Top 6 Best Commercial Carpet Cleaners – Buying Guide 2023

Last updated on November 4th, 2022 at 11:30 pm

Here we will discuss the strongest in the professional carpet cleaning  for sale game, and help you choose what is the best commercial carpet cleaning machine for your business.

If you are new to professional carpet cleaning, we got you secured. These days, innovation has progressed so far that enormous, rock solid machines are accessible to everybody.

Regardless of whether you need to open up your own carpet cleaning business, or you are hoping to purchase this unit for your office, strong, commercial units are an unquestionable requirement.

Having a work space as a rule implies many individuals, and a great deal of pedestrian activity, so normally you will need to keep it clean.

We will assist you with experiencing the “Whys and Hows” with regards to picking the best commercial carpet cleaning machine

We will accumulate model particulars, advantages and disadvantages, and what to search for in the accompanying commercial carpet cleaning machines reviews.

Commercial Carpet Cleaner Buying Guide

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Since we have experienced probably the most well-known commercial carpet cleaner models, the time has come to go into the core of the mater.

Picking a commercial carpet cleaning machines for your home, or for business cleaning is sufficiently simple, yet picking the correct one for your motivation is no simple task.

As a matter of first importance, we demand just a single certainty: you can’t purchase a commercial carpet cleaning machine that has everything.

That is the reason we have to discuss each significant aspect and narrow that decision down.

We will go through a lot of simple, yet important questions in this buying guide. Let’s begin.


These are a portion of the fundamental inquiries you should pose to yourself before you proceed with the quest for the best one. There is a wide assortment of decisions, and this angle is as significant as cleaning power.

Imagine purchasing an uncompromising 80+ pound EDIC Galaxy and having to clean a carpet in the broom closet of an office. Impossible.

A general dependable guideline to follow is: greater probability prompts either less cleaning force or more strolls to the sink

What’s more, obviously, in the event that you intend to clean upholsteries and various types/shapes of furniture, remember that you will require the longest hose you can get, and the handheld carpet cleaning extension should be strong and solid.


Last, however not least right now the subject of capacity and sparing extra room. On the off chance that you should be efficient with the broom closet, consistently think about increasingly versatile models.

Particularly in the event that you don’t utilize the carpet cleaner consistently, putting away a major and powerful machine can be an issue.

What’s more, on the off chance that you do utilize it consistently, and can’t manage the cost of additional extra room, greater units will likewise drive you up the wall by hauling them in and out over and over.

That is the reason you should give higher need to units that have foldable ergonomic parts.

To choose which the best commercial carpet cleaner is for you, the topic of whether you need “compact or full-sized” should be addressed first. To pull out all the stops, or to go quick, that is the issue.

Warranty and Customer Support

Regardless of what you are putting resources into these days, warranty policies are a significant piece of any purchase you make.

Commercial carpet cleaners are normally much progressively ensured by manufacturing companies. Keep in mind: give extraordinary consideration to the rundown of parts the producer will give you the warranty for.

Frequently the policies are partial and secure just for motor failures. Having a warranty policy that will cover all the extra features and hardware you get with your cleaning unit is a best decision, always.


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Best Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machines

1.     Bissell Big Green BG10 Deep Clean

Bissell Big Green BG10 Deep Clean


  • Two electric motors, it is considered as one of the strongest units in its class
  • Storing this model is pretty easy due to foldable parts
  • Good at tackling older stains


  • Helping tools and additional extensions and are not included in the package, but they can be bought separately.
  • The double motor system has only a one-year warranty

Presently we have the more established, Big Green model from Bissell. Right of the bat, stress that this model has 2 electric engines.

One handles the stroking part and different handles the circulation system. Despite the fact that this model is all the more dominant and has a great deal to offer, its cleaning width is smaller by 10 inches.

Weighing a sum of 43 pounds, this commercial grade carpet cleaner will get the job done. To assist you with investing less energy cleaning, this model has worked in pointers which screen water and arrangement levels, so you can top off the unit at the specific perfect time.

The nit is shockingly simple to store and has foldable parts to assist you with sparing extra room. Remember that this part doesn’t accompany extra accessories (handheld cleaner and expansion hose).

On the off chance that you like, you can purchase extra parts from Bissell, however the basic set has all the vital segments to keep your carpets clean.

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Customer Review

At the point when we talk about the customer reviews they were very satisfied by utilizing this item.one of the customer said that he is impressed with the Bissell BG10 machine, just cleaned all the carpets. it is very easy to use and operate. Another customer reviewed that it is a great product and he was glad to purchase it.


2.     Hoover C3820 Commercial Spotter and Carpet Cleaner

Hoover C3820 Commercial Spotter and Carpet Cleaner


  • One of the most portable commercial units
  • The spill pick-up feature is pretty useful as a solution to sudden spills and mishaps
  • Comes with an automatic shut-off system as an extra safety feature


  • A lot of power is sacrificed for the sake of portability
  • A smaller water tank will not endure longer cleaning sessions, so a few trips to the sink are due.

Here comes a name with a long custom in the floor cleaning office – Hoover. Displaying its Commercial arrangement, we were astounded by this current model’s performance.

With an electric engine of just 7.9 amps and just 18 pounds in weight, we believed that this model won’t withstand the difficulties we displayed. Be that as it may, Hoover never seizes with surprises. This model has a cleaning way of 11 inches and some quality features.

Installed, we have Hoover’s Spin Scrub 360 framework and 3 brush move speed modes: one for heavy-duty carpet cleaning, the other for fast spill get, and the third one for sensitive surfaces.

To make things much increasingly functional, the programmed shut-off system is there to warranty that the unit will close down if the water tank is full or not appended properly.

This model is the most versatile one with regards to a commercial carpet cleaning machine, and has an incorporated conveying handle, which joined with the lightweight of the unit permits you to heft it around and move effortlessly.

What may descend as a slight detriment at the expense of portability are the water tanks, which are smaller than the normal ones. Be that as it may, with everything taken into account the portability of the unit compensates for it.

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Customer Review

At the point when we talk about the customer reveiws they were very satisfied by utilizing this item. One of the customer said it worked better than I expected, for how cheap it was. Another user said that it is a quality carpet cleaner.


3. Bissell 86t3 Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine

Bissell 86t3 Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine



  • The extra-large dirt lifter power brush will allow a better and deep scrubbing action for an efficient clean
  • The drying time is greatly reduced by the heavy-duty suction power
  • Bissell Professional Formula included which will provide for the best of cleaning


  • The machine is quite heavy, and handling may be a bit of an issue
  • The warranty of the cleaner would be void if used with any cleaning solution other than Bissell, restricting you from using any other

Here’s another professional carpet cleaning machine that will be the ideal answer for your untidy carpet. With this Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner, you can say goodbye to every one of your stresses over a grimy carpet and additional work. This machine feature all that your requirement for speedy and efficient carpet cleaning.

The most noteworthy thing about this commercial carpet steam cleaner is the heavy duty suction power it gives. This effective element takes into account quicker drying time. It cleans on forward just as in reverse pass.

The Big Green Carpet Cleaner additionally includes an extra-large dirt lifter. This gives the machine an extremely incredible cleaning activity. It’s incredible to the point that even the ground-in and inserted soil in your carpet won’t stand an opportunity against it.

This carpet cleaner will serve to be the ideal cleaning accomplice for you.Helping its capacity, you will get a Bissell proficient recipe that is known to clean a wide range of stains.

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Customer Review

At the point when we talk about the customer reviews they were very satisfied by utilizing this item. One of the user said that it is  probably one of the best purchases he have ever made. Another said that it is an excellent cleaner and does a good job.


4. EDIC Galaxy Commercial Carpet Cleaning Extractor

EDIC Galaxy Commercial Carpet Cleaning Extractor


  • One of the most powerful commercial carpet cleaners
  • Massive water tank inside enables you to clean for a longer period of time
  • An extra-long 25-foot extension hose for an even bigger range


  • Thanks to the power it brings of the table, this is one of the heaviest machines in this group
  • This carpet cleaner does not come with a heating extension which can be bought separately.

Keep going on this rundown, yet unquestionably not least, is the EDIC Galaxy, a unit that outperforms all the previously mentioned carpet cleaners. Presently, it has its own favorable circumstances and drawbacks, and we have tried it in different cases.

This unit weighs just weighs under  80 pounds, so the compact design is anything but a significant component. Yet, as you may have adapted up until this point, absence of portability as a rule implies additional force. The entire unit must be mounted on 4 wheels so you can move it around. This is the unit in action.

With regards to fluid regulation, this model is pressed with a 12-gallon arrangement tank and a 11-gallon recovery tank. Contrasted with some different models this one held the longest in a solitary cleaning session, without changing grimy water all the time.

Galaxy has a 2-organize electric engine, and EDIC offers extra force gear to be purchased with the fundamental unit. One of these demonstrated exceptionally valuable and that it the outer water warmer to help clean at a more profound and quicker rate.

All things considered, this model comes at a marginally more significant expense than normal, however it likewise has a 5-year warranty that covers each and every piece of the carpet cleaner.

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Customer Review

At the point when we talk about the customer reviews they were very satisfied by utilizing this item. One of the customer said that this was a great investment.  another user reviewed that it works as intended, and suction power is equal to a good trunk mount.


5.     Oreck ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine

Oreck ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine


  • Comes with a 50-foot long cord for a huge range and an excellent reach
  • This unit is on the lighter side, weighing under 25 pounds
  • Conveniently shaped and easy to store


  • Not designed to tackle the hardest of stains
  • There are no provided accessories with the model. These are bought separately

Oreck commercial carpet cleaning machine for sale isn’t care for the remainder of the cleaners on this rundown. It’s really a commercial grade floor support for hardwood floors, however it likewise has a dry-cleaning capacity for your carpets. It can without much of a stretch extricate up the soil that has been deeply embedded into your carpets, after which you can basically vacuum it and set up the carpets for deep cleaning.

This floor machine works best on dried up stains like soil, set-in food particles and the remainder of the stains that can be extricated with 13-inch cleaning way brushes. This unit likewise lets you regulate cover cleanser and other cleaning arrangements. The brushes pivot at the fast with the goal that carpet fibers are cleaned and deprived of any soil from all sides.

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Customer Review

At the point when we talk about the customer reveiws they were very satisfied by utilizing this item. The customer said that he used this for  cleaning business, and his customers love the work it does. Another user said that there are a lot of specifics around what brush and chemical combinations to use on which floor type for which purpose, but it is all manageable. Great machine.


6. Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3


  • The three-step is an excellent feature for tackling older stains
  • Despite its bulkier build, it can still be packed tightly, due to its shape
  • Very good at removing odors


  • Takes longer to clean compared to other models in its class
  • The water tanks are tightly tucked in, so reaching them is a bit harder

Next up, we have a marginally increasingly vigorous, however regardless more grounded, rock solid commercial Mighty Pro X3 unit from Rug Doctor. As the name proposes, this maker is among the top rivals in the carpet cleaning industry. Despite the fact that they promote this carpet cleaner as a home-cleaning apparatus, this unit flourishes in the high traffic zones.

This uncompromising bit of hardware weighs a little more than 50 pounds, which gives it a solid structure and a feel of firmness. In spite of its powerful structure, this model is firmly stuffed and mounted on a 2-wheel system.

The cleaning way width of the unit is 10.8 inches, which joined with its 3.9-gallon recuperation tank and a 3-gallon arrangement tank makes tidying agreeable for up to 150 square feet.

A three-step procedure is executed for quicker and increasingly effective cleaning: shower, scour, remove. Moreover, the cleaning operators created by the Rug Doctor felt consummately paired with the unit.

On the off chance that by any possibility there is a creature in your condition, notice that this specific unit puts out additional force with regards to evacuating stains and odors made by pets.

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Customer Review

At the point when we talk about the customer reviews they were very satisfied by utilizing this item. one of the user said buying this product was definitely worth the money. Another user said this is a super product.



We have arranged a great deal of accommodating information to process so as to carefully pick and put resources in one of the best commercial carpet cleaners. It’s anything but a basic choice to make, however with this guide, you can skip a lot of unnecessary data and pose the extremely helpful inquiries. These days, the quantity of decisions is frequently excessively overpowering, and even sort of off-putting.

Regardless of whether you need to begin a cleaning business, or you simply need to get the best machine for your family unit as well as work space, these best commercial carpet cleaners should prove to be useful. Carpet Cleaner Lab trusts that you can discover all the responses to the significant inquiries with respect to this choice.




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