Best Cheap MIG Welder – Review 2023

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Have you ever wondered what goes down in industries? Especially the industries linked with metalwork. Have you ever looked at a ship and wondered how it is built? Have you ever thought about how the metal sheets are joined together or what procedure does the automotive industries or the home Improvement industries? One of the most frequent processes used is the best cheap MIG welder for welding i.e. metal inert gas welding.

It is best suited for smaller manual work and is amazing to use. It is relatively easy to carry out if the right type of machine has been chosen by you. It’s faster and very easy to learn as well. This is the secret behind all sorts of people becoming welders by sitting at home only.

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Cheap Mig Welder

Now we would be telling you about all the criteria you should have in mind before buying the best MIG welder for the price i.e. under your budget. If your MIG welder comes to mark with these specifications then you’re good to go!

AMPS (Minimum)

Your required amps should be kept in mind, especially the least amp record that you need. Mostly the least amp is 30 amps which are okay for 0.1 mm thick sheet of metal. Hence the type of work that is needed by the welder should be kept in mind e.g. if your minimum amp is less than 30, then the MIG welder will not work on car bodies, etc.

VOLTS (110V Vs. 220V)

Before buying a MIG welder your electric outlet installation should be kept in mind. For 110v, it can be plugged into any plugin in the household. However it limits the amperage that the welder can work with. However if a thicker metal needs to be welded then the welder needed should be of 220v for better work.

Spool Gun Capability

As we mentioned before, the material to be welded should be kept in mind.  The MIG welder with this option can be used to weld aluminum as well. However a welder without this tool cannot weld aluminum.


A good quality welder does not need a lot of adjustments to be made. They have better electronics fit inside them. Moreover they have better wire feed motor and wire feed mechanisms.

Duty Cycle

This basically is the measure of the time that the welder can work before it overheats e.g. 10 or 15 minutes. Any welder with a good cooling system e.g. fanning system can work really amazingly well and can have a good duty cycle. A bad duty cycle proves to be a problem as there are more break times in between the work getting completed.

Welder Chasis

This is the case that holds the welder. If it has wheels and is relatively smaller, then it’s perfect for use, especially in terms of portability.

 Top 8 Best Cheap MIG Welder

Here we present you wire feed welder reviews that are considered as one of the best inexpensive MIG welder. They are your go-to options in case you’re a beginner at welding or if you need a replacement for your old welder. They have some of the best features and are extremely reliable.


1.  Super Deal Pro

If you’re looking for one of the best budget MIG welder, then this one is for you. It is one of the best affordable MIG welder and is a must-buy for all those learning how to work with them.


          • It is a portable MIG welder.
          • It has a range of wire feed speeds and temperature controls.
          • There is a metal tip at the edge of the gun.
          • It comes with a cooling fan alongside.


  • It has a copper tip that makes sure that no slag builds up when building.
  • After using the tip for some time, this portable mig welding machine comes with extra tips for replacement.
  • Being the best home welder for the money it comes with protection from thermal overload making sure that your money doesn’t go to a loss.
  • This best home mig welder is extremely handy and compact, which means It can anywhere and everywhere.
  • It works amazingly well for its price.


  • It is always on the live mode when the power unit is turned on.
  • There are large gaps between the manufactured steel flex tubing.
  • It is an alternating current unit.

2.  Yeswelder Mig-205

This is one of the best 220v MIG welder for the money. it is extremely useful for those who need a very convenient and heavy-duty welding.


          • This 200 amp MIG welder is synergically controlled.
          • It has the feature of gasless and gas MIG weld.
          • This best 220v MIG welder has a gas check, a manual wire feed, and a value knob.
          • It comes with a 2T and 4T design.


  • The 2T is suitable for spot work and 4T is suitable for long term working.
  • There is a one-button selection design on which the right type of button is clicked according to the requirements for welding.
  • Only the current needs to be adjusted, the current will adjust itself.
  • Works amazingly well on less power too.


  • It has a hard time working on a very high power unit.
  • It only applies to D200 rolls of wire, i.e. 10lbs.

3.  Sungoldpower

This is one of the best MIG welder for the money because at such a low price, a lot of amazing features are available. Being the best MIG welder under 400 it is a must-have for all those looking to work like a professional.


          • Being one of the top rated MIG welders, it comes with a multifunction feature.
          • Gasless flux-cored welding along with Gas shielding MIG welding is available In accordance with the machine.
          • This best wire welder for the money has adjustable wire speed and welding current.


  • Welding can be carried out on different thicknesses and in accordance to your application.
  • It is well built and it is delivered with all sorts of things needed.
  • It is extremely suitable for mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel and other metal materials.
  • The noise pollution is eliminated completely because its audio frequency is beyond the audio range.
  • It is fan cooled which provides protection from overheating.


  • Only 0.30 and 0.40 tips for mig gun are given.
  • It doesn’t really have something fancy e.g. a screen to show amp or voltages.
  • The manual given along with it is not very helpful.

4.  Vivohome

This is one of the best mig welder for the price because of how cheap it is. It is also arguably the best mig welder for beginner and is a must-have for learning.


          • It features an adjustable welding speed along with it.
          • There are different accessories that come along with it.
          • It is a no reaction welder because it uses a convenient flux-cored wire.
          • It also has superior oxidation resistance.


  • The exterior of the product is heat resistant and it also resists wear and static build up.
  • The oxidation is prevented by flux core wire that releases metal inert gas.
  • It is suitable for a lot of applications e.g. frame supports or art projects.
  • There are two air vents that they help in the dissipation of heat so that overheating does not occur.


  • Even after the trigger is released, the wire remains hot.
  • It sometimes takes a lot of spatter.
  • The instruction book that accompanies it is almost useless.

5.  Display4top

This is a dual voltage mig welder which is considered as one of the good cheap mig welder. It is also considered as one of the best small mig welder because of its compact size.


          • It has a flux cored wire.
          • It also consists of safety precautions.
          • There are different accessories included with it.
          • It consists of wide applications.


  • The welder is automatically turned off when it overheats or when the voltage/current exceeds the limit.
  • It is portable and lightweight hence being perfect for DIY and normal repairing work.
  • Extremely long-lasting because of the, material it is made up of.
  • It also has a safety on/off option, a brush, and a grounding clamp.


  • The pictures on instructions are very small and blurry, hence not easy to understand.
  • The wires are a bit short for comfortable use.
  • It does not work amazingly well for thicker or larger things.

6.  Etosha

This is one of the best mig welder for home use and is extremely useful. It also a good cheap mig welder which is best if you need to use it at home.


          • It can be used for a wide range of welding applications.
          • Flux covered wire.
          • It has synergic applications which are easy to use.


  • Being one of the best wire welder for the money, there is no need to sepeartely adjust current and voltage, it is automated.
  • It remains stable in case of intolerant voltage.
  • Adjustable current and comfortable handgrip, which is perfect for DIY.


  • It only has an output voltage of 140 amps.
  • Has to be run on high to weld.
  • It isn’t suitable for industrial processes.

7.  Lincoln

Being one of the top rated mig welders this is worthy of buying. It is also considered as best mig welder for home use because of its amazing features.


          • It is easy to set.
          • It is portable.
          • Weighs around 45 pounds.
          • It is sorted with different sorts of accessories.


  • It can plug into household 115v easily.
  • It can be carried around the house because it is extremely lightweight as well.
  • This dual voltage mig welder comes with a gun, cable assembly, work clamp, and input power cable.
  • It has a contactor safety measure to keep the gun cold until the trigger is pressed.


  • It is not suitable for implement hooks or trailer tie-downs.
  • If you need something for extremely professional use, then this best mig welder for the price is not recommended, because it works best for home uses.

8.  Lotos

This best budget mig welder is a must-have too. It comes as one of the best mig welder under 400 and should be bought if you’re looking for the best affordable mig welder.


          • It has an aluminum wire feeder.
          • It includes a spool gun.
          • Its rated output is 175 amps.
          • It has a wide wire range.


  • The spool gun is already a part of the package, hence doesn’t have to be bought separately.
  • The wire is durable and high quality.
  • Suitable for all sorts of steels e.g. stainless and mild.
  • This best mig welder for the money is very easy to set up.


  • It has only one stage trigger.
  • Sometimes the tips get stuck to the tip of the gun.


So, to conclude, Best cheap mig welders are the easiest process to learn to weld. It has high welding speeds and has better control on thinner metal sheets. It makes us believe in the fact that clean welding is possible with no slag to clean. Moreover the same equipment can be used for flux core wires too. Get your MIG welder ASAP!

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