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These days music recordings and performances are the new trend. However, most of the condenser microphones tend to be somewhat expensive which discourages users. So, we bring the solution to that by giving you a guide for the best cheap condenser mic in the market.

However, before diving into the list of budget condenser microphones let us take a glance at some important features to know of before buying.

Factors to Consider

Frequency of the mic

  • When buying out a condenser mic knowing the frequency response is a must.
  • Choosing the mic for the right frequency for human ears will be the best option for you.
  • Since the normal range is 20-20khz you should aim for good cheap mics which easily support this frequency range for optimal sound.


  • Since you will be aiming for cheap microphones be sure to get it from a well known brand.
  • A good cheap microphone from a good brand will have a good frequency response and satisfactory quality.
  • It may offer some more additional features for plugging in the microphone.

Build of the mic

  • When buying the best cheap condenser mic take note of the way the microphone is built in terms of hardware.
  • Check if you will be using it in downwards or laying position.
  • Make sure the built of the mic is such that it is able to withstand normal scratches and falls during use and shipping.

Top 8 Best Cheap Condenser Mic


1. Ikedon USB Condenser Microphone

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Starting of our best cheap condenser mic list with a bang. This device offers the following.

Key Features

  • Gives great quality USB support.
  • Can be used in a unidirectional wiring pattern.
  • Gives perfect vocal sound for recording and other purposes as well.
  • High frequency and sampling rate.
  • Good quality filter (for noise reduction).
  • Dual layer filter used.
  • Easily clamped.
  • The condenser mic Comes with a durable metallic body from top to bottom.
  • Easily plugged and play setup.
  • Compatible with most devices.
  • Easy installation.

For people on the hunt for a best usb microphone under 100 this is the one to look out for. Offering premium quality and realistic sound, this device is made such as to give clear sound without any factor of noise on a broader scale. Its ideal for vocal experts, podcasting, gaming, streaming, music sessions you name it and this best cheap condenser mic has it.

With premium quality filters employed to reduce outside sound and an excellent SNR ratio, this condenser mic works perfectly. It is also lesser prone to shocks and falls due to high strength metallic frame. Last but not the least, just plug in your microphone with easy installation on your device and enjoy the feel it gives you.

Customer Reviews

With all positive reviews this device was a top favorite of customers. Most said, that this condenser mic did not disappoint them to the least. The installation was super easy and the sound was just on the mark. Its use on customer’s laptop and desk was highly appreciated. It was in short a must recommend for people looking for the best budget microphones.

2. Audio-Technica AT2020 Condenser Microphone

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Continuing with our list with the best budget xlr microphone, which offers the following.

Key Features

  • High performance for the price guaranteed.
  • Good studio condenser tech used in the build for the mic.
  • Gives high dB rating.
  • A greater dynamic range provided.
  • Gives excellent frequency response due to its innovative design.
  • Very less noise ratio in this condenser mic.
  • Stylish blackish design on the exterior of device.

AT is an xlr condenser microphone which is known for its superior noise performance and less noise ratio at a budget friendly price. As a result, this mic gives a range of options for great music recording performance and studio recording as well. You also get satisfactory sound isolation while recording.

Moreover, what makes this condenser mic stand out is its excellent frequency response thanks to the way it is engineered. Giving high efficiency, powerful and improved performance which is ideal for studio and personal voice recording projects.

Customer Reviews

Having a perfect strong rating this xlr condenser microphone gained mostly positive reviews from customers. Most appreciated the build quality of the mic. The over all sound quality, frequency settings and the way it reproduced sound at such a cost-effective price was generally appreciated. Even with dropping the mic proved to work just as fine as before.

3. MAONO Condenser Microphone

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This cheap studio microphone by MAONO offers the following features to its users.

Key Features

  • High quality configured.
  • Great frequency and sound response from the diaphragm.
  • Multipurpose condenser mic.
  • Durable metal used for construction of the mic.
  • Gives a strong base.
  • Gives extremely low noise levels.
  • Comes with good quality mic cable.
  • Comes with filters already installed for better recording experience.
  • Easily connected to pc’s, smartphones and IOS devices.

If you are someone who wants a professional quality best microphone for vocals under 100 this is where you stop fellas. With this condenser microphone you simply get too much great features for the price. Starting from high quality configuration, to low signal to noise ratio while maintaining a great response for frequency. This mic can be used for almost anything you want. From gaming to streaming to sound recording and performances, this mic is a go to.

The construction is highly aluminum and thus making it more durable for long use and even to sustain falls. Plus, the wide range which this best budget condenser mic offers gives you a more versatile experience for sure. Last but not the least with a premium mic cable, you get full compatibility of this condenser mic with most devices.

Customer Reviews

Gaining mostly positive reviews this best cheap condenser mic gave great sound and build at a cheap price to most users. The sound at the output was fresh, clean and without any sound at all. It delivered a crisp and premium experience with many customers recommending more of their condenser microphones along with this one for use.

4. USB Computer Condenser Microphone

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Again, focusing our USB condenser mic audience a bit more. This device offers the following.

Key Features

  • Rich and smooth recording.
  • Comes pre-installed with a high performance chip.
  • Greatly Blocks outside noise.
  • Stylish design with easily moved neck of the mic.
  • Simple plug and play feature supported.
  • Compatible with every device.
  • Comes with its own LED light.
  • Ability for mute button.

A good cheap condenser mic with the likes of this one focus mainly on gaming eccentric people. Still that’s not all it offers. With its rich and smooth recording feature you can easily use it in singing, podcasting, calling or skype conference sessions. One of the best things about this mic is its embedded smart chip which results in effective noise cancellation and blocks almost all outside noise.

With simple installation all you need is just your computer or laptop and plug this condenser mic in through the USB port, that’s it! Its stylish style is further enhanced by the blue indicating Led light on the bottom and the mute button light. Which allows you to check status of mic and the ability to control it easily.

Customer Reviews

Those who used this product gave it mostly positive reviews. Although people were of the view that the design looked kind of strange at first but the quality was more than enough for such a cheap price tag. It was thought of as one of the best usb microphone under 100 and most recommended to gamers under a tight budget.

5. Purple Panda Omnidirectional Condenser Mic

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This cheap condenser microphone offers the following features.

Key Features

  • Comes as a great quality whole kit for mics.
  • Gives admirable audio recording.
  • Made tough and light weight for easy operation.
  • Easily used.
  • Compatible with most gaming devices and smart phones including Apple.
  • Ideal for a gift for loved ones.
  • Come with both wire and USB access.
  • Comes with more extra accessories and book.

This cute manufacturer for best inexpensive condenser microphone gives you an all in one kit with this product. The condenser mic within the bag gives surprisingly good and clear sound quality for the price. The easy to use feature makes possible for the condenser mic to be used on the go. So very ideal for casual vlogging people, gaming, fun adventures and small time movie making as well.

The way its durable and light makes this condenser mic an ideal candidate for your journey readers. The condenser mic apart from being compatible with most modern mobile devices features also comes with a simple plug and play feature.

Customer Reviews

This mic gained mostly positive reviews from customers with many of them. Most of them appreciated its TRRS support with their present camera recorders and I phones. They were surprised of such a good quality microphone at a decent price tag. The wire of the microphone was another bonus feature making it more useful for customers than some other short wired microphones.

6. Professional Lapel Condenser Microphone

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Next up in our list for the best budget microphones, this product gives the following features.

Key Features

  • Comes with a spatial position of the mic.
  • Gives clear sound on the microphone.
  • Comes with built in chip for efficient sound recording.
  • Compatible specially with Apple smartphones.
  • Able to record high quality sound constantly.
  • Recommended for longer video recording.
  • Simple plug in and play method.

If you travel a lot and choose to keep your condenser microphone close to you through your I phone then this one’s for you definitely. Giving special access to only apple smartphones and tablets this condenser mic gives you the ability to hold it through two methods. Either clip it on your shirt or hold it near your mouth, either way it gives clear and good quality sound.

For any type of recording long or small, the condenser mic comes with pre installed chip to make sure of efficient and clear sound recording. It is also designed such to make it portable and to input your sound levels from all directions while recording. Thus, a great choice for best cheap microphones.

Customer Reviews

Having mostly positive reviews this condenser mic, was said to give amazing sound quality for its cheap price. The outside noise was sad to be blocked reasonably well and the compatibility of the light weight mic was totally loved by customers as well. Most were of the view that this was easily one of the best budget condenser mic in the market.

7. Neewer Condenser Microphone

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This is another of the best studio microphone under 100, with the following features.

Key Features

  • Stylish golden design.
  • Good quality electric control of the mic.
  • Gives good fuller sound from the mic.
  • Comes with high input sensitivity.
  • Strong structure condenser mic.
  • Easily set up and running.

Readers this is one of those good cheap mics which get the job done at almost nothing for price. Still the stylish and lavish like design of this mic is a cool attraction. Furthermore, you get an efficient electrical circuit in the mic which makes sure to get most sensitive sound frequencies at the input. More on, the structure of the mic is made such as to support stability and make it sturdier against shocks and strong winds.

Customer Reviews

This mic gained mostly positive reviews from customers with many indicating that this was one of the best microphone under 100. The easy way this microphone was set up was a positive for many customers. Some customers also reported of good sound recording levels during their acoustic music recording. The stability and rigid structure were also praised.

8. Tascam Condenser Microphone

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Last but not the least in our list is this good cheap condenser mic offering the following features.

Key Features

  • Ideal for podcasting.
  • Captures extremely low sounds quite well.
  • Light weight structure.
  • Easily powered with simple batteries.
  • Easily moved and adjusted as desired.
  • Comes with xlr output support.

This condenser mic is a cool and easy to use microphone with its own table stand and switch pre-installed. Its highly efficient for podcasting recording, due to its smart and light diaphragm which is installed inside the small microphone. More on, you get good quality snr ratio with this best inexpensive condenser microphone.

You also get a pre-installed filter inside the mic’s skin to remove outside unnecessary noise levels so you get clear sound. The structure of this condenser mic is also fairly decent allowing you to move it around the podium or table without any disruptions. Last you get high quality xlr cable along with this mic.

Customer Reviews

This mic gained mixed reviews with customers reporting how it gave great level of sound and pretty much better than what they had in mind. The base was said to be stable without no moving at all and no buzzing with the quality of sound.


Well readers that is pretty much it for the budget friendly guide on best cheap condenser mic. We hoped all or most of your queries were addressed. If you still need a hand with understanding it better give us a call out below.


What are good cheap xlr microphones?

According to our guide Audio-Technica AT2020 are amongst the good cheap xlr microphones you can buy in the market.

What is the best cheap condenser microphone?

Ikedon USB condenser microphone is the best cheap condenser microphone readers.

What’s the best cheap microphone for recording?

Shure SM57 is the best cheap microphone for recording.

Is condenser mic good for singing?

Yes, readers a condenser mic is pretty good for singing. As they easily capture the vocals produced during singing while also retaining them at high frequencies. Even for most studio experts and recording projects the condenser mics are the first option to go for due to their easy to go weight and diaphragm properties.

How do I choose a microphone for singing?

When choosing your microphone for singing, first take note of the frequency ranges it supports. For instance, for singing your microphone should be around the range 75-15 khz to get good results. Then see the transient response you will be getting with the microphone. Test it out first and see if it seems easy to hold on to and move. Lastly, also consider the connectivity it supports usb or xlr cable supported.



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