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The best crankbait rod can help you a lot while fishing. It is the essence of the fishing experience. But to be the best crankbait rod, it doesn’t have to be very expensive. A best crankbait rod under 100 can be enough for the best fishing experience.

In this article, we will discuss the 10 best crankbait rod under 100 and also the user guide on how to buy the best ones. To buy the best crankbait rod under 100, there are some significant factors that you need to consider to buy the best budget crankbait rod. These factors incorporate the length of the rod, the weight of the lures, the strength of the line, rod action, rod power, specific design, component material, fresh and saltwater use, taper, reels, and price.

For your comfort, we have prepared a list of the top 10 best crankbait rod under 100. All of the products are chosen to consider the excellence and top-notch quality.

Top 10 best crankbait rod under 100

1. Abu Garcia Veritas

Abu Garcia Veritas Crankbait Rod For Fishing

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Key features:

  • Length: 7 ft
  • Rod Type: Casting
  • Rod Power-Action: Medium – Fast,

Best Crankbait Rod Under 100: If you need to get into turning without spending a fortune, the Ike Winch wrenching bar is incredible. The composite bars use graphite intertwined with HSG (high strain glass) spaces. Thus, this is an extravagant method of saying the poles have the correct explanatory activity for tossing crankbaits. The aides are titanium with zirconium embeds. Those are not exactly Fuji grade you would jump on a high dollar bar, however adequate.

Fishermen additionally value the tightening reel seat and EVA froth handles. The two turning models are appraised for projecting crankbaits 1/4-1oz. The 6′- 6″ VTSC66-6 would be useful for bar size for littler and lighter wrenches, and I would suggest the7′- 1″ VTSC71-6 for medium estimated crankbaits.


  • 2 models
  • incredible parity
  • lightweight


  • Foam handles
  • Normal manual.

Customer review:

You have incredible control for jigging to move moderate or reel in heaps of line with the apparatus proportion. However, the drag was incredible, and it worked precisely as it should.

2.Croix Bass X Graphite Casting Fishing Rod

Croix Bass X Graphite Casting Crankbait Rod For Fishing


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Key features:

  • Medium-heavy
  • Size: 7.4 ft
  • 5 year warranty

Extraordinary Entry Level Cranking Rods: Bass X bars are intended for bass fishing on a tight spending plan. They are valued just beneath the Mojo Bass arrangement and have a comparable number of procedure explicit models. There are no glass adaptations like in the Mojos, yet there are 3 models with Moderate and Moderate-Fast tips that are fine for fishing crankbaits. It is the best deep cranking rod so far.

The BXC72MHM is the principal pole to consider for turning. With a 7′- 2″ length and Moderate activity, this would be your generally useful turning pole. The BXC74MHMF and BXC711HMF would be the most ideal alternatives for medium to extremely enormous crankbaits, individually. One thing to keep an eye out for on the spending poles is the aides. As far as I can tell, anything short of Fuji guides you should be exceptionally cautious with and perceptive for harm. This baitcaster rod is the best crankbait rod under 100 so far!


  • Light
  • Great feel
  • Multiple strings


  • Short handle
  • Cheaper guides

Customer review:

The best poles I’ve utilized I’ve consistently Been an aficionado of the magic and chose to attempt the bass x bar and couldn’t be more joyful the affectability is without exception to the class of the pole it matches up to the Shimano SLX DC like they were made for one another.

3. Fenwick HMG70ML/M-FS3 HMG Dual Power Travel

Fenwick HMG70ML/M-FS3 HMG Dual Power Travel Crankbait Rod For Fishing

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Key features:

  • Spinning Rod 7′ 3+1
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Fuji guides

The HMG changed fishing perpetually as the world’s first graphite pole. after 45 years Fenwick has reevaluated an exemplary lightweight, agreeable, and strong pole. Custom lengths and activities for all species. The HMG is genuinely a legend renewed.

Incredible All-Purpose Cranking: Fenwick has been making extraordinary bars for a considerable length of time. Both the HMX and HMG arrangement have been exceptionally mainstream for a considerable length of time. With the Elite Tech Bass setup, they have effectively bounced into the procedure explicit pole market. There are 5 poles in the arrangement, with 3 models most appropriate for crankbait fishing. It is one of the top crankbaits for bass.


  • Lightweight,
  • generally useful cranking,
  • Comes with the solid Fenwick notoriety for quality.


  • just graphite blanks

Customer review:

It is light, has pleasant activity with every one of the 2 hints. My solitary issue is with the size of the bar guides. The one nearest to the reel is typically a lot bigger than different aides; this one isn’t. Therefore, the pole won’t cast far because of the contact from the line and first pole control. Thus, the size was an inch more extensive, it would resemble each other turning bar made and cast altogether farther. So, in my recommendation, if you really want to buy the best crakbait rod under 100, give it a try!

4.Falcon Rods Bucoo SR Bait Casting Rod

Falcon Rods Bucoo SR Bait Casting Rod Crankbait Rod For Fishing

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Key features:

  • length: 7.4 cm
  • width: 7.4 cm
  • height: 224.2 cm
  • Blank technology
  • More sensitive

Falcon BuCoo SR guarantees fishermen an excellent pole at a spending cost. How you get quality graphite clear with Fuji aides and Fuji reel seats affirms this to be valid. The silver and dim shading plan are surely attractive also. It is also the best spinning rod for crankbaits so far.

The BRC-4-17 model is the best for most kinds of crankbaits. For profound jumpers go with the MH forms BRC-5-17 and BRC-5-173. They have somewhat more spine to deal with heavier fittings effortlessly. There is additionally a shorter 6’6″ pole (BRC-5-166) that appears to be extraordinary for lipless crankbaits and vibrating jigs. It is bets lipless crankbait road.


  • Extraordinary costs,
  • Fuji guides
  • Reel seats.


  • Some won’t enjoy the EVA froth handles.

Customer review:

First-rate poles at a first-class cost. Been utilizing my Bucoo 7’0 M-F on a Daiwa TWS SV 8:1 for the entire 2019 season so far in Texas and it has held up incredible. Handled a little 1-2 to 5-6 effectively and the affectability to flex and quality proportion is truly ideal for my taste. I have noticed that my four guides down are resembling it perhaps the one to sever, yet it doesn’t move so no one but time can tell. I’ll be requesting more for my larger setups.

5.St Croix Bass X Spinning Rods

St Croix Bass X Spinning Crankbait Rod For Fishing

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Key features:

  • Length : 6’8”
  • Power : Medium
  • Action : x. Fast
  • 5 year warranty

Best Rod for Light Crankbaits: Smaller balsa crankbaits, similar to the Shad Rap, are trying to project on bait casting gear. There is an inclination to reaction because of the additional exertion expected to project the lighter lures.it is the best bass spinning rod under 100

A decent spinning bar for crankbaits will associate with 7 feet in length, with medium force and quick activity. Pair it with a huge limit turning reel and you can truly throw lighter crankbaits. A couple of the best are the PS70MF and PS76MF St. Croix Premier. The quick activity tip makes up for the normally more slow speed on spinning poles. It is best deep diving crankbait.


  • Premiers are the absolute best turning poles for the cash.
  • Fuji DPS reel seat with frosted silver hood
  • Secure travel case


  • Cheaper guides

Customer review:

This is one of the best crankbait rod under 100 so far as it comes with pleasant travel pole that fits into my portable gear. It’s somewhat hardened as an element of being 4 pieces yet no bad things to say. I haven’t put it to a genuine test with a fish of more than 4 lbs. yet I have each motivation to trust it will perform well. I would get it again yet can envision a superior more delicate form of it, consequently the 4 stars.

6. Ugly Stik Carbon Spinning Fishing Rod 

Ugly Stik Carbon Crankbait Rod For Fishing

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Key features:

  • Dimensions: 0.95 x 2.24 x 77.99 inches
  • Weight: 5.61 Ounces
  • Power: medium

The lightest Ugly Stick EVER!. This ugly Stick with a strong graphite tip gives expanded affectability while keeping up the unbelievable durability you’ve generally expected from Ugly Stick. It is the best crankbait rod for the money.
ugly Tech development comes with 100% 24-ton graphite for a lightweight and even pole. Therefore, this is the best crankbait rod under 100 with this many features. It is a One-piece stainless steel Ugly Tuff guides which give amplified toughness to use with a wide range of line (counting Braid) and take out supplement pop-outs. Also, it has a Fuji reel seat which provides extra comfort.


  • Light weight
  • Very sensitive


  • Packaging is not so good

Customer review:

This pole is light! Light! Nearly to the point that you truly look near ensure it’s not made with modest parts from any place. I haven’t utilized it on the water yet however I’m certain. Since it’s brandishing the terrible stik logo it’s practically destructible.

7.Fiblink 4 Pieces Travel Casting Rod 

Fiblink 4 Pieces Travel Casting Rod Graphite Baitcasting Fishing Rod P – fiblink

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Key features:

  • Length : 6’6”
  • Power: medium
  • Weight: 5.4oz

This 4-Piece travel pole is anything but difficult to assemble and is convenient and useful for hiking trips. It is Lightweight with gigantic in general quality. The quick tip permits you to work any lure well when you attach on a fish. It is a very tough, solid, and lightweight aides with treated steel casings and artistic supplements. This is one of the best crankbaits for bass fishing it comes with Improved sensitivity of graphite; Powerful, adaptable, and adjustable. Therefore, it is one of the good crankbaits for bass.


  • 1 year sale service
  • Sensitive
  • peice design
  • Non-slip cork


  • Little difficult to handle

Customer review:

At the cost, this is a good rod. I got the light/medium activity, and principally use it with a baitcaster reel for bass and catfish. In the course of the most recent year, I’ve gotten handfuls and many fish on this pole, the biggest being around 10 pounds. The pole projects well and is sufficiently touchy to feel your lure tapping along the base and to feel little nibbles. It falls to pieces for a simple vehicle in a sack or little vehicle trunk

8.Croix TRS66MLF4 Triumph 4-Piece Graphite

Amazon.com : St Croix Triumph Travel Spinning Rods : Sports & Outdoors Quantum Fishing Kevin Vandam Crankbait Rod For Fishing

Check Price on Amazon

Key features:

  • Length: 6’6”
  • Power: Medium Light
  • Action : Fast

The st. Croix Bass poles are well known species-explicit rods from St. Croix. These poles kind of began the pattern towards building unique bars for explicit methods. It truly helps fishers searching for another pole to perceive what kind of baits it will work best with. The Glass wrenching poles follow this model. I have claimed a few of these poles, and they have been extraordinary for improving my crankbait game.it is the best crankbaits for bass


  • Excellent quality
  • Light weight
  • Connections are solid and strong


  • Power is not very great

Customer review:

Definitely justified even despite the cash. Quality bar. I will put resources into more bars of various sizes. Associations, where it brings down, are strong and secure.

9.Wright and McGill Skeet Reese S-Glass Crank Bait Rod

Wright and McGill Skeet Reese S-Glass Crank Bait Rod

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Key features:

  • Dimensions:  90 x 5 x 5 inches;
  • Weight: 8 Ounces

The blanks are structured utilizing a ​three layer connective fiber technique called Tri-Gressive S-Glass development. Every one of the layers is laid toward a path partner restricting course and afterward fortified with a meager layer of sap to give one of the most current fiber glass clear structures accessible. This decrease in weight(25%) gives near graphite-like weighting with the conventional glass fiber full clear force. The quick activity and medium/weighty force implies you can toss baits in the 3/8 to 2-ounce weight territory all while keeping up a touchy tip activity and shut down through the bar clear. Also, the range is accessible from 6’8 up to 7’11” With a split handle plan from high-thickness elastic for additional weight sparing and a huge battling butt you should find that the Skeet Reese crankbait poles can convey the force from projecting to hookset. It is a best budget casting rod.


  • S-bend clear produced using glass fiber
  • Exceptionally tough and very solid
  • Zirconium guides
  • Enormous battling butt
  • Equalization is weighted towards the pole butt


  • It is difficult to cast light crankbaits

Customer review:

This is one of my preferred bass casting poles by a wide margin! It projects like fantasy and gives an incredible snare set when tossing wrench goads. I was frustrated when the bar broke handling a 5 pound bass. In bringing the fish around, the trolling engine when it attempted another run and snap. The bar was around 4 years of age. I needed to get another! Ideally, I will get more years out of this one.

10.Quantum Fishing Kevin Vandam

Quantum Fishing Kevin Vandam

Check Price on Amazon

 Key features:

  • Dimension: 92 x 2.6 x 0.1 inches;
  • Weight: 7.2 Ounces

These bars have a medium/hefty force with moderate activity. The crankbait bars have an impressive projecting notoriety and Van Dam is known to support projecting enormous crankbaits a significant distance in order to get them down profound and spread a great deal of water all the while. It is a great heavy action rod for bass fishing


  • Fiberglass and graphite mi
  • ECG development
  • Fuji reel seat
  • Pacbay guides with Hailoy embeds


  • It is little on a heavier side

Customer review:

This was my first Quantum pole. The material was all around made. It is likewise lightweight. However, the main reason I bought this was because of its extraordinary cost, couldn’t discover another value lower for this quality pole.

Things to look out for when buying the best crankbait rod under 100: buying guide

Before you go on to buy the best crankbait rod in the market, there are certain things to consider. Taking care of these points before buying a crankbait rod helps you to make the best purchase decision.

This buying guide has been prepared considering vital points like length and weight of the rod, the strength of the line, rod action and power, manufacturing material, specific design, fresh and salt water use, tapers, reels, and price. So, let us move towards the ultimate guide of the best crankbait rod under $100.

However, these important consideration points are;

Length of the rod:

A crankbait rod is usually 6.6 inches to 8 inches long and the best rod for you will depend on your needs.
These fishing rods have similar concepts to a lever. However, a longer fishing rod will pull up more line as you pull your hooks. The length enhances the leverage you hold and helps you in catching more fishes.
A long rod generates a large amount of power when cast and thus provides longer casts. As crankbait rods provide great control even while being in deep waters, it also helps you catch more fish.
But it is not necessary to have an 8-inch long rod to catch more fishes, you must go for the one which suits you the best and if you are a beginner, select a normal size which will help you with accuracy.

Weight of the lures:

Unlike the old lure styles which provided only 2 or less ounces weight, today’s lures provide great variety and thus provide you with a range of choices according to your requirements. Though you need to be more careful in selecting the weight and choose the weight which suits the type of crankbait fishing that you do.

Strength of the line:

The strength of the line most significantly depends on the size of the line and it can vary greatly. However, the strength can be among a range between 6 and 30 pounds.
A lighter line covers a great distance, and the crankbait runs deeper in the water as a result. Though heavy lines provide great structure and strength and help you get the heavy-weight fish easily.

Rod action:

For crankbaits, the best option is to get a rod that has moderate or fast action. But some experienced anglers have different views on this point who claim that different situations require different preferences.
There are yet many benefits of using moderate to fast action rod which include;

  • Medium or moderate action rods provide a mouthful of treble hooks that allow a greater chance of fighting fish- meaning there will be fewer chances to throw the lure that you are using.
  • The rods which provide softer action, help to reduce a sudden increase in line tension. So when a fish moves under the boat, the stability of the line tension is maintained while the chance of the line tightening too quickly is also reduced so that the food doesn’t leave the hooks in the fish’s mouth.
  • While the softer action rods provide a calmer action, however, it slightly delays the hook set which means that the chance to rip the hook out from the mouth of the fish is reduced. Whereas faster action rods provide a better speed in the hook set.
  • When used with correct guides, mid-action rods provide longer casts. With long casts, the lure can go far enough so that the bait can get the time and distance it requires reaching deep within the water.

Rod power:

Three general ratings exist for crankbaits, medium, medium-light, and medium-heavy. Your choice should depend on your requirements of the line size and the lure weight.
However, the model rods provide the specifications of the line size and lure weight in their description. These descriptions have strict limits and thus should not be treated as casual recommendations. Therefore, you should choose the correct rod with the proper power rating to ensure that your fishing experience is efficient and accurate. This will also reduce the risk of damage to the rod.

If you get confused between the selections of two rods, go for the heavier one for a better experience.

Rod Action Vs Power:

While most bass lures work best with a fast or extra-fast action tip, crankbaits work best with a slow or moderate-fast action tip. When released in a catapult style, this indicator of speed is how long it takes for the tip to go from bent to smooth. The tighter the tip, the easier it can straighten out.

Aside from the action, another feature of a fishing rod is its strength. Therefore, many people conflate intervention and influence, but they are not the same. The action of the rod is determined by how much backbone it has, or how much pulling power it has.

Small, low, medium-high, heavy, and so on are the different levels of power. Crankbait rods with medium-heavy strength are the strongest. The rod’s parabolic bent is caused by the medium-heavy power mixed with the mild action, which means the whole rod bends like a rainbow over its length.

Specific design:

Most often, beginners select to choose the usual crankbaits that are not specially designed but that can fill all the requirements of fishing at an average level. But there are types of rods that are specifically designed for special purposes such as when you have a specific fishing lure in mind.

Component material:

The material used in the making of the crankbait rod is of utmost importance. Know that, the strength and flexibility of the rod depending on the materials used in the rod. However, the most common materials that are used in the production of the crankbait rods are graphite and fiberglass. Graphite is lightweight and provides faster action but it is also sensitive to force.

Fiberglass is heavier than graphite but it has low action speed.

Fresh and salt water use:

Some crankbait rods can be used in both fresh and saltwater easily, yet there are some exceptions and it is a better option to ask the manufacturer about this issue before purchasing. Therefore, using some materials in the saltwater can start corrosion and other materials can weigh differently while in the water, so you should be careful while making this choice.


A best crankbait rod comes with a thick breadth at the edge of the shaft and provides a quick action. If it has a taper, it will give a quick action rod. Considering taper is very important if you want to buy the best cranking rod under 100.


Generally, reels with 5:1 or 4:1 ratios are effective when applied at various stages. This is done to keep the crankbait in check and give it more power to catch big fish. Therefore, to deal with the winds, get a reel with a lot of rods.


If you have already looked at the links for some of the rods we tested, you will know that a good crankbait rod will cost you between 50 and 150 dollars. And some rods with premium construction materials cost closer to 200 dollars. Crankbait rods are not cheap, but you do not have to break the bank to purchase one.

However, nice features like a super high-end cork handle or a sparkling finish are some of the aspects that make one rod more expensive than another. Keep this in mind when looking for the best crank rod for the money: the materials used to produce rods have come a long way, and rods are much simpler to construct than they used to be.

Additional Features:

There are now crankbait rods that are highly technologically advanced. With this in mind, you can make sure you get the one that best meets your needs. As a result, it’s a good idea to think about your needs before looking for the rod. However, choosing a crankbait rod with a variety of features has a number of benefits. Considering these features will lead you towards the best baitcast combo under 100.

What Is A Crankbait? Best Crankbait Rod Under 100

A crankbait is more like a fish-shaped plug. It is made of wood or plastic using two treble hooks suspended from the rim. A bill, also known as a lip, is attached to the front of most crankbaits. The bill is an important part of the lure because it propels the bait down into the water, adds to the motion of the lure, and aids in deflecting the bait away from cover.

The best budget crankbait rod is available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Some have rounded sides and are fat, while others come as flat sides. Know that the behavior of the lure is determined by the shape of the lure’s body, as well as the size and shape of the bill. Some wiggle in a close, vibrating manner, while others wiggle in a big, wobbling manner. Crankbaits are designed to touch all areas of the water column, with short, square billed baits reaching depths of 3′ and large-billed baits reaching depths of 25′.

When you make these baits run into something, whether it is the limbs of a fallen tree, the gravely bottom of a main-lake point, or the chunks of riprap next to your home lake’s dam, they are most successful. A strike is also triggered when the bait is forced to deflect off cover or structure.

Type Of Crankbait- Best Crankbait Rod Under 100

It is a good idea to choose a crankbait rod based on the sort of lure you will be using. Crankbaits all need a rod with relatively slow motion, but there are a few other considerations for the best crankbait rod under 100.

Here are some pointers:

Round Bill Crankbaits

They are best in open water around humps, points, and drop-offs because they run deep. To make the long casts required, you will need a long rod. Furthermore, extra rod length aids hooksets when setting the hook with a lot of lines out, as is the case when fishing deep. In terms of rod weight, you can get away with a medium weight because you won’t need to steer in open water.

Square Bill Crankbaits

When using square billed crankbaits, a short rod is needed because they excel around shallow wood cover. The versatility of a shorter rod helps if you need to do a little underhand flip or other trick casts to get your bait in the right place. You may want to switch to a medium heavyweight because if a fish hits your bait in cover, you will need a lot of strength to get him out.

Lipless Bill Crankbaits

Lipless crankbaits, like round bill crankbaits, require long casts. You will be looking for fish and will need to cover a lot of ground quickly. Also, for lipless crankbaits, a medium-weight rod is recommended; when fish strike these baits, a gentler pressure is needed to bring them back to the boat.

Why Should You Use the Crankbait Rods?

The crankbait rods will increase your fishing period as you gain trust in your skills. Following are some of the advantages of using this particular baitcaster combo under 100:

  • You can cast more distances with the crankbait fishing rods, which are specifically designed to transfer further energy from the rods. When using this rod, you can cast farther and fish deeper because there is less energy dispersed.
  • There is a better ratio, which allows you to take the baits out of the fish’s mouth quicker.
  • Furthermore, the fish will become firmly attached to the bait due to its delayed behavior when taking the bait.
  • When the fish swallow the lure, you will feel safer using this rod because there will be fewer snags.
  • Because of the delayed action, dragging down the bait requires less force, and trapping the fish is more effective.


There are many cranking baits in the market that offer different specifications and are targeted toward various uses. Yet the main question is; which one to choose. So, the answer is obvious, choose one which suits your needs and requirements.

We have carefully reviewed and selected some best crankbait rod under 100 for you so that you can select the one which suits your fishing needs. However, some of these rods provide flexible material while others provide strong structure and let you fight the fish easily.

In our recommendation, the best crankbait6 rod under 100 is Abu Garcia Veritas as it fulfills all the requirements to be the best! This is chosen considering price, functionality, and excellence. However, the other products are no less in any aspect. So, choose wisely!

FAQs | Best Crankbait Rod Under 100

how to fish with crankbait?

Answer: attach the lure to the front end of the road, and wait for the fish to come to it. After the fish is stuck in the hooks, reel the crankbait in and in conclusion, collect the fish.

what is crankbait fishing?

Answer: used by bass anglers, this technique helps to cover water quickly and explore different depths of the water.

what is a medium-fast action rod good for?

Answer: fast action rods are used for short to long casting distance applications. These are best for single hook fishing such as worm or jug fishing. Medium fast action rod provides a bit more casting distance and also adequate hosting power.



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