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Cleaning your car on a regular basis is not a troubled and tiresome task that seems impossible at times.

Car washing is as essential as any other thing as it helps in retaining the integrity of the car and its body against dust, dirt, bird droppings, and millions of other things that can potentially ruin your car.

You cannot drive your car to the carwash on a daily basis it is obvious. Saving time and trouble, here are the best electric pressure washer for cars that are available in the market and gives you an ultimate solution to your all car washing needs on the go.

Top 7 best electric pressure washer for cars

1.Sun Joe Electric Pressure WasherSun Joe Electric Pressure Washer

Get your dirty work done in no time with this washer. It is the most innovative and effective in cleaning cars as it is portable and comes with various manuals, which you can adjust according to your needs and requirements.

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

  • 2030 PSI rating gives maximum power
  • 76 GPM water flow
  • 1800-watt power motor
  • Instant connect spray tips
  • Auto shut off system
  • Removable detergent tanks
Customer review

It is the best pressure washer for home use. It comes with a brass fitting on the water connectors, which makes it more sustainable to rusting and leaking. I am not regretting making a purchase for this washer as it fulfils all my car cleaning needs every now and then.

2.Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure WasherKarcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer

The ultimate solution to all the cleaning jobs around the house. It is designed for high performance with 2000 PSI and 1.4 GMP water flow. It offers detailed cleaning for all the cleaning jobs for cars from the outside and the areas under the cars that are harder to reach. It gives quick cleaning with on-board hose reel, high-pressure dirt blaster spray wand, and on-board detergent tanks.

Rating: 3.7 out of 5

  • 2000 PSI
  • 1.4 GMP
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Water-cooling induction motor
  • Integrated hose reel
  • On-board detergent tank
  • Vario power spray
Customer review

I have used gas and electric both power washers and I am happy I have got my hands on this one. This electric power washer is easy to assemble and is very effective in removing tough stains very easily without any hard effort. The nozzle and the pressure worked amazingly on the toughtest of the stains.

3.AR Blue Clean, AR383 1,900 PSI Electric Pressure WasherAR Blue Clean, AR383 1,900 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

AR blue is the best pressure washer for home use. It is the best for consumer use as it takes no time to assemble and comes with the most user-friendly interface. This washer easily cleans dirt, mold, moss, and grime from any surface to reveal the freshest and clean surface. Its advanced and unique nozzle and spray technology get to the hardest of the parts in no time. You can connect its parts in no time to use any time and anywhere.

Rating: 3.7 out of 5

  • 1900 PSI
  • 5 GPM
  • Quick-release spray gun
  • Auto-reset module 35-foot power cord
  • Auto-shutoff
  • 27 pound
Customer review

I bought this auto detailing pressure washer for my cars and I am really happy with the purchase. It is easy to assemble and use. I totally spend 1 and half hour washing three cards including assembling and cleanup. The sprayer gave a flawless run for 5 cars in succession. The only bad thing about this washer is that everybody around the neighborhood sees how perfectly it works and try to get a free car wash.

4.Greenworks 1950 PSI Pressure WasherGreenworks 1950 PSI Pressure Washer

This is a heavy-duty 13 Amp induction motor that gives the ultimate cleaning to every type of surface. It comes with a spray gun nozzle, which makes it quicker and easier to remove the hardest of the stains. You can feasibly extend its 25ft. high-pressure hose and 35ft. electric cable to relatively larger distance than other alternatives that are available in the market. There are dual detergent tanks, which makes it easy for you to clean your cars in one go. There is no need to refill the tanks in between the washes. Use your best car wash soap for pressure washer and forget about it until you are done with the job.

Rating: 3.9 out of 5

  • 1950 PSI
  • 2 GPM water flow
  • 13-amp power induction motor
  • Built-in soap tank
  • On-board hose reel
  • Portable
  • Cable holder
Customer review

When it comes to cleaning this machine is a beast. It does not require any assembling except connecting the gun extension tube and the gun to it. It cuts the cleaning time to over 1/2 . Its spinning pressure jets clean exceptionally no matter how tough the stain is. I am happy with the cleaning and the storage as the arm collapse to the unit, which offers compact and easy cleaning.

5.Stanley SHP2150 Electric Pressure WasherStanley SHP2150 Electric Pressure Washer

If you are looking for the best electric power washer for cars Stanley is the right choice for you as it is designed to work in every surface and every type of stain that seems impossible to remove. It has a professional brass garden hose connector and 22mm connections that offer leakproof experience. What makes it different from other washers is, its high-pressure foamer. This specially designed detergent bottle doubles the pressure foamer, which effectively cleans stains, grime, mold, and other dirt and stuff.

Rating: 4.1 out of 5

  • 2150 PSI
  • 4 GPM water flow
  • Professional grade brass leak-proof connectors
  • High-pressure foam cannon
  • No-noise
  • Saves 80% on water consumption
Customer review

It just arrived and I loved using it. It is easy to move and use. Everything from assembling to use, cleaning, and storing is smooth. I love its auto self-protection mechanism to avoid internal damage. If I would not have read the instructions I must have thought that the machine is defective but it is not.

6.Power Pressure WasherPower Pressure Washer

You will not regret getting this high pressure car washer, which is one of the best car cleaning pressure washer. It comes with 14.5 Amp brushless induction technology. It is the best option for the prices that are available in the market as its induction motor generates less heat and require less current to generate more power than other washers. Induction technology increases the life span of the machine four times than regular tehcnologies that are used. Its long cord and hose make it easy for you to use it as per your need and requirement. Its total stop system (TSS) senses the flow of water in the pump and when the pump is released the motor turns off automatically to protect the pump from running uselessly and overheating.

Rating: 4.1 out of 5

  • 2200 PSI
  • 76 GPM
  • 5 Amp
  • Brushless induction technology
  • 4X increased lifespan
  • Ultra-low sound
Customer review

This machine is very easy to assemble and set up the whole system in minimum time. It has a retracting handle. I am really happy with its efficiency in durability, functionality, and size. It is almost the size of carry-along luggage, which makes it easy to use it anywhere and gives compact storage.

7.AR Annovi Reverberi Electric Pressure WasherAR Annovi Reverberi Electric Pressure Washer

Finding the right car wash pressure washer is not an easy task but the struggle ends on AR Annovi Reverberi as it is top rated consumer electric pressure washer. You can use it for every type of outdoor cleaning from decks, patio, siding, to furniture, trucks, RVs, and cars.  All the attachments are included in the box with manul instructions. It has a water conservation technology that uses 80% less water and gives 40% more power than a standard washer. You will be surprised to notice that is quieter than gas engine module, which creates a significant difference.

Rating: 3.9 out of 5

  • 2000 PSI
  • 30 foot hose
  • 48 oz. detergent tank
  • 4 different nozzles
  • Environmental friendly
  • 80% water consumption
  • 40% more power generation
Customer review

It is the best electric pressure washer because it is easy to assemble, relatively lighter in weight than other alternatives easy to hang up, provide great power, and comes with a spray gun, which is effective in cleaning tough stains in no time.

Things to consider before buying

The market is flooding with different types of washers that claims to b the best pressure washer for cars but it is not necessary that it works best for you as every person and work demand product that suits various needs and requirements.

To make your purchase worth the time, money, and effort spent on finding the best power washer for cars make sure you are looking for the right thing.

Type of the washer

There are two major types of car cleaning pressure washer depending on what medium they use for power. When it comes to pressure washers there are gas and electric powered washer. They vary in terms of speed and strength most importantly.


Gas-powered are high pressure car washer, which gives more power but are a bit louder when it comes to noise. They work perfectly for areas or surfaces that are larger in size and magnitude.


Electric car wash pressure washer is quieter than the gas ones but usually offer lesser power as compared to others. They are perfect for small cleaning areas.


Hot water can be considered the best car wash pressure washer as they clean better, faster, and use less soap. They are more effective in sanitizing than cold water pressure washers.


These are the most common of the washers you will see around the stores and houses. They are less complicated than the hot water car wash pressure washer. Besides working, they are more portable than others. Seeing less complication when it comes to usage they are the best for use at home.


Power matters the most when it comes to finding the best pressure washer for car detailing. Power of pressure washers is determined in two ways. Pounds per square inch (PSI) and gallon per minute (GPM). Do not forget to determine the third stat, cleaning unit (CU) as it is important to determine the actual functionality of the washer.


Mostly overlooked at the time of making a purchase it is the most important factor to consider in the best electric power washer or the best gas pressure washer for cars.

What use is of the machine if you cannot move it around the house or the store as per your need and requirement.


Pressure washers have become indispensable in keeping our cars cleaner and maintaining their intergrity. There are a lot of machines and gadgets claiming the most effective and ultimate cleaning but it is not necessary that every product works the same for you. To make your time, money, and effort worth the while, understand your needs and requirements before getting on to the hunt for the best pressure washer for your cars.

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