Clean Your Yard With Best Brush Cutter For Small Trees

Who doesn’t love a clean and beautiful front yard, the best brush cutter for small trees gets rid of thick bushes and vegetation that simple lawnmowers fail to do. A versatile product along with the option for alternative heads and other extra essentials can last you for years.

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Things to Consider


  • The shaft represents the connection of the engine to the spinning head
  • You can find two types of shaft: bent and straight
  • Bent shafts make you more closer to the job but are open to more mechanical problems
  • Straight shafts have a direct line to the source of power and are a better choice if you want to use multiple attachments

Fast-Changing Heads

  • Prefer a tool that provides the option for changing the head attachments because they are more beneficial in the long run
  • The attachments may include blades or trimmers so you can perform multiple tasks with them
  • This feature allows you to easily attach and detach the attachment without needing to open the whole unit


  • As the brush cutters are not that lightweight, you need a strong handle to have a stable grip
  • You can find bicycle handlebars and a looped handlebar for the brush cutters
  • Both types will need both of your hands to provide more stability and security


  • The vibration represents the quality of cutter the less vibration means the more high quality the brush cutter is
  • With more vibrations, it is difficult to control the tool
  • Many companies have now introduced the tools that have the feature of anti-vibration

Safety Gears

  • This is a very important factor to consider as you are working with sharp blades, do not forget to wear safety gears
  • Many tools have the package that contains the safety gear like glasses, boots, and gloves so prefer these options
  • As a safety measure never work with this tool if you are not wearing any shoes or when you are wearing shorts

Top 7 Best Brush Cutter for Small Trees

1. Char-Broil – 18202077544 square inches
2. Smokehouse Little Chief300 square inches
3. Masterbuilt - RA49220730 square inches
4. Cuisinart COS-330584 square inches
5. Landmann – MCO-32954442 square inches
6. Masterbuilt - MB20070210730 square inches
7. Smoke Hollow - 26142E2246 square inches
8. Smoke Hollow SH190795181045 square inches
9.Royal Gourmet - SE2801458 square inches
10. Dyna-Glo - DGU732BDE-D732 square inches

1. Makita EM2650UH


  • Fuel-efficient
  • Easy to start
  • Stable


  • Not sturdy enough


  • This brush cutter features engine of 25cc MM4 stroke engine
  • It has a bicycle like handles and a long steel shaft so you can move easily with it without being disturbed by the vibrations
  • The cutting width of this tool is 9-inches
  • Its dual-stage filter protects the engine to last long and comes with the warranty of 2 years
  • The multi-position lubrication assists you in working with different angles so the engine won’t stop while you are working

This best professional brush cutter comes with the engine of 25cc MM4. It has a long shaft made of steel that provides you more stability and minimizes the vibrations.

This 12lbs best professional brush cutter has a cutting width of 9-inches and also includes shoulder straps so you can carry them around.

The feature that makes this best professional brush cutter different from other tools is that it has multi-position lubrication which prevents the engine from shutting down in case of quick turns. The only issue some might face is that this machine is not sturdy enough.

Best Brush Cutter Reviews

It does exactly what is described in this product. It cleans out every small bush and plant.

2. Husqvarna 128LD 17″


  • Powerful engine
  • 4 in 1 tool
  • Long shaft
  • Versatile


  • Leakage of oil


  • It has a strong engine of 28cc 2-stroke to cut through thick plants
  • This cutter includes 17-inch cutting width blade
  • The tap and go mechanism is utilized in this machine’s string release
  • It is a versatile 4-in-1 tool

This heavy-duty one of the best brush cutters has a powerful engine of 28cc, which can cut through anything in the garden. This one of the versatile best brush cutters gives you the option of 4 attachments that include edger, cutter, cultivator and a pole saw.

You can now release the string with easy tap and go motion, simply click on the button and the string will be extended out. Furthermore, it has a 17-inch cutting width that can cut a large area in a single go.

These long shaft best brush cutters have a drawback and many customers have complained about the leakage of oil through the machine.

Best Brush Cutter Reviews

I have used it before, and now I am on my 2nd piece. This is a strong and powerful tool.

3. Husqvarna 336FR


  • Multi-purpose
  • Strong engine
  • Shoulder straps


  • Difficult to assemble


  • This powerful tool has a 34.66 cc engine
  • Its x-Torq technology helps to deliver enough power to save on fuel
  • This gas powered brush cutter also minimizes the gas emission
  • It is a 3-in-1 tool

This powerful and strong engine tool includes the x-Torq technology that is fuel-efficient and saves you a lot of money on fuel.

This 3 in 1 gas powered brush cutter includes the line trimmer, grass blade, and a saw blade. These cuts through the small plants very smoothly. Also when you tilt the trimmer you can utilize it as an edger.

The drawback of this gas powered brush cutter is that the instructions are not clear, so it is difficult to assemble this at the start.

Best Brush Cutter Reviews

I am happy with my purchase, it starts easily and working is also easy and smooth.

4. Proyama 42.7cc


  • Easy to use
  • 2 in 1 tool
  • Shoulder straps
  • Affordable


  • Difficult to start


  • The brush cutter has a strong engine of 42.7 cc
  • It includes metal 3-tooth blade and dual-line for the cutter and trimmer respectively
  • To assist you in carrying the weight, the machine has shoulder straps
  • It includes bicycle-style handlebars and also has safety gears in the package

With its 42.7 cc engine you can cut through any thick bushes you might have in your yard. This versatile heavy duty weed wacker includes blade and dual-line for a cutter and also a trimmer.

It is easy to work with it for long hours because of the shoulder straps it includes. The handlebar on this heavy duty weed wacker is like a bicycle handle, which may be difficult to get control of if you are new to using such tools.

Another disadvantage of this heavy duty weed wacker is that it does not provide any easy means to start the machine so it is difficult to kick start it.

Brush Cutter Reviews

This tool works great, I used 90+ octane fuel with this and it turns out that tool also saves you fuel, which is a bonus point.

5. Iglobalbuy 52cc


  • Include safety gear
  • Easy to use
  • Strong engine


  • Heavy
  • Vibrates a lot


  • This tool features a powerful engine of 52cc
  • It includes a 3-tooth brush blade that has proven to be very sturdy
  • This versatile tool can be used for 5 different purposes for your garden
  • It comes with a long warranty of 2 years

This affordable electric brush cutter can be considered as one of the strongest tools with its 52cc engine. You can easily assemble and use the product once it is started.

This 5 in 1 electric brush cutter can be used for different functions like brush cutter, pole saw, chainsaw, pruner, and a string trimmer. Another good thing about this tool is that it comes with safety gear so you won’t harm yourself using this trimmer.

The issue with this electric brush cutter is that it vibrates a lot, and considering its heaviness it can affect your working with this tool.

Brush Cutter Reviews

The harness of this tool is confusing, but besides that everything else is great.

6. Remington rm2700


  • Multiple attachments
  • Strong engine
  • QuickStart technology
  • Supportive shoulder strap


  • Heavy
  • Not easy to change attachments


  • It has a strong and reliable engine of 27cc 2-cycle that can work in your yard for a long time
  • This cutter allows you to have different attachments so you can use it as trimmer, edger and more
  • The straight shaft design of this 8-inch cutting blade can work through thickest of bushes
  • It incorporates QuickStart technology that eases the effort to start the machine and also saves time

With the strong and powerful 27cc engine, this versatile best hand held brush cutter can be converted into any garden tool with different attachments. You can convert it into a trimmer, edger, and many more.

This electric brush cutter with metal blade also comes with a shoulder support strap and curved design handle that allows you to carry around 14lbs of the weight of this machine. Its strong 8-inch blade smoothly cuts through the weed and other thick bushes.

Another advantage of this product shown by the brush trimmers reviews is that it has the quickstart technology, so now you don’t have to be in a mess of pulling the cord multiple times.

The con of this hand held brush cutter shown in the brush trimmers reviews is that it is heavy and difficult to carry around for long hours also it is not easy to change the attachments quickly.

Brush cutter reviews

I have been using this around my yard for a few months now, the engine works great. But the blades that are included in the package are not good, they become dull quickly.

7. Troy-bilt tb42 bc gas brushcutter


  • Interchangeable attachments
  • Strong engine
  • 8-inch brush blade


  • Heavy


  • Its 27cc 2-cycle engine allows you to easily cut through the thicker bushes
  • The cutter’s j-shaped adjustable handle is very easy to use and can be operated through the left or right hand
  • To easily take on heavy vegetation, it has 8-inch 4 tooth steel brush blade
  • This machine allows you to attach 10 different trimmer plus attachments for different chores of your garden

This heavy duty weed trimmer with a strong engine of 27cc 2-cycle will easily cut through everything that you want. It has a j-shaped handle that can be operated through the left or right hand easily with its 16-inch cutting diameter.

You can also attach 10 different attachments to its head to target different chores of the garden. Despite its strong sharp blades don’t use it to make cuts that are heavier than what has been specified for this product, otherwise, it will get damaged.

Brush Trimmers Reviews

It is very complicated to start this hand held brush cutter, the instructions are not helpful. But once it is started it works great.


These are the best brush cutter for small trees that you can find in the market today. All the products mentioned are worth buying to clean your yards and gardens. This article contains features that are essential to consider when you are buying the brush cutter.


1. Which is the best brush cutter?

With its advanced features, Makita EM2650UH is considered to be the best brush cutter.

2. which brush cutter is best for cutting inch and 1/2 small trees?

Husqvarna 128LD 17″ is best for cutting inch and 1/2 small trees.

3. What can I use to cut thick brush?

A brush cutter is a best and most suitable tool to cut through the thick bushes.

4. What is the best walk behind brush cutter?

Swisher walk behind Rough cut Mower is the best walk behind brush cutter you can find in the market today.

5. What is the difference between a trimmer and a brush cutter?

A sharp tool like a brush cutter helps to get rid of and thick bushes and plants. While a trimmer makes the edges cleaner.

6. How thick can a brush cutter cut?

On average the brush cutter can cut through the bushes, trees or plants of 4-inches wide.



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