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Trampolines always become the center of attraction for the children in any carnival but safety is the priority concern of parents. However, the best enclosed trampoline for toddlers overcome all the insecurities regarding protection.

The Skywalker Trampoline for toddlers; a well-padded and net enclosed offers immense safety and other features made it to be our Editor’s Pick.

Nevertheless, before getting into ambiguity, it is better to get the appropriate information. To provide ease to the readers, an extensive well-researched guide has been assembled.

Best enclosed trampoline for toddlers

1. Skywalker Mini Trampoline 

Skywalker Trampoline Mini Trampoline

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Key Features

  • Safe with padded handle
  • 3 years warranty
  • Enclosed with net
  • Bending feature
  • Available in different colors

The 1st trampoline that we are reviewing is the Skywalker mini Trampoline. This trampoline provides complete safety as it is covered around with the net.

The padded handle features allow a great grip for your kid. A slight bend in the ergonomic safety bar increases the stability of the trampoline.

This child trampoline with enclosure is perfect for indoor and outdoor play areas. It comes in two different colors i.e. blue and pink. If you are planning to put it inside then it can easily go with the theme of your room.

If you are not satisfied with the product don’t worry. This indoor trampoline for home comes with a restricted warranty of 3 years for frame and a year for the materials. Starting from the date of purchase.

This baby trampoline with enclosure comes in different price ranges from grabbing the one accordingly.

2. Giantex 7 Ft kids


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Key Features

  • 48 x 48 x 35 dimensions
  • 100 Lbs weight
  • Age limit Up to 10
  • Durable spring
  • 5 inches of galvanized

This kid’s trampoline with enclosure is one of the safe and best enclosed trampoline for toddlers. These 40 inches supper jumpers for kids. This mini trampoline for kids offers great safety to your kid. Now if you have this trampoline then you don’t need to worry about it.

Playing with a trampoline helps the children to increase their motor skills. You can enhance their motor skills while having fun.

These small trampolines for sale are made of heavy-duty steel build that makes it sturdy. The ergonomic curved safety bar helps in maintaining the stability and grip of the child. This small trampolines with enclosure is smart enough to fit in anywhere you want.

If you get it now you can save 40% of your money.

3. Clever Kids Trampoline


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Key Features

  • Has galvanized Spring
  • Has 6 legs that make it stable
  • For indoor and outdoor
  • Removable handle
  • Adjustable heights
  • 100 lbs weight capacity

The other product that we have for your kid belongs to Bazoongi. This toddler trampoline with net

Include the galvanized springs in its place that is able to maintain the bounce and the long-lasting.

The 6 legs of this trampoline make it intact in a place that makes it safe for your kid. The Bazoongi 48 inches allows the children up to the age of 6 years with a weight limit of 100 lbs.

The thick mat in the surface keeps the feet of the children protected from the springs. The assembling of this product requires more than two hands.

The removable and adjustable handle of this indoor trampoline for toddlers allows you to fix at two different sizes. This feature of toddler trampoline with a handlebar makes it easy for the children to adjust it according to their height.

4. Skywalk trampolines 15- feet 

Skywalk trampolines 15- feet (12 % discount)

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Key Features

  • 15 ft x 9ft h Dimension
  • Steel construction
  • Rust and steel resistant
  • 200lbs weight capacity
  • 5 long with 96 spring

Another product that we have for you is from Skywalker trampoline again. This mini trampoline with the net is easy to assemble. You just need to unbox the trampoline, screw up the legs, and attach the handle and Voila! Here you go.

The good part that we have found about this product is that children having ADHD and autism.

When it comes to safety, you don’t need to worry about that as it is certified by ASTM safety certification.

This child’s trampoline with handle consists of 96 springs with a length of 6.5 that allows more bounce. The soft padding helps and prevents the toes of your child.

The rust-resistant feature of the galvanized steel allows you to put the trampoline outdoor where the children can easily get their motor skills developed while having fun.

5. The original Toy Company 

The original Toy Company (12.04% discount)

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Key Features

  • Foldable frame
  • No bungee cord
  • 36 inches diameter
  • Confirms all the safety Certifications
  • Rubber protected 6 legs

The 5th product that we have is the original toy company trampoline. This trampoline is the best toddler trampoline with handlebar and the kids of the age of up to 10. This product is also suitable for kids with ADHD and Autism.

It is easy to assemble and disassemble easily because of its foldable features. The rubber protected 6 legs makes it more intact.

You can trust for safety on the original toy as it has the certifications from all the safety organizations. The diameter of 36 inches allows a wide room to play for the kid up to the weight of 150 pounds.

6. Best Choice Product

5.    Best Choice Product

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Key Features

  • 5 x 76.5 dimension
  • 110 lbs weight capacity
  • Metal material
  • Durable and frame

The last product that we are reviewing for you is from the best choice. This is another safest trampoline for toddlers.

This trampoline has 7-foot diameter that is quite spacious and easy to bounce. Along with that, it has generous foam padding that can protect your feet from the springs.

The covering of safety net enclosure helps to keep the fun on without any safety risks. The water and rust-resistant frame make it durable and long-lasting.

The durable galvanized springs keep the fun going on that can go far long. This could be an indoor trampoline for toddlers and for outdoor as well. You can put it outside or in the playing room of your kid.

Features for the Best Enclosed Trampoline for Toddlers

The Dimensions

As a trampoline require more space, the first and for sure thing is the placement or the area where it will be installed. Mainly, the best toddler trampoline ranges from 8 feet to 13 feet diameters. Nonetheless, make sure the place where you are going to put it must be

  • Even and bump free. The gradient must not be more than 3 degrees.
  • the space must be clear around 1.5m from all the sides of the trampolines
  • Height must be at least 6m from the surface.

Weight Capacity

Generally, the weight limit of kids trampoline is around 50 lbs. or less. This may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer however, the minimum weight limit for the trampolines is around 150 lbs. to 200 lbs.


The trampoline which is specified as a best toddler trampoline for 3 year old must be 36 inches including handles. If your kid is 5 then 7 ft. height is recommended. Similarly, 10ft to 12ft. is for 10 years and that goes on.

Shape of Trampoline

Four types of trampolines are available. This includes square, oval, round and rectangle.

Round trampolines are the common ones that are less space-consuming. This little trampoline for toddlers is approximately 6 meters in diameter however, the one with 8 feet diameter trampoline allows more space to children.

Oval Trampolines drifts from the center and offers wider space for jumping. This one is the hybrid version of the rectangle and the round trampoline. More, it possesses multiple bounces.

Square Trampolines are different than the other ones. The springs of this trampoline are placed in the corners. They make it jump in the center and place you back exactly you started.

Rectangle Trampolines are larger in the size compared to the other trampolines. The small rectangular trampolines cover around 7 by 10 feet. They are comparatively easy to install.


The structure of the trampoline includes the jumping pad, tubing, safety pads and the springs that are the core of any trampoline.

Tubing part is to manufacture the legs or the frame which is generally made out of galvanized steel that prevents corrosion.

Jumping pad is the fiber that is woven and attached to the springs which is made of either nylon or polyethylene.

The safety pad is the final top that protects the feet from injuries.

Features to be adored in Trampolines

While buying the little trampoline with net for your child or for exercising purpose, one should keep these things in their mind. The trampoline should have

  • Long-lasting solid base: If you want your trampoline to last for a long time then you should go for the product that has a high capacity for bearing the weight. If it does not possess this feature then you have to add an additional cost to get your trampoline solid.
  • Corrosion-Resistant: Mostly, we have specified a place where we can put the trampolines. People prefer to put it outside so while buying the trampoline we should keep in mind that it must be rust and water-resistant. That will contribute a lot in keeping the trampoline to last-long.

Closing Notes

Age really does not matter when it comes to trampoline as it has a special place in everyone’s heart. It still requires precautions when it comes to children or toddlers.

We have mentioned the best enclosed trampoline for toddlers that can keep your kid busy while having fun. The best enclosed trampolines for toddlers is all we need to keep our children busy and in the building of their motor skills.

Trampolines are always fun for people belonging to every age group. When it comes to being a parent, we want our child to learn every single thing by having fun.

This article includes the trampolines that are specifically designed for kids. Safety cannot be compromised especially when it comes to our children. That is why we are sharing the best enclosed trampoline for toddlers.


Q: Where can I buy a small trampoline?

A: it is difficult to know which trampoline is best for our use. For your ease, we have mentioned all the products with their specifications so that you can get according to the size.

Q: Is a trampoline good for a toddler?

A: Yes they are. The trampolines help the children to enhance their motor skills.

Q: Are mini trampolines safe for 2 year old?

A: Yes they are completely safe for all the toddlers. We have further specified the categories for the trampolines. Go through our articles for more assistance.



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