Best Concealed Carry Holster for Glock 19 – Buying Guide 2023

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The Glock 19 is a best-selling weapon, adding a quality holster provides more grip and protects your firearm. However, the best concealed carry holster for Glock 19 offers more than that like quick access, prevention from discharge, etc. For the user’s ease, we have assembled a list of the most comfortable concealed carry holster.

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We have picked Raven Concealment as our Editor’s pick, based upon this glock 19 open carry holster features.  Nonetheless, a well-researched knowledge about the kinds of glock 19 holster leather or any other material has been gathered for making the user’s decision easy.

Types of Concealed Carry Holster

There are many kinds of concealed carry holster depending on their durability and retention capability. 

Inside Waistband (IWB)

If you want your gun closest to your body IWB is the best option.

  • You can put it under your pant or trouser—option of soft and heard belt Loops.
  • Gun sticking with the body will be uncomfortable while action.

Appendix IWB

Keeping your holster in front of the waistband close to the appendix in between pants or underwear.

  • The main advantage of using appendix IWB IS it is easily accessible and comfortable to use. Furthermore, the gun is likewise adjustable with the holster and is easy to hide.
  • Might be exposed when the coat or upper ware is pushed aside a bit.

Outside Waistband

Outside waistband OWB holsters are easily accessible to public officers. You put it in between the belt on either side. It is very comfortable to use this holster because itIs used for big weapons.
One of the main disadvantages of OWB IS that it can’t be hidden easily even if you wear a long shirt or anything. To use this kind of holster is illegal in many areas.

Shoulder Holster

To use this kind of holster is very easy to use for people who travel the whole day without having
difficulty in carrying it. It is also liked by the people who hate to carry belt holsters. It is very easy to put and take out the gum while using it.
The main con of this holster is that you must wear a garment all the time to hide it and it can press your chest.

Pocket Ankle and Women Specific Holsters

Above holsters can be used by women but this is the specifically designed holster for women that are super comfortable for them. Pocket and ankle holsters are also used because they can be easily hidden but as they are too small for Glock-19 making moments difficult sometimes.

Paddle Holster

Using a paddle holster is convenient and secure—It can be easily detached in any active situation you want, whether it is while driving or doing any other activity.

Thigh Holster

Thigh holsters are designed for both men and women. It can be worn over pants or trousers. The problem with the thigh holster is that it can slip from the thigh and generally used for larger guns (not suitable for small guns).

Belly Band Holster

Belly band holsters all kinds of weapons big or small. They wrap around the belly and can be concealed by any shirt or garment. It is not easily accessible while drawing out weapons and it causes irritation and sweat during summer.

Best Concealed Carry Holster for Glock 19

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1.  Raven Concealment Perun

Raven Concealment Perun

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  • Fully ambidextrous and can be worn on a right or left-hand side.
  • Completely adjustable cant with three different belt loops
  • Features full-body shields

The Raven Concealment Perun holster is Raven Concealment’s lead OWB holster. The Perun is an excellent evaluation holster from extraordinary compared to other hid convey holster creators on the planet.

The Perun is ideal for current Glock 19 models. It accommodates the best in class updates from the Glock reseller’s exchange.

This includes miniature red spot sights, silencer tallness locates and expanded strung barrels. The Raven Concealment holster embraces the body firmly and causes your Glock 19 to vanish.

The Raven Concealment Perun is a remarkable structure for the individuals who lean toward the exemplary OWB plan. The Perun will vanish under simply a shirt.

In the event that you need the tight covering of an IWB plan with the solace of an OWB structure, at that point the Perun is for you. Raven Concealment is one of the top-level holster producers, and this cost and configuration make it an outstanding holster.

Customer Review

Customers were satisfied with the product. One of the customers says hands down this is the best most comfortable and form-fitting holster he has owned. Another says it is an awesome holster, fit perfectly with very good retention.

2.  The 1791 Gunleather Glock 19 Holster

The 1791 Gunleather Glock 19 Holster

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  • Made from 100% certified American leather
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Grants a natural forward cant

I gave you a great leather structure for the IWB determinations, so I need to line it up with an OWB model. This specific model from 1791 Gun leather is intended for those hoping to blend their cutting edge convey gun in with the exemplary weapon cowhide feeling.

The 1791 Gunleather OWB configuration utilizes a great flapjack structure that pulls the holster tight to the body. This keeps the Glock close to the body and guarantees it is appropriately hidden.

The general plan is overly straightforward and moderately simple to manage. The open-top structure makes it simple and quick to draw, and the 1791 Gun leather holster is lightweight, delicate, and agreeable.

The 1791 Gun Leather holster is appropriate for covered convey, and as a moderate plan, the holster works splendidly. The 1791 Gunleather holster is all around estimated for the Glock 19, and pulling and discharging the weapon is exceptionally simple to do.

This basic structure is ideal for individuals who love an old-school look and feel just as a solid and reliable holster.

Customer Review

Customers were satisfied with the product. One of the customers says that the quality of the leather is pretty good and the snap functions fine. Another says he loved it, exceptional quality.

3.  Crossbreed SuperTuck

Crossbreed SuperTuck

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  • Multi-clip design
  • Features a cowhide leather backer and molded Kydex shell
  • Lifetime warranty

Hybrid holsters are an intriguing idea, and a little organization called Crossbreed has been building them for about 15 years. The Crossbreed SuperTuck is a full-sized half and half holster intended for the Glock 19.

The back support is dark leather that is delicate and pliable to the skin. The outer shell is produced using an exceptionally solid and versatile polymer. The SuperTuck highlights a full-sized perspiration watch that ensures you and the firearm, just as flexible stature and cant.

The Crossbreed SuperTuck is an extraordinarily comfortable structure. You can wear it all day every day with no solace issues. It’s overly agreeable and leans delicately against the skin. At a similar time, the Kydex shell makes it simple to recover and holster the gun.

Customer Review

Customers were satisfied with the product. One of the customers says he wear this holster all day and it is comfortable under almost all conditions.  Another says that he has several holsters and this holster is certainly his favorite for IWB carry.

4. The Glock Fierce Defender +1 Series

The Glock Fierce Defender +1 Series

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  • Adjustable retentions for both the gun and magazine
  • A thick .08 Kydex design
  • A flared opening that allows for easy and safe holstering
  • 4.2 stars customer ratings

Furious Defender is an appendix-style IWB holster that approaches the IWB convey position with a remarkable wind. The Glock Fierce Defender +1 Series offers you an extra magazine joined into your holster.

It positions the additional magazine to point at your non-dominant hand. This guarantees a speedy and simple draw. The Fierce Defender holster twists internally to cause the holster to vanish underneath your jeans.

This structure works superbly at concealing your gun and an extra mag, making nobody the savvier.

The Fierce Defender might be excessive for certain users, yet for those searching for a dependable and simple approach to convey an extra mag, at that point the Fierce Defender has you secured.

The kydex configuration is unfathomably strong, and the double clasp emotionally supportive network keeps everything right where it should be. The Fierce Defender is appropriate for covered convey, and it ups the preparation of a user essentially.

Customer Review

According to one of the customer, this holster is as comfortable as an appendix “sidecar” style holster can be. Another customer said that it holds his Glock nicely without falling out if he were to hold it upside down and give it a jostle.

5.  Safariland 7378 7TS ALS

Safariland 7378 7TS ALS

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  • Thumb-defeated active retention device
  • Paddle holster design for universal fit
  • Can be converted to a standard belt slide

Alright, so Safariland makes incredible holsters, however, has a confounding naming mechanical assembly. The Safariland 7378 is a polymer OWB holster made for hid carry. The holster utilizes a belt paddle that permits you to put the holster on and off without expelling your gun belt.

The Safariland 7378 is intended for concealed carry and joins a functioning maintenance gadget that is defeated by the thumb when utilizing a characteristic draw. The Safariland 7378 is good with all ages of the glock 19 holster with light.

The Safariland 7378 is worked for individuals who need genuine security from their holsters. The Safariland 7378 is one of only a handful barely any disguise holsters planned with functioning security work.

The polymer structure of the holster makes it invulnerable to the components, and it opposes tears, parts, and other harm. This is a sturdy and secure holster for your Glock 19, or more it’s good with all Glock generations.

Customer Review

Customers were satisfied with the product. One of the customers says it is a great holster, it’s the solid reliability you would come from a company that makes duty grade gear for LEO/MIL and civilian firearms users. Another says that he absolutely loves this holster. He tried a few others and there was always one thing or another he didn’t like. but by this holster he was satisfied.

6.  Desantis Inside Heat

Desantis Inside Heat

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  • Single-clip design utilizes a strong metal clip
  • Made entirely of leather
  • Reinforced open for easy holstering
  • 3.5 stars customer rating

We were unable to do an article on the Glock 19 and its holsters without referencing a classic leather design. The Desantis Inside Heat is a great leather holster that is intended to fit inside the belt and give all the solace that leather is known for.

The Inside Heat is a moderate leather holster that is fitting for situating all around the belt. Its bigger, metal, single-cut plan permits you to convey your Glock 19 in relative solace.

When the leather breaks in, you will be unable to locate an increasingly agreeable choice.

The Desantis Inside Heat holster is ideal for individuals who need a well-made leather holster for their Glock 19. In the event that you discover the jabs and nudges of Kydex to be excessive, at that point the Inside Heat is ideal for you.

The Inside Heat’s moderate structure additionally makes it simple for the individuals who have a little casing to hide their enormous Glock 19 viably.

Customer Review

Customers were satisfied with the product. One of the customers says these are his favorite concealed glock 19 holster with light.  Another says that it stays to form for re-holstering and provides a good snug fit.

What to Look for in Concealed Carry Holster?

While getting the best concealed holster, you must know the core features like


For the holster, mainly there are 3 materials; leather, Kydex, and Cordura Holster.

Leather: The core benefit of having a leather holster is that it can stretch and adjusts according to the Glock to keep it intact against your body. That makes it secure and tight which is great for concealed and carry.

Kydex: This material is like the composition of materials mainly polymer form shaped like a gun. This one is long-lasting a bit cheap comparing to the Leather holster. The thing that makes it trivial is that it cannot bend like hardcore plastic. Due to that, Hybrid Kydex invented by mixing Kydex and Leather. It is designed to offer comfort to the body by making it harder from the exterior and soft interior.

Cordura Holsters: Though these holsters are available but they are not recommended as the ballistic nylon holster or Cordura are unable to mold to the single guns and the trigger of your gun is not protected.


The adjustability of any holster depends upon the cant (that tells how much your holster can tilt) of it.
Always go for a comfortable holster that should be easily adjustable and easy to handle.

The straight drop holster has cant with 0 degrees making the user carry the gun in a vertical manner. However, some of the holsters are prone to canted from 30 degrees and above.

Trial & Error

Go with an unloaded gun and try different holsters and choose the best that suits your body. Choose a holster that easily hides your weapons under your clothes.


Gun should be easily put inside and taken outside the concealed carry holster without any difficulty. As in summer, it is difficult to grip on pistols due to moisture or sweat—while buying concealed carry holsters keep in mind the weather conditions.

Retention Power

Always choose a concealed carry holster having good retention power which grips the pistol easily.

Why I Need a Good Concealed Carry Holster

You need a holster that is equipped for containing the weapon securely and holds it. Maintenance comes from multiple points of view, however aloof and dynamic are the most widely recognized.

Having a perfect handgun also needs a perfect concealed carry holster for safe and comfortable use. There are different carry holsters for Glock 19 available in the market but in order to choose the best concealed carry holster for Glock-19, we must acknowledge some of the important features.

Knowing how you intend to utilize the gun is the initial phase in settling on what holster to pick. Concealed convey holsters are intended to limit the engraving of your weapon. 

How to Protect the Concealed Carry Holster?

Duty or open carry holsters will frequently include a functioning maintenance gadget that guarantees nobody however the main approved client can expel the weapon from the holster. This keeps somebody from detecting the weapon and choosing to take it.

Other Factors to Know about the Best Concealed Carry Holster for Glock 19?

  • The holster implies it sticks more tightly to the body, and you can hold it under a shirt easily. These holsters should stay inconspicuous, so uninvolved maintenance is the go-to choice.
  • With dynamic maintenance gadgets, you need to crush a specific gadget to draw the weapon. Detached is increasingly normal and is an approach to hold the weapon with crushing a gadget. It is defeated as the weapon is drawn.
  • You likewise need a holster that is the reason worked for your gun. It should be formed to your Glock 19. On the off chance that the weapon moves, clatters, or curves inside the holster, dump it. The Glock 19 merits a holster made for it.
  • The manner in which the holster connects to your body is additionally a significant thought for you. This is an individual decision, and the manner in which you carry the weapon is basic for your individual solace.
  • While picking between IWB, OWB, a shoulder rig, reference section, and so forth., you have to make sense of precisely what you require for your day-by-day life.


The Glock 19 is one of the most well-known carry guns available. It’s for quite some time been the ideal trade-off among concealability and battle potential. The good news is there are hundreds of options out there. The bad news is that some of them suck.

Fortunately, it’s not hard to locate a quality holster. In addition to the fact that we have the recommendations above, yet we need to give you the options to see the holster you need as fruitful. If you are searching for best  Concealed Carry Holster for Glock 19 give a read to this article.

To separate the good from the bad, we are here to guide you in the right direction with how to choose a holster and give plenty of suggestions for you can purchase right now. Right now will direct you to purchase the best concealed carry holster for glock 19. We will likewise share the reviews of customers about the best concealed convey holster for glock 19.

Which is the Best Concealed Holster for Glock 19?


Will the Glock 19 Holster fit a Glock 19X?

Yes! Well, most of the time. As long as the holster is compatible with Gen 5 Glock, it will fit perfectly fine.

Is the Glock 19 hard to conceal?

AccordiThis is a subjective question. Lots of smaller people are going to have an issue with the Glock 19, but the majority of people agree the Glock 19 is an easy gun to conceal. You’ll, of course, need the right holster before you even start.

The Glock 19 is the standard setter for concealed-carry pistols. This gun offers you a full grip, a 15-round magazine, and a relatively small size—the Glock 19 packs an incredible amount of firepower in a compact package.on Sample Description



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