Best Electric Skateboard under 500 – Buying Guide & Review 2023

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Choosing the right best electric skateboard under 500 for your needs can be a challenge if you do not want to spend more than you have to. We feel your pain and decided to do some research to find the best cheap electric skateboard

Skateboards are a classic transportation Gadget. They have legitimately earned their reputation alongside bicycles and roller blades as part of the holy trinity of methods of transport.

We have based this list on tons of reviews of everyday users to ensure that you get the top rated electric skateboards. Let’s dive into the best electric skateboard reviews mid-range goldmine with these eleven picks.

11 Best Electric Skateboard under 500

1. Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard Dual Motors 

Alouette Phoenix best cheap electric skateboard can serve as your perfect pick for being durable, reliable, and its visual design. It has 7-layers of maple dec, which supports the flexibility and sturdiness of the electric skateboard.

Phoenix best budget electric skateboard electronic skateboard is a beautiful and robust ergonomic board that is comfortable and easy to use is power by a 25.2VLithiumm battery that charges in two hours.

This best electric skate board top speed is up to 16 MPH, max 15° climbing capacity. It has an ergonomic wireless remote with the display screen, which reminds you when you need to charge it.


      • 7-layer maple
      • 1-layer of bamboo
      • Powerful battery
      • 25.2V Lithiumm battery
      • Wireless remote

2. MBS Colt 90X Mountainboard

The MBS Colt 90X Mountainboard best cheap electric longboard infuse in itself the beauty and power of a surfboard, which supports a max weight of 250lbs. It features 350 hub motor, which is more reliable and less problem-prone.

This electric longboard under 500 comes with a vast range of 6-8 miles once it is fully charged with a speed of over 17MPH. The battery gives the skateboard high speed and ranges.

This most affordable electric skateboard deck consists of 2 layers of bamboo, 7-layers of Maplewood. The layered construction gives your best cheap electric longboard deck more flexibility and sturdiness.


      • Wireless remote
      • Two-speed modes
      • Great range
      • Powerful battery
      • Hub motor

3. RazorX Electric Skateboard

This RazorX is the cheapest electric skateboard in my list is an ideal electric skateboard for kids that love speed but want safety and stability on the road. This longboard is most see on school campuses and street corners.

This RazorX is one out of top rated electric skateboards for kids, which provides a fantastic mix of performance, reliability, and affordability, without sacrificing on portability.

The most affordable electric skateboard Razor e-skateboard comes with a powerful lithium-ion battery, with 125W power motor, which is not that impressive, it can run a considerable speed of 10 MPH and can last up to 40 minutes in one charge.


      • 125W motor
      • speed 10-miles
      • Carries weight 220P
      • Easy to ride
      • 10MPH

4. Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control 

This is the best electric skateboard under 500, which is durable and flexible. It also boasts of being the thinnest skateboard with a 0.5-inch thickness, making it easy to bend and flexibility.

This best electric skateboard comes with a wireless remote control with three speed settings, low, middle, and high. The remote also has a battery display, which lets you know how to find the perfect speed.

What I think maybe the most appealing aspect of this best budget electric skateboard is its increased stability and ten-layer Candian maple and one-ply fiberglass.


      • Weight 14.5P
      • Strong Dec
      • Durable
      • Speed 15MPH
      • Thin skateboard

5. Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote

This best cheap electric skateboard owns a beautiful color, dec, single hub motor. Hub motor is always better than a belt-driven engine, so this is appreciating.

Hiboy S11 electric skateboard for kids is merely for fun purposes around your street. It is an energetic board that provides a top speed of 12.4MPH with a farther range of 6.2 miles, a single hub motor that makes you able to push heavier weights and climb steep hills.

This best small electric skateboard board can climb up to 8 degrees of hillslope and still stays steady. It weighs only 8.6 pounds that makes it easier to pack and carry along with you.


      • Speed 12.4MPH
      • 6.2-miles range
      • Hub motor  250W
      • Remote controller
      • 220-lbs weight capacity

6. Nesaila 28inch Electric Skateboard

The design of Nesaila electric skateboard under 500 looks somewhat similar to the Blitzart Huracane electric longboard under 500 when viewed from far away.

This best budget electric skateboard has a beautiful, sturdy deck enriched with 7-layers of maple wood, better elasticity, and toughness, the board without splicing, using CNC trimming and grinding process.

 This best electric skateboard allows riders to have more traction while riding this motorized skateboard. This design enhances the durability and flexibility of this skateboard, which is an impressive feature to get at this price.


      • Dual hub motor
      • Speed of 25-miles
      • Swappable battery
      • Lightweight
      • Carry 286-lbs weigh

7. Swagtron Swagskate NG3 Electric Skateboard

The most affordable electric skateboard is Swagtron, which is a famous name in the world of rideable electronic devices. This Swagtron is one of the best-selling products in the market for its efficient working and durable built quality.

Swagboard has installed a very reliable and rechargeable Li-On Fe battery, which is made primarily with their Sentry Shield technology. This advanced technology makes this best budget electric skateboard battery last longer and increases its life span.

The fascinating feature of it is intelligently placed sensors, which detect weight and motion, automatically stop the board in seconds when you dismount. This electric skateboard for kids is the best choice.


      • Strong Dec
      • Speed 9. 3MPH
      • 8. 9-Inch dec
      • Lightweight

8. Spadger D5X Electric Skateboard, 20” Electric Longoard

The versatile board we have to talk to you about in our list of best electric skateboards under 500 has the unique features, reliability, and shape. It is not just motorized, but it comes packed with a variety of auxiliary components.

The dec of this most affordable electric skateboard is the construct of high-quality polycarbonate and sea glass, which is genuinely durable and flexible.

The Spadger D5X different riding modes, which is one of the beautiful features. The battery of this best electric skateboard can provide the skateboard an effective max range of around 9.3 to 12.4 miles.


      • 900W motor
      • Range 21-miles
      • 4-Ride modes
      • Wireless Remote
      • 90-MM PU Wheels

9. Teamgee H8 31″ Electric Skateboard

The Teamgee H8 31 best electric skateboard under 500 is made from very high-quality components, and it is a very fine-looking specimen.

Having the best budget electric skateboard with more quality at less price is everyone’s dream, but not everyone seems to fulfill their dream. But, Teamgee H8 is here as the best cheap electric skateboard, providing top-notch features.

The Teamgee is power by 36V/ 3.5Ah Lithium battery, which can help you drive your board like a boss. This most affordable electric skateboard highlights with the maximum speed of 15MPH, drop through Deck, 480W power motors, and 85mm PU and Wheel.

      • 15MPH speed
      • 3-speed modes
      • Strong durability
      • 1.2cm thin
      • 11.6-lbs weight capacity

10. WOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote

The WOOKRAYS is to be an all-in-one solution for your every cruising need. This best budget electric consists of strong and supple 7-ply maple wood and has 2-layers of bamboo on the bottom of the board.

Fly down the roads with certainty and style on this cheap electric skateboard amazon. This best electric skate board gives you a maximum speed of up to 17 MPH. Once it is completely energized, this best cheap electric longboard has a scope of six o eight miles.

With a simple to-hold remote that controls quickening and deceleration, it has a mode and speed for apprentices or propelled skaters. This electric longboard under 500 consist of 350W hub-motor which fully charge in 3 hours, with regenerative braking. It supports a max weight of 250lbs.

      • Speed 17-MPH
      • 350W MOTOR
      • Wireless Remote
      • Strong Dec

11. Hover-1 Switch 2 in 1 Electric Skateboard & Scooter for Kids

The last board we talk to you about in our list of best electric skateboards under 500 has a variety of auxiliary components. It highlights an ultra-safe and reliable, easy to use the charger.

The Hover-1 has features, reliability, and shape. It is not just motorized, but it comes with a safety shielded batter. It cruises around on the most stylish Scooter on the market with dual LED headlights.

This electric skateboard for kids will provide endless fun to you with a top speed of up t0 7-MPH. This best small electric skateboard is best for students going to school or getting the chores done faster than your foot.

      • Speed 7-MPH
      • Power 90W
      • Range 5-miles
      • Weight 132-lb

Types of Skateboards

We have at last come to the point where we present a bit of variety into the choice. We are, of course, talking about the off-road skateboards and street boards. Let’s break down some of the main differences between them.

      • Street boards – Lightweight and reasonably sturdy, street skateboards are designed with casual commuting in mind. They usually have a pretty good range.
      • Off-road skateboards – As opposed to their street counterparts, they are tough, dense, they feature more powerful motors, and have a set of oversized wheels wrapped in pneumatic tires.

Things to Keep in Mind

Generally speaking, electric skateboards have all the foremost imperative highlights in common. My buying guide cares more for sharpening in on specific features:

      • Power, Battery, and Tire
      • Stability
      • Durability
      • Service and Maintenance
      • Speed & Range
      • Water-Resistant


Alouette Phoenix Ryders takes the title of the best electric skateboard.
We recommend you to take a closer look at the Blitzart Huracane electric skateboard.
Teamgee H5 38 is the best-boosted board I adore.
Yes, in general, electric skateboarding is safe, but it is necessary to be prepared for the worst.
Yes, electric skateboards have brakes and remote that controls your transmission, whether you want to start or stop.

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Final Verdict

The market has hundreds of the best electric skateboard under 500 that come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Buying the best cheap electric skateboard for your needs can be tricky if you do not know how to obtain the best budget electric skateboard.

It is essential to consider the factors we have to enlist in this buying guide, so you never waste your hard-earned money on the wrong type of electric skateboard under 500. Always explore and the features of a model before making a purchase.

The entire exhibition of these best electric skateboards under 500 is superior, and some of them have advanced technologies. These skateboards make you perform several physical activities as well.

Have fun with your cheap electric skateboard amazon!




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