Best Energy Efficient Room Heater For Warm Winters

Winters are harsh on everyone, and of course, they need a back. For this reason, the best energy-efficient room heater is invented. If you have a space heater, winters can not bring any seasonal cold or cough to your way because room heaters know how to keep you warm. To keep your comfort level high, I have found the solution to all your winter problems as I have prepared a list of the best energy efficient room heater.

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A Buying Guide to The Best Energy Efficient Room Heater

You must know about the buying guide to understand what makes the best energy efficient room heater. So, the following are the points to be considered:

Size Of Room Heater 

  • If you are looking forward to buying a heater with low energy consumption, then smaller-sized heaters are appreciated.
  • If you want a large area to keep your home warm, go for a heater with a bigger size.
  • The bigger heater comes with more features that consume more energy.
  • Most of the more oversized heaters are manual.
  • If you want to buy an advanced technology heater, then choose a heater of a smaller size.
  • A smaller heater permits lesser control with a higher ratio of output.

Weight Of Room Heater

  • The level of portability depends on the weight of a space heater.
  • Some heaters are wall-mounted, and some are not, and you can buy one as per your choice.
  • Similarly, some space heaters can be shifted from one place to another, while others do not offer this leverage.
  • Know that portable space heaters are more efficient and consume a lesser amount of energy.
  • Portability, size of the heater, and its efficiency all go hand in hand.
  • They are all interlinked because if the size is smaller, it will be a portable heater with more efficiency. And if the size is bigger, know the size will impact accordingly.

Heating Capacity 

  • Output always depends upon the input.
  • So, the more time you are giving, the more heating it will provide.
  • A room heater uses a lot more energy to give a higher output. It may be more efficient as compared to other heaters that consume lesser power.
  • Make sure you are buying a heater that consumes less amount of energy.
  • It will be better if you compare heaters with the consumed energy to the output ratios.

Safeguard Features 

  • Not every human-made appliance can be flawless, and sometimes it can have a breakdown in no time.
  • That is why safety measures are there to protect you in case if something wrong happens.
  • Safety measures offer protection and make sure you least get into any hazardous event.
  • The amount of safety features decides the best appropriate heater for you.
  • These safety measures include the auto shut off in case of overheating in the room. Know that it is the most crucial feature to look at before buying any space heater.
  • Remote control features are also significant to look for.

Space Required

  • If you are looking for a big-sized heater, you must know a bigger space is required for it.
  • For a wall mounting heater, you need a big free space.
  • If you are buying a smaller-sized heater, you do not need that much space.

Top 7 Best Energy Efficient Room Heater

The prepared list of the best energy efficient room heater is as follow, so pick a room heater that suits you the best.

1. Texsport Sportsmate Portable Propane

☞ Rendered of durable stainless steel
☞ Modifiable burners of up to 3,000 BTUs
☞ Comes with safety measures
4.9/5View Product
2. Comfort Zone CZ707 1500 WATT

☞ Metal construction
☞ Fan compelled heat
☞ Switch between 750/1500 watts for particular power
4.8/5View Product
3. Mr. Heater F215100

☞ 3,800 BTU propane heater
☞ Perfect for 4-person tents
☞ Odor-free
4.8/5View Product
4. Mr. Heater F232000

☞ Portable
☞ Propane radiant heater
☞ Several safety features
4.7/5View Product
5. Honeywell HCE100B

☞ Tip-over protection
☞ Portable
☞ Safe
4.7/5View Product
6. TRUSTECH Space Heater

☞ 3 second warm up
☞ 3 modes available
☞ Tip over and heat protection
4.7/5View Product
7. Texsport Portable Outdoor

☞ Ideal for camping, golf carts, trailers & more
☞ Made of durable stainless steel
☞ Adjustable burners of up to 3,000 BTUs
4.6/5View Product

1. De’Longhi TRD40 Oil-Filled Radiator- Energy Efficient Space Heater For Room


  • Adjustable and faster heating
  • Does not produce noise
  • Maximizes radiant heat
  • Multiple heat settings
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Anti-freezing settings


  • Could not find any

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  • Maintenance-free room heater
  • High-quality steel assemblage
  • Permanently-sealed oil reservoir
  • Heating power of 1500 watts
  • Quiet and durable
  • Thermal shutoff prevents overheating

Keeping yourself warm in the winter is the most significant work to do. For this reason, I have introduced De’Longhi TRD40 Oil-Filled full room Radiant heater that is specifically designed to fulfill your all winter needs. What’s more impressive is that if it’s portable that you can carry it from one room to the other without tiring yourself, and so this room heater, why is only 26 pounds. It comes with an efficient heat capacity to heat larger rooms in no time with Convection heat, and also it offers 25% more Radiant surface to warm people in their places immediately.

You have been given the digital controls of this heater to adjust the thermostat as per your need. De’Longhi TRD40 Oil-Filled energy efficient space heater for the large room comes with a timer and multiple heat settings when it comes to the heat energy capacity of this space heater no that it offers 1500 watts heating energy as this heater comes with a thermal cutoff feature. So, it automatically turns off the heater if it begins to overheat. Likewise, it comes with an anti-freezing setting that remotely turns on the unit when the temperature drops below 44 degrees to prevent pipes from freezing.

This unit is eco-friendly, and it has a significant impact on the surrounding. This room heater is much energy efficient and covers a large room of about 250 square feet.

2. Stiebel Eltron 074058- Best Space Heater


  • Wall mount design
  • Quiet running
  • Powerful and durable
  • Frost protection setting
  • Built-in thermostat and time
  • Quickly starts heating


  • No cons

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  • Robust quality construction
  • Has surface mount design
  • Quiet and durable
  • Packed with a built-in thermostat
  • High-end performance

If you are looking for some high-quality heating and energy-saving appliances, then Stiebel Eltron is your place to go because it is known explicitly for these things. So, when it comes to the best space heater, this one is on my priority list. Being reliable and effective, it is a wall mounted electric fan heater which works without any distortion. Know that it can be the best companion along with the winters.

As it is a wall mounted heater, it follows the air downwards towards the floor and evenly heats the cold floor in no time as heating begins from the surface, so this heater knows all the rules very well. When it comes to the design and structure, this space heater is merely remarkable. Its compact design is lesser than 5 inches in depth, and it doesn’t take much of space. Also, you can take it with yourself if you are shifting to another room. When it comes to the specifications of this room heater, it comes with a built-in thermostat, a timer, and Frost protection setting providing you the best energy efficient heaters that you are looking for.

When it comes to the reliability and construction of these super boosted space heater, no that it comes from a German company that makes heating appliances very well-engineered and durable, it works smoothly and heats without making any noise your room in no time. Last but not least, this best energy efficient room heater also offers a three years warranty.

3. Dyson Remote Control- Best Space Heater 


  • Room heating modes
  • Automatic features
  • Quieter
  • Sleep timer


  • Expensive

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  • Hasn’t fast-spinning blades
  • No visible heating elements
  • Has focused/wide air flow
  • Air multiplier technology
  • Durable and quiet
  • Can be easily tilted
  • Easier to clean
  • Two years warranty

While searching for the best energy efficient space heater for a large room, Dyson is always at your service. This room heater is known as the unique one, as it has multiple features to offer you. It is a facilitated version of its older models as it is specifically designed to reduce turbulence so it can help you make it work even 75% quieter.

When it comes to this room heater’s specifications, know that it comes with unique properties like one is a sleep timer. Yes, you can set the timer from 15 minutes to up to 9 hours, and you can sleep easily without worrying that it can cause any harm. As it is packed with an intelligent digital thermostat, so the unit will turn itself on and off in order to maintain the room temperature. This feature doesn’t only save energy but also prevents the room from getting overheated. Dyson never compromises on safety measures. So, this room heater has no fast-spinning blades or any other visible heating element that can harm you, but it comes with an automatic shutoff feature that must be knocked over.

Just like heating, this room heater comes with a cooling capacity too. It uses two operating modes that include let focus mode and focus mode. When it comes to the jet focus mode, know that it quickly heats the room. On the other hand, the focus mode is a power-saving mode, and it focuses on the target that needs to be heated. If you are the only person sitting in a room, then it will have a focus on you. So overall, it is a wonderful product to purchase on.

4. Tenergy Ceramic Heater- Best Energy Efficient Room Heater 


  • Portable
  • Starts heating within 3 seconds
  • Quiet
  • Efficient directional heat


  • Preferred for smaller areas

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  • Compact and stylish look
  • Powerful and has 900W/1500W
  • Portable ceramic heater
  • Comes with a 15° degrees fan tilt
  • Auto shut off
  • Start heating within 3 seconds
  • ETL certified
  • Two years warranty

If you are looking for a portable room heater, then an energy ceramic heater can be your best pick. Don’t worry about the specifications because it is not less in any of the aspects. The most wonderful specification it possesses is it starts heating the room within the first 3 seconds.

When it comes to the design of this ceramic heater, no that it is a compact heater and can be shifted from one room to another without the risk of getting burned, tenergy ceramic heater comes with two power settings ranging from 900 Watts and 1500 watts. This heater is powerful enough to worm your room in no time. It is just not light in weight but also light on the pocket.

Know that this heater is not powerful enough to heat your whole house, but more than enough for up to 200 square feet. Additionally, we provide excellent directional heat. As it comes with 15 degrees fan tilt, it helps you have a hot wave focused on you as it has a built-in thermostat, so it prevents overheating. Last but not least, this best energy efficient room heater comes with a quiet fan, and whichever heat you decide to choose, it will never make noise.

5. De’Longhi Mica Heater- Low Cost Energy Efficient Heaters


  • Decent look
  • Quietest
  • Fastest
  • Three adjustable heat settings


  • No cons as such

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  • 1500 watts heating power
  • Trendy design
  • Multiple heating settings
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • More comfortable and safer to mount
  • Lightweight and compact

If you are looking forward to buying the fastest-acting and most energy efficient room heater, you need a one with Micathermic Technology. So, here I am with this DeLonghi space heater. When it comes to this heater’s heating capacity, know that it produces Convection heat and Radiant heat as well. Within just 60 seconds, it reaches to the maximum operating temperature. The durability of its construction is enough to enhance its longevity.

When it comes to the heat settings, know that the space heater offers three heat settings, including basic high, low, and thermostat. You can adjust it according to your needs when it comes to designing the space heater micathermic technology, which permits it to be ultra-thin. Also, it can be easily mounted on a wall. As it comes with the kit, so that makes it an efficient use of space.

This best energy efficient room heater terms with all the safety measures one expects from a powerful machine. So, this heater offers a thermal cut-off for preventing the room from getting overheated. Also, it comes with an automatic tip-over switch and power indicator lights that keep you updated about the situation. If you are looking for the quietest space heater, then know that this is the one as the theatre uses no fan, so the noise is minimal even if you are operating at full power.

6. Cadet RCP502S- Best Portable Heater 


  • Wall mounted heater
  • Heats up garage evenly
  • 20-guage steel
  • 6 feet cord


  • Noisier

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  • 5000 watts heating power
  • Voltage capacity of 240 volts
  • Comes with bracket for wall mount
  • Robust 20-gauge steel construction
  • Built-in fan

Space heaters are also required at workshops and carports because winters compromise for no one. With the Cadet Portable Garage Heater, you take care of a significant issue without mounting or gather a tremendous unit. This thing’s elements are 8 x 16 x 17.5 inches, which is unquestionably not a ton for its unit. So, you get the fantastic 5000W of intense heat in a 240V circuit.

This garage heater comes with a 6 feet cord so you won’t have any issues controlling it any place you choose to move it. Since the fan is an amazing one, remember that it will be noisier than expected. A carport constrained air garage heater just can’t be quiet. It is suggested that you keep a base regarding 3 feet of free space when operating it. The fan-only mode is likewise accessible to the two heat settings. The body of the unit is made of 20-gauge steel.

This best energy efficient room heater works instantly and flawlessly. So, it can be the best pick for anyone who is looking for a wall mountable heater. Go and check it on amazon to buy yours.

7. Honeywell HZ-980- Energy Efficient Infrared Heater 


  • Auto shut off
  • Remote control settings
  • Cool to touch
  • Portable


  • Better heat emission capacity would be appreciated

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  • Comes with EnergySmart Technology
  • Saves energy up to 35%
  • Has energy usage indicator
  • Has touchscreen digital controls
  • Has a larger LCD
  • Has programable thermostat
  • Sturdy interior alloy construction
  • Comes with six premium quartz elements

If you’re searching for a space heater for a medium-sized room, at that point, this is the unit to pick. Honeywell HZ-960 Infrared Whole Room Heater is constructed with numerous security features, including the 4way tip-over protection and overheat assurance, which naturally stops the room heater whenever tipped toward any path when it overheats.

If you are using this new heater, know that it is simple and straightforward. It has a controller that permits you to alter the settings without pacing to and fro. The controller can be conveniently put away in the back of the room heater. Additionally, it has computerized controls with a LED screen, which further improves its usability.

This is that type of heater that unobtrusively circulates a lot of the IF heat. It’s so peaceful; you will even overlook it’s on. For exact, customized comfort, a programmable indoor regulator is incorporated. This radiator uses EnergySmart technology, which controls power usage and can save money on energy charges. It has an engaging look that is made of a smaller cubical packaging. This makes it ready to keep up cool to touch lodging in any event when being used. This heater can supplement any room.


As heaters are the essentials of winters and one must not compromise on them. So, for buying the best energy efficient room heater, go and check the products on Amazon and have good luck with your purchase.


What is the best energy efficient room heater?

In the list of best energy efficient room heater, the following are the very best ones:

  • De’Longhi TRD40 Oil-Filled Radiator
  • Stiebel Eltron 074058
  • Dyson Remote Control
  • Tenergy Ceramic Heater
  • De’Longhi Mica Heater
  • Cadet RCP502S
  • Honeywell HZ-980

What is the best oil-filled heater?

When it comes to the oil-filled heater, De’Longhi TRD40 Oil-Filled Radiator is always on the first number.

Why is the heater bad for you?

A fuel burning heater is considered the bad one. As a fuel burning heater emits carbon monoxide, a lethal gas, it causes harmful effects. When carbon monoxide is captured in an enclosed place, it causes suffocation and also death.

Do fan heaters use a lot of energy?

Yes, fan heaters are terrible energy consumers, and that is why they are not preferred.

Can oil filled heaters be left on overnight?

Yes, if your oil-filled heater is working efficiently, and there is no default functioning, and the thermostat is functional or controllable, there is no harm in leaving it overnight.




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