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Kitchen is the heart on every home, and it must be filled with proficient and luxurious appliances. Gas stoves have dropped from the trending list, and now everyone prefers electric cooktop with downdraft and it worth it indeed. Electric cooktops come with a ventilation system, and that mainly makes sure the freshness of the air in your kitchen.

Top 11 Best Electric Cooktop With Downdraft

So, here is the list of top 11 best electric cooktop with downdraft and all are utterly unique. Let’s move towards them.

1. Frigidaire Professional FPEC3077RF Electric Cooktop with Downdraft


  • Control system helps you in cooking with precision
  • Heat indicator light
  • Smooth surface
  • Cooks two dishes at once
  • High powered large burner
  • Easy to install


  • Metal knobs are heavy

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  • Comes in 30-inches
  • The smooth ceramic glass surface
  • Possesses stainless trim
  • Allows cooking two separate dishes at once
  • Keeps meal warm consistently
  • Comes with precision pro-control
  • Heat indicator lights

The very first on my product list is Frigidaire Professional Electric Cooktop with Downdraft. This cooktop is remarkable in its functioning and features. It comes up to all the requirements and desires of a buyer. Starting with its standard size, this electric cooktop with downdraft fits right in the place.

As I said before, a smooth surface is a must. So, here it comes with its smooth ceramic glass surface. Having stainless trim makes it exceptional among electric cooktops with downdraft. Now, enjoy cooking with precision.

This downdraft cooktop never stops giving plus. Yes, if you have it fixed in your kitchen, you are freeing yourself by the job of putting dishes microwave oven again and again. It keeps the meal warm consistently. You can also cook two dishes at the same time, or you can put heat from two sources to one dish. It also has a heat indicator rescuing you from any accident.

Customers’ Reviews 

According to the smooth surface electric cooktop reviews, people who installed it in their kitchen, loved it. It is not only easy to operate, but also it gives heat evenly and rapidly. Allowing two dishes to cook at once has eased people and also saves time. Overall, it got good ratings and high appreciation.

2. Ramblewood EC4-60 Electric Cooktop With Downdraft


  • German quality burner
  • Energy control system
  • Ceramic glass top
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable


  • Takes time to heat up

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  • Comes in 30-inch with four burners
  • Possesses 6000W radiant burner
  • EGO Energy Regulator/Controller
  • Durable and reliable
  • Has Italian ILVA ceramic glass surface
  • Built-in heat indicator light
  • The high consumption power unit

Ramblewood electric downdraft cooktop comes in standard size and can easily replace your old burner. It is a 6000W working radiant burner and cooks your food at high temperature. This cooktop with downdraft is easy to use and operate. It is packed with EGO Energy Regulator, and so it is adjustable.

Do not ponder over the quality because it is designed with high-end materials. Ramblewood cooktop is highly durable and stable and works with high precision and accuracy. It has a high consumption power unit and requires voltage (220-240V / 60Hz) for proper functioning. Featuring 5.2ft cord makes it easy to connect to a vital power source.

Smooth surfaces are the first thing that gives you a feel to cook. And it does not lack it. Yes, this electric cooktop with downdraft comes with an Italian ILVA ceramic glass, i.e., very smooth and reliable. Ramblewood also features a built-in heat indicator light, ensuring your safety.

Customers’ Reviews 

Ramblewood electric cooktop with downdraft reviews says that this machine is easy to operate and works excellently. It lasts long and works great consistently. Sometimes it takes longer to heat up, but when it gets hot, it does not take long to cook. Plus, ventilation is remarkable as it leaves no smoke or smells behind.

3. Kenyon B41692 Caribbean Cooktop with Downdraft 


  • Radiant ribbon element
  • Build-up is of uncompromising quality
  • 3 years warranty


  • Not compatible to big pots

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  • Comes with an analogue control
  • Infinite heat control
  • Comes with radiant ribbon element
  • Heat indicator light ensures protection
  • Made from uncompromising quality
  • 3-years replacement warranty

Kenyon B41692 Caribbean comes with an analogue control so you can converse the heat level according to your need. It works precisely without any distortion. Its infinite heat control lets you play with the frequency of temperature according to the need.

It features radiant ribbon element, and this marks it among the best. Heat indicator gives you a sign when the burner gets too hot to touch, and it reduces the risk to get hurt. So, having the best specifications make it the best. Isn’t it so?

This burner is made from uncompromising materials, and it is of sturdy quality. As it comes with three years replacement warranty, know that it will be going to work for a very long period without annoying you even a bit. One more thing, you will get this cooktop with downdraft at a very reasonable price.

Customers’ Reviews 

Customers say that it is easy to start and shut. If you have a small startup, then it can fit best in your kitchen with its proficiently working two burners. Also, it does not give a chance to avail warranty because it works perfectly consistently.

4. GE PP9830DJBB Profile Series Electric Cooktop Downdraft Exhaust System


  • Deep draft department allows deep cleaning
  • PowerBoil element
  • Child lock
  • Heat indicator


  • Installation process is complicated

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  • An electric cooktop with four burners
  • Possesses 3, 000-watt energy element
  • Comes with 9″/6″ Power Boil element
  • Gathers cooking elements to one place
  • Comes with child lock
  • Hot surface indicator light

This electric burner offers many facilities at a reasonable price. It is designed by carving four burners in its body, and all are of top-notch quality, ensuring the desired temperature within seconds. This glass top stove with downdraft also has a beautiful design and sleek surface, giving you a perfect feel of the perfect burner.

It has a PowerBoil element which aggravates the heat level within seconds and does not take long to start. As it gathers all the cooking elements at one place, do not doubt its efficiency because in no time it diminishes all the heat and smoke from the kitchen. Also, you will not witness any residues of smell in your kitchen.

We often say safety comes first. So why not while buying any appliance. But this burner is designed up to all the expectations, and hence it provides protection not solely with child lock but also with heat indicator. So, what are you looking for?

Customers’ Reviews 

Every buyer of this cooktop with downdraft loved it. It can be fit easily and heats up swiftly. This burner is not a drag and provides high protection. When it comes to functioning, know that it works with high-end.

5. Frigidaire FFEC3025UB Electric Smoothtop Style Cooktop 


  • Heats up immediately
  • Ready-Select controls
  • Easy to wipe
  • Easy to use


  • Loud fans

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  • Comes with 3000W PowerBoil element
  • Heats up immediately
  • Comes in the size of 30-inch
  • Ceramic glass top
  • Smooth surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Possesses “Ready-Select” controls
  • Easy to use

This downdraft cooktop comes in 30-inch that will undoubtedly be an ideal fit for your kitchen. If this model does not fit your kitchen easily, then Amazon will not charge installation fee also. So, you can purchase this electric cooktop without any hesitation.

Because of its adjusting form, it can oblige cooktop of any sizes, so there is no compelling reason to buy any other downdraft cooktop. The wonderful cooktop glass cooktop is additionally extremely easy to use. As its surface comes in a ceramic glass top, so it is smooth and easy to wipe.

It comes with PowerBoil element with strong power of 3000W. It heats up immediately and does not become a drag for you. It also possesses built-in Ready-Select controls. Thus, you can manage it feasibly without any fatigue.

Customers’ Reviews

Customers having this electric cooktop with downdraft have zero complaints about it. It has a beautiful design and easy to operate. It is more glassy and smoother. As it is cheap but still it is far better than expensive ones.

6. Empava Electric Stove Induction Cooktop With Downdraft


  • Spacious and has 5 burners
  • Child lock protection
  • Built-in timer
  • Bridge element


  • Installation is costly

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  • A 36-inch electric cooktop with five burners
  • Comes with vitro ceramic glass
  • Possesses built-in timer
  • Has various power levels
  • Children lock protection
  • Has bridge element
  • Easy to use and understand

Empava 36″ Electric Stove Induction Cooktop comes in 36-inch and works professionally. This beautiful black cooktop possesses five burners on which you can flame big dishes easily. So, in case you want to have a supper gathering at your home, this downdraft cooktop might be the only thing you need right now.

Aside from its enormous size, it likewise has a strong cooking surface made of Vitro ceramic glass and has contact controls. Having a bridge element make it proficient at heating the dishes evenly. It starts and heats up at that very moment.

EMPV-IDCF9 36 Electric Induction Cooktop subsequently will give you more authority over temperature settings. Also, it offers you a built-in timer so that you can do your other chores as well while cooking. For protection, it has to offer you child lock.

Customers’ Reviews 

People who are using this says that it won’t be possible to move to another electric downdraft cooktop after using it. According to them, it is not only easy to use but also very easy to clean. Its spaciousness allows fast and relaxes cooking experience. However, its installation is a bit complicated.

7. GE JP3030DJBB Electric Cooktop With Downdraft 


  • Keep meal warm throughout the time
  • Two PowerBoil elements
  • Affordable


  • Having bridge element would be appreciated

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  • Comes in the standard size of 30-inch
  • Keep meal warm consistently
  • Built-in timer
  • Two 8-inch PowerBoil
  • Comes with four radiant cooking elements
  • Has hot surface light indicator
  • Smooth and sleek surface

While talking about the best electric downdraft cooktop, GE JP3030DJBB has bounty to offer, and it is always on my priority list. GE JP3030DJBB comes in 30 Inches size with a Smooth black surface Electric Cooktop. It is likewise accessible in a wider 36-inch choice. But know that it is not less than others.

It comes with a unique feature that is always the desire of a buyer. It is the inbuilt element that helps keep food warm long after it has been cooked. It has knob controls which makes it very easy to use and even simple to fix. There is no hassle in installing this beautiful piece of electronics.

This GE JP3030DJBB Smooth Surface Electric Cooktop has a smooth ceramic glass top and four proficient burners. It offers fast execution to the dust with its two PowerBoil components that warmth up the burner in no time. It also offers built-in time and heat indicator light.

Customers’ Reviews

Buyers have highly appreciated this product. They say it is more like an ornament of kitchen as it is beautiful yet works with great efficacy. If there would be bridge element, then it would certainly be the perfect cooktop so far.

8. KitchenAid KCED600GBL Electric Downdraft Cooktop


  • Even heating and gives consistent outcomes
  • Resists staining
  • Fans with three settings
  • Stylish steel knobs


  • Installation is complicated

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  • Comes in the size of 30-inch
  • Possesses four burners
  • The fan has three-speed settings
  • Smooth surface prohibits stains
  • Allows even heat
  • Offers heat light indicator
  • Has beautiful steel knobs

The Kitchen Aid KCED600GBL 30 Electric Downdraft Cooktop comes in dark glass with the sleek expansion of cool-looking tempered steel knobs. On the off chance that you need a gentler interpretation of design, it comes in the size of 30-inches with four ultra burners.

Indeed, even Heat Ultra Burner empowers even, top-notch heat for unsurprising outcomes. It possesses three-speed settings of fans. It ventilates heat and smoke amazingly that there will not be an atmosphere of cooking. Isn’t it astonishing?

As it has a smooth and sleek glass surface, it restricts the staining. No matter what kind of stains are there on the top, you will be able to get rid of them in no time. No doubt, it is very compatible and easy to the cleaning of top surfaces.

Customers’ Reviews 

Reviews say that this cooktop gets food onto it like it’s no one’s business. It does it in a moment or two, preceding it has the opportunity to cool so you can clear the stains off. It does it with everything without exception. It works in a top-notch manner, but sometimes stains get accumulated, and you need to buy a cleanser for it.

9. KitchenAid KCED606GSS Stainless Steel Electric Downdraft Cooktop


  • Proficient heat control knobs
  • Hot surface light indicator
  • Easy to use
  • Provides even heat


  • No cons

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  • Comes in the size of 36-inch
  • Has ultra-element of 10-inch with simmer heating
  • Fans with three-speed control settings
  • Hot surface light indicator
  • Can be converted to duct-free ventilation
  • Ceramic glass smooth surface

This cooktop with downdraft comes in mesmerizing design in black colour possessing a 36 inches surface. It can be used professionally. It would be a classic choice if you are a party person or often arrange gatherings at your place. Its ventilation system will keep your home smoke and odour free.

KitchenAid stylish cooktop with downdraft is of ceramic glass, and thus it has a smooth surface that one can give you a tender feeling while cooking. Its spacious burners allow even heating, and you can cook multiple dishes at once. As it comes with ultra-element of 10-inch with simmer heating system, so there’s nothing to worry about temperature levels.

When it comes to fans, know that it has three-speed control settings and it provides odour-free and also the smoke-free environment. It can be converted to duct-free ventilation system as well. For protection, it has to offer a hot surface light indicator.

Customers’ Reviews 

People using this says it would not be conceivable to move to another electric downdraft cooktop as it is excellent in working. As per them, it is not just simple to use yet, in addition, extremely simple to clean. Its roominess permits easy cooking. Also, it is easy to fit in a place.

10. Frigidaire FFEC3625UB Electric Smoothtop Cooktop 


  • Five radiant burners
  • Easy to wipe
  • Spacious


  • Possesses no fan system

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  • 36-inch size of the cooktop with downdraft
  • Comes in stainless steel
  • Packed with five radiant burners
  • Heat up immediately
  • In black colour

Again, I am with Frigidaire, but it worth it. This stunning downdraft cooktop comes in black colour with the size of 36 inches that is quite spacious to cook easily, having big pots and more food to cook become difficult sometimes, but not with this cooktop. It is specifically designed in a top-notch quality to cook food evenly.

The Frigidaire FFEC3625UB has a ceramic glass top and contains five burners, one more than most other downdraft electric cooktops accessible in the market. And it truly makes it special. Isn’t it so? It gives brilliant heat and warms up rather rapidly.

Frigidaire FFEC3625UB 36 Inch Electric Smoothtop Cooktop, because of its huge size, the burners are additionally bigger. They heat up immediately and cook food taking lesser time. It comes in stainless steel and gives a beautiful display overall.

Customers’ Reviews 

Customers loved this cooktop with downdraft. People said it looks nice, and also it heats up in no time and keeps the meal warm. Also, it allows us to cook multiple dishes at once and provides heat evenly. Some said that it was harder to install.

11. GE Profile Series Downdraft Electric Cooktop


  • Efficient exhaust system
  • Adjustability of cookware
  • Powerful bridge element


  • Expensive installation

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  • Size of 30-inch
  • Comes in black glass with stainless trim
  • Bridge element with strong power of 800W
  • Possesses 330 CFM Downdraft Venting
  • Packed with four radiant burners

It is fast and proficient in its working with its PowerBoil element. Its element capacity will help the cooktop reach at your ideal temperature inside an extremely limited time. It works with complete efficacy and cooks your meal with an exceptional level of ease.

The exceptional thing about this downdraft electric cooktop is that it comes with a bridge element that will assist you with joining two burners to make a bigger cooking surface. It empowers you to use cookware of your ideal size.

GE PP9830SJSS 30 Downdraft Electric Cooktop is made of stainless steel and has a rapid downdraft ventilation system that may make it the best fit for your kitchen. You are just a click away; visit it on Amazon to buy yours.

Customers’ Reviews 

Reviews say that it is an awesome range cooktop with downdraft. Despite the fact that stickers are close to difficult to eliminate from the top, it isn’t sufficient to give it a bad review. The burners heat up right away like a gas burner. The one side additionally warms in the middle of the two burners so you can put a frying pan or enormous dish on top. It is completely phenomenal, according to the buyers.

Now you won’t be bothered by spicy breaths if you are cooking on the electric cooktop with downdraft. Selecting the best electric cooktop with downdraft is a pretty difficult task but no worries as I’ve done my research on it.


A Buyer’s Guide To Buy The Best Electric Cooktop With Downdraft

A downdraft cooktop possesses a fan that captures the unwanted air and ventilates it without contaminating the fresh air. It features the processing through a pipe which goes via floor to the outside of the house. With it, you do not need to install any exhaust fan in your kitchen for capturing the hot air and smoke. There are a few things that need to be considered before buying an electric cooktop with downdraft, and they are the following:

Cooktops’ Size 

  • Cooktops in standard size are of almost 30-inches, and most of the kitchens possess the accommodation of standard-sized cooktops with downdraft.
  • If you frequently arrange events at your place, then a cooktop of 36-inches would be appropriate for you.
  • Before making a choice, check the size available in your kitchen.

 Heating Capacity 

  • Check the heating capacity of the appliance before buying.
  • Many electric downdraft cooktops do not reach the temperature you desire.
  • Electric cooktops don’t heat up immediately like gas burners.
  • The best cooktops with downdraft come with ribbon heating elements, so go for it.
  • Electric cooktops with the specific heating element, i.e., PowerBoil heat up immediately and reach to your desired temperature.

Smooth Surface 

  • The best cooktop with downdraft comes with a smooth surface.
  • Go for ceramic or glass surfaces as they are durable.
  • Italian ceramic surfaces prohibit the scratches and daunting spots.
  • Downdraft cooktops are much easier to clean.

Safety Measures

  • Safety elements must be offered in the appliance as the accidents by downdraft cooktops are not unusual.
  • Your cooktop with downdraft must come with child lock so that it can be not harmful.
  • Go for a cooktop with a hot surface indicator so that there will be least chance to get yourself burned.

Built-in Timer

  • Go for that electric cooktop which has a built-in timer.
  • Most of the appliances lack this feature, so make your choice wisely.


Making a hasty choice has never been good. That is why I detailed every product for you so that you can make a wise decision. All have some pros and cons, but you must find out which is going to suit you the best. The list of the best cooktop with downdraft is all according to your way. So, check into Amazon and buy yours to embellish your kitchen. You can visit our website for more stuff.


1. What is the best electric cooktop with downdraft?

When it comes to mention the best electric cooktop with downdraft, know that my list holds all the best one. But precisely, the following are the very best among the best ones:

  • Frigidaire Professional FPEC3077RF Electric Cooktop with Downdraft
  • Ramblewood EC4-60 Electric Cooktop with Downdraft
  • Kenyon B41692 Caribbean Cooktop with Downdraft
  • GE PP9830DJBB Profile Series Electric Cooktop Downdraft Exhaust System
  • Frigidaire FFEC3025UB Electric Smoothtop Style Cooktop
  • Empava Electric Stove Induction Cooktop With Downdraft
  • KitchenAid KCED606GSS Stainless Steel Electric Downdraft Cooktop

2. What is the best electric cooktop?

When it comes to knowing the exceptional one, then always the best one is that fulfils all the requirements and conditions according to the buyer guide. So, the best electric cooktop is as following:

  • Frigidaire Professional FPEC3077RF Electric Cooktop with Downdraft

3. How good are downdraft cooktops?

Downdraft cooktops are very good to fit in your kitchen. Because of their venting system, they keep the environment clean and does not allow any odour or smoke to spread in your home. Downdraft cooktops work better than the updraft ones, as they release heat through the ground to outside your place.

4. Are vents required for cooktops?

No, downdraft cooktops don’t need many vents as they come with built-in fan system mostly. Their built-in ventilation system extracts all the heat and smoke and takes it through the pipe fixed in the floor to the outside of your home. So, they do not need separate vents.

5. Does electric range need to be vented?

The electric range does not necessarily need to be vented. But it will create odour and heat in your kitchen. So, it would be better to have a hood vent in your kitchen to exhaust out strong smells, heat, and smoke. Electric range will create a better environment when vented, but it is totally up to your preference.

6. Which is better ducted or ductless range hood?

Ducted range hoods extract all the heat, smoke, and smell out of your kitchen and with a metal pipe, you can feel air blowing out of your house. With ductless range hoods, it is somehow difficult because they have to suck dirty air before. And for ventilation, a ductless range hood requires more power. So, I will prefer a ducted range hood.




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