Top 6 Best Cheap Hot Tubs Under 500 – Buying Guide 2023

Last updated on November 2nd, 2022 at 10:34 am

Well worry no more we’ll show you today the best cheap hot tubs under 500. Yes, you’re hearing this right so that the less fortunate amongst you could easily find the best affordable hot tubs in the market


Top 6 best cheap hot tubs under 500


1.GoPlus best 4 person hot tub

GoPlus best 4 person hot tub

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Rated at a decent 3.6/5 stars, what this acclaimed brand in our list for cheap hot tubs under 500 offers, have a look below.

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Key Features
  • A splendid function of bubble massage in all directions so your body can relax in our soothing water.
  • This feature can also help relieve muscle tension and joint pains.
  • Able to seat 6 people at a time.
  • Fast heating option.
  • Digital panel allows for easy control of your water temperature as required.
  • Durability and strength guaranteed due to its tough quality PVC material surface.
  • Allows for comfortable and a smooth bathing experience.
  • Strong structure of the cheap inflatable hot tub allows to easily sit and roam around without fear of falling.
  • Easily cleaned filter allows to always have fresh and clean water at the go.
  • Protective covering for the hot tub.
  • Portable and thus easy to store away.


So for those budget saving people who want the best cheap hot tubs under 500, GoPlus hot tubs are certainly one of the best options to go due to their catchy and exciting features.

Customer Reviews
  • Easily assembled and started, plus the covering is quite up to the mark which allows for great covering for my family and kids. The heating element is also one of its best things as it heats up good in under a day and then I can relax in it as long as I want. A great buy indeed.
  • Considering my height and the ease of this portable hot tub this is easily carried to wherever you want to put it. Plus, even being a tall person, you can easily float around in this without compromising your position.

2.Bestway discount inflatable hot tub

Bestway discount inflatable hot tub

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Rated at a suitable 4/5 stars for portable hot tubs amazon, what this solid looking hot tub offers to you people. Have a look.

Key Features
  • Gives you the feeling of the pleasurable spa experience.
  • Around approx. of 120 bubble jet streams to calm down your nerves and body.
  • Digital panel to control temperature from inside the tub.
  • Power saving feature included.
  • Able to store the temperature settings for upto3 days prior. That’s smart thinking on their behalf, right?
  • Stable in size.
  • Durable material used in manufacturing the surface to ensure durability for the max possible time.
  • Able to be easily moved around for storage and transportation.
  • Easily set up and maintained.

As if these weren’t enough, coming along with this best inexpensive hot tub. The tub also comes with a protective covering like our previous hot tub to prevent various debris from falling in. not to mention it is easy to deflate and inflate as well with a regular pump.

Customer Review
  • Really pleased with this hot tub from Bestway. The 104-degree temperature setting frankly surprised me due to its impact on my body. Never have been such quickly and deeply relaxed before. All you could ever ask for best cheap hot tubs under 500. Trust me and buy this one!
  • Even after weeks passing on this purchase the hot tub works just fine. The temperature Is just about right for my husband and me. Also, this tub was fairly easy to set up and get it running. Will recommend buying it again.

3.Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

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A major contended in the market for hot tubs. Rated at strong 4/5 stars on our list of hot tubs for less than 500 are soft sided hot tubs from Coleman. Check below what this one holds for you.

Key Features
  • Gives a similar to spa like experience due to its jacuzzi for sale cheap like nature.
  • Easily operated and controlled with digital controlling panel as well just like other top-notch hot tubs.
  • Auto power saving feature.
  • Durable in its quality.
  • Flooring is padded to ensure heat flow at the base.
  • Stable to hold on to even if the people move around in it or have fun. The hot tubs don’t budge an inch due to rigid PVC.
  • Easily set up and maintained.
  • Comes with a connect dispenser system to maintain the filtration of water and ensure right temperature control for your water.
  • Extra add ins include an inflation pump and covering for the hot tub.
  • Portable and easily moved around.

Hence after judging these powerful specs we hope you are interested in this gem surely? So, cut the wait and buy from Coleman if you’re on the lookout for the best discount portable hot tubs.

Customer Review
  • A really great investment by my husband when he bought this hot tub. It works perfectly, heats water evenly, is light and easy to move around and provides a comfy feeling for my 4 family members. A must buy definitely!
  • Had a great experience with this hot tub. The temperature setting is brilliantly controlled. Though care should be taken as it takes around 24 hours to reach that stage so set it before a day according to your calculations. More on, this spa is fairly easily assembled nothing to worry about there and arrived a day before we expected. Hence so far, our experience with Coleman has been extraordinary.

4.Intex Portable hard sided portable hot tub

Intex Portable hard sided portable hot tub

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Another strong candidate in our list of best portable hot tubs under 500 is from Intex. Check below what their hot tub rated at a decent 4/5 stars offers.

Key Features
  • Available as a 4 person and 6 persons hot tub.
  • Good water treatment system for providing better and smoother water for skin.
  • Comes with insulated cover and lock system to provide safety and prevent materials from falling in.
  • Easily maintained with its provided cartridge filters.
  • Like other great models, comes with digital control panel as well.
  • Decent water temperature ranges from approx. 70 to 104 degree Celsius.
  • Made with ultra quality fiber tech to enhance the stability of the hard sided portable hot tub.
  • A separate storage back provided as an extra with the tub for easy transportation and storage.

Hence, luxuriate in our best portable hot spa’s for you at the best affordable costs! So, what are you waiting for?

Customer Review
  • About a month passed since I purchased this portable hot tub spa and we are all in love with it. Apart from being easier and efficient to set up, the extra add ins with the portable hot tub are a nice touch by the company. However, be sure to purchase some extra filters if you are planning to use this regularly.
  • Spent my dollars wisely on this one. I am still grateful on buying this hot tub. With easy as hell assembly and rigid structure of the hot tub. Nothing could basically go wrong if you have this hot tub. The covering is so good it doesn’t move a bit even under strong winds providing a great layer of privacy and protection. Must recommend!

5.Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

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Towards the last in our list of best inexpensive hot tub we show you the one of the top rated from Coleman. Rated at a best of 4.4/5 stars. What it contains are the following.

Key Features
  • Gives the satisfaction of instant relaxation through the touch of a button.
  • In built water filtration feature.
  • Provides the perfect amount of heat and bubbles for an idealized experience.
  • One of most comfy experiences of bathing guaranteed due to its premium cushioned surface.
  • Fast heating system.
  • Constructed with durable materials.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty on the pump and 3-month warranty on the tub.
  • Handles to move around the tub thus aiding portability.
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses.
  • A huge number of jets for you to play around and soothe yourself in.

So, when you’re back from a tiring and an awful day the Coleman SaluSpa is your crime partner to make the evening more eventful and relaxing. Buy it now from the portable spas for sale option before it’s too late guys.

Customer Review
  • Being on a tight budget finding the best cheap hot tubs under 500 was always something of a mountain for our family. However, this hot tub soon turned my mind around by showing just how amazing it actually is with its features.
  • Having a disease which requires me to stay in very warm water after spending time and wasting money on expensive hot tubs. I finally stumbled upon this SaluSpa on recommendation. I loved everything this hot tub has offered me from the start of the jets, the water capacity, cleaning feature, filtration system and the cover layer on the top it’s all the best you can get under the price tag. Don’t miss this out people.

6.Good Home single person hot tubGood Home single person hot tub

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Last but not the least, rated at a great 4.4/5 stars. We bring you this snug but single person hot tub under 500.

Key Features
  • Made from strong quality PVC material which is ecofriendly.
  • No harm to your soft skin.
  • Comfy approved design even if its for only 2 people at a time.
  • Keeps the temperature warm for approx. of 2 hours.
  • Easily used.
  • Easily drainable as well with extra side plastic faucet.
  • Saves on water due to its compact size.
  • Easily stored and packable.

We hope you give our product a try if you’re a single couple who just wants to have some quality loving time together while bathing. Then this is definitely the hot tub for you.

Customer Review
  • Finally, I was able to buy this hot tub which allowed me to soak myself fully without worrying too much. Without giving away too much, just had a small issue with the faucet and the draining system of this hot tub otherwise it’s a good one.
  • Loving the depth and the relative ease by which it fills in a small amount of time. So, save yourself some time and money and get this portable hot tub for yourself. It doesn’t disappoint.

Most of us love to keep ourselves clean and fresh almost every time since that is such a vital aspect of our personality. Now while relaxing and having a cleansing wash in your bathrooms buying hot tubs can offer seem a worrying task due to the rising prices in such hard times.

Together we’ll see a variety of hot tubs under 500. Including cheap hot tubs under 500, best affordable hot tubs, soft side hot tubs and last but not the least cheap inflatable hot tubs as well which have recently gain popularity in the market.

Factors to Consider


Most important when buying your cheap inflatable hot tub, be on the lookout for the right size. Depending upon your family members choose the right size, the standard being just about right to accommodate around 4 to 5 people.

Easy to Clean

Also make sure that your hot tubs are easier to clean and maintain. Since you’ll be using it frequently the need to have the cleanliest water possible is necessary for your family and yourself. So, buy those cheap hot tubs under 500 which have nice filters to filter out the un pure water from the pure.


Might seem small, but it’s always a good aspect of soft sides hot tubs that you get extra covers when you buy them. As those covers will provide protection against whether. They would also help to keep the water inside warm during winters while preventing leaves or other unwanted things form falling into your hot tubs.


Important to consider when buying your cheap small hot tubs is the ease on which you can store them once the season is gone. So, choose from those portable hot tubs on amazon which can be easily tucked away in a regular big suitcase somewhere in your attic, or which if you’re strong you can easily carry upstairs and lock it away for future use.


In effect, we’ll hope now when buying for the cheap hot tubs under 500 picking your choice for the best hot tub would be sufficiently easier. Take a look through our buying guide again and let us know if you are still lost.

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