Top 13 Best Electric Salt And Pepper Grinders – Buying Guide 2023

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Continue perusing our best electric salt and pepper grinders buying guide as we have accomplished all the work for you to get rid of the troubles such as wrist strain or time-consuming by using manual salt and pepper grinders. The best electric salt and pepper grinders are the best gadgets you can have in the kitchen especially when you have less time and more dishes to do with. 

Top 13 Best Electric Salt And Pepper Grinders


1. Chew Fun Electric Grinder

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  • Wide mouth
  • Acrylic body
  • Automatic operator
  • LED light included
  • Stainless steel top

The first in our top list is this electric gravity pepper grinder by chew fun.  This is an automatic salt and pepper grinders that help you to grind pepper without using both hands. It is a new brand electric salt and pepper grinder. You can have your grind spices just in a flip in a more convenient way. Moreover, it has a wide spice container mouth and has an acrylic body.

The adjustable ceramic blades it has can be screwed and you can refill spices in a container without creating any mess in the kitchen. Adding up to features, it comes with LED blue light. You can on the light with just a twist and see the number of spices you need to fill in it.

Customer Reviews

Customers have rated this grinder 4.3 for its high quality, exquisite packaging, BPA free material, unique design, and effective 6AAA batteries that help grind smoothly and perfectly.

2. Latent Epicure Electric Grinder

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  • Include mill tray
  • Battery-powered
  • Button operated
  • Protects over flavoring

The next one in our list is this Latent Epicure salt and pepper grinders set with a free mill tray. It comes with a four AA battery and each weighs 12.8 ounces. Moreover, it comes with a cap to cover.

This grinder allows the user to grind with just only one touch. For quick and faster use you can operate it with one hand also. Like others, it also comes with coarseness a setting, which permits you to choose your desired size of spice. Besides, more features include dark light so you can have a look at your spices in the grinder.

Customer Reviews

73% of people ranked this grinder with 5 stars, thus we have ranked this spice grinder as one of the best pepper mill in the world.

3. OXO 2154200 Electric Grinder

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  • Non-absorbent flavors & odors
  • Adjustable settings
  • Acrylic body

Are you annoyed and tired of traditional salt and pepper grinders? Don’t worry, we bring you the best salt and pepper grinder combo that solves all your troubles. It is made of an acrylic body and does not absorb any other spice flavors and odors.

You can even change the settings of the grinder from fine to coarse. When you need to refill the spices in the grinder you only need to turn the grinder and unscrew its cap and fill it again.

It is the best versatile, non-corrosive ceramic grinder, and grind almost every kind of spices such as pepper, cumin, cloves, etc.

Customer Reviews

Here what a customer had to say: “it’s a compact design grinder, which is easy to use and easy to open. It comes with easy grip structure and brings you finest grind spices”

4. Epare Salt & Pepper Grinder

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  • Extra-large core
  • Single-handed
  • Dark LED light
  • Easy refilling
  • 4 AA battery operated

The epare battery operated salt and pepper shakers come with a large container. It is an ideal grinder for those who are always in a hurry to cook food. It is a great balance between perfection and idealism. Moreover, it will neither rust nor crack. In this stainless steel salt and pepper grinders the flavor and odor of spices don not mix. Its features include an adjustable setting of spices from coarse to fine. You can even grind any spice with ease.

Besides, the grinder is particularly designed to refill anytime as it has an inserted bright LED light within the grinder. The grinder comes with a one-touch mechanism and has 4 AA batteries that help you get your job done more conveniently.

Customer Reviews

People love the fact, that this electric battery operated salt and pepper shakers is super stylish and is available at a reasonable price.

5. Cuisinart SP-2 Grinder

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  • Rechargeable salt and pepper grinder
  • LED lights
  • Indicator lights
  • Last for 20 minutes

This Cuisinart SP-2 rechargeable salt and pepper grinder comes with two indicator lights. Greenlight means it is ready to use and red light meant for charging. Moreover, this salt and pepper mills come with an excellent feature of adjustable settings. You can grind your spice according to your desire and need from fine to coarse.

With a green light, it can last for 15 to 20 minutes. In addition to its features, it is brushed stainless salt and pepper shaker. To refill spices you only need to unscrew cap and Bon appetite.

Customer Reviews

Time and again users at Amazon have remarked that they just extremely love how this rechargeable salt and pepper grinder has been designed. They are happy with the design and addition to looking it gives to their dinning. Plus, the warranty assures consumers that their money has been invested in the right item.

6. Eukein Electric Grinder

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  • Single hand grip
  • Thumb operated
  • Refillable
  • Cordless battery operated

I can’t resist the urge to recognize, the sort of artistic component that this salt and pepper grinder has. While utilizing it, you will likewise see how effectively a peppercorn tumbles off. It was particularly intended for the easiest and simplest operation. You can utilize a solitary hand since you only have to press a button. Moreover, its features include rustproof, non-corrosive, adjustable settings. It is a cordless battery-operated gadget with 4AA powered.

We recommend this product to those, who are suffering from wrist strains. You can adjust spices grandness according to your needs and food requirement. Twist right for coarser spice and twist it to left for fine spices. Besides, it comes with 1 year of warranty, which is a big favor for purchase.

Customer Reviews

People ranked this product 4.1 out of 5 as it is best pepper mill for arthritic hands and brings you fine and best pepper spices.

7. Lerutti Salt & Pepper Electric Grinder

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  • Grinder set
  • Battery operated
  • Stainless steel design
  • LED light included
  • Bottom Caps

Quality is always the priority of Larutti Salt and Pepper grinder, which they don’t settle on. If you are worried about jargon like rust and corrosion, then don’t worry it is made with best stainless steel.

The things that made me favor it, was only the way that this battery operated salt and pepper grinder will never mix the kinds of flavor.

We affirmed that this best electric salt and pepper grinders are produced using the materials which are 100% safe for food. Moreover, they have likewise been FDA affirmed.

Customer Reviews

As this top-notch electric pepper grinder reviews 4.0 ranked at Amazon is under $25 and is selling like hotcakes. It’s a worth buying product at this great price.

8. Enhance Spice Electric Grinder

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  • Effortless
  • Multi- spice grinder
  • Elegant designed
  • Money-back warranty

The enhance spice best pepper grinder is a beautifully and elegantly designed grinder, that grind flavor easily. Grab this gadget and begin crushing your desired flavors and spices with this battery-operated system. At the base of this product, there is a light that will assist you to perceive how much zest is left or how much zest you are administrating over the nourishment.

It is the best and less consuming grinder that is capable of giving you a quicker response with your desired flavors. You can even adjust the settings of the grinder. The pulse LED light helps you know how much space you are left with.

You can not only use it at home but can also utilize this grinder for professional cooking.

Customer Reviews

Consumers are reviewing this grinder as a unique salt and pepper grinders with some positive feedbacks like durable and elegant design.

9. Ozzeri Graviti Pro Electric Grinder

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  • Gravity operated
  • Eco-friendly
  • Glass container

Ozeri Graviti’s best pepper grinder is the advanced best electric pepper mill you can have in your kitchen or dining. It is newly designed keeping in mind the modern kitchen sets and cutlery sets.

It comes with a glass see-through container for cross-checking spices. This durable user-friendly product easily grinds any spices. Moreover, it comes with a grind adjuster and a design with a non-slip grip.

Besides, with all other features, it comes with one more feature of one-hand operation. It is the best value of money.

Customer Reviews

Three prominent features people love about this product are one hand operator, modern design, and durable.

10. Cole & Mason Electric Grinder

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  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Modern design
  • Six adjustable settings

What separates this salt and pepper grinder from the rest is that it has six granulating levels. It is on an alternate level, contrasted with its rival brands. The highest point of the best electric pepper mill must be turned to granulate. It has likewise been intended to be strong.

By grinding spices in this grinder, your flavors will last its freshness for a lot of time. The Cole and Mason battery operated salt and pepper mills repress any dampness or residue from getting into contact.

Customer Reviews

It got 4.6 out of 5 ranking due to its unique design and six pepper grinder adjustable settings.

11. Cuisinart SG 3 Electric Grinder

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  • Two in one grinder
  • Grind any spices
  • Included with tray
  • rechargeable

This is the best dual rechargeable salt and pepper grinder in this list. It is made of stainless steel, with 1 to 5 adjustable grind settings from fine to coarse.

You will no more need to replace batteries with this rechargeable device. Moreover, it has an indicator light to monitor charging levels.

The tray comes with a removable tray for cleaning and washing. It is considerably expensive than others and even carries more weight as it has dual containers.

Customer Reviews

Consumers ranked these 4 out of 5 and are satisfied with this salt shaker and pepper grinder and loved the rechargeable feature with dual containers idea.

12. Unicorn Magnum Plus Pepper Mill

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  • Fastest grinding mill
  • Made in Italy and the USA
  • Made of ABS plastic
  • 9-inch length

This battery operated salt and pepper shakers have a steel crushing system. It is one of our fastest grinding gadgets on the list. Its storage capacity is one and a half cups, which is more than enough for long use.

This Unicorn magnum plus pepper mill is made in Nantucket Island, Italy, and the USA. It comes with easy to filling mechanism and easy cleaning ABS plastic body.

This extra length offers better leverage and permits you to use it easily. It comes in black color with stainless steel blade for faster and finest grindings.

Customer Reviews

88% of consumers ranked this product 5 stars so; in short, it’s a great value of money and truly people pleaser.

13. iBunny Shop Electric Grinder

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  • durable
  • rustproof
  • one button
  • single-hand operation

The last one, we are going to review is this battery-operated the best electric salt and pepper grinder. It provides the user with specific features such as durability, life performance, metal blades, and rustproof. It will not alternate odor and flavors of spices.

Moreover, it is perfect for single-hand users and looks amazingly great in your kitchen and dining. It is a cordless battery-operated gadget with LED bright light with which you can see how much seasoning you are lifting with. It is more convenient in use and comes with perfect modern design.

Customer Reviews

With an outstanding 3.9 rating, this best electric salt and pepper grinder is an eye catchy with amazing features.

With some unique features, you can obtain the best contraption to grind flavors easily. The best electric salt and pepper grinders will make your grinding procedure increasingly reasonable and with unique marvelous designs, you can even dazzle your visitors at feast and parties.

With the headway in innovation, you never again need to grind salt and pepper manually. As the best electric salt and pepper grinders are faster than others. If you are looking to buy one, then keep perusing our buying guide consistently. Going through it you will able to choose your grinder.

Things To Consider Before Buying

When it comes to deciding, anyone can get confused with a vast number of models available in the market. But all you need to know is your requirements and desires. Before picking any one model, first, ask a few questions to yourself, that may help you determine which electric salt and pepper grinder you should purchase.

  • Do you need to buy this at home for a family or dining or a restaurant?
  • Are you looking for a large capacity or less?
  • Which feature should be must-have style or efficiency?
  • How much consistent and durable you want it to be?

When you have the answers to these questions then look forward that will better help you decide your gadget which is best for you.

Easy to use

Before considering any one model, make sure it will be easy to use. Make a try and then decide.


When you are cooking at home, refilling is not a problem. But when you are using electric salt and pepper grinder at a restaurant or a company, then it becomes a necessary factor to consider. The larger capacity range can hold a larger amount of seasoning that is probably best for restaurant users.


We preferred you to buy battery powered pepper grinder or a one handed pepper grinder. Most of the grinders have only a button, you only need to press to start seasoning grinding.

LED Lights

Buy a grinder that has a small LED light inserted in it, just to look at how much pepper is left and how much is used. LED lights help you to cross-check whether the material that you are going to grind is correct or not.

Benefits Of Electric Salt & Pepper Grinder

  • You can carry them anywhere, any time as they are portable small size gadgets. You can even take them outdoor.
  • One of the important benefits of these battery-operated pepper mills that they are user-friendly. You can use them just with the press of a button.
  • Having this in your dinner table adds flavor to the food and make guest pleaser.


We conclude our buying guide of the top 13 best electric salt and pepper grinders in 2020. You can see, we have listed grinders that differ in sizes, shapes, colors, and functions. Choose the one that blends your spices well according to your desire. Our main motive was to provide you with all the information that you need to select the best electric salt and pepper grinder for kitchens and dining as well. Hope you find this buying guide helpful.

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