Top 8 best corded electric impact wrench

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Using any best corded electric impact wrench rids you of manual wrenches and air compressors. However, it can be difficult to decide on a single product when there are so many option available in the market. That is the reason we have put together a list of 8 best corded electric impact wrench products available in the market so you can conveniently select one product which suits your requirement.


Buying guide:

If you want to buy a corded electric impact wrench, but are not sure which things to consider to select the best product, we have compiled this buying guide, which will help you select the product that provides most features and your money’s worth.


The speed of rotating tools is mostly measured in revolution per minute (RPM). While for some electric wrenches, the revolution per minutes might not be used as a measure of speed, mostly every corded impact wrench will be measure on RPM basis when speed is calculated.

The best electric wrenches have a RPM of 2000+ that is a very good speed as it twists the bolts very fast. Large size electric corded wrenches have low RPM of 1500+, due to the big size but the torque is better in large electric wrenches.


The twisting and rotating power of any object is referred to as torque. In any impact wrench corded product, torque is an important factor to consider with the speed, as the rotating power here matters more than the speed.

If the rotating power is low, the corded impact driver will not be able to tight the screws securely. The average best level of torque in a best impact wrench is 200+ foot pounds, which is perfect for everyday tasks. Industrial corded wrenches have 350 foot pounds of torque.

Number of impacts:

Number of impacts is shown under different acronyms in the description of different electrical wrenches. Sometimes, it will be shown as IPM and other times, it will be denominated as BPM. IPM means, impacts per minutes, and BPM is an abbreviation of blows per minute.

Number of impacts defines the number of times per minute that a screw driver will drive a socket forward. In the manual wrench, where a person has to use their own strength to drive the screw forward, the electrical wrenches do it without any effort on human part. As, when you work with electrical screw driver, both forward and rotation forces are applied at the same time, this is why this is called an impact wrench.

Larger wrenches have less rate of IPM while a high rate of torque. An average of 1500 IPM’s are used. For a regular electrical wrench, an IPM of 2500 is applied.


Impact wrenches are used holding them on the point of shoulder or a little higher, which can cause fatigue in your arm as you hold this tool far apart from your body. Which is why you should be careful of the weight of the product.

Even the lightest models can be quite heavy as they use power. The best way to reduce any fatigue and tiredness, try to hold an impact wrench with two hand or hold it close to your body while working.


There are two types of anvils used by all impact wrenches; either it’s a detent pin anvil or a hog ring anvil. A detent pin has a spring loaded bearing at the end to keep the socket in place while a hog ring has a circular ring that holds the socket. A detent pin holds the socket more securely wherever a hog ring is much easier to change.


Size is another important factor to consider while buying a corded impact drill, as a bigger size means a bigger socket the wrench will hold on to.

There are usually three sizes available in impact wrenches; ½ inch, ¾ inch and 3/8 inch. The large impact wrenches are designed for big jobs and have a higher torque level. For many common needs, a ½ inch size would be enough.

Now that you know which features to consider before buying a best corded electric impact wrench, let’s read our electric impact wrench review for some best products in the market.

Top 8 best corded electric impact wrench


1. Makita 6906 Impact wrench ¾ inch corded:

Makita 6906 Impact wrench ¾ inch corded

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  • Easy to hold
  • Highly powered
  • High torque
  • Comes with steel tool case
  • Ideal for heavy duty work
  • Smooth power transmission
  • Precision ball and needle bearing construction
  • Rocker reversing switch for easy operation
  • 360 degree rotating side handle for easy operation
  • Double insulated


  • High cost
  • Handle can cause discomfort for some people
  • Heavy weight
Key features:
  • 9 AMP powerful motor
  • 1700 RPM speed
  • MAX torque: 433 foot pounds
  • IMP: 1600
  • Net weight: 11 lbs.

This best corded electric impact wrench has a ¾ inches size and is perfect for heavy duty jobs. The Makita heavy duty electric impact wrench delivers high power level superbly in an efficient and smooth way. Despite the large size. This best corded impact wrench is very easy to use.

The handle in Makita corded electric impact wrench can rotate 360 degrees which is why it is very easy to use as the user can adjust the handle according to their angle and direction. The speed and number of impacts are also very good.

Customer reviews:

this is the best ¾ electric wrench that I know of. They are not perfect as they are expensive, but still the best product in the market. The extra handle is a waste and we just don’t use it.

2. Dewalt DW292 corded electrical wrench ½ inch with DETENT pin ANVIL:

Dewalt DW292 corded electrical wrench ½ inch with DETENT pin ANVIL

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  • Powerful motor
  • Lightweight
  • AC/DC simple rocker switch
  • Detent pin anvil
  • Easy to use
  • High quality
  • Easy to hold


  • Low torque level
  • Low impacts
key features:
  • Torque: 345 foot pounds
  • 7 AMP powerful motor
  • IMP: 2700
  • Speed: 2100 RPM
  • Weight: 7 Lbs.

Dewalt makes some best hardware tool and high quality products. This dewalt corded impact wrench is another best electric impact wrench made by dewalt. This durable tool lasts year even after daily use according to this impact wrench review.

The torque level of this corded impact gun is lower than other similar products but you will not be disappointed in the quality and overall performance. This best electric impact wrench for automotive can be used for a wide range of applications and is very easy to hold and use. The dewalt corded impact driver is just the perfect product for daily jobs.

Customer review:

I used this impact wrench on my wheel lugs. This corded impact does the job amazingly. It is simple, easy to use and a great product overall. This is a very powerful tool as you can get the bolts and nuts loose even if the tire is off the ground. Great to use when working underneath the car.

3. AIRCAT 1150 ½ inch KILLER TORQUE impact wrench:

AIRCAT 1150 ½ inch KILLER TORQUE impact wrench

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  • Powerful ½ inch impact wrench
  • Twin hammer for hard hitting
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Quiet tuned exhaust
  • Easy to operate forward/backward flip switch
  • Lightweight durable composite housing


  • Not very powerful motor
Key features:
  • Torque: 900 foot pound
  • 1295 feet pounds of loosening torque
  • 1400 IPM
  • ½ inches size

AIRCAT impact driver corded has a hard hitting twin hammer that lets you do the easy work while on the hard job. The ergonomically designed patented handle makes it the most powerful electric impact wrench in the market.

This best electric impact wrench has low weight, durable composite housing and easy operation flip lever switch that is easily moved to forward/ backward rotation. The best corded impact driver has quiet exhaust function that lets you do the job without any noise.

Customer review:

I recently upgraded to AIRCAT 1150 from a bargain brand wrench and I am astounded with the application. I was very disappointed in the performance of my old wrench. The aircat has never failed to lose a bolt. I can work very quickly around my wheels, and it is very lightweight which does not cause my arm to feel tired at all.

  1. AIRCAT NITROCAT Air Impact Wrench 1250-K:

AIRCAT NITROCAT Air Impact Wrench 1250-K

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  • ½ inch hard hitting impact wrench
  • Perfect for heavy duty jobs
  • Hard hitting twin clutch smooth mechanism
  • Durable body armor
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Forward/ backward flip lever


  • Very high cost
  • Low power mechanism
key features:
  • Torque: 1300 foot pounds
  • ½ inches air drive
  • 5 lbs. weight
  • Speed: 8500 RPM

This best electric impact gun is hard hitting impact wrench with a ½ inch driver. The loosening torque is 1300 ft. lbs. while the impact torque is 1250 feet pounds. Aircat nitrocat impact wrench has a durable reinforced Kevlar body armor housing and an ergonomically designed handle.

The handle exhaust is quiet and performs the hard jobs very quietly. This aircat nitrocat corded impact driver also has a forward/ backward flip lever for easy operation and the twin clutch is best for heavy duty operations.

Customer review:

this impact wrench is very powerful. Even when I set it to lowest setting it works as the best impact wrench. It takes hub nuts and lug nuts easily and has a very quiet function compared to other wrenches I have tried before.

5. Porter cable ½ inch corded impact wrench:

Porter cable ½ inch corded impact wrench

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  • Rocker switch for forward/reverse action
  • Great torque
  • High durability
  • High speed and impacts
  • Ergonomically designed comfortable grip


  • Average quality
  • Low power
Key features:
  • 5 AMP motor
  • Torque: 450 lbs.
  • Speed: 2700 BPM
  • 2200 RPM
  • ½ inches Hog Anvil Ring

This strongest impact wrench has high torque level perfect for field grade job. The porter cable impact wrench has high level of speed and torque which make it the best impact for the money. The handle is very easy to hold during the job making it convenient for you to perform heavy duty tasks effortlessly.

Customer review:

I have just took off 20 lug nuts from a 2002 Odyssey using this impact wrench and I have to say, the power level on this impact wrench is amazing. The wrench is very easy to use. The torque is very high and the wrench takes off tights bolts in 2-3 seconds. The weight is not heavy either and the function is very quiet.

6. VonHause impact wrench, ½ inch drive :

VonHause impact wrench, ½ inch drive

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  • Minimal vibration
  • Smooth action
  • Powerful motor
  • Storage case
  • Efficient power
  • Minimal vibration
  • Planetary gear system


  • Heavy weight
  • low torque
Key features:
  • 850 AMP motor
  • TORQUE: 260 ft. lbs.
  • ½ hog ring anvil

The Vonhause impact wrench might be a little heavier than other similar products, but the features this corded 1/2 inch impact driver provides are really amazing. The best corded electric impact wrench provides smooth action with minimum vibrations.

This motor is very powerful in this heavy duty electric impact wrench which makes it perfect wench to perform any regular task. The torque level is lower than other wrenches and is only 260 lbs. the quality of this most powerful impact wrench is amazing which makes it one of the top rated products.

Customer review:

This impact wrench has lots of power with very good quality. It is just the product we needed to complete a transmission amputation in our 2003 Hybrid Honda Civic. The wrench made short work of the catalytic converter bolts that I could not loosen otherwise due to limited space. It also helped in loosening the mounting supports and sub-frame, flywheel bolts and transmission with ease. Quiet function. Great product.

7. Hammerhead ½ inch HDIW075 impact wrench:

Hammerhead ½ inch HDIW075 impact wrench

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  • Highly durable
  • Simple operation
  • High impacts per minute rate
  • Easy to access switch location
  • Metal gear box


  • Heavy weight
  • Low torque
Key features:
  • 7 amp powerful motor
  • 2700 IPM
  • Speed: 2200 RPM
  • Torque: 240 ft. lbs.

Hammerhead is the most powerful impact wrench in the market as it delivers a high level of power even with a torque level of 340 pounds feet. The wrench is very affordable and highly durable.

The metal gearbox in this best impact wrench makes it strong and durable. The switches are placed at a convenient angle that can be accessed easily while working. Is it a bit heavy weight but apart from that, all the features this hammer provides are of Grade A.

Customer review:

This solidly build impact wrench has exceeded my expectations. The price is very affordable and the machine is heavy but that is beneficial as it provides more impact on the arm and less impact on the object that you want to loose. I wanted to loosen a water heater anode which was frozen and needed replacement. This wrench did the job in 5 seconds.

8. Enertwist ½ inch electric impact wrench ET-IW-1020:

Enertwist ½ inch electric impact wrench ET-IW-1020

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  • One hand controlled operation
  • Easy to access forward/ backward button
  • ½ inch hog ring anvil
  • High torque
  • Rubber grip and rugged hose
  • Durable
  • Perfect for tough jobs


  • The metal ring can be defective
  • Heavy weight
  • 8 AMP motor
  • Speed: 2600 RPM
  • 2700 IPM
  • 1050 foot per pound torque

This best electric impact has metal gear construction for high durability and long life. The high impact and torque level make this the best electrical impact for heavy duty work.

The one hand controlled reverse/forward button is easy to access. This best corded electric impact wrench also has very lightweight which makes your job easier.

Customer satisfaction:

This is the best tool for DIY work I have come is a little heavy but feels good in the hand. This is a simple to use impact driver. I hope it will last a longer time than my past one.


Impact wrenches are better alternatives to a manually used wrench that requires more effort and power on the user part. Unlike a manual wrench, an electric impact wrench doesn’t require any power of force on manual part and does any hard job in a matter of seconds. It is due to this that many people go for impact wrenches for heavy duty or regular jobs.

We have compiled and made a list of 8 top best electric impact wrenches in the market. These wrenches are sure to provide you with assistance in your difficult tasks and loose the nuts and bolts of any machinery in a matter of second. The only thing remaining to do is for you to select one of the products mentioned above according to your needs and the impact driver will do the rest.

Frequently asked questions:

Question 1: what is the most powerful electric impact wrench?

Answer: DEWALT makes some of the most powerful and ergonomically designed electric impact wrenches in the market. The Dewalt DW292 corded electrical wrench is a good model to consider while buying an impact driver.

Question 2: what is an impact wrench?

Answer: an impact wrench is powerful tool that is sued for tightening or loosening large bolts, lug nuts, and rusted or frozen fasteners. The electric impact wrenches provide a high rate of rotational power which is very higher than a regular driver.

Question 3: can you use an impact driver as an impact wrench?

Answer: an impact driver can be used to remove or tighten bolts, screws, and fasteners. An impact wrench performs the same job. Impact wrenches are more powerful than impact drivers however.

Question 4: is an impact WRENCH WORTH purchasing?

Answer: an impact wrench is definitely worth purchasing. You will feel that the impact wrench and needed compressor is very expensive, but once you start using them, these will feel worth every penny you paid for them.

Question 5: what is the best impact wrench for automotive?

Answer: DEWALT makes some best electric impact wrenches for auto motives.






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