[Editor’s Pick] The Best Budget Guitar Amp

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Finding a guitar amp with so many options is not an easy task. So we’ve come with the list of the best budget guitar amp you can find in the market. There are a lot of things to consider because new amps provide you more than just better tones.

Editor’s pick

Blackstar HT Stage 60 MkII is the editor’s pick for the best budget guitar amp.

Top 9 Best Budget Guitar Amp

1. Blackstar HT Stage 60 MkII


  • Strong sound
  • Solid
  • Good clean tones


  • Not easy to use


  • The guitar amp has a 2×12 tube guitar combo
  • With this guitar amp, you can get every advance enhancements that the market requires
  • You can get next-generation valve amplifiers with this guitar amp
  • This robust design amp offers a lot in standings of cleans

The best budget guitar amp packs 60 watts that blast across two 12-inch speakers, three channels that are fueled by restrictive Blackstar tubes. Besides, there’s the Blackstar overdrive that is held in unbelievably high respect by performers who search for heavier tones.

On another end, the best budget guitar amp has an incredible assortment of clean tones too. In any case, the huge, maybe excessively punchy bending is the thing that makes the best small guitar amp so extraordinary.

Blackstar consistently made the best amps for individuals who needed a more grounded sound setting, yet it appears they exceeded themselves with this best small guitar amp. It’s an incredible, fairly costly amp that is worked from hearty materials.

Customer Reviews

I get an amazing tone with this amp. But this unit is heavy and a bit pricey.

2. Fender Mustang LT25


  • Versatile
  • Good sound quality
  • Strong


  • Supports 25 watts meaning suitable for small gigs only


  • The guitar amp has a combo of 25-watt
  • It comes with an 8” fender special designed speaker for guitar
  • For the storage purpose, it comes in a wooden cabinet
  • The guitar amp has a 1.8” color display for simple user interface
  • For silent practice, it comes with stereo headphones
  • For recording and updates, it gives the option for a USB interface

This one of the best guitar amps under 500 is named as the most adaptable amp for the buck as it gives outstanding sound customization possible originating from heaps of presets and audio effects.

Moreover, there’s an installed tuner and USB availability, so you can do anything you desire with the best guitar amp under 500 – fitting and play, record, look for tones, and so on.

The vast majority would portray this one of the best guitar amps under 500 as a ‘home amp’ since it just highlights 25 amps. You could take it to practice if your drummer isn’t excessively uproarious, yet it’s positively not implied for greater scene gigs.

Customer Reviews

I am not an expert when comes to these amps, but the control knobs create issues. It goes from low to very high volume with a single turn.

3. Boss Katana-100 MkII


  • Versatile
  • Great sound effects
  • Tube-like tone


  • Complicated setup


  • It is a 2×12” combo amplifiers that have 5 amp voicings
  • The guitar amp also comes with cab-emulated Headphones for output
  • With 8 tone slots, you also get different effects loops

This best tube amps under 500 are gig-prepared, and like the remainder of the range, flaunts five amp characters, in addition to varieties for each.

This best tube amp under 500 being a Boss amp, you likewise get five free computerized impacts segments tossed in, which are all savable across eight tone-setting recollections.

It’s the apparent control that truly makes the best tube amps under 500 a top purchase, in any case, with customizable taxi reverberation alternatives, Power Control, and effectively recordable mic’d taxi imitated yields.

Customer Reviews

I bought this on youtube video recommendation and there is nothing negative I can say. It is worth buying.

4. Marshall AS50D


  • Good sound quality
  • Two channels
  • Strong


  • Only for heavy music


  • It comes with a 50-watt amp design
  • There are 2 combo channel of 2×8
  • With this guitar amp, you can produce a digital chorus and reverb effect
  • The bass and treble of this product is exceptional

The best cheap guitar amps have a little choice of installed FX includes as there are just themes and reverbs, yet its sonic execution is, as it were, better than the Singer.

The bass and high pitch reaction of this best cheap guitar amps are essentially unrivaled, as it was intentionally made to be utilized with various instruments.

The best combo amp under 500 can oblige guitars, mouthpieces, even computerized pianos. Incredible sound, fabricated like a blockhouse, a lot of sound customization potential – that would be the least demanding approach to depict Marshall’s AS50D.

The best guitar amp for the money costs a considerable amount, however, it’s certainly worth the cash.

Customer Reviews

This guitar amp is suitable for medium-sized gigs. But the speakers should be made more durable.

5. Line 6 Spider V 120 MkII


  • Versatile
  • Integrated tuner
  • Powerful


  • Completely digitalized sound


  • The guitar amp has a classic speaker mode to produce organic and a natural sound
  • It comes with 200+ amps, effects, and cabs
  • The guitar amp has a 240-watt power
  • You can use it as a standalone with its 4” built-in speakers and tweeters
  • It has built-in wireless receivers that you can use with line 6 Relay transmitters

In case you’re searching for probably the best-advanced amps, the Spider V 120 best guitar amp for the money is effectively one of the most noteworthy worth choices available.

This one of the best affordable guitar amps comes with donning 120 watts of intensity, so it can undoubtedly be utilized for basically such a gig.

This one of the best affordable guitar amps comes provided with several amps and taxi presets, impacts, drum circles, and essentially all that you have to discover such a tone you may need.

The best cheap tube amp isn’t simply the best-advanced amp you’ll discover in the value run, but at the same time it’s an extraordinary amp for live gigs, sound customization, and basically, everything extending from finding your sound, over chronicle, to live execution.

Customer Reviews

This guitar amp is for small models. It gives you a lot of sound and effects options.

6. Roland AC-40


  • Travel-friendly
  • Powerful
  • Anti-feedback feature


  • Expensive


  • This guitar amp is powerful and lightweight which provides a natural tone
  • The dual custom-designed speakers are 6.5 inches in size that produces 17.5-watt power
  • It produces stereo chorus reverb effects that give you spacious sound
  • The dual channels of this amp have three-band EQ and each has separate controls

The best cheap tube amp is light, it wasn’t made solely for guitar, and it packs coordinated sound system impacts, most prominently Roland’s protected chorale and advanced reverb.

Notwithstanding what music you aim to play with the best affordable guitar amps, there’s just about enough punch and control for any class to be agreeable.

Also, there’s a helpful little component called programmed against criticism work. The best affordable guitar amps slaughter the undesirable obstructions.

Customer Reviews

I have been using it for practices, and so far it is working well.

7. Fender Super Champ X2


  • Ideal for practicing
  • Great analog sound
  • Option for USB connection


  • Not for big gigs


  • It is a 15-watt power amp with 2 6V6 tubes and one 12Ax7 preamp tube
  • The guitar amp has 10” special designed speakers
  • You get 16 different amp types in the control knob and 15 different effects that you can adjust
  • It has the feature of channel switching among 2 switches and option for a footswitch as well
  • For digital recording, it provides USB output for speakers

The cheap guitar amplifier is a 15-watt tube amp that includes Fender’s restrictive 6V6 and 12AX7 cylinders, just as Fender’s choice Special Design type speaker.

The facts confirm that this cheap guitar amplifier is a little and not close to as uproarious as Fender’s leader models, yet this amp is tolerably solid to make your sound present at practice, however it probably won’t be appropriate for gigs essentially.

The best inexpensive guitar amp includes a voicing handle provided with 16 amp types. Fundamentally, it has all your requirement for a vivid playing involvement with the home.

Customer Reviews

This guitar amp works great for my needs.

8. Boss ACS Live


  • Sound clarity
  • Strong
  • Suitable for practices


  • Not suitable for heavier music


  • It comes with a 60-watt bi-amp design and woofer and a dome tweeter that are custom designed
  • With the three-band EQ, it provides dual channels with discrete analog input
  • It has a dedicated guitar channel that restores the natural tone of the stage guitars
  • It has a mic channel and XLR input to connect your guitar microphone
  • The harmony function automatically produced smooth and more accurate vocals

This best inexpensive guitar amp highlights 60 watts blasting from a 6.5-inch woofer, it packs two channels with simple information represented by a 3-band equalizer, and plenty of other premium quality highlights.

Fundamentally, this channel gives a considerable lift to the general clearness, permitting you to sound in front of an audience precisely as you sounded at home while you were looking for your tone.

Moreover, this best cheap practice amp an incredible amp for rehearsing as well. It sports an incorporated looper that does ponder for rehearsing and thinking of better approaches for songwriting, it’s ideal for making backing tracks as well.

Customer Reviews

I got this best cheap practice amp to gift my partner. The versatility and sound are quite impressive.

9. PRS Sonzera 50


  • Strong
  • Separate channel for gain and clean sound
  • Great analog sound


  • Expensive


  • This guitar amp is a 50-watt combo amplifier
  • To add clarity and definition, it comes with a two-channel design
  • This studio worthy guitar amp provides a range of tones and controllability
  • The 12” combo versions speakers are v-style design

It’s a simple guitar amp that comes provided with EL-34 cylinders and a Celestin V type speaker, which just implies that its sonic exhibition is real and astounding, most definitely.

The increase and clean channels of this best budget guitar amplifier are isolated and adjustable using the 6-band EQs. When you locate your ideal tones, you can undoubtedly switch between them with the 2-button footswitch which comes as a corresponding element.

Even though the best electric guitar amp costs a ton, the Sonozera 50 combo amp carries a considerable amount of advantages to the table. It packs outstandingly stunning simple sound, the different channels make it extraordinary for a wide range of music types, just as for gigs everything being equal.

Customer Reviews

The clean channel is great on this amp. It is worth buying.

Things to Consider

Amp Head and Pedal amps

  • The amp and pedal amps separately don’t come with speakers you have to buy it
  • The combination of two means they have built-in speakers which makes it portable and saves you extra cost
  • Prefer a guitar amp that has a combo of these two, they are more commonly available and durable

Size of Speakers

  • The beginners may not be able to differentiate between the sounds of two different sizes
  • The bigger speaker can produce more low-end sound
  • While small speaker emphasis more on the middle frequencies which make them great for practicing

Power Rating

  • This indicates how loud the amp can go
  • If you buy an amp with the price range of $200, it can give you a power rating of 20-watt which is for practicing or small gigs
  • The lower power rating amp will give you decent cranked tones at less volume


  • The channels in the amp allow you to make a switch between different sounds
  • More channels mean more tone options for you which is good if you need deep tone customization
  • But if you want minimal tweaking then don’t go for more channels

Built-in Effects

  • Most of the amp nowadays comes with built-in effects the most common one being reverb
  • Other effects that you can look for are modulation or delay in distortion etc
  • The effects are necessary to simplify your routine of practice


No doubt, you can find a lot of the best budget guitar amp in the market today. But to make your task easier we have made the guide to assist you in making this selection easy. We hope after this article you will be sure about which product to buy.


1. what is the best sounding budget guitar amp?

Blackstar HT Stage 60 MkII is the best sounding budget guitar amp that you can get your hands on.

2. what is the best low budget all around guitar amp?

All the guitar amps mentioned in the article are affordable but the one we suggest is Fender Mustang LT25.

3. what is the best amp for electric guitar budget?

Fender Super Champ X2 is the best amp for an electric guitar at a reasonable budget.

4. what is the best budget electric bass guitar combo amp?

If you are looking for the best budget electric bass guitar combo amp then these are the best suggestions:

  • Fender Rumble 40 V3
  • Kustom KXB100
  • Roland Micro Cube Bass RX

5. what is the best budget combo electric bass guitar amp?

Fender Rumble 40 V3 is the best option for budget combo electric bass guitar amp.



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