Best baton holder for Duty Belt [ Top 5 ]

Yes, I have to carry a baton, but I don’t want to feel like anything is there. all while keeping it readily available when needed. We’ve got your back, mate.


There are three primary types of baton holders: portable, one that has a permanent mount, and one that attaches to your belt. The kind of baton holder you choose depends on your personal preference.


The police baton holder is available in many different styles, colours, and shapes. Some holders even have quick-release buckles that allow you to attach them directly to your uniform without removing them.


What to consider when buying a baton holder

Baton Holder Type: 

  1. Simple leather-made baton holder with hook
  2. Baton Holder in some hard material with the front button to lock/unlock baton.
  3. Expandable baton holder easily attached/detached to belt.
  4. Front draw multi-purpose baton holders.

The list goes on.



Baton holsters are often made of solid materials, such as leather, ballistic nylon, or moulded laminates, and have open tops for easy access.

Are you looking for a multi-usage baton holder that might also hold other stuff or a simple leather case for an expandable baton?


ASP T50 Envoy Rotating Scabbard

The Envoy Scabbard has a rotating holder that keeps the item in place even when the situation changes. 

The scabbard rotates through seven click-stop detent settings in a 180-degree arc, ensuring that it does not turn beyond horizontal and jeopardize the baton’s security. 

You can change how much of the baton you want to keep in the sheath by adjusting the internal clip, and the closed-bottom design lets you lock the baton right into the sheath.

This strong polymer sheath has a Snap-Loc belt loop that can be attached anywhere on the duty belt without having to thread or unthread other gear. 

The belt loop has an indexed slide track and bar that adapts to fit all standard duty and dress belt widths.

The Envoy Scabbard comes in a 50 cm or 21-inch size to accommodate 40 cm, 50 cm, and 60 cm batons.



  1. Easily Attached/Removed
  2. Fits like a glove – Purpose-built
  3. Adjustable to any belt size



Most Compatible with 50cm batons 


PROTEC Black Police Molle Holder

The holder is made of 1000d solid ripstop nylon, and it can be used with most ASP, Camlock, and Monadnock batons.

It is made with molle webbing that weaves and snaps securely onto a load-bearing vest. This keeps the baton safe and within reach at all times so that it can be used for self-defense. 

The Baton Molle compartment can hold expandable batons up to 11 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide. This pocket is carefully sewn and made to last.  



  1. A good Compact Holder
  2. Easy to put in
  3. Feels secure



  1. If not appropriately locked, the baton might fall out.
  2. Not handsome if you care about Aesthetics


ASP Duty Scabbard Holster

The three requirements for any baton scabbard are protection; each carrier must specify a balance between security and presentation speed. 

It must give some amount of security while allowing access. ASP protects the baton while allowing for fast deployment. ASP Scabbards keep a wand tight during travel. 

It enables a tight grip and a quick presentation. It is pretty helpful in the most extreme tactical conditions. 

On the duty belt, the Envoy Scabbard swivels to 7 different places. It will not rotate beyond the horizontal. A retractable baton is put out quickly while remaining secure during dynamic engagements.



  1. Soft and secure
  2. Enables baton holding in 7 distinct positions 
  3. Easily attached/Detached



If you don’t do it right, you can lose the belt-width spacer, which will make it useless for a while.


Expandable Peter Jones Baton Holder

This innovative baton holder is made of high-quality leather. The durable moulded nylon ensures security, comfort, and service. 

It allows batons for extended transport and prevents accidental or involuntary enlargement; it is compatible with friction-lock or auto-lock batons. Valid for the Monadnock, Casco, ASP, and Bonowi batons and features belt, harness, and garment attachment options.



  1. Secure 360-degree adjustable carriage
  2. Left and Right Thumb Release
  3. Ease of Relocation and Withdrawal



The small size may be an issue for some users.


Protec Prolock ASP batton holder

The B14 baton holder has Proloc’s patented locking technology. It allows the baton to stay put in eight belt positions. 

This feature is helpful while entering and exiting a car. The baton holder is made of 1000D nylon, and the baton is held in place by a substantial rubber retainer.



  1. Features 360 Degrees locking mechanism
  2. Made with stiff nylon material
  3. Suitable for most batons that exist



  1. Some consumers complained about not having enough tension to hold.
  2. Reduced security as lower press stud opens easily.


What is the best baton holder for police?

The ASP T50 Envoy Rotating Scabbard is probably the best baton holder. 

The ASP T50 Envoy will fit ASP/T50 and ASP/ATP batons. The rotating feature makes it easy to access your weapon without taking your eyes off the threat.

It is an ideal product for a good-quality, affordable, and easy-to-use baton holder.

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