Best Dash Cam For Semi Truck – Trucker’s Review for 2023

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Good day to you all. It’s my pleasure to share with you the best dash cam for semi-truck. Having the best dash cams is what gives joy to lots of truckers out there. If you are the type who executes a long way travel on roads, then you need one of the best dash cams. You might have been searching for the best dash cam for semi-truck but haven’t found the one that suits you best: then, you have come to the right place.

When you’re on the road driving, there are some unexpected incidents that you may likely experience on the road. For you to have full evidence on the road occurrences or accidents, what you need is the best dashboard camera for semi-trucks.

There might be complexities when it comes to purchasing a dash camera. Interestingly, we are here to solve the problem by giving you a review on the best dash cam for semi-truck.

There are lots of dashboard cameras online and in the local stores, which you might find some not durable as expected. With this, I’m here to give you the best dashboard camera for semi-truck. Before we proceed to the best dash cam reviews for truckers, you need to know the significant factors to consider when buying the best dashboard camera for truckers.


Factors to Consider when buying the best dashboard camera for truckers

As I earlier noted that there are some things to note when buying the best dash cam for truckers. These factors include:

  • You need to consider the screen of the camera you want to purchase. Virtually all the screens are of 2-3 inches. Having an HD display will be great when deciding on what to buy. You should consider the clarity and sharpness of the screen, even when the condition naturally looks bright.
  • You should consider the ease of camera usage. A user-friendly dash camera should be considered, rather than buying a complex one. The actual use must be structured in such a way that it will meet your needs and requirements. Do not just go for any dash cam because you think it’s lovely and durable. You need a dash cam with provided comprehensive instructions by the manufacturer. The button also should be easily structured for easy usage.
  • You should consider the durability of the camera when selecting a dash cam for truckers. Some cams might have a great design but not durable. So, you need to take note of the material to the overall structure. The dash cam you want to purchase must withstand the test of time.
  • You should take note of the night vision as well. Consider a dash camera that is capable of recording videos any time, even at night. You shouldn’t just go for a camera that can only take clear videos during the day, but any time the need arises.
  • Consider the storage space of the dash cam you’re willing to purchase. Since you’ll be taking continuous videos while driving your truck, you shouldn’t go for a cam with low memory space. The storage space will determine the duration in which your video recording will be.
  • You should consider the dashboard cameras with a warranty period. Do not buy it if it does not come with a warranty. With this warranty, your mind will be at rest. Should in case the product proves to have a defect anywhere after purchase, then the warranty covers such. The manufacturer can replace the dash cam or repair it for you without you having to pay a dime.

Having considered the major things to consider when purchasing the best dash cam for semi truck, I now present to you the top 6 best dash cam for semi truck.

Top 6 best dash cam for semi truck

1. Rove R2-4K Dash Cam

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  • It has a video resolution of 2160p, which can make you record quality videos.
  • The camera comes with a Built-in WiFi
  • The ROVE dash cam has a ROVE App for smartphone users.
  • It does have a 1-year warranty period.

The Rove camera is incredibly the best dash camera for truckers. This camera records up to a 2160p resolution video. It does have an excellent video recording quality, as it’s completely different from other dashboard cameras out there. It does have a super night vision technology, which makes you record clear videos even at the dark time or night period.

The Rove R2-4K dash cam also has a built-in WiFi, which makes you view your recordings on your smartphone while using the ROVE App. You can install this app on your Android OS or iOS. With this app, you can record quality videos directly to your smartphone for easy access, which you can as well share with your family and friends.

This camera is also GPS-enabled, which also notes your location and speed while driving. With this ROVE App, you can also track your way and view your driving route.

This camera has a One-Year Warranty. In case you experience any technical fault using this product during this period, you can return it, and the company will fix it without collecting any money. However, you can also replace it.

It is an excellent dash cam for truckers, which is user-friendly. The Mobile App is also easy to use. Worry not about its usage, as it is not, in any way, complex.

2. WheelWitness HD PRO Plus Premium Dash Cam

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  • This dash camera has an easy installation, which you have to plug and play.
  • It supports an external memory card.
  • The WheelWitness dash cam comes with a built-in WiFi
  • This dashcam has a premium video quality

This camera is another excellent dashboard camera for semi-trucks. This camera has an easy installation technique. Insert the memory card, and mount the suction cup. Having done that, plug the power in, then watch the camera power on itself automatically. More so, you can check the guide for further instructions, and you’ll install it correctly without helping hands.

With this WheelWitness camera, you can zoom 4x even while recording your video. Even when you zoom to that extent, the video still maintains its excellent video quality. This camera is a great function, which makes it pretty easy to zoom into a license plate.

The WheelWitness HD dashcam is also compatible with Android and iPhone devices, which makes you control the video recording in the camera from your mobile device. Also, you can transfer and share those video recordings online or store them as proof to your smartphone. This camera is indeed a great feature. However, you can remove the SD card from the camera, and copy those files to your personal computer.

3. HD Backup & Front Camera with 7″ Monitor

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  • It comes with a manual, which will serve as an installation guide.
  • The HD Backup camera is water-resistant.
  • It has a G-Sensor & Emergency Lock.
  • It includes a super night vision.

The HD Backup dash camera is one of the best dash cam for truckers. This camera consists of a front and back camera, which makes you have enjoyable recording experience. It has a clear image with an excellent quality video recording. You need not worry, as this camera will capture everything you want to capture.

This camera is water-resistant. The company designed this camera with a highly standardized waterproof property. With this, you need not worry even if it touches or falls on water. In other words, you can use this camera anytime: in the rain, sun, even in the snow.

Also, the installation process is straightforward. Follow the steps in the guide, and it will make you install this dash cam without having to seek help from neighbors.

4. Old Shark Dash Cam, 3″ 1080P HD Car Recorder

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  • You can display two pictures on the screen at a time.
  • This camera supports Motion Detection.
  • The Old Shark Dash Cam supports loop recording.
  • It monitors your packing with great sensitivity.
  • The camera has a great night scene vision.

This camera is of those excellent truck dashboard camera systems, which has a super cool video recording 1080p resolution. It has a 4.0 High Definition display screen, which gives you a super bright record even when you drive at a very high speed.

The Old Shark dash cam also comes with a built-in G-sensor, which automatically detects a collision. When this is detected, the camera prevents the video from being overwritten by locking the footage. With this feature, you can quickly restore any accident scene.

This dashboard camera also has a great night scene vision. With this feature, you can easily make video recordings even at night. Worry not about its clarity, as it also gives you a super bright capture even while recording those scenes at night. It’s indeed one of the best dash cams for cars.

This camera is also easy to use. This product is not difficult to set up this dash cam at all, as it’s user-friendly. It does have an easy installation and operation guide. Just follow the procedure in the manual, and you’re good to go. Even if you’re using it for the first time, you’ll still get the technique usage without stress.

5. Dash Cam Front and Rear CHORTAU Dual Dash Cam

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  • Front and rear camera.
  • It is user-friendly, and you can easily install this product.
  • This dashcam has a super night vision, which makes you capture every moment, even during the night.
  • It has a reverse camera mode for easy and safe packing.

This camera is yet another excellent dashboard camera for semi-truck. This camera has a front and rear camera, which is equipped with a resolution of 1080p. The camera also has a water resistance at the rear camera, which is a great invention from the manufacturers.

The camera at the front also captures excellent recordings with the road signs and license plates even at night. With this structure, you can get the best record with this dash cam front and rear footage. This dash cam is also easy to use.

You have to insert the memory card and connect it to the power supply. After this is done, automatically, the dash cam will start recording. Alternatively, you can check the user manual and follow the instructions therein.

Incredibly, this dash cam has a 3-year warranty. With this, the manufacturers believe in the durability of this product. You have to be fully satisfied with this product because of its beautifully designed structure and strength.

6. Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam

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  • This camera has an Infrared night vision for you to capture every moment even at night.
  • It has a G-Sensor and an optional GPS tracker.
  • It has an 18-month warranty.
  • The Vantrue camera has a Heat and Cold-resistant

The Vanture N2 dash cam is yet another one of the best dash cameras for cars and trucks. This camera is the best dash cam to record the interior and exterior side of the vehicle. It does have a front and back camera.

This Vanture dash cam has a full day parking mode. This mode makes the camera to record when it captures the motion automatically. It also has an auto-start when the ignition does spark up. The audio recording is excellent, as it has a superb sound quality with a built-in microphone.

The camera also supports a G-sensor and an optional GPS. This GPS helps in tracking the speed, location, and the driving route. This camera also supports up to 256gb external storage card. However, the recommended external storage card for this camera is 128gb.


Having considered the top 6 best dash cam for semi-truck, and you’re looking for where to buy these recommended products, you can always get these products on through those links above. Most of those products are very much affordable. These best dash cams for semi-truck will make you have an enjoyable capturing experience while driving your truck. To this end, I recommend these products as the top 6 best dash cam for semi-truck.






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