Best basketball shoes for girls & How we Chose them

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It is often said that give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world. And that sentence has been truer than when it comes to sports and basketball specifically. Basketball shoes for young girls are not as well marketized as other products. Picking the right shoe when it comes to sports is crucial because not only the shoes will provide the player with the comfort they need to focus on the game but it also prevents various injuries.

We have compiled a list of the 7 best basketball shoes for girls that not only provide comfort and quality but also style. Before you head into the list make sure to read what qualities matter when it comes to basketball shoes.

Things to Consider


  • Traction ensures your feet stick firmly to the ground. The more the traction, the more power and strength in your stance.
  • In many games, especially basketball having great control over your feet is crucial. Staying closer to the ground plays a key role in playing well. As being lower, brings your center of gravity closer to the floor. This keeps you balanced and stable. And decreases your chances of tripping.


  • Support is crucial to maintain your balance on the court. To keep standing firm even while being tugged and pushed makes for a great player. And all that support comes from the base of the foot, especially the ankle.


  • For basketball shoes or any sport-specific shoes, durability is not a matter of longevity. It’s a matter of protection and survival. A basketball game can get very intense, with long exertion hours. Hence, a basketball shoe needs to be extremely durable.
  • Some shoes may look beautiful and rather attractive at first glance and that may entice you to buy them. But beauty will only take you so far, if you or your child are serious about basketball you should make a more conscious choice.
  • Just like the demand for the game, the merit of the shoe is based on its resistance against wear and tear as a result of excessive force, sweat, and long-running hours.


  • The reason your shoe’s comfort needs your strict attention now is so, that it won’t take away from your attention during an actual game. Shoes need to be comfortable to eradicate any pain or discomfort. So, all your focus is directed towards your goal.
  • Uncomfortable shoes do not just slow you down but can cause serious physical damage to your feet. Long term use can even lead to bruises and cuts. To ensure you are performing your best with ease, a comfortable pair of shoes is a definite need.


  • Just as traction is needed to ensure your feet stick firmly to the ground. You need lockdown to ensure your shoes stick to your feet. It’s basically a combination of comfort and support.
  • An ill-fitted pair of shoes can be quite dangerous on the court. Just as shoes smaller than your own foot size can bruise your feet. Shoes larger than your foot size can actually put off your balance, distract you and you may even end up falling.

It goes without saying that without proper lock-down you won’t be able to perform your best.

List of top 7 best basketball shoes for girls

1. Skechers Girls’ Litebeams-Dance N’Glow 


  • 100% Textile and Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole


  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Fun


  • Wears out quickly

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The first item on our list is the ever so famous Skechers kids girl’s Litebeams Dance N’Glow sneaker. No kid has grown up without wearing Skechers while falling in love with them simultaneously.

We personally, love what Skechers has brought to the table with these amazing, really comfortable yet beautiful looking sneakers.

We recommend these for younger girls who would still be into wearing cute and funky shoes but still want comfort and lockdown while playing basketball or any other sport or game.

Woven with mesh fabric, clip synthetic glitter metallic overlays and an instep strap these glitter Skechers also come with the bungee stretch laced front panel for an easy slip-on fit.

It has an adjustable side hook and a padded collar.

Many reviews have declared it as a comfortable yet stylish option. It meets all factors that cater to parents and kids both want to make it an easy buy which is rather difficult for people with kids. For kids it’s fun for parents it’s durable.

That durability is what makes it suitable for sportswear too. However, some reviews have suggested that it wasn’t as durable as they expected it to be and that it wore out quickly.

2. Nike Zoom KD 12 


  • Perforated padding around the 3/4-high collar hugs your ankle for a snug fit.
  • A rubber outsole offers excellent traction.


  • Smooth feel
  • Uncompromised performance
  • Tongue cover for good padding


  • Not true to fit

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When people think of footwear brands Nike tops most lists, from outerwear to innerwear Nike has produced the best of the best when it comes to sports-related wearables.

Keeping up the standard the Nike zoom KD-12 basketball shoe provides good quality and a perfect fit.

The reviews have suggested that it has a solid lockdown meaning it grips your feet and stays loyal like a good friend while your girls go out and make history.

It’s not the best when it comes to traction due to a translucent rubber outsole that has been added as a feature however not many complaints have been made against it and it does a pretty decent job of maintaining a good floor grip. It has strong support and is overall very comfortable.

3. Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1 


  • Mesh-Synthetic
  • Propulsion clip for lateral stability
  • Flexible Bounce midsole cushioning


  • Propulsion clip for lateral stability
  • Flexible Bounce midsole cushioning
  • Locked-down fit with responsive cushioning
  • Textile upper with spiderweb-inspired details
  • Multidirectional herringbone-pattern rubber outsole


  • Bulky build

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It’s impossible to make a list of the best sports footwear and not include Adidas. While we talked about Nike being the best of the best we cannot deny the fact that Adidas has a lot of loyal supporters due to its high quality and good performance products.

Adidas has never failed to deliver in and following that tradition the D.O.N they have embodied traction and support at the highest level.

It has received a lot of praise for its excellent gripping abilities and bounces cushioning which provides stability and impact protection.

This shoe covers all fronts when it comes to sportswear and maybe even a good option for our older readers as well. But if you’re looking for a sleek, lightweight design then you will just have to be one of Cinderella’s sisters because this shoe won’t fit your needs It has a bulky build so it may not be as aesthetically pleasing.

4. Skechers Kids’ Skech-air-Star Dreamer 


  • 100% Textile
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole


  • Lightweight
  • Flexible


  • Do not light up

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Would you look at that another Skechers product on our list? Well, can you blame us? Skechers is just so good at what they do. This product is for girls ranging from 4 to 8 years old. This piece is beautiful, enchanting, and comfortable. Yet, it endorses a sporty style and is perfect for active, sports playing kids.

It’s all metallic star design and heel stripe overlay makes it a perfect combination of cute yet practical.

In case you’re wondering no they do not light up even though most sketcher sneakers are light up shoes sadly these aren’t if you’re young ones are into sporty shoes that light up you may have to look for another one.

5. Under Armour Kids’ Pre School Jet

Under Armour Kids' Pre School Jet 2019 Basketball ShoeFeatures

  • Rubber sole
  • Mesh & textile upper combination for breathability & support
  • Molded heel construction with engineered perforations for added ventilation


  • Breathable design
  • Good traction


  • Uncomfortable if worn without breaking in first

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These shoes just might be the best basketball shoes for kids that we have reviewed so far. Due to their synthetic fiber shank, the level of comfort is indescribable. They have a great lockdown that grips on to the feet and maintains a perfect fit.

Their traction is good too and the antifoam body provides better support and protection from external forces.

On the first try, they seem a little tight and need some breaking in. If worn without breaking in they can be very damaging to the top of the feet. Just because they need breaking in does not mean it’s necessarily a bad option.

Its pros outweigh its cons considerably. So, if you don’t mind buying a shoe that needs breaking in before it is worn. This might be the right choice.

6. Skechers Kids’ Quick Kicks-Shimmer 


  • 100% Fabric or Textile
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole


  • Imported
  • Rubber sole


  • Not durable

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Another Sketcher favorite of ours is the kid’s Quick kicks-shimmer dance sneaker. It is so comfortable, that any shoe is worn after it makes you feel like walking you are walking on stones.

It’s extremely well made and it’s a plus point is its foam insole that makes it so affluent. However, although they bring comfort to the table, they lack almost everything when it comes to durability.

Some users’ kids reportedly ripped the toes on these almost after immediately buying them. So, while they may be very comfortable they might be able to stand the vigor of a basketball game.

7. Skechers Lights-Dance-n-Dazzle


  • Man-Made
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole


  • Rubber sole
  • Visually appealing


  • No true fit
  • Not durable

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We had to include a light-up Sketcher sneaker because young kids just adore light up shoes. We remember when we were younger, and we could not get enough of our light up shoes. So that’s why we made sure to include one such product on this list as well.

These lights up shoes are incredibly cute and loved by many kids and their parents for providing what they sought after.

Sadly, they are not very durable. The shoe itself works fine but the light-up system fails miserably in a matter of months. If worn with precautions maybe the lights could last longer but if a child is planning to wear these while practicing a sport the lights will wear out way too quickly.

They have also been reported as not being true fit size usually people have to buy one or two sizes up to find the right fit for them.


The right shoes will surely lead you in the right direction. Children wanting to make a career in the sports field especially basketball should make the right choice.

To perform their best while being comfortable, shoes play a strong role in a player’s performance. Although, ultimately it will depend upon how hardworking an individual is. And how much effort they have put in to achieve their dreams.

Surely if your girls put in the work, with your support and their dedication, they can do wonders.


1. Can girls wear boys’ basketball shoes?

There is no physical distinction when it comes to footwear. Most products are unisex and can be utilized by both boys and girls. Like they say when the shoe fits wear it. Only this time we mean it literally.

2. Can girls wear Jordan 1s?

Jordan doesn’t necessarily come in female size. However, there exists a range for girls or women who want to experience Jordan comfort. The typical range from a size 3.5 to a size 7.

3. At what age do feet stop growing?

Girls usually go through a growth spurt between the ages of 8 to 13. Their feet will grow during this period and slow down till they eventually stop at 20.

4. What shoe size is suitable for a 9-year-old girl?

Approximately 8 3/8 to almost 8 ½ inches.

5. Does foot size predict height?

No, there is no such correlation between the two.

6. What does the C stand for in toddler shoes?

The c represents the term “child” for child sizes.



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