sort of item, and the showcasing is by all accounts exact.

This pourable epoxy is extremely simple to blend, as it utilizes a basic balanced proportion for a simple and straightforward blend.

RTG thickcast casting resin is completely waterproof, settling on it a decent decision for ventures that include driftwood or other in part decayed wood. With a piece that way, you don’t need the wood to get damaged any further. In that capacity, you can utilize a pourable epoxy like this to save it for any longer than you typically could.

The drawback of this pourable epoxy is that it isn’t proposed for open-air use. After some time, direct presentation to the sun’s beams will separate this epoxy and cause it to in the long run erode.

Customer Reviews

I used it on my coffee table it did gave an amazing result. But I can’t say how long it stays because haven’t used it for that long to judge that.

4. SRC Epoxy Resin

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  • This is specifically designed for the ultra-clear coating of wooden tops and table, but you can also use this resin for your other craft projects
  • This 1:1 mixing ratio epoxy resin is self-leveling and UV resistant
  • This odorless epoxy resin has a great curing time of 40 minutes


  • Self-leveling
  • Odorless
  • Simple mixing ratio
  • UV protection


  • Not hard finish
  • Need quick application

All things considered, this thickcast casting resin isn’t the most straightforward item to utilize, yet it accompanies various characteristics that make it advantageous.

For example, while not the speediest in each class, the SRC best epoxy resin for wood does at any rate give a similar last restoring time as our fastest at 16 to 20 hours altogether. Surprisingly better, the SRC Crystal Clear likewise has a strong early restoring duration of 40 minutes.

At the point when you additionally consider that the SRC Crystal Clear sap is self-leveling and has no scent, this may likewise be the best DIYer epoxy tar for wood as well.

Customer Reviews

I have used this multiple times and I like this product, but it claims to have a low odor which I don’t feel is true because I found it has a strong scent.

5. MAS Epoxy Resin

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  • This epoxy resin comes with additional 4-inches spreader and a brush to ensure the smooth and even application of the product
  • It can provide a smooth and glossy finish to any surface even with multiple applications
  • There are instructional videos to guide you for applying it nicely and professionally


  • Clearcoat
  • UV protection
  • Easy to apply
  • Durable


  • Slow curing

This best epoxy resin for river table is one of the head epoxy saps if you are searching for an item that can do essentially everything admirably since you needn’t bother with it to be done rapidly.

One of the top characteristics of the best epoxy resin for river table is that it was made by experts for experts, yet it additionally comprehends that DIYers are at risk to glance toward them also.

This makes the MAS best epoxy resin for river table essentially simpler to apply than a portion of different items we investigated, however that may likewise be because you have fundamentally more opportunity to apply the epoxy in any case.

Customer Reviews

Despite the fact, the mixing is not easy still the results and finish of this product are great.

6. Dr. Crafty Super-Gloss Epoxy Resin

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  • This UV resistant and transparent finishing product provides long-lasting results
  • The product comes with measuring cups, sticks and plastic spreader so you can easily use the product
  • This non-toxic epoxy resin prevents the surface from going yellow


  • Great price
  • Non-toxic
  • UV protected
  • Comes with accessories


  • Consistency is thin

Since this epoxy resin crafts item contains the two sorts of UV security, it is appropriate for open-air use. Indeed, even long haul open-air use ought not to be an issue. When utilizing this item as a covering, it is probably going to be the last covering the thing will ever require.

There are a couple of little advantages that accompany this best epoxy resin for jewelry, and they merit examining. Above all else, it comes with a lifetime warranty. This sort of assurance isn’t normal for these kinds of items, so the organization went the additional mile here.

This epoxy resin crafts item appears to be generally excellent, however, there are some cons. The majority of these grievances come down to the consistency of the item.

Many individuals state that it’s too difficult to even consider mixing, with some guaranteeing that it accepting them twice as long to blend this epoxy.

Customer Reviews

This is my first epoxy resin product to use. The mixing was easy and the results were great.

7. Superclear Epoxy Resin

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  • This product is great for using with the powders and ink designs of your craft
  • This water-resistant product is self-leveling and also scratch-free
  • It comes with strong and heavy UV protection


  • Clear
  • Little bubbles
  • Good price


  • Not declared safe for food by FDA
  • In summer, hardens quickly

This is a clear resin table top item that comes in two-gallon units rather than two-quart packs. That makes it somewhat better of an arrangement.

In the first place, this best epoxy for wood has an extremely elevated level of UV obstruction. The promotion doesn’t state if this item is reasonable for outside use, so use alert if you are pondering utilizing Superclear thusly.

The most ideal approach to check that you are making the best choice is to play out a test. Simply coat a little bit of wood and forget about it in the climate for some time. Check it following a week and perceive how it holds up to the components.

Customer Reviews

It looks great. The mixing and application were easy.

8. East Coast Epoxy Resin

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  • This epoxy resin gives you a durable and glossy finish
  • It is a self-leveling product, which means it spreads evenly by itself when it is applied
  • This water-resistant product comes with low odor which makes it easy to work with


  • Super gloss
  • UV protection
  • Odorless
  • Water-resistant
  • Self-leveling


  • Needs quick application

To begin with, with regards to the work time, barely any epoxies on our rundown can rival East Coast clear resin table top 30-minute window for curing. On the head of that, the absolute fix season of this epoxy sits at under an entire day between 16 to 20 hours, contingent upon what number of layers you applied.

If you don’t set up the epoxy resin crafts product appropriately, you are obligated to experience the ill effects of air pockets getting through the completion just as other potential restoring issues.

Then again, the epoxy resin for beginners offers strong alternatives in all cases in different respects.

Likewise, this clear resin table top pitch offers strong water obstruction, however, once more, this is certainly not a 100-percent waterproof epoxy tar.

Customer Reviews

This works great but the mixing is quite difficult to get it right.

9. Primaloc Premium Epoxy

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  • This commercial-grade epoxy has a self-leveling 1/8” solid coating
  • It is also scratch-resistant
  • Its consistency is twice as thick as other products
  • This odorless product never turns yellow and doesn’t fade


  • Easy to use
  • Self-leveling
  • Non-toxic


  • Dries quickly
  • Not for outdoor use

This epoxy resin wood art item isn’t intended to be brushed or blended, as you would typically do when applying such a substance. Rather, you simply pour it on and it self-levels to precisely one-eighth of an inch.

For the individuals who like to get imaginative with these items, this epoxy resin wood art item can be a genuine upside. In any case, it won’t make any difference a mess if you are shading your epoxy. This item is amazingly appropriate to “layering” work.

A few clients additionally announced that the epoxy resin wood art item dried excessively fast for their enjoyment. In this manner, you may consider staying away from this one if you are accomplishing something unpredictable that requires all the more drying time.

Customer Reviews

Great product, the instructions were easy to understand and it was simple to use.

What is Resin?

Resin is a material that has a consistency of plastic-like. It is a blend that later molds into a solid looking product.

With resins, you can get a look of strong stone or metal like products at a low price and a very little weight. The resins are more durable as they are water-resistant, affordable and lightweight they can protect your crafts work.

Another advantage of resin is that they require minimum maintenance as in the case of stone and other materials.

Types of Resin

Commonly the resin is divided into two categories: casting resins and epoxy resins.

Casting Resins

The mixing ratios in this type can be somewhat difficult to get. These have slower cure time as compare to epoxy. They also have a thinner consistency and also they have longer processing time.

Epoxy Resins

These come with a thick consistency and have a short processing time which makes them cure quickly. The mixing ratios in epoxy resins are quite simple and easy.


All the best epoxy resin for crafts mentioned will give you around the same finishing so the choice depends on you. This guide will extensively help you in understanding the main concept and use of resins and how you can achieve super glossy finish i.e. water-resistant and UV-protected.



1. What is the best resin to use for crafts?

The epoxy resin by ArtResin is the best resin to use for crafts.

2. Which resin is best for casting?

The polyesters resins are better for casting as compare to epoxy resins.

3. What is the best epoxy resin for tumblers?

For the DIY’ers and tumblers, ArtResin is the best epoxy resin.

4. Is casting resin the same as epoxy resin?

The only difference between them is their use. The epoxy resins are suitable for coating applications, on the other hand, casting resin are utilized to cast the applications like jewelry and figurines.

5. What is the difference between art resin and epoxy?

The main difference between the two is toxification. The epoxy resins are mostly highly toxic, whereas, the art resin has no toxins and no VOCs.

6. what is the best epoxy to use on wood?

Considering the reviews, Stone Coat Countertops Epoxy is the best epoxy to use on wood.

7. what is resin used for?

The main purpose of using resins is to have a coat or building adhesives to laminate the things made of wood.



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