[Editor’s Pick] Best Bowfishing Lights

Fish hunting requires a good lighting situation; the most common type is LED bow fishing light. The best lights for bow fishing
helps you in color adjustment for different environments/water conditions. It Increases visibility, especially in deep water.

our 14 Best bow fishing lights

1. Viugreum 50W LED Outdoor Flood Lights

Viugreum 50W LED Outdoor Flood Lights


  • Work even in winters
  • Bright up like daytime in nights
  • You will save 80% of electricity


  • Do not have a motion sensor


  • Types of bulb:  Led blub
  • Material:  Aluminum
  • Beam angle: 120 degree
  • Input Voltage:  AC 110V
  • Brightness:  4500LM
  • Light source: 5730 SMD
  • Lifespan: >50,000 hours
  • Set of: 10 Lights

Viugreum is a sleek design square shape led light for bow fishing. It’s small in size, only 6 inches. It is so bright and works only with 50 watts led flood light that consumes 12 volts. Viugreum uses high-quality bulbs that give more vivid effects.
You can also use it in your storeroom lawn and gardens. Its unusual feature is that it cannot be soaked in the water, as it is waterproof. Its modifiable metal brackets can be placed in the ceilings, grounds, and other locations by adjusting its angles.

From all the best lights for bow fishing, this have a  average lifespan of 50 watts led bow fishing exceeds 30,000 hours of light. Its working temperature is -20 to -60 degrees.
It is made up of aluminum+pc. It has three types of wire connection, yellow/green wire is connected to the ground wire, the brown cable is connected to the live wire, the blue wire connected to neutral wire. You have to join a live wire to the switch to on and off the light.

2. LE 100W Super Bright Outdoor LED Flood Lights

LE 100W Super Bright Outdoor LED Flood Lights


  • Flexible adjustment of 150 degree
  • Deliver a wide range beam
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor purpose


  • Heavy
  • Design of light could be better


  • Color: Daylight white
  • Material:  Glass, aluminum, metal
  • Fixed features: Waterproof
  • Numbers of light:  300

This super bright led light for bow fishing is from best lights for bow fishing which is energy efficient. It can low the energy cost up to 60% as compared to old tungsten halogen bulb lamps. The brightness of the light is 10150 lumens. That’s why This is best bow fishing lights for muddy water. It contains a luminous efficiency of 100 lumens per watt.
It is a combination of perfect light with zero shadows. The column angel is 120 degrees, which provides a brightness range.
These led lights are made up of aluminum alloy material die-casting body.

The material increases the life span of these lights. Panels of these light are more durable than your thoughts because it’s packed in tempered glass.
These are flexible lights that come with invaluable metal brackets, and you can set the light according to your preferences. You can either set them on the ground, wall, or ceiling. Its wide beam angle makes it different from other lights for bow fishing.

3. Lumitec 101320 SeaBlazeX Underwater Boat Light

Lumitec 101320 SeaBlazeX Underwater Boat Light


  • Different colors attracting the fish
  • The compact unit doesn’t need external control
  • Adjustable brightness


  • Housing is not sealed for deep water


  • Lumens: 3000
  • Voltage: 10-30vDC
  • 12v DC Amps: 5A
  • 24v DC Amps: 2.5A
  • Rated Watts: 60
  • CRI: 70+
  • Op. Temp F/C: -31/35 to + 131/55
  • Depth: 0.73in (1.84cm
  • Diameter: 3.94in (10cm)

It’s one of the best bow fishing lights for a boat, but it’s a high-end product in terms of price. It worth each single Paine you paid. Choose the best underwater bow fishing light wisely because you don’t want to do it twice and reversing your boat several times. Lights run on 12-24 volt dc and put out 3000 lumens. There is no problem in running it for several hours at anchor. You will be amazed by the quality of this American made light.

The casing is made up of bronze alloy with Crystal-clear sealed lens, using it with a super bright full-spectrum will be very interesting. You choose the color according to your choice by simply toggling the on/off switch.
Moreover, the light is dimmable; you can choose brightness that works best for you.

4. Glow Lion Green LED Underwater Night Fishing Light Lure

Glow Lion Green LED Underwater Night Fishing Light Lure


  • Inexpensive
  • The capability of deep drop
  • Affordable


  • Difference of quality between some units


  • Batteries: No need for external batteries
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 2 pack
  • Color:Green

You must-have a portable, versatile, and budget-friendly green bow fishing lights at night. These green LED light can be used both in fresh and salty water.
Its function is similar to other bow fishing light, but it has some different specifications. It is famous among fishers as it doesn’t require any external power supply. The unit contains a coin cell battery work for 30 hours after charging. Moreover, the battery is rechargeable. The lure holds a watertight seal better than a large light tube.

These deep underwater bow fishing lights are best as they offer 2000 feet deep down visibility. You should have these bow fishing light in your tackle box because you can drop them in independent lines as an attractor and also can be tied into the mainline.
If you use a submersible light stick as your primary light, you should have 2 LED night fishing lures.

5. GLW 10w 12v Ac or Dc Warm White LED Flood Light

GLW 10w 12v Ac or Dc Warm White LED Flood Light


  • offer bright illumination
  • Waterproof casing
  • Consume low power


  • light holding frame is not strong enough


  • Brand Name: GLW
  • Led Type:  10W 12-24V led flood light
  • Materia: Metal and salinity
  • Waterproof rate: IP65
  • Base color: Black Case
  • Color temperature:  3000K warm white

It is one of the best among them all warm white led bow fishing lights. The power of the lamp easily adjusts to 120 degrees.
These are versatile led lights as compared to a traditional halogen bulb. These warm led bow fishing lights can be used over the stained water.

These waterproof led lights are best for bow fishing; the waterproof casing is the best feature.
It strengthens the light to handle the wet conditions, without creating shadow effects, 12v led bow fishing lights are perfect. They are equipped according to your needs. They give bright illumination with producing massive electricity bills.

6. GLW 50w Outdoor LED Flood Lights

GLW 50w Outdoor LED Flood Lights


  • Offer wide illumination with a 120-degree beam angle
  • Can be used for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Lightweight and travel friendly


  • No shut off switch
  • Instructions are not clear not easy to understand


  • Square shape light
  • Metal, glass
  • Brush steel
  • Only outdoor uses
  • 2.8 inches

These warm led bow fishing lights are one of the best-led light that’s they are very popular among masses. It has a power capacity of 50 watts, and 5150 daylight white lumens increase its efficiency. The best lights for bow fishing with LED bulb use tungsten 300-watt halogen lamps.

This bow fishing light is perfect for outdoor activities from other 50 watts led bow fishing lights. But it can be used indoor too as they have the excellent waterproof capacity. You can use them wherever you want in garages, gardens, billboards, and underwater. Featuring a yoke-style design arm makes it easy to set the equipment vertically and horizontally. It also helps you to regulate the angle of the beam.
Don’t worry about flexibility, power capacity, and safety; these led lights for bow fishing are CE and FCC certified.

7. URPOWER Solar Lights 8 LED Waterproof Light

URPOWER Solar Lights 8 LED Waterproof Light


  • Inbuilt motion sensor help to adjust the brightness
  • Sensing angle of 120 degree
  • 8 LED provide extreme brightness


  • Battery take 2-3 days for charging


  • Size: B-2 pack
  • Material:  ABS
  • Battery power source
  • lithium ions battery cell

Due to its light penetration ability, it is the best bow fishing lights for muddy water. It is featuring waterproof housing. The light runs on solar power and makes it more convenient, unlike other light run on the generator because you also have to carry a generator with you. This wireless light can identify day and night. You don’t need to adjust the brightness as it can brighten up or dim itself according to lightning conditions.

The light is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It can be used in the porch, yard, gardens, or driveway. It is the best light in all weather conditions as it’s waterproof and heatproof. Negative and positive pole direction on the bottom of the led makes it different from other led lights.

8. Green Glow Fish Attracting Dock Light

Green Glow Fish Attracting Dock Light


  • More Brightness
  • Easy to install
  • 1-year warranty
  • American made


  • Replaceable bulbs are costly
  • 14 primary
  • 8 secondary

The 110 volts led flood lights are permanently mounted. It is mainly used on dock, boat and sea walls. It comes in a kit, that included 7,900 sealed lumens discharge bulb, photocell, 50-foot marine-grade lamp cord, and a power control box with 5 feet power cable. All you required mounting hardware and safe GFCI plug.

Each bulb is hand-built that lasts for 4 to 5 years and works best in salty water. The green bow fishing lights attract any specie with little electricity. If you want to go on bow fishing at night, this is the best option. Moreover, you’ll not be irritated by bugs as light doesn’t attract them. This light only focused on deep-down water and didn’t disturb your neighbors.




  • Adjustable color tones
  • Low power consumption
  • Multiple power sources
  • Reflector design provide max light to water


  • Did not comes with a battery


  • 12V DC (Battery) – 10 Amp
  • 24V DC (Battery) – 5 Am
  • 110/120V AC (Generator) – 1 Amp
  • Dimensions: 24″ long X 4.5″ tall X 3.5″ deep
  • Estimated Run Time on Typical Deep Cycle Battery: 10 Hours

This light is best-led light bars for bow fishing because of new updates/innovation for the ease of people. It has a feature of slowly adjustable color tone changing. This characteristic makes this light perfect for clear and muddy water.
This light runs on a variety of power sources included a battery of 12V DC/ 24V DC and a generator of 110V AC/120V AC. Another notable feature is 24″ sturdy aluminum frame, which is corrosion-resistant.

The reflector design of the frame help to increase the illumination speed. The reflector delivers an adequate amount of light to water rather than other floodlights who direct light to the sky. It can be installed easily on flounder gigging and bow fishing boats.

10. XHYCKJ 6PCS 5 Led Lighted Nocks for Arrows

XHYCKJ 6PCS 5 Led Lighted Nocks for Arrows


  • Bowstring on/off switch
  • Available in different colors
  • Replaceable battery


  • Blue isn’t bright color in low light


  • High Visibility: An crucial tool for archery hunting
  • Inside Dia: .244 Inch
  • Batteries: Lithium batteries, replaceable
  • Long batterie life: 48 hours

These arrow led bow fishing lights to offer bow string active on/off switch. It does not require any assembly. You only need a screwdriver. Perfectly fit for the arrows with a diameter of 6.2 mm/0.244″. Its battery life is up to 48 hours. The battery is made up of lithium and can be replaceable. It is featuring high visibility, so it’s must-have tools for archery hunting.

They are the cheapest nocks among all other nocks but having very good quality. It is based on new technology; also, the price is a plus point of this light. Moreover, available in blue, green, red, yellow, and colorful, isn’t it amazing?. These led arrows are very affordable.

11. SOLLA 60W LED Outdoor Security Flood Light

SOLLA 60W LED Outdoor Security Flood Light


  • Excellent Lifespan
  • Wide-angle beam
  • Weather-resistant
  • Adjustable arm
  • Energy efficient


  • shut off after too much heating


  • High output lighting                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Save up to 82% with 80lm/watt                                                                                                                                                                       
  •  Reliable in any weather with waterproof IP66 rating
  • Provide a better, cheaper and healthier lighting

It is equipped with a premium waterproof chip. It works best outdoor spotlight as it’s a super bright floodlight. The light is energy-efficient and saves 80% of the electricity bill. It is made with the aluminum body, which is compacted with tempered glass that resists any object. Its yoke-style arm adjusts in all directions.

It is featuring a wide-angle beam of 120° giving more brightness with shadow-free light.
It has a long lifespan and exceeded 50,000 hours. This feature saves you money. It is weather-resistant due to the LED EPISTAR chip embedded with a rubber ring.

12. Ustellar 2 Pack 60W LED Flood Light

Ustellar 2 Pack 60W LED Flood Light


  • IP66 waterproof chip
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to install
  • Environment friendly
  • Wide beam angel


  • none


  • Wattage: 60w
  • Wire Length: 100cm/3.28in
  • Input Voltage: 110-120V AC
  • Brightness: 4200lm
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) : 80
  • Material: aluminum+ glass
  • Working Temperature : -25℃ ~ 40℃

Each of the bow fishing light is equal to the 300W of a traditional halogen bulb. The IP66 waterproof rating makes it weather-resistant; no matter what kind of weather is out there, these led flood lights can handle it. It Illuminates the dark corner. It is controlled by dusk to dawn sensor. These best lights for bow fishing has a long life span of about 50,000 and operated for 10-12 hours every night.
These lights are environment friendly do not emit radiation, mercy, and other pollutant elements. It is installed effortlessly; you have to connect a lead cable, fix the light, and adjust candle.
This light is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications that can be used in the yard, garden, landscape, rooftop, public place, playground, square factories, and park. It comes with a warranty of 2 years.

13. Nilight LED Light Bar

Nilight LED Light Bar


  • High quality
  • Budget-friendly
  • Weatherproof
  • Anti-corrosive


  • working temperature is low


  • Beam Combo Pattern. Spot (30 degrees) and flood (60 degrees)
  • Input Voltage: 9-30V DC (fits 12V, 24V vehicles)
  • Working Lifespan: Over 30,000 hours
  • Working Temperature: -40~85 degrees Celsius
  • Material: 6063 Aluminum Profile, High quality Led Chips, PC Lens
  • Waterproof Rate: IP67; Waterproof, dustproof, quakeproof and anti-corrosive

These best lights for bow fishing came with improved brightness specifically during night time. Very budget-friendly and of high quality. It has a long lifespan of about 50,000 hours. The die aluminum casting with 10pc cooling fans ensures heat dissipation. These light can be installed on yacht, ship, and boat to brighten up the voyage.

These lights are waterproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosive. The size and design of these led bar lights look excellent when installed on the boat. This waterproof led lights featuring a waterproof rubber pad, which is used to tighten the gaps and increase waterproof ability.
It can also be used as a backyard, garden, garage, and indoor lighting. It is best for the night because they offer more brightness.

14. Amarine Made 12v 180 LED

Amarine Made 12v 180 LED


  • Ac adapter
  • Cigarette light adapter
  • Come with long cable
  • Budget-friendly


  • Cable entry seal can be leaked


  • Color of light: green
  • Batteries: not included

It is easy to store as it’s only 7 inches long. The casing is durable enough and can’t break easily. The six sides LED modules having 180 LED put out 1000 lumens by consuming power of 0.9 Amp. These lights are having a lifespan of 50,000 and also replaceable. It comes with a long cable of 20 feet, unlike other lights. It does not need to carry extra battery because the light comes with a cigarette lighter power adapter.

This best lights for bow fishing feature also makes it long-lasting; the light can be used as an emergency light, campaign light, and vehicle trouble light.
The AC adapter allows you to run it on household current. These light uses hook and induce methods to caught fishes. The light trapping is used for phototaxis of insects and fishes. Set the light in a net, lure the fish then lift the net with the help of a pulley. All the best lights for bow fishing works with this mechanism.

Things Need to be Considered before Buying

It is not difficult to track fish in daylight because water is clear, but it’s difficult at night. You should have the best lights for bow fishing
to deal with shallow water at night time. When buying a bow fish light, you have to consider some features that are;

  • Brightness level
  • Switch
  • Adjustable color tone
  • Durability
  • Water resistances

The best light for bow fishing has the quality of illuminating even in the deep and darkest portion of the water. Make sure that you have the best bow fishing light for muddy water, having the characteristics of working in the misty water with a long life expectancy. Check out all the 15 best lights for bow fishing and chose only that suits your needs and budget.


Best lights for bow fishing help you in catching the fishing at night. The important thing is to carry your that hobby is that you have the right equipment. It is not only your talent or abilities but also depends on the bow fishing light. Through bow fishing lights, the hobby of fish catching becomes more interesting. These best lights for bow fishing reviews help you in shaping your decision to buy according to your choice. Our reviews are base on researches and expert opinions.
So, don’t waste any more time.
Go and grab your favorite product, which you like most, and its also according to your budget.

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