12 Best Badminton Rackets for Every Type of Player [Buyers Guide]

Last updated on November 5th, 2022 at 08:37 am

Best Badminton Rackets

Badminton is a game of sheer speed, movement, and accuracy. Apart from the skills, having the best badminton rackets can highly impact the game.

Selecting best badminton rackets is a significant and extremely personal decision. You must be fully knowledgeable about the characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of badminton rackets before purchasing one. Keep in mind that the most costly rackets on the market aren’t always the best badminton rackets. Nonetheless, the flagships of well-known best badminton racket brand companies such as Yonex, Victor, and Li Ning will undoubtedly assist you on the court.


This article covers each and every minutest of details. Apart from covering the best badminton rackets, we have also made a complete buyers’ guide. If you are unsure as to what you are looking for we would advise you to first have a look at the guide, and then some best badminton racket 2021.


You’re probably aware of the importance of picking the appropriate racket. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to find the best badminton rackets as this guide will walk you through it.

If you’re just beginning to start, it’s pointless to pick a decided style if you don’t know what you’re capable of.

That’s why a low-cost, beginner-friendly racket like the Yonex Nanoray 10 or Nanoray 20 is a good place to start. They are incredibly economical and well-rounded, making them an excellent way to get started and discover your personal style.

How to Buy a Badminton RacketBuying the best badminton rackets for beginners or even intermediate and professional players can get really difficult – not if you understand what matters the most in making any racket the best.

What factors to take into account, What features to look out for? Will it be good for my playing style?

We have covered all your worries prior to purchase.

We have discussed it all!

It took me two odd years of practical experience to know what factors to weigh before buying the best badminton rackets.

After reading this guide you will be crystal clear as to “What you want”, I bet that.

[su_note note_color=”#abcace” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”2″]Shape[/su_note]

All the rackets come in either Oval shape or Isometric/Square one. There are many advantages and disadvantages of one over the other.

Thus, instead of discussing each in detail, I would like to discuss their ups and down side-by-side.

Oval-Shaped vs. Isometric-Shaped Rackets:

How to Select a Perfect Badminton Racket - Updated Guide 2017

  • Oval-Shaped Rackets have a concentrated hitting spot or “sweet spot” as they call it, while Isometric Shaped Rackets have a larger frame hence a larger sweet spot.
  • Due to small hitting spot Oval Frames, you have to be a really skilled player to land the shuttle on the sweet spot for the powerful shot. For beginners, I would advise going for Isometric Frames, because it has a big frame hence you would not have to worry about the power so you can concentrate on your overall game technique more.
  • Because It is quite easier to play with Square/Isometric Frames, Oval frames are getting less popular among the top racket brands. More and more brands are releasing isometric frame rackets more.

[su_note note_color=”#abcace” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”2″]Weight and Balancing Point[/su_note]

These are two quite interrelated subjects as far as badminton rackets are concerned.

That is why I have decided to discuss them both in the same space.

The balance point of the racket depends upon the weight of the head or the handle.

You can check the balance point of a racket by placing your finger at the middle of the shaft.

Balance Point Of Your Racket Is Important, Here's How You Find It | Playo

Three scenarios can occur:

  1. The racket will lean toward the head – Which shows that the head is heavy and the racket will provide more power.
  2. The racket will lean toward the handle – Which indicates a lighter head and a heavy handle. These types of rackets are made to offer more control.
  3. The third and last case is if the racket balances perfectly, indicating a balance between control and power. If you are a beginner, You can either go for this kind of racket or for a more controlled one.

The rackets come in different weights also indicated by “1U”, “2U”, “3U”, “4U” and “5U”. With 1U being the heaviest and “5U” being the lighter most.

Most of the companies often make rackets in the 3U or 4U range, which indicates a total weight of 80-84 and 85-89 grams.

Well, don’t be surprised.

You can always make your racket heavier by adding more grip to the handle or by patching a heavier string on the frame. This will provide more power at the expense of less control.

Thus, you will need to find what works best for you.

[su_box title=”PRO TIP:” box_color=”#10d2a6″ title_color=”#ffffff” radius=”2″]Start with the lighter racket like 4U and add more grip to it until you are satisfied with its weight.[/su_box]

[su_note note_color=”#abcace” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”2″]The Shaft[/su_note]

Flexible vs Stiff Shaft:

How to Choose a Badminton Racket | Which Is Perfect For You

The stiff shaft provides less repulsion. Less repulsion means that you will need to generate more power by yourself for a powerful smash. It is well-suited for intermediate to advanced level players who have mastered the basic skills. However, its response is much faster than the flexible because of its stiffness. But still, I would recommend you to develop a basic skill set first using a Flexible Shaft racket.

Using a Flexible Shaft racket also comes with its pros and cons. It is most recommended for beginner level players because they will not need to concentrate on the power because Flexible Shaft has more repulsion thus it provides more power to the shuttle. The accuracy and speed may be much lesser for drop shots or smashes. Beginners should focus more on the technique first and then move on to buy the Stiff Shaft racket for more speed and accuracy.

Flexible Shaft rackets are also recommended for defensive players.

[su_note note_color=”#abcace” text_color=”#000000″ radius=”2″]String Tension[/su_note]

String Tension is also an important factor which most of the players ignore. You should always check the tension of the racket’s string by pressing three fingers or whole palm against it and checking how much does it bend. The string with more tension will obviously provide more power but less accuracy. when we speak of the best badminton rackets. Most of the rackets come with 25-26 lbs of String Tension. However, for beginners, a racket with string tension in the range 22-24 lbs is recommended.

This video will help you in choosing the best badminton rackets as per your style.

[su_youtube url=”″ title=”The Best 10 Inch Subwoofers – Overview”]

Best Badminton Racket Brand

There are a few brands that are highly popular for their quality and construction along with the best designs.

Best Yonex Badminton Racket

Yonex has been creating the best badminton rackets since the firm was founded. They’ve since developed to become the world’s premier badminton firm, thanks to decades of practice. And rightfully so! Yonex Badminton rackets come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate players of various playing styles and skill levels. While they mostly serve professionals.

We have chosen some best yonex badminton racket for beginners and professionals, such as;

  • Yonex arcsaber 10
  • Yonex Nanoray 10 NR10 Badminton Racket

They offer a wide range for every kind of game and style, which makes it easy to make sure you are getting the best badminton racket as per your personal preference.

Li Ning Badminton Racket Review

Being the second best badminton brand, Li Ning excel in bringing the best badminton rackets for players of every style nad level. They offer a wide range of racket styles to choose from.

  • Li-Ning Badminton Racket Windstorm 78SL
  • Li Ning Flame N55-II

Li-ning badminton racket Vs. Yonex Badminton

Yonex and LI Ning Badminton are two well-known badminton brands.

Yonex is a major player in the equipment industry, and Li Ning is well-known among athletes. The Yonex Voltric series is well-known in the assaulting gaming genre, whilst the Li Ning G Force is well-suited to both attack and defence.

Best Badminton Rackets

  1.  For Beginners
  2.  For Intermediate Players
  3.  For Smashing
  4.  For Doubles

[su_highlight background=”#c0ff99″]In whichever category do you lie, we have got you covered! We have included some of the best Yonex badminton racquets, read on to find out![/su_highlight]

Before going into the details, you can check out the following comparison table showing the overall features of all the best badminton rackets.

[su_box title=”Note” box_color=”#71ecda” title_color=”#ffffff” radius=”2″]All the following rackets reviewed by us are Isometric in Shape.[/su_box]


Best Badminton Rackets For Beginners

12 Best Badminton Rackets for Every Type of Player 2021 + Buyers Guide

For those beginners looking out to buy a racket just to start their career or to play badminton part-time, this section is purely dedicated to you.

I have included some light and cheap rackets so you do not have to spend too much to learn the basics. Once you master the basic technique of the game, you can always upgrade to a better one.

Hence, without further adieu let’s look at each racket in detail.

1- Li-Ning Badminton Racket Windstorm 78SL

[su_button url=”,p_89:LI-NING&linkCode=sl2&tag=kiyas-20&linkId=74730154a16d7d4ab3822f1446b83d7c&language=en_US” target=”blank” background=”#FF9900″ size=”10″ center=”yes” text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″]Check Price on Amazon[/su_button]


There is a reason why I have put Li-Ning Windstorm 78SL at the top.

Shape and Shaft

The first and foremost reason is that it’s super light, weighing only 78 grams, it comes under the 6U category. Li-Ning Windstorm can be strung up to 30 lbs of tension, large enough to help you in those powerful smashes.

You must be wondering that this is a very light racket how can it provide ample power for smashes? Well, with its 30 lbs of tension and a flexible UHB shaft, it overcomes the other factors and provides great strength and control. Shaft Flex provides improved flexibility which in turn helps to provide power just what you need for half or full smashes.

Material and Construction

A special type of Nano Carbon Fiber is used in designing the frame and handle of the racket. This greatly reduces the weight of the racket without sacrificing strength and maneuverability.

With its special Aerotec-Beam System and Dynamic Optimum Frame, the racket is made considering the aerodynamic aspects also. It is specially designed to reduce air resistance. This significantly reduces the pressure on wrist thus you don’t get tired too early, resulting in a competitive edge over your opponent.

No doubt, this is one of the best badminton rackets for beginners out there.

It’s Light, It’s Powerful, What more do you want?!

  • Superlight
  • Great for defense
  • Flexible Shaft – More Power
  • Premium Build Quality
  • The frame is somewhat smaller

2- Yonex Arcsaber 001 Review

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Yonex Arcsaber 001 is a model from the 2014 Yonex series, but it still beats the most rackets with its exceptional performance. This racket can’t be compared to the top-ranked ones obviously, but it still is said to be unrivaled in this category. It is one of the best badminton racket under $100.

Shape and Shaft

Arcsaber 001 is a cheap badminton racket, but only cheap in terms of price. It is a great choice for beginners because of the premium quality in much less money. Let’s discuss its technical details now.

Arcsaber 001’s weight comes under the 3U grade, having a weight of almost 88 grams. The grip size is G4, a great grip that we see even on the high-priced Yonex Rackets. Arcsaber 001 boasts a large sweet spot thanks to its isometric shape.

Material and Construction

It is made of graphite with NanoAir spring and a graphite shaft. The shaft is flexible and provides ample power for the smashes, however not too good. This racket is best for defensive styled players who want to improve their game.

Yonex was said to be the “Apple” of the rackets’ market. But this one piece from them has made it wrong. Yonex Arcsaber 001 is a budget-friendly racket specially designed for beginners. Even intermediate players can also use this. It may not be well suited for advanced players, but still a great piece to have in your bag!

If Li-Ning Windstorm 72 is not in your range, worry not! Arcsaber 001 got you covered.

It’s cheaper yet provides a play close to Windstorm 72.

  • Affordable
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Bigger Sweet Spot
  • Good for defensive players
  • Steady performance
  • Smashes not up to the mark
  • Certainly not for advanced players

3- Yonex Nanoray 10 NR10 Badminton Racket Review

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Once again, Yonex with its another great badminton racket designed for beginners comes the Nanoray 10.

Shape and Shaft

It is light with a weight of ~83 grams (4U) and an isometric frame. The shaft is flexibly made of graphite overall. If you are still in the learning phase, this racket is great for that. Although it is not even nearly close to the high-end pricier badminton rackets, it still provides a great value for money.

Material and Construction

The racket comes with G4 category grip, good enough for normal use. The length is 27 inches, again perfect for beginners. It is super easy to use, you can say it is designed by keeping in mind the low-end players. The price is less but it is still comfortable to use and you won’t get tired easily.

This racket lacks the power needed for powerful smashes. However, it has an isometric frame but The main reason behind this is because it has a head-light balance point. This provides more control but less power. More on this topic is discussed in the detailed guide below.

[su_note note_color=”#64e5b3″]Yonex Nanoray 10 is one of the best and cheapest Yonex badminton rackets you can find on the market. The price tag is low but it outperforms most of the rackets in the market that come under this price tag. Yonex Nanoray 10 can be proved to be a great starting point for your badminton career. It’s cheaper, lightweight and with exceptional manoeuvrability, thus fulfilling the needs of a beginner.[/su_note]

  • Exceptional Control
  • Great value for money
  • Light-weight
  • Smashes lacks power
  • Only for beginners

Best Badminton Rackets For Intermediate/Advanced Players

I would call them intermediate badminton players, who have mastered the basics technique, Who have found what works best for them.

This includes their playing-style; offensive or defensive, their wrist angles, the technique of hitting drop-shots and smashes. In short, they have at least one to two years of experience playing badminton, and they have all the above-mentioned things figured out for them.

In this section, we are going to recommend the badminton rackets for intermediate to advanced players. You should read this if you are thinking to upgrade to a better racket.

Let’s look at each product in detail…

1- Yonex Voltric 9

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Shape and Shaft

Yonex Voltric 9 is yet another masterpiece by Yonex. 83 grams of weight and having an isometric shaped frame with a built-in t-bone, this racket is really a deal-breaker.

The frame is made of high-quality tungsten and graphite. This equips it with extra durability. Its sleek and light-weight add to the overall power of the smash. With its head-heavy design, the smashes feel great.

For the front-court play, the racket provides enough responsiveness and pace that you will feel lacking in other notable badminton rackets, all of this is possible because of its lighter weight.

Material and Construction

The sides of the frame are designed to be as slim as possible to make it light-weight but still balanced. The shaft is stiff and adds provides greater flex and control to the racket.

You can play with this racket for hours and hours and won’t even feel a single sensation of tiredness in your shoulder.

[su_box title=”PRO TIP:” box_color=”#10d2a6″ title_color=”#ffffff” radius=”2″]For those professional players with more budget, Voltric 7 can also be used as a proper training racket. It provides what other heavier rackets provide, but its plus point is that its lightweight.[/su_box]

  • Lightweight
  • Extra Durable
  • Great Response
  • Made for all types of players, beginners and intermediates alike
  • Some people have complained about the string quality

2- Yonex Arcsaber 10

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Here comes the Yonex Arcsaber 10 by Yonex. It was released back in 2012, but it still one of the best rackets out there in the market. It’s a bit expensive racket, but it has surely proved its worth.

[su_highlight background=”#c0ff99″]One of the most mentioned and favorite choice of many professional players.[/su_highlight]

Available in two variants: 24lbs and 26lbs. Arcsaber 10 is one of the best Yonex has to offer.

Shape and Shaft

Arcsaber 10 has a nice overall design with some cool graphics on the string. Arcsaber 10 has a built-in T-bone which provides extra stability and strength to the racket.

Arcsaber 10 has a weight of 88 grams (3U). Most of the high-end products have their weight in this range (3U-4U). The grip used is G4 which is pretty good, really helps in controlling. You might have a bit of difficulty in placing most of your shots perfectly at first, because of the BG80 string, but believe me, you will get used to it.

The frame is isometric, the string is tight, combined with its head-heavy design, This is the powerhouse that you need to charge up your smashing. As far as the defence is concerned, it won’t disappoint in that matter too!

The shaft is stiff, however, with flexibility just enough for better control, speed and timing. This offers some quicker follow-throughs, quick pickups and superb flicks.

[su_note note_color=”#64e5b3″]I would highly recommend it to those experienced players who have got their pockets heavy. You can say that this racket is somewhat, jack of all trades. Good design provides a balanced control, better smashes and a great response. If you are looking for something more specialized in one department and a little cheaper too, you may skip this one out.[/su_note]

[su_box title=”Word Of Advice” box_color=”#71ecda” title_color=”#ffffff” radius=”2″]But if you are looking only for sheer performance, you ought to have this one in your bag![/su_box]

  • Great Maneuverability
  • Superb response
  • Good for defense
  • Awesome control
  • Smashes may not be up to the mark for some players

3- Yonex Arcsaber 11

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From the best badminton racker Yonex, Arcsaber 11 is a bigger brother of the above-mentioned Arcsaber 10. Just like Arcsaber 10, the racket looks exactly the same. However, there are certain changes which the company has made in this version.

Shape and Shaft

Arcsaber 11 comes under the 3U, almost 88 grams. The racket is head heavy with a grip of G4. All of this combined gives awesome control and power. It has an improved repulsion, better than Arcsaber 10.

It provides you with enough comfort and control, so you don’t get tired too easily. When it comes to front court, this racket has no match. It provides you with enough speed and response, that you feel like you have a feather in your hand, BELIEVE ME!

Material and Construction

To make it somewhat different from its predecessor, Yonex is said to have added a special sonic metal in its head. The shaft is just like the Arcsaber 10, thin and stiff. The string tension is in the range of 20-24 lbs for the 3U version. Gives a quite remarkable experience while playing.

In short, Arcsaber 11 is really like Arcsaber 10 but with improved control, power, response and a good flexible string. It is specially designed for professional players, most of the top-ranked players use this racket. It is one of the best Yonex badminton rackets for intermediate players!

  • Excellent Durability
  • High-quality materials are used
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Perfect control and balance
  • Tremendous response
  • You may not like the company’s string if you order. We would advise you to get it strung according to your style if you are not happy.

Best Badminton Rackets For Smashing

Smashing isn’t always about power. It’s the technique that matters too.

It’s the control, the balance, the accuracy and a number of other factors that go behind a good smash!

In this section, we are going to mention the top 3 badminton rackets for smashing based on all the factors. You will see that one of the rackets will be light-headed, lightweight but due to its control and shape, we have still reckoned it as best for smashing.

Without further adieu let’s get right into the details.

1- Yonex Nanoray 100 SH Review

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Nanoray 100SH is one of the finest rackets made by Yonex. It is light-headed, yet it is so properly made that it provides exceptional manoeuvrability and control.

Shape and Shaft

It has an Isometric shape strung with a BG3 string with a weight of 83g (4U). The string tension is 19 lbs to 26 lbs for the most powerful shots. This is really interesting for a lightweight racket.

Although Nanoray 100SH is lightweight, it still provides enough power for smashes. The beginners, as well as intermediate players, can also use it.

Material and Construction

The shaft is extra durable, made of H.M. Graphite and Nanomesh Carbon. The flex is stiff, but not so much. It still provides enough control and thrust for a proper smash.

Nanoray 100SH uses a Yonex PU Grip which is one of the factors of its awesome control. With its Aeroframe Technology, Nanoray 100SH ensures that the air resistance is minimal for well-controlled shots.

Overall, this racket is a good choice for those who have 5-6 months of experience. This racket can prove to be a good starting point if you are low on budget but you want to work on your smashes. It’s also designed for those who like lightweight rackets.

  • Light-weight
  • Durable
  • Exceptional Control
  • Improved Maneuverability
  • Light-headed

2- YONEX Nanoray Z-Speed Badminton Racquet Review

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Shape and Shaft

Yonex Nanoray Z-Speed is yet another light head badminton racket. It features an isometric shape with a weight of 3U (~86 grams). The frame is made up of “Sonic Metal” and HM Graphite. Z-Speed is strung with BG65 Ti string.

The balance point is more inclined toward the handle. This provides Nanoray Z-Speed with good control and overall maneuverability. It has solid control and an exceptional swing.

The shaft is composed of the same H.M. Graphite with X Fullerene and Nanometric Carbon. The flex is stiff, but that doesn’t come in the way of a better smash along with control. The handle comes equipped with a G4 grip.

[su_note note_color=”#64e5b3″]Overall Nanoray Z-Speed, in my opinion, is one step ahead of its game from the above mentioned Nanoray 100SH. It excels as far as control, swing and sweet spot are concerned. The enlarged sweet spot with BG65 Ti strong string with some support from a stiff shaft makes this racket a must-buy choice for proper smashing![/su_note]

  • Awesome Power
  • Great control
  • Durable
  • Not for those who don’t like light-headed rackets

3- Yonex Voltric Z Force II Review

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[su_highlight background=”#c0ff99″]Incredibly Powerful and Exceptionally Fast![/su_highlight]

These are the couple of words that I could come up with to do justice to the qualities of Yonex Voltric Z Force II.

Shape and Shaft

The frame is made up of H.M.Graphite with Super High Modulus Graphite (SHMG) which is a one-step ahead of Ultra HMG. The frame is Isometric in shape, with a total weight under 3U (~88 grams). It is strung with one of the finest strings, the BG80Titanium string which has also won many great awards. Z-Force has a total string tension of around 27lbs.

Materials and Construction

Being one of the pioneers of rackets industry, Yonex always uses some special materials in its rackets. It has done the same with Z-Force

The Shaft is composed of Ultra Polyethylene Fibre (UPEF). This material makes the flex quite stiff and provides another level of stability and durability to the racket.

Overall, the Yonex Voltric Z Force II provides the player with some top-notch power and great control. This racquet is tailor-made for smashes and I would certainly recommend this to more seasoned players. The beginners would find it pretty difficult to play with it.

  • Extremely Durable
  • Offers good control
  • Offers great power and speed
  • Not made for beginners
  • Not for defense

Best Badminton Rackets For Doubles

Playing doubles is always fun.

Whether we are playing it casually or in a competitive tournament, we do want a separate racket for it. It is due to the fact that playing doubles is completely different from playing singles.

The technique, playing style, speed, drop shots and also smashes, differ from singles.

Even the mindset required to play doubles is different. You have to be quick, calm and ensure proper coordination with your teammate.

Thus, I think you should look for a racket that is lightweight, doesn’t matter if it’s light-headed or heavy-headed because it depends on you and your playing style in doubles.  But if I had to choose, I would go for a light-headed one, as “Speed is Key in Doubles”.

In this section, we have tried to offer some of the rackets that are affordable to beginner as well as intermediate players.

So let’s dive into the details…

1- Yonex Astrox 2 Badminton Racket

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Shape and Shaft

Yonex Astrox 2 is one of my favourites when it comes to doubles. It is a hi-flex racket and weighs almost 78-79 grams (5U). It is a super lightweight racket intended to be used in doubles. I would advise you to have a string tension of ~22 lbs. The pre-strung comes with ~23lbs, I reckon.

Material and Construction

Like the premium rackets, the frame is composed of high-quality graphite and tungsten. Similarly, the shaft is made up of Nanomesh along with Graphite. This provides great stability and awesome control while playing,

The grip size of Astrox 2 is G4, I would advise you to have a grip size of G5 if you intend to use it for Doubles. Still, G4 is good to go.

The best thing about Astrox 2 is that it can be used by either Beginners or Intermediate players alike. The hi-flex allows beginners to play with it without thinking much of power. While the intermediate players can use it to improve their speed and accuracy. An All-in-one package to be honest.

[su_highlight background=”#c0ff99″]Yonex claims that the steep angle of Astrox 2 is 2 degrees steeper than its previous counterparts. It also claims to have a smashing power to be 7.1% improved.[/su_highlight]

  • Affordable
  • Better Control
  • Smashing is great
  • Evenly distributed weight, just what is needed for doubles
  • Provides exceptional speed and accuracy
  • Not made for beginners
  • Too much flex for some players

2- LI-NING Badminton Racket G-Force

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Shape and Shaft

Li-Ning is one of the best badminton rackets that offers an elegant look with some cool features. The weight is 6U (78+ grams), the shape is Isometric. If you order the strung one, it comes with 24 lbs of String Tension. It’s perfect for doubles.

You can expect balance-point slightly leaning toward the handle, (295mm BP while 675mm total length). This ensures that the racket provides good control and swing. Li-Ning G-Force really is exceptional in terms of its weight and speed, it offers. You can hit some crisp drop shots effortlessly. You can even play the slice and reverse slice, and your favourite angled shots, without any mess.

Speaking of the best badminton rackets this one is pretty light from many of the best badminton rackets and thus you won’t be tired too early. As far as the defense is concerned, it excelled in that department as well. The racket provides an exceptional response for some quick smashes and body shots.

Xiphos X-1 is undoubtedly one of the top-notch badminton rackets for doubles, it is light-headed, provides exceptional response and flow, affordable… What more do you want?!

Pros & Cons

  • Light-headed yet powerful
  • Quick Response
  • Drop shots are amazing
  • Smashes are also great
  • Balance Point is slightly more toward the handle
  • Not for players who like balanced rackets

3- Wilson BLX Force PowerSkin – Best Badminton Rackets Under $100

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Shape and Shaft

However we have not included many best badminton rackets from Wilson, but this one is worth mentioning in this category.

Wilson BLX Force features some really cool features for attacking players. It is a quite flexible racket offering a solid power and speed. The weight is only 89 grams (3U).

It is a slightly head-heavy racket, offers more power for smashing and stuff. The shape is Isometric which makes it quite useful for beginners as it offers a larger sweet spot.

Materials and Construction

The materials used in the BLX Force is of also premium quality, the Basalt Fibers combined with other technologies used to build frame and grip offers another level of durability and strength to the racket.

This is one of the best badminton rackets, light in weight but also heavy-headed, this makes it quite useful for doubles play. From the best badminton rackets, this one comes in a reasonable price. In short, This racket provides enough power and control. Just what is needed for doubles.

  • Slightly Heavy-headed, unlike other doubles rackets
  • Offers great Power
  • Not so great control
  • Medium Flex


When choosing the best badminton rackets, keep our advice in mind. If you consider these variables and advice, you will find the ideal match for you and achieve the level of elite badminton players.

Remember to take your time while choosing the best badminton rackets because it is crucial in determining the performance and durabiltiy. You don’t want to squander your money on something that doesn’t have the qualities you desire.

FAQs | Best Badminton Rackets

1. Is Yonex superior to Li Ning?

Yonex is a major player in the badminton equipment industry, and Li Ning is extremely popular among athletes. The Yonex Voltric series is well-known in the assaulting gaming genre, whilst the Li Ning G Force is well-suited to both attack and defence.

2. What factors should I consider before purchasing a racquet?

There are three factors that influence power and control when picking a racket: headsize, weight, and string pattern.

Head Size

  • A larger head size: more power
  • A smaller head size: more control.


  • A lighter racket: more power
  • A heavier racket: more control


  • An open stringbed: more power 
  • A denser stringbed: more control 

3. Which is the best badminton racket for intermediate players?

Here are some of the best badminton rackets for Intermediate Players 2021;

  • YONEX Nanoray 10F Hi-Flex 
  • LI-NING Badminton Racket Windstorm 78SL III.
  • YONEX Astrox FB Medium Flex Badminton Strung Racquet

4, Which is more durable Yonex or LiNing?

Yonex racquets are more solid and long-lasting than Li Ning racquets. However, while Yonex is the more well-known brand, you’ll receive less bang for the bucks.

This is it, guys. Hope you have liked the article. If you happen to buy or own a racket already from our list, don’t forget to tell us your experience in the comment section below!

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