7 Best Broadhead For Elk – Buying Guide 2023

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If you are bothered like anything by ineffective hits while hunting, you most probably need a good broadhead to create a pinpoint accuracy in your hunting. Take your hunting to the next level with the right broadhead for your bow to makes an unbreakable combination that offers the deepest penetration possible and accuracy.

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Maifield Broadheads Fixed Blade

☞ It is a multifunctional fixed blade pack
☞ Fly just like field points
☞ It has razer sharp blades

Only if you have chosen the right product, which seems overwhelming, seeing a wide range of products that vary in price, features, and designs.

Find the best product or why not customize the best broadhead for elk hunting search by looking for what actually matters the most before making a purchase.

Things To Consider Before Buying

To make any product work out the best for you, try focusing on what adds up in better performance.

Let’s have a look at some of the most important factors that must not be overlooked while making a purchase for the best broadhead for arrow hunting.

Type of Broadhead

There are three types of broadhead available in the market.

A fixed blade broadhead is the most conventional broadhead design available in the market. This fixed type of broadhead is attached to the arrowhead by some screw or adhesives. It has a sharp end tip. The best-fixed blade broadheads are for People who are out for hunting animals of thick and solid skin like elk or bears.

Replaceable blade broadhead is the most convenient and easiest broadhead for different kinds of arrowheads. The main benefit of this broadhead is its replaceable feature that allows a user to replace his broadhead whenever it becomes dull. These blades are comparatively not much durable.

Mechanical blade broadhead is the art of the creation of technology in archery. It has a useful flight feature that allows its users to effectively accomplish the hunting results. This type of blade broadhead is usually used for animals with thin skin.

Peneteration Capability

What makes broadhead popular for hunting animals with thick skin?

It’s a no brainer!

Penetration through tough skin and crushing bones or else it can be distressing . It is important to choose blade with clean cuts as you do not want the bolt to jump out of the animal right away.

Blade’s Sharpness

Piercing through the tough skin is essential when it comes to hunting animals like Elks. Despite a wide range of products that are available in the market it can be hard to find a blade that comes up to the mark when we talk about sharpness. Looking through the right products you can find a sharp blade broadhead for hunting Elks that can also be sharpened again when necessary. Such products not only are effective when it comes to hunting but also save you some bucks for frequent changing and replacement.

Diameter Of Cutting

The cutting diameter is also an important fact you must know before buying a broadhead for your arrow. The cutting diameter directly effects how your fixed blade broadhead will fly. If you are buying a fixed blade broadhead of small cutting diameter it will fly covering more distance in a better way as compare to blades of large cutting diameter.

Blood Trails

Coming to the benefit of deeper penetration because of sharp blades, it also help in offering a good blood trail that helps in chasing the animal once you have shot it.

Keeping things that determines the quality and performance of any broadhead priority can get you to your dream product in no time.

Still not sure?

Let’s look into some of the best products that we have gathered to make purchasing easier.

Our Top Picks In Best Broadhead For Elk Hunting

Maifield Broadheads Fixed Blade

☞ It is a multi functional fixed blade pack
☞ It has razer sharp blades
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Stinger Buzzcut 4 Blade Arrow Broadhead

☞Best broadhead with life time replacement
☞It is spin tested

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Muzzy Bow Hunting 3 Blade Broadhead

☞ Available in 75, 100 and 125 weight grains
☞ It provide enhanced stability
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Drone Broadhead By Wasp Archery

☞100% solid steel construction
☞0.27-inch razor-sharp blades
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SwHacher SWH00207 2” Cut Broadhead

☞Anodized aircraft allumonum ferrule
☞ 100 grains fixed weight
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G5 Outdoor Montec Broadhead

☞ Strong tapered blade design
☞1/8 inches cutting diameter
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Slick Trick Grizztrick 2

☞ super steel furrele
☞100 grain weight
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1. Maifield Broadheads Fixed Blade

Maifield Broadheads Fixed Blade - Best Broadhead For Elk Hunting

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  • It is a multifunctional fixed blade pack
  • You can change its weight from 100 to 125 grains
  • It provides excellent straightening and accurate results
  • Fly just like field points
  • It has razer sharp blades
  • Made of Chinese steel

Best Broadhead for Elk

Maifield has the best broadhead for elk hunting. The company mainly focuses on the manufacturing of the best quality broadheads. This one-piece 1-inch cut hunting crossbow arrow tip is a four-direction cutting broadhead with two fixed blades. You can adjust the weight from 100 grains to 125 grains according to your needs.

The broadhead improves flight security and successfully decrease flight resistance. It is titanium-plated, and the twisting quality and the holding power coefficient are significantly improved, and if corrosion occurs you can clean it easily.

This broadhead has three very sharp fixed cutting edges. It is intended for field practice and field chasing the game.

Its exclusive half and half tips are carefully exact development and 11/8″ cut give you a definitive bit of accuracy in the field, no game is untouchable. Streamlined ferrule for field tip precision, tempered steel cutting edges stun neckline forestalls untimely edge arrangement.

Screw-in structure, the establishment is extremely straightforward and helpful, easy to use plan. As indicated by streamlined structure, strengthen flight dependability and adequately lessen flight obstruction

Customer Reviews:
I use this broadhead with #40 recurve bow for elk and cut right through the rib. It is very well made and easy to resharpen. I don’t usually need extra weight.

2. Stinger Buzzcut 4 Blade Arrow Broadhead

Stinger Buzzcut 4 Blade Arrow Broadhead- Best Broadhead For Elk Hunting

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  • It is spin tested
  • Best broadhead with life time replacement
  • Available in 85, 100, 125, 150 weight grains
  • This is good for elk and deer hunting
  • Can brake if hits some rock
  • It requires frequent sharpening

Stinger buzzcut 4 blade broadhead is the best mechanical broadhead for elk hunting.

The Stinger rage broadheads for elk give a magnificent performance as well as has incredible client service too. these blades permit the legitimate direction of muscles and tissues, and this makes it simple to chase that leads to better bleeding of animals.

What stands apart on this is the bleeder cutting edges are exceptionally little. This doesn’t influence the whole entrance of the bolt completely, and this is significant for trackers who pull low draw loads.

Best Broadhead For Elk

Additionally, since this best broadhead for elk is carefully sharp, when you get used to it you can easily reach your hunt without any difficulty. People who go for hunting once or twice in a month they can use this broadhead easily. Its sharp end tips make it ideal for any target to accomplish no matter what time or place.

Despite the fact that it requires sharpness sometimes however since it arrives in a pack of three, you can utilize them effectively for the duration of the day without sharpening them

Customer Reviews:
I am using this broadhead for years and always got very good results. I have shooted very long distances with this broadhead and got the most accurate results anyone can have. Their warranty is second to none.

3. Muzzy Bow Hunting 3 Blade Broadhead

Muzzy Bow Hunting 3 Blade Broadhead- Best Broadhead For Elk Hunting

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  • Its hard steel crushes bones
  • It provide enhanced stability
  • Available in 75, 100 and 125 weight grains
  • Razor sharp blades interlock within the body
  • Stainless steel and air craft aluminum body
  • It has a small cutting diameter
  • Extremely sharp blades, if carelessly used it can cut finger

Muzzy bow hunting 3 blade archery arrow Broadheads are the best blood trail broadheads. This Muzzy 100 grain 4 Blade broadhead is a powerful and basic thing for chasing elk. They are in the market for quite a while and over and over, trackers select them in view of their reasonable best quality.

On the off chance that you are looking for an uncomplicated answer for the broadhead needs, at that point this Muzzy 4-cutting edge is the thing that you must have. It will shot through the elk just as tear through the hide, yet won’t cost you a leg and an arm. You are accepting 6 broadheads at a similar cost you may pay for only 3 broadheads from an alternate style or brand. That is trying to beat!

All these broadheads are supported by various deer or elk trackers for quite a while. Various of them state to have endeavored everything from the mechanicals to fixed sharp edge heads and each opportunity finds themselves returning to Muzzy broadheads for their consistency and execution.

Customer Reviews:
Muzzy manufactures very high quality products. There is not even a single reason to dislike them. The blades are razor sharp and are easy to assemble. This expandable broadheads for elk allows easy  replacement of blades.

4. Drone Broadhead By Wasp Archery

Drone Broadhead By Wasp Archery-Best Broadhead For Elk Hunting

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  • Reduced ferrule surface
  • 100% solid steel construction
  • 0.27-inch razor-sharp blades
  • 1/8 inch cutting diameter
  • 100 grain fixed weight
  • Needs frequent tuning to reach accuracy

With the Drone toward the finish of a bolt, bowhunters no longer need to settle. The strong steel ferrule of this fixed-cutting edge broadhead takes into account a diminished surface zone conveying unbeatable outcomes in precision, quality and entrance.

The tip constantly lined up with the sharp edges, thunders through bone and ligament and makes a straight-slicing way for the edges to follow. it has a cutting width of  1-1/8″. Subsequent to shooting this exact fixed-edge broadhead, you could conceivably be stating, “I wish my field tips were as precise as my Drone.”

The Drone highlights 100% steel development for incredible quality and infiltration from a fixed cutting edge broadhead. its Cutting Diameter is 1/8″ and has a Blade Thickness of .027”. comes in a 3-pack with 2 arrangements of cutting edges

Customer Reviews:
I harvested a very strong elk by using this most accurate fixed-blade broadhead blade. Its accuracy is unmatched. I have total confidence in this product and I do strongly recommend this broadhead.

5. SwHacher SWH00207 2” Cut Broadhead

SwHacher SWH00207 2” Cut Broadhead- Best Broadhead For Elk Hunting

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  • Expandable 2 blade broadhead
  • 100 grains fixed weight
  • Anodized aircraft allumonum ferrule
  • Made of Hard high carbon steel
  • 0.32 inch thick blade
  • Non replaceable blades

Swhacker Broadhead’s sharp edge is the best mechanical broadhead for crossbow. Its configuration gives bow trackers two separate front lines. The main arrangement of edges, otherwise called the wing edges, is utilized for cutting the primary arrangement of ribs. These cutting edges are additionally used to open the broadhead and are a lot littler than the principle edges.

Its technology Specifications include all the amazing features a best fixed blade broadhead for elk could have. its Blade thickness is .031″ and made up of Stainless Steel. also include 1 inch wide shut, 2 inches fully open.

They take the most discipline by trimming through the hair, soil, cover-up, and bones during the passage. The littler edges take less vitality to infiltrate through the primary side than an “open on sway” broadhead. These wing edges likewise give a heap bearing surface to the ferrule during sway.

 The second arrangement of edges, or the principle sharp edges don’t contact anything during the underlying entrance. This permits the fundamental edges to remain dangerously sharp for the inner organs.

Customer Reviews:
I may not be using it right but I did massive damage while using it. Also many sellers on Amazon are selling fake ones just the same as them so be aware. I once bought a real swhacker and that was incredibly amazing.

6. G5 Outdoor Montec Best Broadhead For Elk

G5 Outdoor Montec Best Broadhead For Elk

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  • Simple and easy to assemble
  • Metal injection molding construction
  • Strong tapered blade design
  • 1/8 inches cutting diameter
  • 3 broadheads are available in one pack
  • Loose belts
  • Might make sounds while flying

Having 100% treated steel constructing, this G5 Montec is the ideal fixed sharp edge broadhead for chasing elk. This fixed broadhead offers a straightforward format and what you have to execute is simply to screw on lastly shoot!

Every single G5 broadhead is to guarantee a genuine flight and the best mechanical broadhead for crossbows . their expandable broadheads experience thorough testing to ensure that every single broadhead sends effectively when that shot of a lifetime introduces itself.

All G5 broadhead models are gotten through the guillotine quality test. Created to mimic different dynamic vitality expected to enter tissue, cover-up and bone.this product is Absolutely flawless.

The Montec broadhead’s one-piece structure is all-steel development with 100% turn tried precision. Without any parts to gather just simply screw on and shoot. This easy to utilize, superior broadhead is the thing that all the hunters are searching for.

Customer Reviews:
A while ago I moved from fixed blades to mechanical blades and I am mostly happy with all of them. They shoot almost like field points. They are cheap and razer blades are amazingly out of the box.

7. Slick Trick Grizztrick 2

Slick Trick Grizztrick 2- Best Broadhead For Elk Hunting

Check Price On Amazon

  • super steel furrele
  • 100 grain weight
  • Robust material blade
  • Interlock blade system
  • High precision and accuracy
  • Long lasting
  • Requires frequent sharpening

The best broadheads for compound bow With the biggest cutting distance across in the line the Grizz Trick offers excellent gaps and destroying execution. An incredible choice for long-run shooters, this head flies valid with field point-like precision even while extending the separation. All that you would expect with unmatched Slick Trick sturdiness, quality, and cut.

Best Broadhead For Elk

This best broadhead for elk Weights  100 grain and comes in 4 pack. this is extraordinary compared to other broadheads for elk present available. This has exactness and accuracy and can likewise cut on contact.

This sharp edge of this solid broadheads for elk is perfect for individuals who need their prey dead on the main shot. Its structure is with the end goal that the principle edge reaches outback from the steel point.

Customer Reviews:
It flies great and really easy to assemble. The ferrule is reusable. Highly recommended.


No matter what animal you are hunting for. You will always need an effective and most accurate crossbow broadhead with you. It is important to consider every single factor about the broadhead you are choosing for your arrow head. It must be fast, light weight, have good cutting diameter, how much kinetic energy it require and even what kind of noise it create while flying. . So that you can kill your victim smoothly and more efficiently.


1.why must bowhunters use broadhead points when hunting big game?

So that they can accurately achieve their big game in possible least time.

2. what grain broadhead should i use for deer?

Most bow hunters use 390 to 430 weight grain for hunting deers.

3. what is the best broadhead?

Maifield broadheads and stinger buzzcut broad heads are one of the best broadhead for elk hunting.




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