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What makes any CB antenna the best is the quality, performance, and structure of along with the bandwidth over which communication is made. Communication in remote areas is essential for various purposes, where CB antenna radios come in handy as they convert electric signals into radio frequency to communicate. The questions arise, how can someone tell if this is the best antenna for 18 wheeler on the market?

Editor's Pick


WILSON 305-38

☞ Power rating: 300 watts
☞ Material: Plastic
☞ Bandwidth (MHz): 30

A Buying Guide To The Best CB Antenna For 18 Wheeler

Most people ignore what it takes to choose the right product and go for what is popular and trendy. It increases the chances of getting the wrong product because every product does not work the same for everyone. Well, we have gathered the essentials that need to be considered before making a purchase to make the best out of your time, money, and effort.

Power source

  • There are two most common types of power source; battery operated and corded.
  • These are the most convenient CB antennas when it comes to portability.
  • They offer a good battery life and are easy to install and uninstall when required.
  • Corded antennas offer the benefit of a more consistent, uninterrupted source of power.
  • It may need professional assistance when it comes to installation or else if you are into it for a long time, you may have an idea about what to do.


  • The major issue to be concerned about is that if the size of the antenna impacts the quality and range of the signals that are transmitted or not.
  • A smaller antenna trims as much as 3 miles off of the expected range, which means a larger antenna is of more benefit if it suits your needs.
  • Besides the size and range, it is important to understand that the size of the antenna directly affects the wear and tear due to weather conditions.
  • Smaller antennas are less prone to damage due to agitation. It is also important to consider the overall height of the vehicle and the antenna.

Technical Quality

  • An amazing antenna is one that is exceptional when it comes to transmitting signals both ways; in and out.
  • If you are buying one just to listen to weather forecast or radio, an antenna that is reliable in receiving signals would go fine for you.
  • Whereas, for both ways of communication you need to find an antenna that excels in both sending and receiving signals.
  • Audio quality also needs to be considered as traveling at high speeds can disrupt the quality of speech.
  • The standard wavelength to be covered is between 26 MHz to 30 MHz.


  • The cost of an antenna depends on the quality and durability of the product as a sturdy and high-end antenna gives you a longer life span than a low-quality one.
  • To find the right product for you and narrow down your search, it is important to set a budget so that you do not have to look through the products that are not in your range.
  • A high-end product will not only give you better quality when it comes to performance, plus extended projected use, which means you are still saving in on maintenance and repair cost.

Personal Preference

Besides functionality, quality, and price, it is important to understand your personal preference and ask yourself some questions before looking for the product right away. It will help you in choosing the best product in the least of the time. For instance;

  • Where are you going to use it?
  • Do you need it for one side or both ways signal transmission?
  • What is the type of vehicle you are going to use it for?
  • What is the overall height of your vehicle?
  • Will you be needing it to move from one vehicle to another or not?

Wind Resistance

  • The structure and design of an antenna play an important role in determining the wind resistance capability of an antenna.
  • There are springs at the base that are meant to absorb the shocks and vibrations due to the movement of the vehicle at high speed.
  • Having a sturdy base spring plays a crucial role in preventing wear and tear.


  • These short cb antennas are attached to the vehicle using different methods depending on the design of the antenna.
  • There are two different ways to install an antenna on a vehicle; magnetic and drilled.
  • Going for an antenna that is mounted into the vehicle is secure to the damage but seeing the need and requirement magnetic attachment has overrun any other way of attachment.

Best CB Antenna for 18 Wheeler

WILSON 305-38

☞ Power Rating: 300 watts
☞ Material: Plastic
☞ Antenna Length: 36-inch
☞ Type: Magnet stud
4.3View Product
WILSON 305-492

☞ Power Rating: 3500 watts
☞ Material: Thermoplastic/Stainless Steel
☞ Antenna Length: 49-inch
☞ Type: Center Load
4.5View Product
Cobra HG A1000

☞ Power Rating: 100 watts
☞ Material: Non-corrosive stainless steel
☞ Antenna Length: 21-inch
☞ Type: Magnet stud
3.8View Product
TRAM Amateur

☞ Power Rating: 100 watts
☞ Material: Non-corrosive stainless steel
☞ Antenna Length: 24-inch
☞ Type: Magnet stud
4.5View Product
Hustler SCB

☞ Power Rating: 1000 watts
☞ Material: High-grade stainless steel
☞ Antenna Length: 35-inch
☞ Type: Center load
5.0View Product
WILSON 305-550

☞ Power Rating: 5000 watts
☞ Material: High-grade thermoplastic
☞ Antenna Length: 52-inch
☞ Type: Shape-base whip
4.8View Product
WILSON 305-493

☞ Power Rating: 3500 watts
☞ Material: Stainless steel
☞ Antenna Length: 49-inch
☞ Type: Shaft-base center load
4.3View Product
President AMUS141

☞ Power Rating: 250 watts
☞ Material: High-grade Thermoplastic
☞ Antenna Length: 20-inch
☞ Type: Dual helical whip
4.2View Product

Looking into such features before making a purchase will help you find the product that saves you not only time but also money and hassle. If you are still not sure about which one to go for or it seems like you are lost in the swarm of products that claim the best performance in the most affordable way, do not worry. We have gathered the best CB antenna for your convenience. This is the comparison between the best CB radio with an antenna for 18 wheelers available at Amazon you can choose from without any doubts and fears.

1. WILSON 305-38– Best CB Antenna For 18 Wheeler



  • Power rating: 300 watts
  • Material: Plastic
  • Bandwidth (MHz): 30
  • Antenna Length: 36-inch
  • Type: Magnet stud
  • Cable: RG58\AU

The WILSON 305-38, also known as the “Little Wil” has a bandwidth frequency of 30 MHz, the product has a power rating of 300 watts. It is equipped with a heavy-duty coil which is made of 14-gauge copper wire. The cb base antenna is made of 17-7 PH stainless steel. The material of the product is made of high impact thermoplastic. The cable-type of product is RG58/AU. This product is equipped with a PL-259 plug.

Customer Review

It is one of the best CB antennas for its easy installation, durability and its economic price. Could not be any happier to have this one for my truck.

2. WILSON 305-492– Wilson Little Wil CB Antenna Reviews



  • Power rating: 3500 watts
  • Material: Thermoplastic/Stainless steel
  • Bandwidth (MHz): 440
  • Antenna Length: 49-inch
  • Type: Center Load
  • Cable: RG58\AU

The WILSON 305-492 has a bandwidth frequency of 440 MHz, it has a 5” shaft and the cable length is about 49”. The cable design is like a whip and it is made of stainless steel. It is a truck cb antenna that has a large coil housing that allows much better power handling. It has a power rating of 3500 watts. The thread size of this product is 3/8 and its material is the 24-chromed brass ferrule. This product can be easily used for a trailer if it is grounded firmly on the vehicle.

Customer Review

This is the best CB antenna for its durability, easy installation, and resale value.

3. Cobra HG A1000– CB Radio Truck Antenna



  • Power rating: 100 watts
  • Material: Non-corrosive Stainless steel
  • Bandwidth (MHz): 100
  • Antenna Length: 21-inch
  • Antenna Type: Magnet stud
  • Cable: RG58\AU

The Cobra HG 1000A Wilson 2000 trucker antenna has a band non-abrasive 4-inch magnet that ensures the cb radio base station antenna stays in one place after installation. This truck whip antenna has a universal connection design; it can be installed on any vehicle. This product can be removed on the installed vehicle if it is not used for a while because of its mounted magnet equipment. It has a PL-259 radio connector. This product has a power rating of 100 watts. This product is a weather-ready mobile cb antenna, which means it is fit for any weather. The whipped shaped antenna is made of non-corrosive black colored stainless steel. The base-pad of this product is scratch resistant.

Customer Review

Talking about overall performance and quality, Cobra HG 1000A, is the best one so far.

4. TRAM Amateur- Best CB Antenna For Pickup Truck



  • Power rating: 100 watts
  • Material: Non-corrosive Stainless steel
  • Bandwidth (MHz): 130
  • Antenna Length: 24-inch
  • Antenna Type: Magnet-stud
  • Cable: RG58

The TRAM 703-HC antenna is a whipped shaped non-corrosive black colored product that can convert all possible CB frequencies with its own. This whip antenna for truck has a 3.5-inch mounted magnet on its top that does the conversion trick and equipped with a shock spring that absorbs all the shocks provided during a road trip. This product is an all-road and all-weather antenna, which means it will deliver you clear radio frequency if you are on the country road or on a mountain. It is equipped with a 17-feet RG58 cable with a PL-259 connecter plug. You might want to call this product the best magnetic mount cb base station antenna but it is also the best CB radio for the money.

Customer Review

I was not sure about this one until I received it. It is the best cb antenna for semi truck that is water resistance, economic value and durability it offers.

5. Hustler SCB– Best CB Antenna For 18 Wheeler



  • Power rating: 1000 watts
  • Material: High-grade Stainless steel
  • Bandwidth : 250-400 kHz
  • Antenna Length: 35-inch
  • Antenna Type: Center Load
  • Cable: RG58

The Hustler SCB dual CB base station antenna kit is a computer designed antenna. The coil and the whole design of the antenna are designed in optimal length and ratio, the coil delivers 120 channels at the power rate of 1000 watts. The cord of the product is made of high-grade stainless steel. A stainless steel spring is mounted on the top of the coil for shock absorption purposes. The approximate bandwidth frequency of this antenna is 250 to 400 kHz it has an adjustable whip length and it gives weather band reception. It is a low profile cb antenna that also has top and bottom chrome-plated caps. It has an RG58 coaxial cable.

Customer Review

This antenna offers a consistent signal quality along with durability and sturdiness that increases the lifespan of the product and cost you less over maintenance.

6. WILSON 305-550– Best CB Base Antenna



  • Power rating: 5000 watts
  • Material: High-grade Thermoplastic
  • Bandwidth(MHz) : 200
  • Antenna Length: 52-inch
  • Antenna Type: Shaft-base Whip
  • Cable: RG58

The WILSON 305-550 is a 17-7 SS whip antenna that is weather channel ready and is made of high grade thermoplastic. It has a 10-foot shaft and it has a power rating of 5000 watts. It has a removable coil for compact storage purposes. Its coil has a unique floating construction that makes it freeze-resistant and gives you clear radio frequencies even on bad weather. The product is the best mobile cb radio weather-ready channel antenna. The wire in the coil is of a silver plated 3/16” solid copper. This package comes with the following claim

Customer Review

I still cannot believe the reception quality and durability for the price it comes in. I am really happy about my purchase.

7. WILSON 305-493– Best CB Radio For Truckers 2021



  • Power rating: 3500 watts
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Bandwidth(MHz) : 160
  • Antenna Length: 49-inch
  • Antenna Type: Shaft-base Center Load
  • Cable: RG58

The WILSON 305-439 is a stainless steel center loaded coil antenna. The coil of the antenna is a construction of standard 3/8 24 chrome brass ferrules. The wire is made of 10-gauge silver. It has thermoplastic constructed weather-static reduction cap.  It has a power rating of 3500 watts.

Customer Review

I can bet you that for easy installation and outstanding performance you will not find a product better than this one. My friend recommended it to me and I will be forever thankful to him for this one.

8. President AMUS141– Best CB Antenna For Dump Truck



  • Power rating: 250 watts
  • Material: High-grade Thermoplastic
  • Bandwidth: 800 kHz
  • Antenna Length: 20-inch
  • Antenna Type: Dual Helical Whip
  • Cable: RG-174

President AMUS141 is a dual helical whip antenna. It has a rating of 250 watts. The whip has adjustable levels and a magnetic base. This product is weather channel compatible. The tv antenna for truck drivers has a bandwidth frequency of 800 kHz and covers 80 channels. It is compatible with all the best cheap CB radio frequencies.

Customer Reviews

Whether it is performance, quality, maintenance, or price, AMUS offers the best products and I am really satisfied with the purchase.


How far is the reach of CB antenna radio?

A CB radio has a range of one to fifteen miles between the transmitter and receiver. Nonetheless, several variables can have an impact on signal transmission. Such considerations include the antenna’s length, the surrounding topography, the antenna’s quality, the kind of installation, and even the ionosphere state. You can achieve a range of five to ten miles if you broadcast between mobile and base. 

How to install a CB radio on a semi-truck?

Installing the CB radio on your semi-truck necessitates following the CB radio’s user instructions. However, to give you a fair concept of how to install your CB radio, just attach the antenna onto the spring first. Check that the tip does not interfere with the roof. The spring is then mounted onto the magnet.
Then, connect the coax wire to the CB radio’s read end. Make certain that the coax cable connection is free of creases. After that, attach the microphone to the radio. Get your hands on the RED+ wire. Then, connect the RED= cable to your radio. Once connected, look for the metal screw that is linked to your vehicle’s metal bodyboard. After that, pleat the Black-wire finish onto the bolt.

What does CB radio stand for?

CB radio antenna for cb radio stands for Citizens Band radio

How tall is an 18 wheeler?

The average length of an 18-wheeler is 80 feet

How to tune dual cb antennas?

Follow these steps:
The distance between both antennas should min. 5’
Wire up everything with a co-phased RG-59 coax cable, it is a “Y” shaped cable.
Connect each end of the cable with a ground plane cb antenna and connect them with a radio.



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