Best Automotive Hvlp Spray Gun – Buying Guide 2023

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To make your car look as new as possible, you need the right type of tools and skills. Wrong tools will lead up to a mess on your car and the wrong skills will make you throw your own car away.  It is important that you include the Best automotive hvlp spray gun in your life because they combine versatility with comfort and bring to you a very professionally finished product. This is exactly why we bring to you one of the best automotive paint gun reviews.

Buying Guide for Best Automotive Hvlp Spray Gun

Container size

You need to use your best automotive paint gun according to your needs. If you want to use it for daily in-use house projects, then you might need a spray gun with a smaller container so that it is easy to store. However, if you need this best spray gun for painting cars or for larger projects, then you should go for a larger container.


Most of the professional automotive paint guns need a certain type of filter to achieve a type of texture of pattern. It is very important that you closely observe all the nozzles that will come with it as some are designed to act as a varnish where as other are designed for heavy coatings.  Most of the hvlp automotive spray guns come with a built in feature of this.

Nozzle size

Nozzle size cannot be ignored, no matter what. It is one of the most crucial parts of a hvlp automotive spray gun. The size you need to buy depends on the work you need it for. If you want to go for a heavier and a thicker coating, then you should buy larger nozzles and vice versa. A wrong nozzle could completely ruin your project. It is better if you go for the gun that comes with three different sized nozzles.


To avoid restrain and exhaustion it is preferred to buy the gun that would take the least amount of time to get the job one.  The best automotive paint spray gun will have a high gallon per minute count. This basically means the amount of paint that your gun would be able to transfer onto your car in a minute. The more, the better.

Type of paint

It is also very important to keep in mind the type of paint you will be using through this gun. You can either use aqueous paint i.e. vinyl or acrylic, which is diluted in water or you can use a solvent based paint which is usually of a thicker consistency.

Hose length

Choosing the correct hose length is extremely crucial because it would decide how comfortable you are while using the best hvlp spray gun for automotive paint. A longer hose length will enable you travelling around without having to carry the paint container with you. it is either this or you can buy the product that comes with an additional extension cable.

Added features

It would be preferred if it has adjustable flow as too low would not be sufficient and too high would cause dripping. Hvlp spray gun can either be freestanding or have an attached cup to it for your ease. It should come with an anti fog system. The amount of times you have to use it and the price are completely dependent on each other.  For better cleaning, a removable pump is preferred. You should also be able to adjust the functions with buttons or dials easily.

9 Best Automotive Hvlp Spray Gun


Graco man gives you the best hvlp spray gun for home use or professional use. This gun is ideal for all sorts of jobs. It comes with the best features and the fact that it is the best hvlp spray gun for automotive paint has been proven by the tons of positive customer reviews.

      • It comes with the feature of adjustable pressure. You can control the outflow of your paint.
      • It has a very flexible suction tube which helps you to carry the 5 gallons of paint container with the cart.
      • It also has the feature of power flush where you can connect it with your garden hose and it undergoes easy cleaning.
      • This best automotive paint gun for the money comes with reverse-A-clean spray tip where you can easily clear tip plugs with a twist.
      • Stainless steel pistol that allows you to paint with thick paint as well.
      • It does not have to be diluted.
      • It has a 25 ft duraflex hose.
      • Moreover this best touch up spray gun has high power motor and 515 RAC IV spray tip.


  • It is very easy to clean.
  • It is very easy to transport around the place.
  • High gallon per minute efficiency which helps in saving time.
  • It has a durable stainless steel pump.


  • It sometimes over sprays while painting.
  • The hose available is not very long, which isn’t ideal.
  • The hook for the bucket sometimes does not hold the bucket properly.

2- FUJI 2202

Fuji professional automotive paint gun should be your go to when you have to conduct any sort of spray painting. This is arguably the most powerful two stage spray system and that is exactly why it comes under my list of top rated automotive spray painting guns. It offers the best combination of versatility and a professional looking finish; hence you should get your hands on it as soon as possible.

      • This best spray gun for car paint comes with adjustable controls, i.e. you can adjust the pressure, flow etc. according to the need of the hour.
      • It has a 1400 watts bypass motor enclosed in a metal turbine case with a handy gun holder.
      • It can dissemble quickly for easy cleaning up system.
      • Comes with a variety of cap sizes to allow you to spray on different materials with different viscosity levels.
      • It is perfect for waterborne coatings because the fluid passage prevents wear and tear.
      • This good automotive paint gun also has a fan pattern control which allows vertical, circular and horizontal applications.
      • This spray gun can turn from being a bottom feed cup to a gravity feed cup which makes work even easier.


  • It comes with the non-bleed technology.
  • It is an extremely trusted brand.
  • The handle makes it more comfortable to use.
  • It has a long and flexible hose i.e. 25 ft.


  • The nozzle tends to clog up sometimes.
  • It suffers problem with thicker paints.


Devilbliss is also under the list of our best automotive spray painting guns. It has some amazing customer ratings and is bound to reach up to your expectations. Get your hands on it as soon as possible.

      • It has a very smooth metallic exterior and has a very non-interrupted fluid passage.
      • Comes with very advanced technology of atomization which promises a very smooth finish.
      • It is basically a gravity speed spray gun with the best hvlp technology.
      • It has a very easy to clean anodized body.
      • Moreover this small auto paint sprayer has three nozzles with sizes 1.5mm, 1.8mm and 1.3mm.
      • It also has an adjustable air valve control.


  • It is very light weight and hence easily portable.
  • Durable and can last for a long time.
  • It can be used for multiple numbers of projects e.g. home interior or cars.


  • It does not come with a filter.
  • Devilbiss does not have a very wide fan pattern.
  • It is in need of an air compressor.

4- 3M

3M gives us with a very unique sort of mini hvlp spray gun. It comes with some very uncommon features and is a customer favorite.  This one spray gun is suitable for all of your painting needs.

      • It comes with 4 nozzles of sizes 1.2mm, 1.3mm, 1.4mm and 1.8mm along with disposable plastic cup, 5 disposable liners and sealing plugs.
      • It comes with a 22 ounces cup.
      • The all sorts of different nozzle options let you coat, paint, use as a primer, basecoat etc.
      • The atomizing head can be replaced every time, giving a brand new look every single time as well.
      • This best automotive paint spray gun does not require any cleaning.
      • It comes with the PPS system that enables an all-in one performance including measuring, filtering and spraying.
      • It is capable of providing 12 inches of coverage on vertical and horizontal patterns.


      • 3M is very light weight, and hence easy to carry around.
      • It saves you a lot of prepping and cleaning time.
      • It is resistant to wear and tear making it very durable.


  • 3M is very expensive as compared to others.
  • The heads might end up breaking.
  • It does not come with a hose; it has to be bought separately.


Titan control max comes under the list of best automotive paint gun for the money and we are completely sure about that. It is totally worth your money because of its features. It makes a very tiring work look like a piece of cake. Get your now.

      • This airless painting spray is perfect for everyday projects and for bigger projects.
      • It has a very high efficiency technology that reduces overspray by more than half.
      • It has the operating pressure of 1600 PSI and it is capable of painting 500 gallons worth of paint every year.
      • Comes with a 50 ft. metal hose that can be extended up to 100ft.
      • Being one of the good spray guns for painting cars, all of it is made up of steel and comes with variable speed pump.
      • It has a separate storage area for tools and tips.
      • This best spray gun for painting cars comes with a filter system that does not let dust particles enter.


  • It has an on and off control for pressure.
  • It has a very powerful motor and pump.
  • The size of the hose is admirable.
  • It is portable; hence it can be carried around easily.
  • It delivers a very consistent pressure.


  • The hose tends to get worn out with time.
  • It has an uneven spray force and the direction of paint messes up sometimes.


Another of the very favorable brands that we are including in this automotive paint gun review is tekna. This is a very capable spray gun and should be bought immediately because it has the ability to work under all sorts of weathers.

      • Optimal atomization can be obtained through the three air caps it comes with.
      • It comes with two fluid nozzles of sizes 1.2mm and 1.3mm.
      • Tekna has a very metallic exterior that can withstand all sorts of wear and tears.
      • It can be used for waterborne and solvent based paints easily.
      • This best hvlp spray gun comes with Dekups adapter that can be used with disposable cup.


  • It is very light weight and hence can be carried around.
  • It can be used under any sort of weather.
  • Tekna is very durable.


  • It is very pricey and expensive.
  • It cannot be used for latex paints.


Ingersoll is a must buy when you are in need of best automotive paint gun. It has some remarkable features and also comes under the list of the most wanted spray guns. It is a customer favorite.

      • This best touch up spray gun comes with the pressure of 60 PSI.
      • It has the advanced technology of non-drip that prevents mess.
      • You can use the same pattern knob and create a variety of different knobs with it.
      • Air flow can adjusted with the specific knob for it.
      • It comes with a filter system to prevent clogging.


  • It gives you a very professional finish.
  • Ingersoll is very easy to clean.
  • It works amazingly well on all sorts of pressure levels.


  • It cannot really carry out very heavy duty painting.
  • Not durable.


For all those looking for automotive paint sprayer reviews, know that rexbeti will be a part of all of them. It promises professionalism along with a very easy to do job. It guarantees you satisfaction.

      • This gun has a very powerful 500watts motor.
      • Paint output can easily control through the flow control.
      • A 1000ml paint container comes with it and it is detachable.
      • It sprays 750 ml per minute.
      • It has three nozzles of different sizes 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm.


  • Comes at a very cheap price.
  • It is very lightweight and hence portable.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • Rexbeti has three spray patterns as well.


  • It does not come with a lot of features.
  • The container isn’t large enough.
  • It sometimes over sprays.

9- TCP

TCP has also include in most of the automotive spray guns reviews just like ours. It is perfect for all sorts of painting activities and comes with a maintenance kit as well. It is truly a catch.

      • Comes with a 1.4mm tip, an aluminum cup and an air regulator.
      • It gives you full optimization when it comes to either full coats or priming.
      • TCP had adjustment knobs for fluid control, spraying patters and air pressure.
      • It comes with a stainless steel needle and a nozzle set.


  • It comes with a cleaning brush as well.
  • TCP has a locking air pressure regulator.
  • Available at a very cheap price.
  • It is compatible with a large range of compressors.


  • It is very difficult to clean.
  • The fan control tends to give issue sometimes.


In conclusion we have given you one of the best auto paint guns reviews and you should definitely follow it to buy your dram hvlp gun. It won’t only lead you to a very perfect gun but will also tell you about all the advantages and disadvantages of having those. I hope you find the gun that will reach up to your levels of expectation. For more product reviews Click here.





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