[Editors Pick] Best Cordless Trimmer Edger Combo for Efficient Garden Maintenance

Last updated on March 17th, 2022 at 05:21 am

The best cordless trimmer edger combo is an efficient and essential tool to maintain a neat and sleek garden. Such trimmers are multi-functional; either battery operated or gas-powered, they all are ideal for trimming the lopsided edges and overly grown grass.

Valuing your time, we have selected Greenwork Edger as our editor’s pick based on the features that a cordless edge trimmer must have.

Top 6 Best Cordless Trimmer Edger Combo

1. Greenworks 2101602 – Best Cordless Edger Trimmer

Greenworks 2101602

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  • Incorporates a 2.0 Ah 40V lithium-particle battery
  • Trimmer and wheeled edger
  • Programmed line feed
  • 12-inch cutting measurement
  • Variable trigger speed
  • 4-year instrument guarantee

This product has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.

Greenworks cordless trimmer is the best grass trimmer and edger since it has more force than other comparable items. This best grass trimmer and edger uses a 40V battery framework giving you multiple times more force than most cordless trimmers. It incorporates a variable speed trigger to give you extra on-request power.

The battery will keep going for as long as 30 minutes of run time. It has a 12-inch wide cut swath and has a programmed line feed include that doesn’t require knocking the item on the ground.

The lawn mower and weed eater combo offers a 4-year guarantee on the cordless string trimmer and a 2-year guarantee on the battery

Customer Reviews

This is so incredible for a multi-year elderly people ladies with no involvement with weed eating. LOL, BUT I have cut grass commonly with the trimmer. I love it and am happy I don’t need to utilize my spouse’s gas one. He is currently incapacitated and I am attempting to do stuff he can not do. I am exceptionally satisfied up until this point and its easy to understand for non-experienced clients like me

2. Greenworks G-MAX 40V – 2nd Best Cordless Trimmer 

Greenworks G-MAX 40VCheck Price On Amazon


  • Blower incorporates a 2 Ah battery
  • Trimmer does exclude a battery
  • Variable speed
  • Voyage control
  • The 13-inch cutting distance across
  • 4-year guarantee

This product has a rating of 4.0 out of 5.

This best cordless trimmer blower combo gives you a cordless string trimmer/edger and a fly blower in a solitary bundle. The trimmer and the blower have a straightforward press button electric beginning. The trimmer has a pivoting head which changes over to a stroll behind edger.

This trimmer has a blossom watch which will keep the trimmer line securely away from your plants and blossoms. I like this trimmer since it has a wide 13-inch cutting way. This is more extensive than a considerable lot of the standard items I have surveyed.

Variable speed dial on this trimmer gives you adaptability and command over how much force you requirement for cutting. It even has a voyage control on the off chance that you need to simply set your capacity speed and trim without considering it.

The cordless pivotal blower runs at a limit of 110mph and 390cfm (cubic feet every moment). This incredible blower runs on a 2 Ah battery. The battery and a charger are remembered for this item bundle.

Customer Reviews

I’m feeling this blower/sweeper the more I use it. I’m just utilizing it to brush grass and earth off of hard surfaces and it carries out the responsibility well for that. I additionally use it gets dry the vehicles subsequent to washing them. It was so pleasant to not have strings any longer. Likewise, it appears to be less expensive to purchase this device with the 4AH battery versus the battery alone and I have other GW apparatuses that can utilize the battery. I’m content with my buy.

3. Worx WG163 GT

Worx WG163 GT

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  • Incorporates two 20V lithium-particle batteries
  • Trimmer and wheeled edger
  • On-request line feed
  • The 12-inch cutting distance across
  • 3-year guarantee

This product has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.

This best electric trimmer edger gives both of you work in a solitary device. It is the best cordless edger and trimmer and it changes over into an in-line edger without any devices required! This best cordless trimmer edger combo incorporates two 20V lithium-particle batteries which permit you to charge one while you utilize the other.

This trimmer has a 12-inch cutting range and has an on-request line bolstering spool framework. Worx offers a 3-year guarantee on this item. This is a financially limit inviting alternative you can get for under 100 dollars!

What an incredible purchase! This item is stunning and very easy to understand.

Customer Reviews

I bought this item since I was tired of being constrained by the force string and the troubles that I encountered when attempting to supplant my dark and decker electric trimmer line spools. The line appeared to require changing so frequently that it would have been diverting, had it not been such torment in the derrière.

4. Black and Decker LSTE525

Black and Decker LSTE525

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  • Incorporates two 20V lithium-particle batteries
  • Trimmer and wheeled edger
  • On-request line feed
  • The 12-inch cutting distance across
  • Customizable tallness and handle
  • 3-year guarantee

This product has a rating of 4.2 out of 5.

This best weed eater edger combo incorporates two 20V batteries which permit you to utilize one while you charge the other. It changes over from a trimmer to an edger and has a force drive transmission for expanded torque power.

You have a 2-speed control which permits you to utilize more force or increment your run time. This best weed eater edger combo carves a 12-inch swath through your grass and weeds. You can propel the line with a straightforward press of a catch. You don’t have to knock the trimmer on the ground to propel the line.

The flexible tallness and handle include on this trimmer give you numerous choices to ensure you are agreeable while utilizing the trimmer. Dark and Decker offer a 3-year guarantee on this item.

Customer Reviews

It is lightweight thus simple to deal with. I bought for myself in light of the fact that the one my better half had was excessively substantial, however now he utilizes mine constantly. He adores it. Incredible item.

5. Black and Decker LSTE523

Black and Decker LSTE523

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  • Incorporates a 20V lithium-particle battery
  • Trimmer and wheeled edger
  • Two-speed control
  • Single catch string advance
  • 12-inch cutting breadth
  • Movable handle tallness

This product has a rating of 4.3 out of 5.

This best cordless trimmer edger combo that sudden spikes in demand for a 20-volt lithium-particle battery. It is a piece of the Black and Decker POWERCOMMAND group of apparatuses. You can utilize this best electric trimmer edger combo at two paces which gives you more control and force for broadened times of utilization.

In contrast to more seasoned weed whackers, you don’t need to knock this item on the ground to propel the trimmer string. With this lawn mower and weed eater combo, you can propel the trimmer string by a straightforward press of a catch.

This best electric trimmer edger gives you a 12-inch cutting swath and can change the handle tallness to accommodate your own needs. I like this item since it can change over from a trimmer to a wheeled edger. This gives you the most adaptability to think about your yard with a solitary apparatus.

Customer Reviews

No gas or electric rope. Simply press the fasten and go. Simple and helpful to utilize.

6. Black and Decker LCC221

Black and Decker LCC221

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  • Incorporates string trimmer/edger and sweeper
  • Incorporates a 20V lithium-particle battery
  • 10-inch cutting width
  • 2-year constrained guarantee

This product has a rating of 4.0 out of 5.

This best cordless trimmer blower combo gives both of your items at the cost of one! It incorporates a trimmer/edger handheld device and a sweeper handheld as well. The two instruments run on the Black and Decker 20V MAX lithium-particle battery which will hold an energized for to year and a half. This item incorporates a solitary 20V MAX lithium-particle battery.

You can set the trim stature on the trimmer dependent on the requirements for your yard. It has a 10-inch measurement cutting swath. The trimmer head flips 180-degrees to permit you to edge along your walkways and other solid zones.

The sweeper device remembered for this item is lightweight at just 3.7-pounds. It has a blower speed of up to 130mph (miles every hour). Dark and Decker offer a 2-year restricted guarantee on this item.

Customer Reviews

Excessively simple to utilize, I am a multi-year old female and this item is ideal for me to utilize. Happy I got the 2 battery alternative since I do have a major yard and the battery just lasts around 30 mins. It takes hours to charge.

What Features a Cordless Trimmer Edger Combo Must Have?

Before knowing the features, first you need to know is which type of edge trimmer would you be right for the job. The..

Types of edge trimmers are

The trimmers are usually classified into three designs; Gas-powered, corded electric and battery powered

Gas powered are the ones have gasoline engines which works with the fuel (mixture of gas and oil). It requires a pull cord (string tied to the engine).

The battery powered edge trimmers are the modern device for grass trimming. This can work straight for one hour. Such edge trimmers are the cordless ones and covers almost ½ acre area.

The corded edge trimmers work with the electricity. This type of electric trimmers is best for the area which is ¼ acre.

Trimmer Shaft

Like batteries, trimmer shaft is also available in two kinds; straight and curved.

The straight shaft are idol for fences or for the spaces that are tight or even hardly reachable. Whereas, the curved shaft are common in the string trimmer category. Such shaft is perfect for the grass and weed trimming.


The diameter is measured from tip to tip which are varied from 10 to 14 inches—making the job quicker. The smaller heads offer more versatility.

Unit weight

The weight of the unit also impacts the performance of the trimmer. The battery operated one offers more portability but they are heavier in weight.

Battery type

The rechargeable batteries are sub-categorized into two kinds

  • Ni-Cad Batteries
  • Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium Ion Battery

Both kinds are likewise but possess different characteristic and functionality. However, working on a larger project will require a kind of battery backup or else it will be difficult to complete the job.

The characteristics these batteries include

Lithium Battery

Ni-Cad Battery

Latest Version

Older batteries

Lighter in Weight

Heavier and huge in size



18 to 82 Volts

1.2V per cell



Ni-Cad batteries are the older version, heavier yet affordable. Whereas, the lithium ion batteries are more common and efficient as compared to the older versions.

Vibration and Noise Output

The heavy trimmers (the older versions) vibrates that cause jerks in the arm. The cordless trimmer edger are less in weight and minimizes the vibration as it can. 


The cordless edger trimmers offer a feature that helps to increase or minimize the length of the rod. This characteristic helps to reach every single edge and corner easily. 

Tips for Using a Best Cordless Trimmer/Edger Combo 2021


At the point when you are utilizing your apparatuses, you have to guarantee that you feel good with the goal that you can get the best outcomes.

Decide the heaviness of the trimmer and the handle to get an agreeable hold. The heaviness of the machine ought to be uniformly appropriated on your hands to furnish you with the most extreme control.

Security Features

Contingent upon the brand that you pick, you may wind up with a trimmer that hurls flotsam and jetsam. To guarantee you are sheltered grinding away, you can search for security glasses, boots, and long gloves and jeans.

Think about the Gap

You will likewise take note of that a few trimmers include an implicit plan blemish, and this can make tall grass and weed fold over the cutting head henceforth easing back the exhibition of the apparatus.

It is imperative to search for models with a little hole for the best execution.

Battery Life

You can peruse various audits online to discover the best machine that has a more drawn out life. Additionally, the models we have canvassed right now longer life, and you can work them constantly for 30 minutes without energizing.

The dark and decker weed eater battery is generally excellent in administration.


Keeping up your yard is something critical that you have to do. Along these lines, you locate the Best Cordless Trimmer Edger Combo for cleaning your yard.

Since, you don’t need guests to go to your home and see uncontrollable grass, weeds and different snags in your yard. This is the place the best cordless trimmer edger combo comes in.

The little machines are intended to give an ideal completing touch, fixing every lopsided edge and arriving at different territories that a grass trimmer can’t reach.

In the present guide, you can know the audits of the modest and best cordless edger and trimmer. You can pick any on of these from the rundown.

There are numerous highlights to consider while scanning for the best cordless trimmer edger combo for your yard. With such huge numbers of trimmers accessible, you shouldn’t be overpowered by the decisions.

The rules above and the audits of our best 6 top picks should give all of you the data you have to settle on an educated choice.


What is the difference between lawn edger vs. string trimmer?

Lawn maintaining requires different set of tools out of which most of them looks similar but works for different job like lawn edger and the string trimmer.

The lawn edger uses a blade which is vertical in size to cut and clean the border. These are used in the pavements, sidewalks or drive ways.

Whereas, the string trimmer reaches the grass around the trees easily as it is made with a flexible material. Such kind of trimmers are used in the steep areas or the muddy areas.   

Is gas trimmer better than electric?

Speaking about the best trimmers, it is a dilemma that which one would be better as the performance is likewise efficient for each type. However, the gas-powered are robust than the electrical or the cordless trimmer. The gas-powered edge trimmers possess 2-stroke engines that provides more power to them are perfect for the hard wood or branches.

Which one is better straight or curved trimmer?

Straight and curved trimmers both are perfect in their own ways. The cured ones make it easy to maneuver around the obstacles whereas the straight trimmers are longer in size makes the approach easy to a given point with fewer steps however the reaching the corners will be difficult to reach.

What is the difference between 20V and 40V?

The higher voltage i.e. is 40V has more battery cells in it as compared to the 20V. the one with high voltage offers more power and completes the job more efficiently.

What is the best cordless trimmer edger?

The best cordless trimmer edger must have the features like adjustable handle, a small diameter, light in weight offering portablility and user-friendly.  Knowing all these features, Greenworks 2101602 is proved to be the best cordless trimmer edger.

Can a trimmer be used as an edger?

Yes, there are trimmers available in the market that can be used as an edger.

What is the difference between edger and trimmer?

The yard edger is utilized to make a spotless edge to a garden. This trims back chaotic grass, yet additionally slices through the turf giving a flawless, straight edge. So, it really makes the garden edge for you. The trimmer then again decreases and not simply the turf.

Do you push or pull an edger?

Every edger has different settings, either you can pull it or push it.

What is the best trimmer edger to buy?

Worx WG163 GT is the best trimmer edger to buy.

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