Best Bowling Ball For Beginners – A Guide To Begin With Bowling

Bowling is a sport with a set of basics rules and limitless enjoyment. As a beginner, you need a ball that has a propensity to help control itself. You can achieve consistency in your shots by choosing the best bowling ball for beginners and soon you will find yourself at the next level.

If you need the best bowling ball for beginners, to put you ahead of your game, then consider buying these seven. We have observed and tried these bowling balls with all of their advantages and better versions. Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball is the editor’s top pick.

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Let’s start with the things to consider before buying.

Things To Look Up


  • First, discover the condition of the lane you prefer to bowl.
  • For oily lanes, all you need is a smooth sailor.
  • Coverstock affects the ball’s motion.
  • Skids, rolls, and hooks differ from one material of the coverstock to the other.
  • Polyester or plastic are the cheapest, durable, and above all less aggressive than others.
  • Urethane bowling balls are made for advanced level bowlers.
  • Reactive resin cover material is also best in absorbing oil.

Core Types

  • Core type is the next important component as it is called the engine of the bowling ball.
  • It affects the momentum of the ball.
  • It comes in various shapes, density, and sizes.
  • Influence the rotation of the ball.
  • Three core types are symmetrical, asymmetrical, and high-mass.
  • The symmetrical core type focuses mainly on consistent weight.
  • Those who want lower and higher radius of gyration must pick asymmetrical core type bowling ball.
  • High-mass is the most traditional core type.


  • As you need to throw balls by hand so it must have come in an ideal weight.
  • As a general rule of thumb, measure the ball weight using your body weight.
  • For 10lbs of body weight, you need to consider 1 pound of ball weight.
  • If you are having 120lbs weight you will be comfortable with 12 pounds of ball weight.


  • Playing style can be determined by holding a ball, so buy the one that will suit your techniques.
  • For traditional grip players, every type of bowling ball can do the job.
  • For a particular grip, be careful with asymmetrical types of cores.


  • Bowling balls are made from plastic, reactive resin, and polyester.
  • Plastic bowling balls are durable but do not provide much grip.
  • Reactive resin bowling balls are best known for a firm grip.

Best Bowling Ball For Beginners

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1. Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

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  • It comes in a polyester/plastic cover stock.
  • This entry level bowling ball has three core pieces.
  • Available in the color of purple/royal/silver.
  • It carries a weight of 10.9 pounds.


  • Best bowling ball ever
  • Affordable
  • Stylish construction
  • Gives you controlled curves
  • Last for years
  • Durable finish
  • Provides good pin


  • No hook at all

The Ebonite Maxim is one of the best bowling ball brand, constructed for smaller players. At just 10 pounds, it is simpler to get and play with, especially, for the individuals who have no practical experience.

The coverstock is nothing exceptional, as it is made of polyester and plastic. The 3 piece center is not too bad, however, mostly; this is a ball to gain proficiency with the fundamentals and to grow as a player.

Some will likewise utilize this ball for straight shoots to get saves. This is a great choice for that, as it is simple and lightweight to control. Sometimes,  a bowler truly wouldn’t like to have a huge amount of hook on the ball, and that is when this one proves to be useful.

Customer Reviews

80% of consumers rated this entry level bowling ball with five stars and are happy with the inexpensive fun ball features and fun it gives.

2. Brunswick Tzone Bowling Ball

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  • This bowling ball by T zone features the bullet core.
  • To give the ball gloss and shiny appearance it is finished with crown factory shine.
  • The ball comes in ten different colors that look attractive.
  • Moreover, it comes in weight ranges between 6 pounds to 16 pounds


  • Stylish and tough
  • Budget-friendly price range
  • Perfect for women and kids


  • Lack of consistency

Brunswick is one of the main brands with regards to balls and making of bowling balls.

The Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball is another top quality bowling ball with a high mass core type that is intended to improve life for you as a novice or newcomer to the game. It likewise includes polyester coverstock, making it best for straight shots.

The one thing that I saw as very captivating about this bowling ball is the hook potential it permits to its users. With this additional hook potential, the ball likewise gets successful for playing on sleek surfaces and should give you that late hook that can be seen in huge numbers of the expert games on the television. Generally, you can say that it is the best bowling ball for hook beginners.

One issue I encountered with this ball is the irregularity of the weight and you should guarantee that you do locate the correct weight that addresses your issues. As a rule, it may be difficult to simply pinpoint the weight and get it right. This likewise implies the ball isn’t the best for proficient players and ought to be the bowling balls for beginners.

Customer Reviews

A lot of consumers said that they are pleased with this best bowling ball for beginner to intermediate that fits great and above all is affordable.

3. Storm Timeless Bowling Ball

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  • This professional bowling ball is first released in the signature line.
  • It offers you an aromatherapy fragrance that is popular for storm bowling balls.
  • It comes in 2 sizes only that are 12 lbs and 13 lbs.


  • Durable
  • Powerful reactivity
  • Alarming speed
  • Stylish


  • Expensive among others

This bowling ball  has been designed under the attentive gaze and direction of a multi PBA champion Jason Belmonte.  The core of this professional bowling ball is unique to such an extent that it speeds up the ball down the path and that will be ideal for the hard players.

It will in general hit substantial on the pins and could permit you to bowl a game dominating round with negligible exertion.

The product is very costly; however, that is the thing that you will learn from expert players. It accompanies a good guarantee, and the sturdiness likewise is by all accounts top quality.

Customer Reviews

82% of users rated this product five stars in bowling ball reviews and gave positive feedback of appreciation in comments.

4. Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball

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  • This best bowling ball for beginner comes in total five different sizes vary from 12lbs to 16 lbs.
  • To produce a smooth but angular backend motion, this ball pairs with gear weight block with the turmoil MFS reactive coverstock.
  • The colors produce shocking results and on every oil conditions from light to medium.


  • In affordable
  • Symmetrical gear
  • High performance
  • Stays long and strong


  • Less hook potential

It is the most welcoming highly performance reactive resin type of bowling ball. This good beginner bowling ball that is made for a normal house shot pattern.  But that doesn’t likely means that it comes with no angularity and aggressiveness.

The best bowling balls for beginners by Motiv simply come with every quality that a player is looking for and does well. It not only gives you top-notch quality and stylish looks, but it is best in performing that leads you to an intermediate level player in less time.

Customer Reviews

One of the customers had to say that “I am thrilled with the performance of this ball and my average has climbed in a month. I have owned this ball.”

5. Storm Hybrid Road Bowling Ball

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  • This bowling ball features the coverstock of R2S solid reactive.
  • It comes with 1500-grit polished finished.
  • Moreover, it has only 14 pounds of weight.
  • It is the perfectly balanced bowling ball between its two predecessors.


  • Offers unparalleled length
  • Impressive friction capabilities
  • Versatile and malleable


  • In extreme oil conditions, it works worst.

The storm Hybrid road bowling ball is similar to the one we discussed before Motiv Venom Shock. For maximum lane length and traction in the slick stuff, it sacrifices more hook potential.

The reactive bowling balls for beginners produced by the Storm Hy road are all about balance and offer an easy transition. This best bowling ball brand is for those who are looking for a calm approach to the reactive resin.

Customer Reviews

A happy customer said that she bowled her highest with this. It provides solid contact and offers a great hook. Moreover, she said that she will buy this bowling ball for beginners hook again if anything happens to this one I have.

6. Ebonite Choice Pearl Bowling Ball

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  • This ebonite bowling ball offers you aqua/violet/white color.
  • It has an aggressive backend.
  • It features GSV-1 Pearls coverstock and MOD-1 core.
  • The choice pearl will see friction and flip hard down line with explosive pin action.


  • Strong angular motion
  • Works well with heavy oil
  • Offers you plenty of angles


  • none

Because of the double endeavors of Mod – 1 and GSV – 1 pearl, this is one of the coolest and top-selling bowling ball. The consequence of this association is a top-execution bowling ball that looks amazing.

This Ebonite Choice Pearl is the subsequent bowling ball by Ebonite to highlight the unbalanced Mod-1 core structure. For this center, the organization took up the Symmetrical Mass Bias center shape from the scandalous bowling ball.

You will be glad to realize that the ball’s coverstock is made of the processing plant finish/power finish 500/1000 Abralon pearlized cover.

Customer Reviews

People said that this is the highly recommended entry level bowling balls that offer you high performance, looks great, undrilled, and optimal for intended drilling layout and has very strong angular motion.

7. Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball

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  • This bowling ball features the toughest U1S urethane cover stock.
  • It has a 3 piece of a traditional core that enhances predictability.
  • It comes in a white and black color scheme.
  • Featuring nine sizes option from 6 lbs to 16lbs.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Nine size variants
  • Best for straight shots


  • Not for heavy oil lanes

In case you’re stressed that buying a bowling ball will make a scratch on your wallet. At that point think no more and get your hands on the Storm Mix Urethane. The Storm Mix is probably the best arrangement accessible in the market to guarantee that you rock the bowling alley this season.

When it comes to looks, the Storm Mix is a flat out bomb. It comes in excellent shades of dark/white, pink/white, purple/yellow shade. It looks incredible; however, it additionally performs well. It accompanies a Traditional 3-piece center that offers astounding parity just as control. It’s enveloped by U1S Pearl Urethane coverstock that gives phenomenal sturdiness.

Customer Reviews

A happy customer said that “This is my first year bowling on a league. I wanted the best bowling ball for beginners that were reasonably priced. After doing lots of research and comparison, I chose this Storm Mix in 11 lb. Such a great choice! I find it easy to control, which makes learning and improving fun, not frustrating. It responds great to low oil, nearly dry lanes.”


Finding the correct gear is an overwhelming undertaking for an entry-level player. Having the correct bowling ball will drastically build your performance and take it to another stature. After broad research, we have assembled the best bowling balls accessible in the market for the apprentices from the wide pool of balls accessible.

The best way to pick a bowling ball for yourself is by experimenting. You probably won’t locate the ideal one at the absolute first attempt however we guarantee you that all the balls that we looked into offer wonderful execution with remarkable sturdiness. Along these lines, a definitive choice is yours. Go get the one that suits your style and strike like a master.

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1. How do you pick a beginner bowling ball?

By considering coverstock, core type, material, grip, and weight.

2. What is the best bowling ball for hooking?

Bowling balls that hook the most are the following:

  • Motiv forge.
  • Storm match up a bowling ball.
  • Hammer black widow spare.
  • Brunswick T-Zone green envy bowling ball.
  • MOTIV jackal ghost bowling ball.
  • Pyramid curse bowling ball.
  • Pyramid path rising pearl bowling ball.
  • Brunswick T-zone deep space bowling ball.

3. What weight bowling ball do most pros use?

Most of the professional players use 14 pounds of a bowling ball and few use 16 pounds of weight as well.




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