A Beginner’s Guide for Best Compound Bow Under 500

The best compound bow under 500 fits in the budget, having all the basic features that a high-end compound bow offers. With some companies offering the patent technology, it becomes easy for the hunter to get the top rated compound bows.  

For the ease of hunters, important considerations and detailed features help to get the best compound bow for target shooting.

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You need to consider the following details including….

Draw Weight

  • The compound bows are capable of lessening the weight for drawing the full length at string calling it Let-off. The average letting off of the archers is around 75-80% that helps to save the power.
  • It plays the main role, allowing the user with the maximize with good alternative options. The common weight range from 7 and 70lbs.
  • We recommend to test the bow by holding the draw for like 20-30 seconds. This is the time when you come to know if the draw weight is perfect or else your hand will begin to shake with that bow.

Draw length

  • The draw length is measured by the distance of axel to axel. Many bows are around 33 inches or less.
  • Many best bows come with the feature of adjustability for comforting the user. The draw length between 15 and 30 requires more power for speed, accuracy and control. This would be easy to use for the beginners as well.
  • Some bow hunter shoots with the help of release aid that add half to 1 inch to the draw length depending upon the anchor point. If the calculated wingspan (read below for more detail) is 60 inches then, the ideal draw length would be 24 inches.


  • Cams are the core of any compound bow’s maneuver. It basically controls the draw weight and can change the energy storage while drawing the bow.
  • The four different types of cams in the compound bows include Single, Binary, Hybrid and Twin.
  • Single: Commonly, it is referred as solo or one cam. This is the idle wheel placed one the top od the bow giving an elliptical shape of the cam at the bow’s bottom. They are smoother and more reliable, usually quitter than other cams.
  • Binary: It binds the top and the bottom cams, providing the fast speed to the bow and allows the automatic balance and deflect the cams.  
  • Hybrid: The hybrid cam has 2 asymmetrical elliptical cams namely control (the top cam) and the power (bottom cam). It has a single-split harness that requires less maintenance and makes it efficient.
  • Twin: It comprises of 2 cams; the round wheels placed on each end of the compound bow allowing the precise shooting with efficient speed.

Brace Height

  • Brace height is actually the distance from the bow grip to the string when the compound bow is in the resting position. As much as the brace height is low, the fast shot would be but it can lead to the less stability as well.
  • The recommended brace height falls between the range of 6 to 8 inches. If the brace height is long, then the speed will be slow but more stable. This range makes the draw easy and controllable.


  • It is determined with the help of draw weight of the bows. If the weight is large then the arrow will go far and quicker.
  • The speed helps to reach the aim quickly, varying around 330 fps (feet per second) which is common. You can also get faster and slower option as well.


  • The best bow under 500 is able to go straight for 3 years regardless of its time but it depends how often it is being used. A little maintenance with time to time such as replacing the bow string contributes to the age of the bow as well.

The Sound and Vibration

  • High sound and high vibration could be a distraction. Some manufactures have tried to minimize the noise by maintaining the same features.
  • For the vibration, rubber riser absorption is used to control the intensity of the vibration. Try to get the compound bow with this feature. Additionally, you will get spare parts for the replacement, providing the user to replace to increase the time.

Top 5 Best compound bow under 500


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1. Diamond Archery Compound Bow

Check Price On Amazon

Key Features

  • 31 inches Axel to Axel
  • 15-13 inches Draw length
  • 10-70 lbs Draw weight
  • 7 inches Brace Height
  • 80% effective let off

This is among the list of best compound bows and our editor’s pick. It is an adjustable compound bow with an innovative design and versatile features.

It is recommended for beginners as well as pro archers with the 63 pounds of limb adjustment and pocket system. It also has a rotating module allowing draw length with the range till 15 inches which is fine for every archer.

This best compound bows for the money guarantees the accuracy with a blazing speed of 318 feet per second, offering twin cams.

2. Bear archery Cruzer G2 Adult

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Key Features

  • Axel to Axel 30 inches
  • Comes with 6 trophy ridge accessories
  • Adjustable draw length
  • Weighs 3 lbs
  • Fire length 315 feet

With the high compound bows prices, this comes under the best budget bows comes with a perfect handle with a multipurpose bow designed perfectly for all ages.

It comes with an adjustable draw length ranging from 12 – 30 inches with the draw weight range from 5 to 70lbs which is the highest peak.

This bow comes assembles with 6 trophy ridge accessories including 4-pin sight, a whisker biscuit, a sling, a stabilizer, a 5- arrow quiver a nock loop and a peep sight weighing only 3 lbs itself.

It is capable to fire the arrow with 315 fps with a smooth draw cycle and a 70% let-off, eliminating the hand torque.

3. Southland Archery Compound bow

Check Price On Amazon

Key Features

  • 25- 31 inches Draw length
  • 55-70 inches Draw weight
  • Let off 70%
  • 35 inches Axel to Axel
  • 270 FPS Speed
  • 4.4 Lbs weight

This adjustable compound bow comes under the category of cheap compound bows as well.  This one is recommended for beginners. It features 35 inches axel to axel making it durable and high quality yet the best target compound bow under 500.

It compresses the ABS limb balance span which makes weight and strength increasing the life of the bow. Additionally, it has a layered limb for drawing limb till 70lbs which decreases the draw weight up to 5 lbs.

The back pocket limb helps in accommodating the place with strict tolerance. This bow takes 70 lbs force when the string is pulled back before the twin cams activated. Once the string is released, the arrow launches with the speed of 270 fps.

4. Compound bow and Arrow by Creative XP

Check Price On Amazon

Key Features

  • 30 inches axel to axel
  • 7.4 inches Brace length
  • 75 % let off
  • 23.5 -30.5 Draw length
  • 320 FPS
  • 30 -70 lbs Draw weight

The 4th product that we have lined up is by Creative XP. This is another good choice for the best compound bow under 500. This one is also able to get adjusted without the bow press assuring the stability.

The cams are made of 100% aluminum allowing with the life time durability. Whether the user is pro or just getting started with the archery, this compound bow will never disappoint. The following bow is designed to be easily adjusted with the draw length ranging from 23.5 to 30.5 inches and 30 to 70 lbs of draw weight. When the string is released, 320 FPS is the speed

Also, creative xp offers great customer care by offer money back if not satisfied with the product.

5.  Compound Bow Topoint by Compound Bow Store

Check Price On Amazon

Key Features

  • 28 inches Axel to Axel
  • 19- 70 lbs Draw weight
  • 19-30 inches Draw length
  • 3.3 lbs Bow weight
  • 7 inches Brace height

The next compound bow possesses the IBO speed 320 fps with the 28 inches axel to axel. Along with the bow, you will get 1 bow, 1 braided bow sling, an arrow rest, 5 pin optical bow sight, 1 peep sight, a rubber stabilizer, D-loop, 1 string wax, a bow stand, 1x 6pcs arrow quiver, peep sight, 18x 30 carbon mixed arrows and arrow puller.

The draw length of this compound bow ranges from 19 inches to 30 inches and a draw weight from 19 to 70 lbs. this allows 7 inches of the brace height and itself it weigh like 3.3 pounds only.

Some careful detailing required for which you have to go through the user-manual and can cause serious injury if not used properly.

Guide for Beginners

As a beginner, you should know these things before you are going to buy the best compound bow and which would be the best beginner compound bow

Draw length

Before getting the best compound bow for hunting you should know the draw length, it should be moderate; neither short nor long but, before that the user must be aware of their dominant eye first. After determining the eye, you can measure the draw length with a measuring tape at home or by drawing the measuring bow at the local shop.

To measure it right, form a T by wide opening your arms. Start measuring from the tip of the middle finger (that would be your wing span) towards the other tip of the same finger. Now divide the obtained figure with 2.5 to get the ideal length.

Stand at the sideway with a rough arm length to a flat wall along with the bow hand (if you are a right-handed shooter then it would be left and vice versa). Adjust the distance but not straight with your arm and try not to overextend it to the bow point. Facing the wall and the distance between the right corner of your mouth helps to find out the personal draw length.

How to Know Your Dominant Eye for a Good Starter Compound Bow?

When starting to go for archery, the first thing which is the most important one is to know which one of your eyes is more prominent otherwise it will affect your aim. If you are right-handed then your left eye will be the dominant one and the vice versa.

With the both eyes opened, you need to extend your arms by pointing your index finger at an object placed 10 feet away. Close you’re the left eye, if your finger still pointing at the object, shows that your right eye is dominant. Open you left eye and close the right one, now your finger should be pointing at the right side of the object. Repeating the same process with the other eye will let you know if the left eye is stronger or not.

What is the difference between short draw length and long draw length?

Here the question arises how would the draw length matter on the archery effect. Well, it does affect a lot. This difference includes

Short Draw Length: If the draw length is short then the torque bow will have to be increased that can affect the shot and probably miss the aim. A short draw length can cause a floating anchor point leading to inconsistency because there would not be any reference point during the aim.

Long Draw Length: If the length is too long then a little tilt of the head will be required to see the aim clearly but because it is not the appropriate posture, it definitely influences the shooting form. This inaccuracy will add tension and torque to the bow.

Drawing Weight

Many shooters try to go for the heavy draw to get a quick and fast shoot but this makes it difficult as it can cause stress while going to shoot. This will lead to the shakiness and divert the focus easily, affecting the shot.  

How to Measure the Draw Length for the Best Compound Bow for Hunting?

Concluding the Review with

The fact remains that there are the best budget compound bow having the same features as per other best compound bow under 1000 and above. In this review article, we have assembled a list of good beginner bow as well as for the commercial use.


How far can a compound bow can shoot?

A compound bow is able to shoot the arrow over the 1000ft. When it was checked actually, the farthest record which is measured to hit the aim accurately include 930.04ft. Many archers remain at the safe side calling it an effective range which is measured between 30 to 60 yards.

What is the best compound bow?

The best compound bow is the one that comes with the feature of micro- adjustability. However, the draw weight and length and most importantly the form also determines which compound bow would be perfect for you.

What is the four C’s of hunting?

In general, there are 4 c’s in the hunting. These C’s are

  • Careful
  • Considerate
  • Capable and
  • Courteous

The careful represents the hunter’s behavior towards the basic rules of the safety.

The courteous represents the hunter’s attitude which is being polite and gracious.

Considerate shows the respect for fellow hunter and other communities.

Capability of represents the ability including the outdoor skills and knowledge level.

How long will a bow last?

The age of the bow depends upon the draw weight and how often you maintain and shoot with it. A well maintained bow string can easily last for 3 years but it requires a regular replacement.

How far can a 50 lbs bow shoot?

The average of a bow shoot is around 100 yards. This is confirmed as well as endorsed by the American Archery Institution but some people like to go over 30 yards with 50 lbs bow shoot. However, for the recreational target practice and most importantly if your archery form is on point then, there are chances that you can go 60 or even 70 yards with the same draw weight.

How to choose the right bow length for me?

While choosing the right compound bow, the maneuverability, stability and the length matters. The compound bows that are shorter are more controllable in the field but the archers suggest for target shooting, longer bows are more accurate. The length of bow measures from axels to axels and is shorter generally around 30-32 inches whereas the target shooting bows are ominously long.

What types of arrows can I use with the compound bow?

It is recommended to use any kind of arrows except the wooden ones for the compound bows as they are too fragile. Nowadays, arrows that are in use are made up of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy or a mixed material adding both.  

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