[Mechanic Recommended] Best Double Din Head Unit With Navigation

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The double din head unit manufacturers have upgraded their technology by adding more versatile features for user’s ease. Now you can find features including connectivity via Bluetooth with smartphones, stereo, the improved resolutions on LCD and most importantly the GPS tracker in a double din head unit. The best double din head unit with navigation, however is recommended for your assistance on roads.

A quick review and some tips to remember before spending some bucks will help you out to get the product nearest to your need.

Best Double Din head Unit With Navigation

1. Garmin Drives 50 USA

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  • Able to receive alerts
  • Displays current location with speed limit and time
  • 450 x 272 resolutions for pixels
  • 4.4 Width x 2.5 height


  • Narrates the direction
  • Efficient access to networks
  • Crisp screen resolution
  • Easily readable


  • Does not include worldwide maps
  • Life of battery is low

This could be another best car stereo with navigation system as it makes the user aware of any sharp turn though voice alert. It also notifies for traffic jams, school areas and for the traffic lights. This gps bluetooth car stereo assists for the best and possible route for your destination.

The four screen displays and keep update itself with the new stores, restaurants and other places. This double din radios with navigation provides a crisp resolution of 480 x 272.

Another good quality that we have found in this in dash navigation system with backup camera is that it displays the speed, street and the name of the zone you are in along with the estimated time for your arrival to the destination.

It comes with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that can easily work for an hour. The best navigation head unit makes it easy so you can select multiple locations at the same time.

In dash navigation reviews mentioned that this gps bluetooth car stereo height which is 2.5 inch and 4.4 inches wide.

Customer Review

My husband was ill as he got heart stroke I don’t know the routes as driving was not my thing. This device helped me to know all the routes as I have to take him to the hospitals. This was always my guide to know all the routes even if they are out of the town.

2. Sony XAV-AX7000 6.95

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  • 6.95 inch display
  • Touchscreen control
  • Able to connect with apple devices
  • Connects with smartphones via USB
  • Anti-glare screen


  • Compatible with Apple carplay and Siri
  • Non-glare screen
  • Connects with siri
  • Has sealed buttons
  • Water-resistant


  • It does not support Android perfectly

The best double din head unit with navigation goes to Sony XAV. A reliable brand that ensures the quality and top notch features. It is suitable for the Apple user as it easily supports all the apple smart apps and has inbuilt siri xm.

A touchscreen radio with navigation, has two USB ports allowing the user to connect USB and your smartphone at the same time. Comes with protected sealed buttons and prevents glares on screen. Designed especially for Harleys with a water-proof body.

The car stereo navigation system reviews also mentioned that this bluetooth navigation car stereo creates the virtual speakers on the dashboard of your car.

Customers review

This looks fine to me but I am not going to say that it is a best car stereo with bluetooth and gps and backup camera. Still it is a good suggestion for the luxury old car.

3. Alpine iLX-207

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  • This double din head unit has a universal backup camera
  • It also has a view field of 190 degrees
  • This also comes with the ¼ inch CMOS image sensor
  • It comes with the 7” touchscreen that allows easy access to features
  • It has Bluetooth compatibility and allows you to pick from over 2000 radio stations


  • Dual-view
  • Big screen
  • Compatible with Android and iOS


  • It has low RMS

The 7″ touchscreen gives you simple access to highlights and you can appreciate back camera view to help you while switching.

You get three pre-out ports to help your vehicle’s sound framework. It likewise gives you more than 2000 radio broadcasts to pick from on both AM and FM frequencies.

This unit has Bluetooth abilities to associate with your SmartPhone, yet it won’t work in all conditions. The other drawback is that it has a low RMS.

Customer Reviews

It is a versatile product with good sound quality.

4.Sony XAV-AX100 6.4

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  • This unit allows you voice control with Apple car play and Android Auto
  • The 6.4” screen has an ergonomic rotatory dial that allows easy access to menu options
  • It has the feature of audio level adjustment and powerful sound with 4X55 W dynamic reality amp


  • Smart layout
  • Three-pre outs
  • Ergonomic rotatory dial


  • Not easy installation

This unit falls into the mid-range as far as cost and it has a far-reaching set of highlights that make it wise speculation. It’s surprisingly light and has a perfect design that upgrades the front of your vehicle.

The DSO (Dynamic Stage Organizer) setting does a re-adjustment which will make it sound as though your speakers are put on the dashboard close to you.

It will work with Apple CarPlay just like Android Auto, but unfortunately, the drawback with this one is that the installation is somewhat complicated and requires some customization.

Customer Reviews

Awesomely affordable product. Not giving it the rating of 5 stars because the volume knob is very small.

5. ATOT A6 PRO Car Navigation Stereo Unit

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  • This one provides versatile connectivity and has a lot of customized input and output for better performance of the car
  • It has customized 23 frequently used functions set in it to keep your drive safe
  • The ATOT A6 has a screen of 400 cd/m2 that makes it 14% brighter than the other Android car stereos
  • It has a fast boot system and allows to access the system in just 2 seconds


  • Affordable
  • Allows wireless connection
  • 45W x 4 power output
  • Stable system


  • Slow wifi adaptor

The GPS module of this product is matched with Google Maps, which implies you have the most recent in versatile route framework from the tech goliath.

Connection with cell phones is consistent, regardless of whether you have an Android cell phone or iPhone. Additionally, there is an accessible reinforcement camera input if you need to interface with your current framework.

Customer Reviews

This unit is worth the price but it is not as responsive as it claims.

6. Kenwood Excelon DNX893S

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  • This product includes GPS navigation and a DVD receiver
  • It has a 6.95” touchscreen with 13-band equalizer
  • It has a built-in iPhone and Android control and is compatible with Pandora, Spotify, and SiriusXM
  • This one has the option of 2 cameras and adjustable grids for the rearview camera


  • Built-in navigation system
  • 2-year warranty
  • 7 input sources and rear AV output


  • Slow
  • Navigation voice is not activated

It accompanies the dependable Garmin framework, Bluetooth innovation, Apple CarPlay with Siri Eyes Free and voice control, a 6.95-inch resistive touch screen with VGA shading LCD, and backdrop illumination.

This model can even incorporate the secrecy K40 radar locator into the screen display. You likewise get two years of free membership to the INRIX traffic administration and quick charge for your Android telephone utilizing the USB port.

Customer Reviews

I have been using this for 2 months now and the head unit is amazing, highly recommend it.

7. Boss Audio Systems 870DBI

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  • It has 80 watts max power with the built-in EQ preset
  • This head unit is compatible with Bluetooth smartphones and plays CD, USB, and radio
  • The head unit has a detachable panel and controlled using a wireless remote
  • This unit comes with a warranty of 3 years


  • Great price
  • Detachable panel
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Small screen for video playing

Supervisor Audio’s 870DBI is the most moderate head unit on our rundown. In any case, it has an amazing implicit enhancer that produces 80 Watts on 4 channels, giving it an all-out force yield of 320 Watts.

The unit likewise has pre-amp yields that empower you to broaden the sound framework with an intensifier or subwoofer to make it stronger and additionally engaging while a CD player, a USB port, and Bluetooth availability give you more roads for music sourcing.

Customer Review

This is a very nice head unit and it was very easy to install.

8. Pioneer MVH-S600BS

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  • This head unit has Spotify, Bluetooth and Pandora control
  • It contains a digital media receiver with AM/FM frequencies but this head unit does not play CDs
  • It has 14 watts x 4 channels with the built-in MOSFET amplifier
  • This head unit also has Bluetooth connectivity for picking/receiving the calls


  • Bluetooth connection
  • Audio mixing
  • Built-in MOSFET amplifier


  • No-CD/DVD player
  • Small screen

The Pioneer MVH-S600BS is SiriusXM prepared, which implies that you can approach more than 140 radio channels, including free music, and diversion channels once you purchase and introduce a SiriusXM tuner to the unit’s collector.

If you favor tuning in to your playlists, the unit has Bluetooth availability that is perfect with both Android and IOS gadgets.

Customer Reviews

This is a great unit I was also able to connect Bluetooth and AUX cable. I just wish the volume knob was made of better quality because it feels very cheap.

9. Power Acoustik PDN-626B

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  • This GPS navigation receiver comes with the DVD player
  • It has a 6.2” large screen
  • This head unit has great quality with 800 x 480resolution
  • It also has 7 watts x4 output channels


  • POIs database included
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 6.2” screen


  • Not compatible with iOS

The framework includes a route framework that has turn by turn headings of the USA, Canada, and Mexico, with path direction.

Moreover, this route framework has a database of 12 million focal points, giving you a wide inclusion of bearings that will doubtlessly make you travel all the more precisely towards your goals.

Aside from this, the unit likewise has an MHL MobileLink X2 cell phone mix, which mirrors select Android gadgets shows onto the bigger LCD screen.

Customer Reviews

This head unit is good although the wiring diagram could have been easier.

10. Kenwood Excelon DNX995S

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  • This double din head unit is compatible with Android Auto and Apple Carplay
  • It has a 13 MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera along with the 3000 mAh non-removable battery
  • It includes built-in radio, Bluetooth and wifi connectivity


  • Various audio connections
  • Carplay and Auto compatibility
  • Bluetooth and dual phone option


  • Costly

The Garmin route framework is truly outstanding and easily available in this head unit. The guides are open and persistently refreshed with more than 6 million focal points.

Everything that you may require for your in-vehicle sound experience can be found in the model, for example, 3-way hybrid, 13-blast realistic EQ, gold-plated pre-amps.

Customer Reviews

Everything is working as expected and the sound quality is great. But a firmware update could have been nice for better usability.

11. Corehan Android 8

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  • This head unit is based on the Android 8 Oreo operating system with the ROM of 32 GB and 2 GB of RAM
  • The multimedia player allows playing the music with USB flash drive, Bluetooth and Micro SD card
  • It has Android and iOs connection and allows you to sync pictures and music through the EasyConnected pre-installed app
  • For the online and offline navigation, it has a built-in GPS module and an external antenna for GPS


  • 6.95” screen
  • Mirror link
  • Supports DVD/CD player
  • Wifi/hotspots connectivity


  • It may not fit all the slots of common double din

This head unit highlights an enormous 6.95-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1080p. There are two USB associations accessible, which makes media utilization considerably more fulfilling. You can even utilize its mirror connect ability to attach your cell phone screens directly into the unit.

Besides the touchscreen and physical catch inputs, it underpins guiding wheel catches for greater openness. An in-application GPS route is additionally accessible on the off chance that you would prefer not to utilize your cell phone while driving.

Customer Reviews

For the price it comes in, it works great but lacks in processing power.

12.Jensen VX7022

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  • This unit has a GPS navigation and DVD/CD player
  • It has 10 bands graphic equalizer and 6.2” motorized screen
  • This double din head unit also includes built-in Android and iPhone control
  • It has 13-watt x 4 channels and also includes a camera, AV inputs, and option for USB


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Speed limit warnings
  • Wireless remote control


  • Not great in terms of looks

It has a 6.2-inch contact screen, an HDMI/MHL connector that permits sound and video gushing, Bluetooth connection, and is good with Apple, Blackberry, and Android telephones.

This variant on the VX7022 just has guides of the US and its regions. Be that as it may, different guides can be downloaded internet utilizing Naviextras.

Customer Reviews

This head unit is good but the GPS is not that accurate.

You Should Consider in a Double Din Head Unit….

Real-time traffic Updates

  • This is the core feature in any of the best double din head unit with navigation. Some latest models are capable of providing updates about the current situation of traffic and its speed.


  • An average best in dash navigation unit is 6.2 inches with a resolution of 800x 480. You can also find the screen in 7 to 9 inches with higher resolution.
  • In dash navigation reviews, it was found that a double din unit with a high resolution is able to provide hd quality maps and images without any glitch.
  • 1080p resolution is the highest resolution you can find. A 720p can also work fine and goes with any car and OS.


  • The integration of a best indash navigation system allow the double din unit to connect with the smart devices with any operating system.
  • A touch screen monitor helps to operate the smartphone apps through the interface.
  • In modern and latest devices, a double din with head unit can also integrate the sound system by adding some sound related features.
  • The integration of a touchscreen radio with navigation double din camera takes place with the vehicle.
  • The assimilation of the technology being used in this din unit can provide accuracy for the maps.

Hands-free Control

  • A best in dash navigation head unit as connect with the Bluetooth, it gives the user a hands-free control. It permits the user to access to operate it without touching it manually.


  • Mostly, the dash cam din units and head units are easy to install. An extra wiring required when your car has a steering controller.
  • This in dash navigation system with backup camera can fit in the radio space or in the dashboard.

Screen Size

  • Different screen size is available in starting from 6 inches up to 9 inches. The common size for a head unit is 7 inches.
  • A 7-inch screen is suggested as it is neither too large nor small so you can get a clear and proper look for the routes.

Types of Head Units

In general, there are two commonly found types for the best navigation head unit.

  • Portable
  • In-dash

Potable head units are mobile in nature and can easily move from one car to another but in many models some major and latest features. Whereas an In-dash camera or in dash navigation system with backup camera can give a rare view image and keep the record of the details for both the inside of a car and outside roads.

Tips for Installing the Best Double Din Head Unit With Navigation…

Whenever you are installing or removing a double din radios with navigation or a simple head unit, never forget disconnecting your battery to prevent fuse popping or exposing one to the live wires.

Some android in dash navigation head units can also get connected with the help of USB to the stereos that are only compatible with Apple Car Play.

You will require extra wiring harness for in dash navigation system with backup camera if you have steering wheel controllers in your car.

You can easily get access to the location from Google or Apple maps if the double din head unit possesses the feature of the graphic touchscreen. It will save your extra bucks from spending on stereos with GPS navigation.


A best in dash navigation is one essential accessory for cars nowadays. It is important to know the relevant and required information about the product before spending some bucks. The in dash navigation reviews will help and guide you to get the product that is exact to your need. It will ensure you the best route by updating you with the real time traffic conditions.


What is the best double DIN navigation system?

The best double din navigation system must have features including the wireless connecting, real time traffic alert, a high resolution etc. there are models available that are budget friendly and can work with Apple and Android both operating systems. Some popular Bluetooth navigation car stereo includes Sony, Garmin etc.

What is the best double Din Head Unit for car Audio?

In dash navigation reviews showed that a best double din unit with the latest models include a feature that integrates the sound quality without using any upgradation of speakers. The head units manufacture by Sony, Garmin and Boss audio is a good choice for the best din head unit for car audios.

What is the best head unit for sound quality?

SONY, Pioneer AVH, and Garmin are the perfect choice for the best head unit for sound quality as they can provide top quality stereo for car.

What is the best kenwood double din?

The kenwood DNX576S is a preferred choice for double din head units for the navigation. It possesses all the features that we look for in a best double din head unit for the navigation such as GPS, CD/DVD player, a satellite radio and wireless connectivity.

What is the difference between single and double din unit car stereo?

A single din player is small in size and easy to use whereas a double din unit is large in size with the dimensions of 7×4 inches. A single head din unit has a measurement of 7×2 inches.

What brand is best for car stereo?

The best brand for double din head units and touchscreen radio with navigation system includes

  • Sony
  • Garmin
  • Kenwood
  • Cesto vet

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