Top 12 Best Electric Nail Files Reviews – Buying Guide 2023

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Pondering, which are the best electric nail files that will give you features like speed control, minimal noise, efficient work quality, unique nail tools, and durability. Here you landed on the right page. Perusing this buying guide of electric nail files reviews, you will make your choice of buying one that will facilitate you whenever you want.

Top 12 Best Electric Nail Files Reviews


1. Medicool’s MED2191

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  • Create super pretty nails with 20,000 RPM motor of power
  • A silent machine which makes it amazingly quiet in use
  • No vibration so It will not mess in your hands and produce no fatigue
  • Lightweight handheld piece and portable
  • Provides you settings of variable speed control
  • One year of warranty service

This is the best professional electric nail file by medicool is designed particularly for professional nail art dealers. It comes with 20,000 RMP motor, which is silent and helps you work in a nice environment.

For speed varying, medicool offers you to change the speed of fillings just with a twist of a dial. You can use both fast and slow speeds with a twist of the speed dial. You can have more options for speeds as well. This is the best professional electric nail file so it can work efficiently with acrylic nails.

Moreover, this is a lightweight machine and portable as well. You can carry it anywhere at any time to deal with your clients. It can also accommodate all 3/32 bits that provide you a great package of versatility. Besides, this electric file for nails comes with a budget-friendly price range.

Customer Reviews

People love this electric nail file and rated it with 4 stars. This means that it is one of the best out there in the market.

2. Natplus Cordless Nail Drill

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  • Reaches high speed with 35000RPM motor
  • Convenient for left and right-hand users both with 2 direction rotations
  • A rechargeable device that lasts for 9 hours after 4 hours of charging
  • The cordless model makes it convenient to move anywhere
  • Provides low vibration with very low noise
  • Include accessories in a tool bag

This model is a great combination of manicure and pedicure that can reach 35000 RPM of power. It’s a cordless device, which can charge for four hours and last for a total of nine hours after nonstop use.

This all in one set comes with 12 tools which are entirely amazing and superb when used. The battery operated nail file comes in a sturdy design case and is portable. If you have to visit clients, you can carry it around in a beautiful black tool bag, which will help you protect your device.

Moreover, it allows the user to control speed settings according to their choice. It works efficiently on hard nails. If your nails are tough, then with a heavy powerful motor you can grind them with ease without any hustle.

Besides, you can also buff and polish your nails with different tools. Having this in your beauty bag you can make your clients happier. The electric nail files reviews say that this is an entirely capable machine for nail art or manicurist. It removes all the rough skin or calluses as well.

Additionally, it includes 12 bits of various sizes in which six are metal grinding drill bits and the other six are sanding bands. On purchase, you can have one year of warranty advantage.

Customer Reviews

71% of consumes rated this electric nail file drill with 5 stars so it is truly a people pleaser.

3. Belle Professional

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  • Professional electric nail file for acrylic nails
  • Reaches up to 30,000 RMP with dual rotation
  • Easily control with foot pedal
  • Produces low heat, low noise, and less vibration
  • Multiple uses electric nail drill machine
  • Comes with silicone rubber heat resistant sleeve to lessen heat
  • UL certified power cable and CE certified nail drill
  • Services provide 6 months of refund and return guarantee

The next in our electric nail files reviews is this Belle acrylic nail art drill that looks more sturdy and elegant in design with a nice pink color keeping in mind the consumer targets.

This professional best electric manicure set has a speed of 30,000 RPM which is way faster than others and works more efficiently. If you are working in a salon, then this machine adds beauty and style to your work station. Moreover, it does all types of nail work such as polishing, buffing, sharpening, shaping, and calluses.

The drill it includes is multifunctional. You can utilize it for different tasks like engraving, carving, grinding and routing. This is the best tool you can have in your salon to make your clients feel happier and comfortable.

Besides, the foot pedal allows you to move front or back and works with convenience. The entire set comes with six nail file drill bits, with which you can give different shapes and styles to the client’s nails.

Customer Reviews

One of the customers had to say that “this is the worth buying electric nail drill, with a lot of good features and sturdiest design in an affordable price”

4. Beurer 24 piece nail file

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  • Ten stainless steel attachments made of sapphire
  • Includes ten sanding bands
  • Customized 18 adjustable speed settings
  • LED light brightens view while using
  • Dual rotation makes it convenient to use
  • Sets come in a zippered storage pouch
  • Enjoy speed from 2000 to 5,600 RPM
  • Customer service located in the USA

This battery powered fingernail file is a compact design, which is powerful and rechargeable. Having this electric nail file drill you can feel comfortable and relax.

It offers you different speed limits, from 2000 to 5600 RPM with clockwise and anti-clockwise rotational directions for both left and right-hand users. You can change speed settings with just a one-click of a button.

For creating perfect gel, acrylic and also natural nails, this electric nail file includes chrome plated attachments. The bits it includes are easy to attach and detach. To be the truth, with all these high-quality features, design, and tools it is a low price machine we recommend you in our best electric nail files reviews.

Customer Reviews

Most of the beauty students and salon professionals love this electric nail care system and rated this 4.6 out of five.

5. Pure Enrichment Nail File

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  • For smoothing calluses includes 7 interchangeable tools
  • Two-speed settings to treat different reasons
  • LED light brightens the area of work for ease
  • A rechargeable device with spiral AC adapter
  • Accessories include: 7 drills, adapter and storage bag

If you are a manicurist and finding for the best electric manicure set, then here you go. This pure enrich nail file is not only good for a manicure but also best for a pedicure.

When comes to performance, the electric toe nail files we are reviewing come with seven interchangeable tools to smooth and buffs your nails. With these sapphire coated attachments you can also remove calluses around your nails.

The attachment it requires is of high quality and does a great job. Without any hustle, the disk can tackle the hard and tough nails with ease.

Moreover, the product comes with LED light so you can see the area of working more clearly. The light will make your job done more efficiently.

Customer Reviews

One of the customers had to say that the kit comes in a safety case and is perfectly designed for nail arts.

6. Portable electric nail drill by weiyi

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  • Aluminum alloy body and heat dissipation
  • Multifunctional use
  • Portable device with the comfortable pen grip
  • Include six drills that are easy to use
  • Perfect for home, salon and even for beginners
  • Varying speed from 0 to 20,000 RPM
  • Suitable for right and left-hand users

These best electric nail files by weiyi, which is specially designed to treat manicure and pedicure come with an aluminum alloy body. It is easy to understand.

When comes to distortion, it comes with a low vibration that lessens the fatigue and has low sound. It is best for those who are looking for a simple tool for advanced tools. This electronic nail file and buffer bring you convenience.

Moreover, it’s a user-friendly product. It’s a portable device which is the biggest advantage for those who wanted to carry nail drills with them on trips. Besides, the speed control of this device varies from 0 RPM to 20,000RPM.

A function this device brings includes polishing, buffing, manicure, and pedicure and even removes excessive cuticles. In addition to the convenience, it is designed for both left and right-hand users.

Customer Reviews

Most of the people at Amazon said that it is a great value of money with some superbly amazing features.

7. Medicool Pro Electric Drill

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  • Variable speed control with 30,000 RPM
  • Dual way direction
  • Features include cleans, backfills, shapes, pedicure
  • Small and lightweight handpiece
  • Shock and flame resistant polycarbonate plastic
  • Foot pedal with no vibration

The next one in our best electric nail files reviews is this medicool pro best electric nail drill machine. This is a high-end model with a very reasonable price range. It features high performance, adjustable speed, and many more. The best electric nail file we recommend you is lightweight and has a compact design.

Moreover, it works with the 3/32 bits and bits can be easily attached and detached. This unit comes is a varying speed of up to 30,000 Revolution per minute.

Truth be told, having this machine you will invest correctly and get the best features. Besides, the polycarbonate plastic material prevents your device against shock and flames.

Customer Reviews

Most of the females are amazed by the features and extremely happy by using this electric nail file system.

8. Subay electric nail file

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  • 20,000 RPM for strength and speed
  • Low distortion and vibration
  • Smooth works for long time operation
  • Multi-tasking six drill bits
  • Pretty design in pink girlish color
  • Used for natural and acrylic nails

Another one in our best electric nail files reviews is this subay electric nail file, which is really pretty designed especially for girls and women. The pink color it brings attracts most of the girls. When talking about features, it comes with the power of 20,000 revolutions per minute for varying speed and strength.

Moreover, it’s a multi-tasking best electric nail drill machine for engraving, grinding, polishing and sharpening. It is also the best electric nail filer and buffer for buffing nails and giving shape. Not only this, but its six drill bits also help you remove calluses.

Besides, it offers you work in a great environment as it produces low noise and low vibration. You can not only sharpen your natural nails but also acrylic nails.

Customer Reviews

One of the users had to say that it is the best device for beginners and has a low vibration drill.

9. Airsee electric nail drill

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  • 0 to 30,000 revolution per minutes motor
  • Sub-brand of melody Susie
  • Easy for beginners and best for professionals
  • Both for natural and acrylic nails
  • 6 pieces of 3/32 drill bits
  • Powerful and energy-saving

In the event that you work at a salon or work a nail business, at that point you need to have an electric nail drill that is reliable, compact, and reasonable. This is the point at which the much looked for after Airsee Professional 30000 RPM Electric Nail Drill comes in.

This nail drill does some amazing things for an assortment of reasons. First of all, the Airsee Professional 30000 RPM Electric Nail Drill is one of the most effortless to work electric nail drills. It includes a foot pedal that permits you to have sufficient control in a salon setting.

The flexibility of utilizing a wide scope of nail bores. Talking about drill bits, the Airsee Professional 30000 RPM Electric Nail Drill can without much of a stretch work on both acrylic and gel nails.

The six drill bits permits you to

Customer Reviews

This electric nail file is truly a people pleaser.

10. Airsee Electric Nail Drill Set

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  • Equipped with 30,000 RPM motor
  • CE certified and fuse design
  • 110V to 120V requires
  • Low heat, low noise, and low vibration
  • Perfect for exfoliating, grinding, polishing, etc
  • Foot pedal include for acceleration

This best electric nail filer and buffer accompany all the force and all the extras you have to get impeccable and salon-style nails.

You can anticipate a powerful torque that conveys speeds running between 0 – 30000 RPM. In any event, when utilizing the most significant level of RPM, You don’t need to stress over overheating or your nail drill bombing you.

Clients can anticipate a low commotion level and a low warmth level that lets you work for quite a long time. What’s more, with the silicone heat-safe sleeve, you can serenely work without building up hurt in your grasp. What’s more, fortunately, there is no unintended vibration with this nail drill. The Airsee Electric Professional Nail Drill Set accompanies six distinctive metal groups and six diverse sanding groups.

It is additionally incredible in light of the fact that it gives you further command over your nail drill. The brand ensures the craftsmanship of its Airsee Professional Nail Drill. Also, on the off chance that you at any point run into any issues, the 24-hour client care can be an incredible line of help.

You can likewise anticipate a year guarantee for quality issues with the Airsee Electric Professional Nail Drill Set. What’s more, the wonderful finish? All things considered, you can anticipate the long-lasting upkeep of your Airsee Electric nail file system also.

Customer Reviews

69% of consumers ranked this product with 5 stars.

11. Fancii electric nail file

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  • Interchangeable five heads
  • Cordless design and easy use device
  • 2 AAA battery operated model
  • Built-in UV dryer
  • Suitable for manicure and pedicure
  • 18 months warranty

This is another battery operated nail file in our best electric nail files reviews list. It comes with a 2AAA battery that makes it a portable device. You can carry them anywhere.

Moreover, it is good and works on both kinds of nails natural nails and acrylic nails. The feature that makes it different among others is its built-in UV dryer in a stand that dries the polishing instantly.  It’s a precise device as it saves extra space.

To remove cuticles and calluses on the skin it comes with five interchangeable drill bits. Besides, bits also include features like polishing, sharpening, engraving, craving, and buffing. Finally, the feature it ends is 18 months of warranty.

Customer Reviews

This electric nail file got 4.0 out of 5 because of its best specifications.

12. Dr. Heiz electric nail file

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  • Acrylic electric nail drill
  • Multifunctional six metal bits
  • Portable device with easily interchangeable bits
  • Extremely quiet and smooth with no vibration
  • 20,000 rpm speed adjustable
  • 90 days of warranty

This best electric nail buffer is a complete set comes with several accessories. This all in one best battery operated nail file comes with six different kinds of metal bits. Every metal bit includes having different functions for nail art. Having this in your beauty box you can fulfill every nail desire and demands you wish for.

You don’t need any tools to detach and attach bits on the device. Moreover, this electric nail file is a mini portable handpiece, which is easy to carry anywhere and pink color brings beauty to your luxury life.

In addition to its features, it is a silent device with no vibration and permits you to grind, carve, engrave, sharp, shape and polish your nails smoothly.

Besides, the kit offers you 20,000 rpm adjustable speed with 90 days of warranty.

Customer Reviews

One of the customers had to say that it’s super handy and worth it.

Having this best electric nail files adornment at home, will assist you with file, shape, buffing, and even etch your nails. We in this electric nail files reviews listed the top 12 best electric nail filling system to make you feel luxurious every time.

Before buying, make sure what are your priorities a portable machine or a tabletop? What features you want to have in your best electric nail file? Just take a look below at the section of things to consider before buying and select your choice.

Things To Consider Before Buying

If it is your first time to possess an electric nail file, then you can surely able to choose one after perusing this best electric nail files reviews. But before, just look at some important general features that are must to consider.

Buying to do your nails and everyone else’s nails?

In case you are buying to do everyone else nails, then put recourses in the machine with variable speed that utilizes standard size which is 3/32 inch shaft.


Look for the best electric nail file that will offer you long-lasting quality features in a budget-friendly price range.  Out there in the market, there are tens and hundreds of dollars electric nail file available. In our top 12 best electric nail files reviews, we aimed both at quality and price for your convenience.


If you are professional nail art, then consider buying the best professional electric nail file with high frequency, which is a bit expensive but more durable. And looking for a personal electric nail file then you have more good options at less price.

Vibration & sound

In our best electric nail files reviews, we recommend you most of the machines which are noise and vibration-free. If you are buying for your home personal use, then noise doesn’t matter much. But for salon and clients dealing you should buy a silent electric nail file system.

Wire or wireless

It can be wired or wireless. The models which are come with wire should need electricity to run and a place to hold near the socket. While wireless machines come with recharging features. They are battery powered nail file, which you need to charge after two hours of consistent use.

Type of nails

Before buying any best electric nail file, you should question yourself that what types of nails you are going to deal with? This is an important factor to consider when buying electric nail file. Mainly, two types of nails require powers to maintain. First is acrylic nail power that needs much powerful nail drills of a minimum of 25000RPM. The second is natural nail power that doesn’t require much power drills and is more convenient.

Size of nail drills

The best electric nail drill machine is one that serenely fits into your hands effortlessly so you can control it unequivocally. In the event that you visit a delight store, have a go at testing and lifting the electric nail drills to feel the weight. For online buys, read the portrayal for the weight. The product weight and sturdiness design of the barrel are significant, particularly so on of the chance that you are holding and chipping away at various nail treatments such as manicures and pedicures every day.


These are the most convenient electric nail files you can have in your home. The products in our best electric nail files reviews offer you efficient work and cut down your preparation time. Above mentioned are perfect devices for grinding, shaping, sharpening, buffing, and polishing your nails. Having these kits in your beauty bag you can go anywhere with confidence. Hope after perusing this buying guide, you have made your choice till now.





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