Best Electric Scooter for Teens: A Convenient Commute

Last updated on July 26th, 2022 at 10:31 am

The best electric scooter for teens could be the one with the feature of adjustable handlebars that can help the youngsters to adjust its length with their growing height. No doubt electric scooter’s age limit is not restricted but, the scooter which is capable to ride upon every terrain is a real uptight.


Razor E300 Electric Scooter is our Editor’s Pick, based upon its features and its ease. An electric scooter must have the following features

The Features that You Should Look for Includes

You must need to know the surface area on which you are using the scooter as it will help you to buy the exact product according to your need. Some other main features are

Motor Power

  • Generally, the electric motor is rated based upon the capacity it has measured in watts. The average motor capacity of any scooter is a minimum of 200W to 6270W.
  • The average scooter motor capacity has 250lbs whereas the mid-range scooter has a motor for 500W. For the flat surface area or small inclined areas, a scooter with 250lbs is adequate.
  • Steep hill area will require more power so go for the scooter with a motor capacity of 350W or 500W.


  • The suspension of the electric scooter is to give a smooth and bump-free ride to the user. An electric scooter with suspension is suggested when the terrain is rough.
  • Commonly, there are three types of suspension systems found in electric scooters. It includes spring, hydraulic/air piston and rubber suspension.


Electric scooters come in two categories; mechanical and electronic.

Electronic Brakes: The Electronic brake system depends upon the motor. It requires a strict electric regenerating system of brakes. This braking system is weak if you travel at 15 mph and need immediate stopping.

Mechanical Brakes

The mechanical brake system depends upon the physical mechanism to minimize the speed level by working with a foot, discs or drum. The speed of a 24 km stopping distance is around 6 meters in a mechanical system. This brake is effective than the electronic brakes.

Foot brakes: This kind of brake works by pushing your foot on the back fender, making it to rub against the rear tire. Foot brakes however are not as effective as drum and disc brakes.  

Drum brakes: The drum brakes are installed inside the wheel hub (covering). Comparing to other brakes, drum brakes require less maintenance and work perfectly on a wet surface.  

Disc brakes: It has the ultimate stopping power than other brakes as they are found on the high-end scooters.

IP Rating

  • The ip rating is ingress protection updates about the resistance of the electric scooter against dust and water. It is formulated by 2 numbers but the second one is considered as it tells about the water level. The high number represents the high amount of water and moisture.

A scooter with IPx4 is more suitable for the rain or watery terrain.

IP Rating


IP x 0

It has no protection

IP x 1 to IP x 3

Limited amount of water resistance

IP x 4 to IP x 6

Appropriate for riding in the rain

IP x 7 to above

Able to submerge in the water totally

Weight Limit

Every electric scooter comes with a different weight limit. The electric scooter with a speed up to 24 km weight 11 kgs. Similarly, the teens or adult scooters offer a weight limit of around 350lbs. If the weight increases then the mileage of the scooter decreases.

Best Electric Scooter for Teens


1. Razor E300 Electric Scooter; best electric scooter for teens

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Key Features

  • 10 inches Wheel size
  • Single speed scooter
  • Alloy steel body
  • 24V battery
  • 19.5 kg Bike weight
  • 250W high torque
  • 15 mph speed (24 km/h approx.)

This one is the best electric scooter for teens because of the powerful qualities it has. This model includes an ultra-quite single speed motor which is chain driven and a high torque. It consists of twist-grips throttle which makes it to go for the adults as well.

For the safe start scooters, razor electric scooter for kids and other age ranges is a perfect choice. The motor of this scooter is chain-driven with a 250-watt, high torque with a speed limit of 15 mph almost 24 km/h. Overall weight capacity of this electric scooter for teens is around 220 pounds (100 kg).

The battery of this electric scooter is sealed with lead-acid battery which is able to provide the speed up to 40 minutes straight if use continuously.

The front and rear wheels are large with 9 inches width and has the rear braking style, making it completely safe.

2. Gotrax GXL V2 Electric Scooter; Best Electric Scooter for Teenager

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Key Features

  • Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • 26.98 Lbs item weight
  • Disc Brakes and hand brakes
  • 8.5 inches pneumatic tires
  • 250 Watt motor
  • 36V Battery
  • Folding Frame

Here is another electric scooter for 16 year old that comes with a bright Digital Display. The build of this electric scooter for teenager is aluminum alloy that makes it sturdy. This scooter for teens is light in weight and compact and easy to carry it around because of its foldable feature.

The power capacity of the motor 15.5 mph but the maximum speed limit of this electric scooter is 9-12 miles (it could vary depending upon the terrain). This boy electric scooters are the safest one as it provides dual brake system; the disc brakes and the handbrakes.

This electric scooter has a battery of 36V Lithium Ion that can easily charge within 4 hours and go for `2 miles each charge. Another feature that this best electric scooters for 13 year olds is adjustable handlebar with the 38 inches high deck. The weight capacity that this electric scooter has is around 220lbs.

The large digital display of this electric scooter keeps you aware of the speed and the remaining battery life your electric scooter left with. This will also guide you in the dark as it has an ultra-bright headlight which makes it one safest electric scooter.

3. Segway NineBot eKick Scooter Zing; Best Electric Scooters for 13 Year Olds

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Key Features

  • Aerospace- grade Aluminum Alloy
  • 18.7 pounds weight
  • Has front suspension
  • Ergonomic Grip type
  • 10 mph speed
  • Has a 20-60 kgs load capacity
  • Dual Brakes (electric and mechanical)

The next product that falls in the top rated electric scooters is by Segway Nine E8 series. This electric scooter with adjustable handlebars has a height range of 37.4 inches with the overall weight capacity of 60 kgs maximum, weight itself only 18. 7 pounds.

This is the best electric scooter for 11 year old till 14 years of age limit as per the company states. It has a powerful motor of 150W, goes 10 mph for up to 6.3 miles. This allows the teens with the height of 4.3 inches till the 5.3 inches.

Calling it safe start scooters as it comes with feature of handbrake with the EBS energy. In other words, this electric scooter has dual brake system. Compact size of this electric scooter makes it portable because it is foldable and you can easily carry it around with its lightweight.

This scooter starts with a single kick and glides without any throttle. Make sure the kick is hard as the hard kick will make this scooter to accelerate fast. After all these features if you are not satisfied with the product, Segway provides a one year or 180 days warranty for the different parts of this scooter.

4. Lascoota Scooter; Best Electric Scooter for 11 Year Old

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Key Features

  • 150 lbs to 240lbs weight capacity
  • Dual Suspension
  • 7.9 inches large tire
  • Adjustable 3 handle levels
  • Has dual suspension
  • Light in weight
  • Heat treated-braking system

This electric scooter has ergonomically-shaped comfortable and soft rubber grips. The one push button foldable feature makes it portable to carry around. It can fall in the category of cheap and affordable electric scoter for teens.

The soft rubber grips prevent fatigue on hands and most importantly, they are durable. The large wheels and dual suspensions of this electric scooter offers a smooth and comfortable ride. As per the age range, this scooter’s minimum age range is from 8 years to 9 years minimum

The extra wide deck allows more room for your foot to fit in which makes it an electric scooter for teens as well. The heat treated braking system optimizes the braking system for safe brake. The battery is fast capable of charging and takes 2.5 hours. Well, all those features you can easily get in this budget-friendly electric scooter.

5. Globber Ultimum Scooter; 3 Wheel Electric Scooter for Kids

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Key Feature

  • 2 x 125 mm wide wheels
  • Rare brakes
  • Foldable and Adjustable Scooter
  • Three wheeled scooter
  • 29.93 handle height
  • 220lbs weight capacity
  • Item weight 10.19 lbs

This company uses a patented style, giving control and firm grip over the deck as it is made to be anti-slipping. The adjustable steering angle control system makes it easy to turn around according to the riding style of the user. Additionally, it has the feature of turning radius for front wheels. If you want to decrease the radius (the turning circles could be clockwise or anti-clockwise).

The following scooter could be perfect for children, teens and adults with an anodized T-bar of 6- height. Further, this 3 wheel electric scooter for kids comes with a patented elliptic folding system without removing the T-bar from the scooter.

The high-quality wheels are 2 x 125mm (43mm) wide front wheels and the 80mm (48mm) wide rear wheels. these tires are totally reliable because the tires are made out of real rubber instead of plastic. It is able to bear the weight upto 220lbs because of the solid and sturdy deck it has.

6. Macwheel MX Pro ; Best Electric Scooter for Teenager

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Key Feature

  • 8.5 inches wheel size
  • 350W brushless motor
  • Dual disc brakes
  • 25 miles with single charging
  • 6 hours fast charging
  • 15.5mph speed
  • 36V high capacity battery

This best electric scooter for teens comes with the advanced technology as it is able to connect with an app installed on your smart phone. This helps to keep the track and conditional update of your electric scooter with a pop up notification on your phone. It makes the scooter safer as the app can lock and unlock the scooter anywhere, everywhere.

The scooter is portable as it comes with the feature of foldable handle in just 3 seconds and a long lasting battery life 36V 10Ah allowing to ride for 25 miles with an easy charging option. You can totally count on this electric scooter as it can be ridden on any kind of terrain (the range and battery life varies depending upon the condition).

The 350W brushless hub motor to move properly by offering the high speed of 15.5 mph with an extra torque for a smooth ride on the steep inclined areas. The non-pneumatic tires work with the air free technology minimized the need of inflated tires with for supporting the weight.


Getting your own electric scooter, whether for kids, teens or for the adults you will get to have your own commute to move around freely and also helps you to be less dependent. We have mentioned some best electric scooters for teens and for adults as well. You can also look in to best electric scooter for adults for more budget-friendly products.


What is the best scooter for teenager?

The best scooter for teenager must have an aluminum alloy that provides a solid deck for bearing the heavyweight with the adjustable T-bar so that it can easily get adjusted according to the height of the user, the battery time with a single charge and most importantly the brakes that makes the scooter safe. Razor E300 electric scooter is recommended as one best electric scooter.

What is the best electric scooter for 12 year old?

Every electric scooter comes with a minimum and maximum age limit which determines the weight capacity and the height and the length it has. It is better to have an electric scooter that has adjustable 3 levels for the handles and the maximum weight capacity. In general, the weight limit is around 220lbs but that varies from model and company as well.

What are the main features to look for in an electric scooter?

If you are going to buy an electric scooter then in a nutshell, make sure to find the following features in your scooter

  • 15-mile range
  • The weight of the scooter must be less than 30lbs
  • Has 250W motor minimum
  • Must have disc or drum brake
  • Have a pneumatic tire whether it is front or the rear one

What age is the Razor scooter for?

Razor is an old and renowned company for manufacturing good quality electric scooters. They produce scooters whose age limit varies but there is not any specified age limit. You can find an electric scooters for 4-year-old, teens, and for adults as well.

What is the best scooter for adults?

The best scooter for adults includes the scooters which have a weight capacity ranging from 350lbs and above. If you are going for the electric scooter, then makes sure that your scooter must have a battery that is not only durable but also with a lithium battery that can go for a long time without charging. It also must have proper brakes whether it would be mechanical or disc one.

What age is appropriate for a scooter?

The physical ability is more important than stating the exact age for using the scooter. Whenever the kid is ready whether it is the initial ages. If the kid starts to walk soon like when they are 2 to 3 years, they can ride the scooter with the condition if they are able to walk steadily.



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