8 best budget welding helmet under 100

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Hard-working individuals are the backbone of society. With their blood sweat and tears arises a successful nation. One such category of humans are welders who work in extreme conditions to complete their jobs.If you have experience with welding you would know about the radiation that it generates and the possibility of eye damage. To be immune to these harmful situations a good welding helmet is a must.But how to choose the right one? To ease your burden we have compiled a list of 8 most efficient, budget friendly helmets and a buyer’s guide so you can choose the best product for you.

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Instapark ADF GX990T

☞ View Area: 3.94 x 3.86 inches
☞ Battery: Lithium Metal
☞ Color: Blue

Instapark ADF GX990T- best budget welding helmet

Things to Consider When Choosing

If you are a professional welder or just looking for a welding helmet, you are required to coach yourself. You should know what aspects are necessary to check while buying. And when you know what exactly you need then you can choose a high-quality budget-friendly helmet easily.

Viewing size

Every different model has its different views size. It is the amount of area you can see through the welding helmet. Then obviously it would be an important feature. It mostly depends on personal preference. If you are a welder who does too much of out of position welding, you should consider buying a wider view. And, if you don’t worry about this, you can go for more thin viewing size.

Adjustable Controls

From sensitivity controls to adjustable delays, these attributes provide you with more accurate controls.What level of lighting triggers darkening features and what would be its intensity are some of the things adjustable controls allow you do.


Nearly all helmet weighs around 1 to 2 lbs. if you are a professional welder and need welding daily. Purchase a lightweight helmet. This will make your life easier, and facilitate your neck. So you may feel comfortable and safe while welding.


Nearly all of the welding helmets in our article fall in a fair price range. Expensive helmets are somehow more reliable but that doesn’t mean cheaper ones are a waste of money. Just know your needs.

Auto-Darkening lens

Almost every budget welding helmets has an auto-darkening lens. Auto-darkening lens changes their dark mode automatically when they select a strike. Still, some helmets use a passive lens. This also depends on personal preferences.



1. Instapark ADF GX990T- best budget welding helmet

Instapark ADF Series GX990T Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding ...

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This Instapark ADF gets the additional focuses for its enormous survey territory of 3.94 by 3.86 inches. You’ll value that huge of a window for both the control it gives you while welding and the security it gives in possibly risky work territories.

This Instapark model has 4 sensors that will distinguish bends and streaks and will obscure the channel to guarantee that you don’t hurt your eyes. The reaction time is 1/30,000 of a second. It possibly takes that long to obscure when it recognizes a flash.

Another advantage of thishead protector is that it is a sun oriented model, which implies that it will ingest the light created by the sun and the weld to keep it working. It has a broad shade scope of number five through number 13 and a resting shade of number four.

  • The inner lens is replaceable. So a magnification lens can be used
  • Adjustable darkness using the dial on the side of the helmet
  • This helmet cannot be attached with the hard hat
  • Cannot get a hard hatband. Because the interior suspension will have to come from a welding helmet because they mount differently

2. Tanox ADF-206S – best cheap welding helmet

Tanox Auto Darkening Solar Powered Welding Helmet ADF-206S: Shade ...

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If you love welding and are obsessed with it, here is the perfect helmet for you. In general, they are pretty comfortable. The headband is exceptionally pleasant. Its viewing area is 3.86 x 1.73 inches wide; satisfactory size and is fully adjustable. It features manageable functionality. Tanox ADF has that super-fast auto-darkening that works amazing for indoor and outdoor welding.

This Tanox weighs 1.6 lbs: a delicate weight. Additionally, this welding helmet offers you a pair of 16-inch double-layered leather gloves. It has replaceable batteries as well. But, causes difficulties to replace sometimes. Includes solar cells and a 2-years longevity, lithium battery. This welding helmet is padded with a hard head adapter. And comes with automated power for grinding.

  • Auto-darkening: fast feedback.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • No grinding mode.

3. TACKLIFE PAH03D- top choice forwelding helmet

Tacklife PAH03D Professional Automatic/Large Viewing Area Solar ...

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The TACKLIFE PAH03D Welding Helmet stands apart as an exceptional protective cap offered at a reasonable cost. The protective cap has a focal point with the most noteworthy optical clearness accessible. It doesn’t have extravagant shading adjusting innovation, to make the sight the total most clear, yet with the standard green concealing.

 The PAH03D concealing is amazing, and has alternatives to switch between any shade from #3 to #13. This gives you ideal sight with the correct security for cutting, granulating, and any amperage welding, including low amperage TIG welding. We suggest this head protector for its focal point.

  • Extensive shade range
  • Wide viewing area
  • Clearest optical clarity available
  • Test button for auto shade
  • Uncomfortable headgear
  • Low to medium quality parts
  • Slow customer service response

4. YESWELDER LYG-M800H- cheap Welding Helmet

Automotive Tools & Equipment YESWELDER 5PCS Large Viewing Screen ...

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The view screen is 3.94 by 3.66 inches. It’s not the tallest focal point accessible in the under $100 territory, however, generally speaking, it’s an enormous size that gives you fantastic sight. The focal point likewise dispenses with the green shade which most focal points have.

 It has a 1/1/1/2 optical lucidity, which is one imprint, not exactly the top clarity accessible. With the high optical lucidity and an enormous screen to see out from, the optics in this helmet remain above some high-caliber, costly helmets. However it lacks quality.

On a positive note, YESWELDER has magnificent client care and will ensure you are dealt with if there is an issue.

  • Clear and large viewing area
  • Lightweight
  • Cutting and grinding shading options
  • Good customer service
  • Low-quality headgear
  • Low-quality plastic components
  • Not intended for industrial use

5. Honeywell Fibre-Metal- Fiberglass Welding Helmet

Honeywell Fibre-Metal P2A Hard Hat with 8-Point Ratchet Suspension ...

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The Honeywell Fibre-Metal Pipeliner welding helmet isn’t that widely adored, however, it’s helpful for craftsmen and welders taking a shot at perilous locales. The helmet has a strong fiber-metal structure that shields your face from flying articles.

It is produced using fiber-metal, and it’s not exceptionally substantial either. It has a light vibe. There is no auto-obscuring focal point with this protective gear, yet they are anything but difficult to place if you need to redesign it. Be that as it may, the focal point size is one of the littlest available. There is no adaptability to the head protector, so on the off chance that it doesn’t fit into a tight hole, you won’t have the option to flex it to press in.

  • Tough helmet
  • Comfortable feel
  • No flexibility
  • Small lens
  • No auto-darkening lens
  • Not a good flipping hinge

6. Deko Pro Orange – best budget Welding Helmet

DEKOPRO Welding Helmet Solar Powered Auto Darkening Hood with ...

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The Deko Pro Solar is another welding helmet with a 1/1/1/2 optical clearness rating at an extraordinary cost. The adjusted corners make it simpler to get into and out of restricted spaces. It expands downwards for good neck inclusion. The base of the skirt bends outward, making this head protector simpler to use than most when you have to bring down your jaw to see the work.

Most clients truly enjoyed the headgear in the Deko Pro, however many felt it was excessively modest, recommending the Jackson 370 headgear when it comes time for new headgear. A couple of proprietors referenced fluctuating shade levels in the channel during long welds.

A colossal 12.1-square-inch seeing zone with manual shade level and affectability settings provides a great deal at this cost. Lightweight, sun based force and detached shade level 16 simply add to an incredible purchase.

  • Lightweight suitable for long work periods
  • Comfortable headgear
  • 12.1-square-inch viewing area
  • If batteries fail ADF goes to shade level 16
  • Manual shade and sensitivity settings
  • Some reports of shade level fluctuating during use

7. Tacklife PAH04D – good cheap welding helmet

Tacklife Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with Top ...

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Welding caps can disturb your comfort level on your job and overall production. But, Tacklife PAH04D has updated configurations. It contains 4 arc sensors with a fine response time of less than 1/25000 seconds. Along with 1/1/1/1 top optical purity ensuring a clear and protective welding process. Which allows your eyes to work long and put less effort. It weighs 2.14 pounds.

Tacklife uses lithium batteries and is solar-powered which is exceptionally good. It has a view area of 3.86 – 1.96 inches. Moreover, it has adjustable sensitivity and delay controls.

  • Quick response time of sensors
  • Wide view area.
  • Adjustable controls.
  • Clear and protective.
  • Top adjustment strap, the latch doesn’t hold

8. FOOWOO Solar Powered – top pick for best cheap welding helmet

FOOWOO Solar Powered Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Hood with ...

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The FOOWOO Solar Powered Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Hood is a moderate head protector that looks like the DEKOPROWelding Helmet. They are both lightweight, adaptable protective caps that are useful for specialists on a low spending plan. The adaptable feel is useful for shielding your head from tough times and for pressing into restricted spaces.

From a design point of view, it’s a great printing that can withstand scratches and warmth so it remains looking great. It has a decent focal point with 1/1/1/2 optical clearness so you can see more clearly than some low-valued head protectors, however, you can’t see through an enormous screen. It shows up unassembled, and it is difficult to put together.

Once it is put together well, it creates no hastle and is ready to be worn. It’s not the best low-value cap accessible, but it’s acceptable.

  • Lightweight
  • Flexible material
  • Nice graphics
  • Thin plastic not durable
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Small viewing area


After an extensive review of our budget-friendly helmets, we bring it to an end. Being a welder, a helmet is one of the high priority safety products for buying. While welding, a fine helmet will protect you from rays, heat and harmful lights. Be careful and check all the features especially weight, view, and lens.

We gave you some tips, and aspects to examine when finding a helmet and showed you some of our treasure. We wish that you go around this beneficial article as you are exploring your budget-friendly and high-quality welding helmet. Happy welding!

Most Frequently Asked Question

  1. How does a welding helmet work?
    A welding helmet works by preventing the to welder’s eyes from light and radiation. When the light bangs a helmet lens, it sucks or throws’ back the light to save the eyes from damage. Auto-darkening helmets automatically balances the neighboring light. Whether that light comes from inborn or unnatural light or the shreds or flames produced in the welding process.
  2. What does a welding helmet protect you from?
    A welding helmet prevents you from heat, UV light, flash burns, sparks, and infrared light. This is an essential safety product one must use while welding or it will result in some accidents. It can also prevent you from stray debris that may come off in the welding procedure.
  3. What is an auto-darkening welding helmet?
    An auto-darkening helmet, has an automated lens that dims either at the starting of a welding procedure when it observes an arc produced through the welding procedure or sensea a difference of light in the environment. Many auto-darkening welding helmets contain versatile sensitivity controls and delay controls – these permit you to change how much light sets off the darkening features and how long the lens rests dark after welding respectively.
  4. How long do auto-darkening helmets last?
    Many auto-darkening helmets’ batteries are graded to last roughly 5000 hours. Certainly, this hangs on how frequently you use your helmet and for how much time. If you do not leave your helmet running 24/7, it may last from 1 to 2 years. After that, the batteries can be replaced.
  5. Do welding helmets need batteries?
    Mostly welding helmets consist of batteries, generally lithium-ion, which are powered by solar panels.  An issue, if once the battery expires, it sometimes cannot be exchanged. If that happens, then the auto-darkening quality will not work. In this situation, you may need to buy a new helmet.
  6. How dark should a welding helmet be?
    Professionals recommend the welding lens of shade between 10 to 13 to block burn on your eyes. Higher the number, darker the shade. If you are using a high voltage, darker shade will protect you nicely.



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