Best Electric Motor For Kayak For Feasible Boating

Trolling your kayak can be pretty tiring when you have to force your paddles back and forth yourself. You will feel your arms getting jammed after 10 to 20 minutes and you wish for an alternative. So, here comes your backup! If you looking for the best electric motor for kayak, you are absolutely at the right platform. For your feasibility, I have enlisted some of the best products. So, let us move further.

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A Buying Guide to The Best Electric Motor For Kayak

For buying the best electric motor for kayak, you must know about the buying guide first to make a better choice.

Compatibility To Water

  • Kayak motors must be compatible with saltwater and freshwater.
  • This is an important aspect to consider because using a freshwater trolling motor in saltwater can cause damage.
  • So, you must know for what environment is has to be used.


  • As the shaft goes into the water so it must be of durable quality.
  • Most of the shafts are made of composite fiberglass and it is considered to be the most reliable material.
  • Some other composites are also used in shaft designing but those shafts are more likely to whip off earlier.


  • The turner handle will in general have a telescoping feature to haul it out to a more prominent length.
  • This suits individuals who are attempting to sit more at the center of their kayak to keep better adjust in the water.

Top 7 Best Electric Motor For Kayak

The list to the best electric motor for kayak is as follow:

ImageNameCheck Price
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1. Minn Kota Endura- Best Kayak Motor


  • Valuable features
  • Sturdy buildup quality
  • Mounting motor
  • Controllable speed and directions
  • Long battery running time


  • Not so good to pass through thick vegetation

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  • Has lever lock bracket
  • Reinforced composite material
  • Has telescoping tiller and intuitive operation
  • Revolution speed settings
  • Extraordinary power prop
  • Has indestructible composite shaft

The first electric motor for Kayak on my list is Minn Kota Endura as it has unique properties that make the motor efficient and extra-ordinary. When it comes to the composition of this electric motor, know that it is equipped with a 36 inches shaft and permits 40 pounds of thrust. As it is a transom-mounted motor, so it features many valuable specifications making it worth considering. When it comes to its telescoping handle, be certain that it is of high quality and offers reliability and durability. This electric motor comes with a high-quality composite shaft and its controllable speed allows five forward directions and three reverse directions as well.

Do not doubt its power as it is more than enough to give a powerful thrust for even a large Kayak and additionally it is pretty quiet so that it can be used for Kayak fishing. The more you get to know about its power and efficiency, the more you will love to spend money on buying this electric motor. So, it is becoming very popular among kayaking lovers because of its uniqueness and versatility. When it comes to the battery, know that it has a powerful battery with a very long span running. So, you do not have to spend a lot of time charging it and less time enjoying it running.

2. Newport Vessel NV-Series- Fastest Kayak Trolling Motor


  • Powerful thrust
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Battery meter
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Resists overheating


  • Better mount would be appreciated

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  • Cool and ultra-quiet
  • Allows 55 pounds thrust
  • Works efficiently without overheating
  • Has stainless steel hardware
  • Composite fiberglass shaft
  • Adjustable shaft
  • Ergonomic extendable handle
  • Immediate charging
  • Saltwater compatible hardware
  • 2 years warranty

The second electric motor for Kayak comes from a popular brand that is Newport Vessels. So, if you are looking for the best electric motor for Kayak fishing which can be used both in freshwater and saltwater environments this is your place to be at. This electric motor from Newport vessels has its unique specifications which make it most demanded among the Kayak enthusiasts. When it comes to the specifications of this super versatile motor, know that it permits 55 pounds of thrust which is more than enough to make it through thick brambles.

As it allows controllable speed and directions you should know that it features five forward directions and three reverse direction speeds. Being light in weight, Newport electric motor is not only portable yet very durable and reliable. The thing that makes it more appreciable among the Kayak enthusiasts is it allows more thrust than the average Kayak Motors. So, it is not only a good motor for Kayak fishing but also known for stability and quietness.

When it comes to its further composition, this motor has a composite fiberglass shaft of 30 inches which is not only durable but also is corrosion. Its hardware is designed of stainless steel and magnesium which makes it more resistant to saltwater and other rust-causing stuff. And its telescoping handle, it comes in 6 inches and you are also offered with a 5-point LED battery meter. Last but not least, this versatile electric motor for Kayak resists overheating which means it can work for a long span very efficiently without getting overheated.

3. Newport Vessel Kayak Series- Kayak Transom Mount Trolling Motor


  • Stronger thrust
  • Sturdy handle with a stronger grip
  • Lengthy battery cables
  • Adjustable deployment


  • Fitting in the middle will make the kayak slower

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  • Kayak fiberglass shaft
  • Dependable lifetime performance
  • Has variable speed
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Versatile battery placement
  • Optimal weight distribution
  • 2 years warranty

This Newport Vessels Kayak Series is intended for kayak enthusiasts who are certain that 36 pounds of thrust will be a bounty for their drifting requirements. This best electric motor for Kayak offers 5 forward directions and 3 reserve direction speeds, so speed on the water can be balanced all over as per your need. The battery span is dependent upon how hard you push the motor once on the water. The LED battery screen comes with 5 sections that light up contingent on the charged level giving valuable responsibility, so you won’t get captured on the water with a dead battery.

The transom mount makes it simpler to fit the savaging engine to the side of a kayak. Once introduced, the 24 inches fiberglass shaft goes into the water alongside its 3-edge propeller prepared to control you along the water. The shaft can likewise be adjusted inside and out to consider shallow stretches of water and to abstain from becoming involved with water reeds or other water-based obstructions as well. A profound cycle or marine battery of 12 volts, is important to control this engine. A battery is not provided with the package, however great lengthy cables absolutely are.

Its composition of hardware is of stainless steel which makes it resistant to corrosion and secures its longevity. With its versatile battery placement, you can witness the optimal weight distribution which is pretty necessary to look for while buying the best electric motor for kayak.

4. Watersnake Shadow Bow Kayak- Remote Control Trolling Motor Kayak


  • Very efficient
  • Sturdy buildup
  • Electronics work great
  • Smooth turning


  • Noisy at lower speeds
  • Expensive

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  • Controllable speed foot control unit
  • Stainless steel propeller shafts
  • Corrosion-free shafts
  • Weedless design of blade propellers
  • Cuts thick underwater vegetation
  • Features 54 pounds thrust
  • Features 12 volts of running power
  • Guarantees satisfaction

If you are looking forward to purchasing the best electric motor for Kayak, this Watersnake T18S can be that purchase as it has extraordinary properties that make the engine proficient for kayak fishing. With regards to the creation of this electric motor, know that it is furnished with a 24 inches shaft and allows 54 pounds of thrust. As it is a bow-mounted motor, so it highlights numerous important features making it worth buying.

Try not to question its capacity as it is all that anyone could need to give a ground-breaking thrust for even a huge Kayak and also it is entirely quiet so it tends to be used for Kayak fishing. So, it is getting exceptionally famous among kayaking enthusiasts in light of its uniqueness and adaptability. It has a 12 volts motor that can be operated in environments like saltwater and freshwater both and do not worry about its body because it is corrosion free as it comes with a super durable coating.

With regards to its handle for Kayak fishing, be sure that it is of high caliber and offers unwavering quality and strength. This electric motor with a top-notch 3 blades propeller having a weedless design that can undoubtedly manage the heaviest submerged grasses and vegetation. With regards to the battery, you must know that it has an amazing battery with an exceptionally long-range running. So, you don’t need to invest a great deal of energy in charging it.

5. Newport Vessels Electric Kayak- Best Saltwater Trolling Motor For Kayak


  • Compatible with freshwater and saltwater
  • Powerful thrust of 55 pounds
  • Railblaza Kayak transom mounting system
  • Installation and detachment can be done in a second
  • 3 blades propeller
  • Quiet


  • More power required for inflatable kayak

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  • Ultra-efficient trolling motor
  • Uses two sturdy StarPort HDs
  • Has Railblaza Transom Mount
  • The addition of a battery needed
  • Easy to use
  • Switchable from paddle to motor within 30 seconds

The Newport Vessels Electric Kayak Trolling Motor is viable with both saltwater and freshwater use. It accompanies a helpful mounting system explicitly for a kayak. The motor gives an entire 55 pounds of thrust at maximum throttle having 5 forward speed directions and 3 reverse ones, which is more than enough and will drive you effectively in the water making it the best electric motor for kayak.

The shaft of this electric motor is 24 inches in length with a fiberglass composite for toughness. The three-edge propeller is mostly quiet but whispers sometimes and again and is just recognizable when thrusting the 5-speed forward speed motor harder. Battery cables are likewise provided to attach the engine to a marine or deep cycle 12 volts battery as well.

The transom mount is made by Railblaza and is provided with the equipment expected to set up the right fitting. The mounting unit is intended to work with a wide range of kayak or kayak brands. For kayak enthusiasts who like getting out on the water to locate the best spots where the fish are gnawing, the fit is a reliable one. The mount is additionally fitted or taken out in less than a second, so it is anything but a bit difficult to manage either.

6. Newport Vessels Electric Trolling Motor- Best Kayak Motor


  • Various mounting options can be used for fitting
  • 3 blades propeller
  • Quiet
  • 55 pounds of thrust
  • LED battery indicator
  • Gets charged quickly
  • Affordable


  • Could not find any drawback

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  • 24 inches fiberglass shaft
  • Allows variable depth placement
  • 6 inches telescoping handle
  • Variable speed
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant motor
  • Extra-long cords for battery placement
  • 2 years warranty

Newport Vessels Kayak Series in their 55 pounds of thrust arrangement is a ground-breaking product to be offered intended to move a kayak through the water with a satisfying pace.

The majority of the parts are made of aluminum for portability, sturdiness, and also with saltwater use. There is likewise usage of zinc, magnesium, and stainless steel at the motor head to shield it from sprinkling water showers too making it the best electric motor for kayak and canoe. The motor itself underpins a sum of 8 speeds’ directions. Five particular forward directions and three for reverse direction speeds. An appreciable LED indicator gives 5 degrees of affirmation at 20% spans for a 12 volts saltwater cycle battery charge level and you can also buy a battery independently. This is most likely overkilled with a savaging motor for a kayak, yet this degree of selectivity on speeds is as yet productive to have.

The 24 inches shaft is designed using fiberglass and is fitted with a 3 blades edge propeller that runs sufficiently deep to get some purchase in the water underneath the kayak. You will not make waves while using this calm and quiet engine which does not unreasonably distort the water during running. The one-year warranty alongside the trustworthy Newport Vessels brand additionally gives consolation to perplexed purchasers

At maximum throttle, a kayak can reach more than 12 MPH with this incredible electric motor. It is not like that as at this point, important to claim a vessel to voyage on the water serenely! The propeller is sufficiently profound to not be that discernible notwithstanding the 55 pounds of thrust readily available.

7. SATURN Tolling Motor- Best Trolling Motor For Inflatable Kayak


  • Can be used in freshwater and saltwater
  • 55 pounds of powerful thrust
  • Adjustable handle
  • Telescoping handle
  • Powerful battery
  • Resists corrosion


  • A longer shaft would be appreciated

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  • 55 pounds short shaft
  • Designed for inflatable boats
  • Has adjustable angle throttle handle
  • Has adjustable depth collar
  • Stronger composite shaft
  • Adjustable and extendable handle
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Comes with a battery reader
  • 1-year warranty

Saturn Electric; the best electric motor for kayak, accompanies a 26 inches shaft produced using composite material to give better insurance in the water. The 55 pounds of thrust is noteworthy for this savaging motor intended to fit everything from kayaks to Saturn KaBoat inflatables, kayaks, and different inflatables effortlessly. Saltwater usage is conceivable, yet it is prescribed to wash the salt water from the brushless engine before putting away this trolling motor for use. Doing so stays away from corrosion of the inward parts and expands the valuable existence of the item subsequently.

The handle which controls throttle maximization or range has 10 unique positions since it’s an extending model. The handle reaches out to 13.8 inches that are not the typical 6 inches of most Newport Vessels’ savaging motor which is an appealing component. The handle can be pushed as far as possible highlighting the water or moved at a 45-degree edge. The adaptable handle highlights are a significant selling point. Here come the speeds that is 5 forward and 3 reverse rates to maneuver into slips or arrive at the shore simpler too and makes it the fastest kayak trolling motor.

The marine or profound cycle possesses 12 volts battery that is observed using a level meter. There’s a limitation of 50 amps as a most extreme attraction on the battery to deliver the 55 pounds of thrust. It is up to the client how quickly they wish to go which will require more amps and give a shorter span on the water.


There are not such a large number of brands to browse for the best electric motor and so there are not many options to go for. So, from very precise amounts of products, extracting some of the best was pretty hectic. But for you guys, I have finally prepared the above-mentioned list of the best electric motors for kayak. Go, and check them o amazon to buy yours. Rest assured about the quality of the mentioned motors.


What is the best electric motor for kayak?

While looking for the best electric motor for kayak, following are always the most appreciable ones:

  • Minn Kota Endura- Best Kayak Motor
  • Newport Vessel NV-Series- Fastest Kayak Trolling Motor
  • Newport Vessel Kayak Series- Kayak Transom Mount Trolling Motor
  • Watersnake Shadow Bow Kayak- Remote Control Trolling Motor Kayak
  • Newport Vessels Electric Kayak- Best Saltwater Trolling Motor For Kayak
  • Newport Vessels Electric Trolling Motor- Best Kayak Motor
  • SATURN Tolling Motor- Best Trolling Motor For Inflatable Kayak

What is the best trolling motor for kayak?

As for the best trolling motor for kayak, the following list are all versatile and worth-considering:

  • Minn Kota Endura- Best Kayak Motor
  • Newport Vessel NV-Series- Fastest Kayak Trolling Motor
  • Newport Vessel Kayak Series- Kayak Transom Mount Trolling Motor
  • Watersnake Shadow Bow Kayak- Remote Control Trolling Motor Kayak
  • Newport Vessels Electric Kayak- Best Saltwater Trolling Motor For Kayak
  • Newport Vessels Electric Trolling Motor- Best Kayak Motor
  • SATURN Tolling Motor- Best Trolling Motor For Inflatable Kayak

Can you put an electric motor on a kayak?

The most considerable information related to the electric motor is where to install it. The kayak motor can be installed on a bow or a transom of the kayak. You can find electric motors to troll on smaller kayaks that are attached to the transom as they can be operated while you are seated and also it is easier to fit.

What size trolling motor do I need for my kayak?

The weight and length of your boat play a significant function in the measure of thrust you will require from your motor. Normally, this is around 2 pounds of thrust for each 100 pounds of weight. Most transom trolling motors with a 12-volt battery will be appropriate for use with a kayak.

Which kayak motors are the most stable?

When it comes to stability, the following kayak motors are on the list:

  • Minn Kota Endura
  • Newport Vessel NV-Series
  • Newport Vessel Kayak Series
  • Watersnake Shadow Bow Kayak
  • Newport Vessels Electric Kayak
  • Newport Vessels Electric Trolling Motor
  • SATURN Tolling Motor



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