Best Car Amp For The Money

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If you are bored with your car’s dull stereo system and you are looking for another replacement like the best car amp for the money, then you are on the right page. It happens mostly when your car’s built-in sound system is not up to your desires, and if you want to add more power to your music system, then upgrade the system with high-profile amplifiers. But every time you look for an upgradation, you get confused about making a perfect purchase. Is it so? If yes, then I am with you to take your confusion away.


Best Car Amp For The Money- A Buying Guide 

Before moving towards the product and making a decision, you better understand the best car amp’s required features. I have prepared a buying guide to acknowledge the requirements, so let’s go through them first.


  • Your decision should be dependant on the quality of channels.
  • Audio quality, heat, and power of channels make them different from each other.
  • You can buy a mono channel, 2-channel, or 4-channel amplifier.


  • Amplifiers can be of different sizes, I.e., huge or small.
  • The size makes a difference on the basis of quality and price.
  • Buy the one that can fit easily in your car.


  • Power is the most significant factor to stress over.
  • Power decides the peak performance and logistics of RMS.
  • Lower power does not make your purchase worthwhile.


  • Amplifiers are not expensive as compared to woofers and car speakers.
  • They range from 100$ to above.
  • Select a product within your spendable range.

Top 8 Best Car Amp For The Money 


Let’s head towards the list of the best car amp for the money so that you make your choice easily.

1. Rockford Fosgate R250X1 Car Amp


  • Amazing design
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Does not heat up early


  • Better connectors would be appreciated


  • Has 150 watts RMS
  • Comes with onboard 12dB/octave LP/HP/AP crossover
  • Possesses 18dB boost at 45Hz
  • Mounted control panel
  • Aluminum Heatsink with Stealth top
  • 1-Channel Mono Block Amplifier

If you are looking for a moderately high amplifier, then this product is up to your wants. These subwoofers are not that expensive and can make your car musically full. These are high featured subwoofers that are designed explicitly for hitting deeply. This amplify also has a 12dB/octave Butterworth crossover infrasonic filter.

Rockford Fosgate R250X1 Prime Car Amp comes with a mounted control panel cast of Aluminum Heatsink with Stealth top. This amplifier is not only stunning by design but performance also. It possesses a monoblock channel and has a clear and loud sound.

For running a set of four output channels, the evaluated power capacity works from 250-watt amps at 4-ohms. It can also be 600-watt amps at 2-ohms, and 750-watt amps at 1-ohm. However, different clients have detailed an RMS at 1-ohm of around 900, which is excellent.

Customers’ Reviews 

People who bought this amplifier say that they love this amp and recommend to anyone searching for great bass while keeping a stock auto electric system. It pushes 300 watts RMS at 4ohms/500 watts RMS at 2ohms. It works exceptionally with your vehicle and gets adjust without being any dawdle. Overall, this amplifier is the best car amp for the money.

2. Alpine S-A55V Car Stereo Amp 


  • Immense power
  • Does not get hot
  • Elegant structure
  • Knobs for adjustment
  • Affordable


  • Heavier


  • Comes with five channels
  • Extreme power density digital amp
  • Has power rating of 60W RMS X 4 + 300W RMS X 1 at 2-Ohm S-Series Amplifier
  • Has quick speaker connectors

Alpine is known for expensive yet unique amplifiers, and people who can afford it always go for alpine. There is not even a single question that some of the amplifiers are of top-notch quality. They mostly come at a very hefty price, but no worries because this amplifier is excellent yet affordable. Packed up with five channels make it the best car amp for the money so far.

This extremely powerful amp comes as a power density digital amp. It has a higher power rating and thus gives out clear music of higher sound. While talking about its power rating, I want you to know that it is 60W RMS X 4 + 300W RMS X 1 at 2-Ohm S-Series Amplifier.

It has an elegant design, and it will make you fall for its performance and its structure. It comes with a stackable installation design and possesses front-panel controls. Isn’t it astonishing? Last but not least, this amplifier has a quick-connect for its speaker connectors. Overall, it is a beautiful deal, undoubtedly.

Customers’ Reviews 

This amp is smaller in size that is extremely versatile. Reviews say that it has plenty of power and is very clean. There is no distortion. Being an efficient amp provides much less strain on your charging system than most other amps would. Also, since this amp is an all-in-one, you can use just a single power cable instead of linking up splitters that cost extra money. Overall, reviews state it as an excellent amp.

3. Alpine MRV-F300 Car Amplifier


  • Small size
  • Does not get hot
  • High and clear volume
  • Easily operative
  • Adjustable


  • Bass EQ switch quality could be better


  • Four channels packed in
  • Same power as adverse amplifiers
  • 40% smaller in size
  • Power capacity of 50W RMS X 4
  • Decent interface
  • Pocket-friendly

This amplifier comes with four channels and is very simple to operate. The alpine amp does not dawdle any operation and works efficiently. As it puts robust input, and so distributes the equal energy overall. Its top-notch subwoofers give high-quality sound and make you go deep into it.

Alpine MRV-F300 Car Amplifier has the same energy and efficiency than other amplifiers, yet it comes with about 40% smaller size. So, its pretty smaller size makes it adjustable and easy to go with the flow. So, know that they would not be any fuss in your car after connecting it.

It implies a strong power rating of 50W RMS X 4. An even and loud sound spreads all over the car because of its power capacity. Know that it accompanies a decent interface. An important thing to be considered before buying any product is its price, so this amp is pocket-friendly, and you can quickly grab it within your budget.

Customers’ Reviews 

According to the reviews, it is an ideal amp for a little space. The sound is super loud and clear. It is a great amp at a tremendous cost. It comes with a simplistic interface, and nothing could happier the buyers as it did. It got a good rating that clarifies its reputation among buyers.

4. DC Audio DC1.2K-A3 Car Audio Amplifier


  • Bass knob
  • Efficient
  • The clear and loud sound


  • Could not find any


  • Comes with a power capacity of 1450W RMS
  • 16V Mono Class D Car Audio Amp
  • Comes with a bass knob
  • Designed to run a 1 or 2 ohm per amp
  • Wired remote control

If you are looking for a powerful and loud amplifier, then DC Audio DC1.2K-A3 Car Audio Amplifier could be you’re the best choice to make. This class D car audio amp comes with a mono channel of 16 volts. It is very powerful and has a power capacity of 1450 watts RMS.

When it comes to the design and structure, it is a stylish amp and possesses a bass knob also. As it is a linkable amp, so it is mainly designed to run a 1 or 2 ohm per ampere. This amp comes with an upgraded battery under the hood.

This wired remote control amplifier always produces loud and crisp sound, and it does not alter music into noise. When it comes to power inputs, know that it will accept four AWG for power and four AWG for ground.

Customers’ Reviews 

As indicated by the customers, it is an ideal amp for your car. The sound is too loud and clear. It is a phenomenal amp at a fantastic expense. It works incredibly with your vehicle and gets change without any hesitating. Generally, this speaker is the best car amp for the money.

5. Rockville dB45 Car Stereo Amp


  • High-speed power capacity
  • Has IC controlled protection
  • Adjustable bass equalization
  • Optical copular technology


  • Small outlets for power and ground wires


  • Comes with amplifier birth sheet with tested power
  • Optical Coupler Technology
  • Power capacity of 3200 Watt/1600w RMS
  • Possesses a fully adjustable 12dB Bass Equalizer
  • High-Speed MOSFET Power Supply

The dB arrangement of this amplifier is quite an impressive one generally ask for. The parts used in its making are of extraordinary quality and can stand their ground among the most mainstream amps from top contenders Rockford Fosgate and Kicker.

This reasonable, 4-channel amp gives a high yield low impedance answer for controlling your cars’ bass speakers. It includes an extraordinary subsonic channel and has an entirely movable crossover with differential hardware, so clients can alter their bass as they would prefer.

Another significant spec is built-in delay soft start technology, which keeps the framework from turning on at the full volume they were turned off at. They are additionally secured by controlled peak circuitry by an expert evaluation peak limiter, to ensure full quality playback.

Customers’ Reviews 

Customers’ reviews state that this is a beautiful Amplifier with an easy to fix shortcoming. This amp is extremely loud for its class and has a high power supply. Its 230 watts per channel make it easier to work. It is the best car amp for the money of this extent. It sounds good and not a bit distorted. Overall, customers are happy with it.

6. BOSS Audio Systems R1100M Monoblock Car Amplifier


  • Works great
  • Cheap in price
  • High and low inputs settings
  • Bass boost function


  • Heat issues


  • Offers a maximum Power Output of 1100 Watts at 2 Ohms
  • Connect the R1100M to your factory radio or an aftermarket radio
  • Comes with a Low-pass filter
  • Variable Bass Boost
  • Slim and compact design
  • 3-year Platinum Online Dealer Warranty

It is a class A/B amp with incredible quality linear circuitry. So this is the reason it can adapt so adequately to high power outputs. This amp piles on a noteworthy 1100 watts at only 2 ohms giving an RMS of 825 watts. The woofer levels can be controlled through a wired-in far off. It likewise includes a bass lift work, which adds an astounding 18 decibels to the low end with a direct switch.

It has high and low-level contributions to help accomplish ideal function, and a variable low pass filter connecting you in charge of what goes with your cars’ subwoofer. It additionally subsidies by programmed shut-off insurance to prevent short circuits.

It continually screens to identify heat issues and electric problems in the associated speakers. It is all around made and low valued a blend that puts it on the smash hits list and considered.

Customers’ Reviews 

They were dazzled right out of the box. It was doubtful as a result of the value point, and people say they never bought an amp under $250.00. This has a fantastic brushed metal finish and the boss logo lights, which looks cool if you plan on uncovering it. Purchasers have consistently stayed with the best like accuracy force and JL sound; however, this was a genuine spending venture. Clients are incredibly upbeat. Some lone required 200 watts RMS for the sub, and this amp is giving all that anyone could need at 1/3 force.

7. BOSS Audio Systems AR1500M Car Amplifier


  • Switchable Bass Boost
  • Six years warranty
  • Low pass filter
  • Sensor technology
  • Free of distortion


  • Overheating problems


  • Has a Power Output of 1500 Watts at 2 Ohms
  • Monoblock channel
  • Low-pass filter
  • Switchable Bass Boost
  • 6 Year Platinum Online Dealer Warranty

It is connected thoroughly with its Bass Boost exchanging capacities and Remote Sub control. It is powerful. However, the slimline amp comes with 1500 watts settings. It subsidies by a similar extraordinary Class A/B linear quality circuitry to successfully perform giving high performance.

It also includes a MOSFET power supply that can switch immediately among full and non-conduction and competently hand out 1125 watts maximum RMS power. It is free of distortion. It has some blasting bass tones and indeed places clients in charge with its completely factor low pass filter control working.

It likewise gives switchable inputs. Its controls take into account modifications direct from the head unit for a customized optimal balance. It, too, has underlying short circuit prevention, which will consequently stop and recognizes the danger of overheating or speaker dis-functioning.

Customers’ Reviews

This amp gave much all that anyone could need power. Thus, look into reviews as this amp results, which demonstrated this amp puts out 200 Watts RMS at 2ohms. It is much all that anyone could need to be matched with a stock factory sound system. It sounds great, it very well may be tuned loud, and it’s anything but difficult to setup. In any case, it could profit by a subsonic control for those using a ported box versus sealed.

8. Pyramid PB3818 Car Stereo Amplifier


  • Silver-ported RCA ports
  • Short circuit protection
  • MOSFET pulse


  • Could not find any


  • 2 Channel Car Amplifier
  • 5000W bridgeable output
  • Silver-ported RCA ports
  • The subsonic filter allows low-end interference
  • MOSFET pulse
  • Distortion-free signal
  • Short circuit protection
  • Slim size design

It has variable level input sources that will empower you to introduce a sound system out of any unit source. This powerful amp likewise accompanies variable gain control. It comes with MOSFET for signal amplification and provides switching.

It has a customizable electric crossover for various sound quality. Delicate turning on and off will shield the circuitry system from harm. The variable bass lift will give you tremendous bass. It possesses a heat sink made of value aluminum compound that securely ensures circuits and the whole unit.

The Pyramid PB3818 accompanies amplification of sound on two channels and a most extreme 2500 Watts yield that will empower you to stack music high. It is the best car amp for the money as it comes at lower prices and offers you much more.

Customers’ Reviews

Buyers’ reviews express this is a beautiful Amplifier with a simple to fix any problem. This amp is incredibly boisterous for its size and has high force. Its two channels make it simpler to work. It is the best car amp for the money of this degree. It sounds great. Generally speaking, clients are satisfied with it.


I have mentioned the list of the best car amp for the money, and they all are lovely. Every amplifier has its specifications, and you can count on them without any single doubt. So, go and check the products on Amazon and make your purchase worthwhile.


What is the best car amp for the money?

Without any doubt or any second thought, I will state Rockford Fosgate R250X1 Prime Car Amp as the best car amp for the money. It has incredible features and very affordable.

  • Amazing design
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Does not heat up early

Which amp should I buy for my car?

However, all the amps on my list are the best, and you can easily count on any of them. But as I said earlier, Rockford Fosgate R250X1 prime car amp is the very best among all the best amps, so I would suggest you go for it.

How many amps do I need for my car audio system?

Generally, you will look for one amp for all the speakers in your car. As each channel runs one speaker, which means you are in need of multiple channels on the amplifier. However, most of the cars come with four speakers, so four-channel amps are the most popular for such a car. Five- or six-channel amps will give you even more options.

How many batteries do I need for a 2000 watts amp?

If you maximize at 2000 watts, you are pulling 2000 watts/12 volts = 166.6 DC amps every hour. And if that you use 200 amps 12-volt battery, you would be dividing 200 amp battery/166.6 amps = 1.2 long periods of run time. This is in the case that you plan on completely exhausting the battery, which I DON’T suggest.

Are cheap car amps good?

A cheap car amp won’t harm speakers that can undoubtedly deal with the force that it is pushing. However, an expensive and incredible amplifier is substantially more prone to cause undue strain on and potentially even explode the lower level speakers and subwoofers.




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