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If you are thinking to spray tan someone. First, you need a spray tanning machine for this purpose. Spray tanning is one of the easiest methods to learn and master. Do not get me wrong, you will still get into some difficulties, but the process itself is quite simple.

If you are still reading it means you are interested in buying one for yourself! So, let’s dive right into an overview of the top 5 best at home spray tan system, I found online.

Top 5 Best Selling Products:

1. Maximist Evolution TNT – best at home spray tan system

Maximist Evolution TNT - best at home spray tan system

Key features:

  • 1 x Maxi Mist Pro TNT Unit
  • 1 x Brown Pop-Up ‘clear view’ Tanning Booth (with XL carrier)
  • 5 x 250ml ‘Suntana’s Famous Five’ (our complete range – FREE)
  • 1 x 250ml Maxi Mist gun cleaner
  • 2-years warranty

It is highly challenging to choose a spray tan machine of the highest quality, but one should keep in mind that Maxi mist Evolution TNT Spray Tanning Complete Kit is the absolute solution for mobile/portable salons as well as self-tanners.

The best spray tan machine possesses long lasting materials, and you can receive a significant amount of power when comparing with other airbrush tanning kits available in the market.

For a perfect tan one can easily get five times of 8-ounces solution. It is very simple to use and light in weight. Therefore, one can easily get rid of gun clogs and corrosion due to the best quality of materials. Apart from that, the home spray tan machine features a comfortable handle for more convenience as well!


  • Comfortable handle
  • It contains a gun cleanser for more easiness. convenience
  • Light in weight 
  • Portable spray tan kit
  • best spray tanning equipment
  • A significant amount of power
  • Five different tanning options


  • Costly as compare to other spray tan kits
  • Limited warranty time

Final Verdict. 

Overall, Maxi mist Evolution TNT Spray Tanning Complete Kit is the perfect choice for people who want to enjoy high-quality and powerful tanning experience in mobile salons.


2. Belloccio Premium T75 Sunless – best hvlp spray tan machine

Belloccio Premium T75 Sunless – best hvlp spray tan machine

Key Features:

  • Item Form: Spray
  • Brand: Belloccio
  • Item Weight: 36 Pounds
  • Ingredients: Antioxidants

Belloccio Turbo Tan Premium Model is one of the spray tan systems available on the market. Finally, you will be able to enjoy 8% of DHA and natural bronzer that will increase melanin inside your skin to get the desired tan in a matter of minutes.

You will get four different solutions in the variety pack that contains 8, 10 and 12% DHA so that you can use it for different skin types. The best at home spray tan machine is suitable for olive, fair to deep bronze tones, so you don’t have to worry anymore.

It features high-quality antioxidants and vitamins so that you can tighten, revitalize and moisturize your skin without any additional problem.


  • hvlp spray tan machine
  • You will get an air pump with a 9-foot flexible air hose
  • Lightweight plastic
  • Compact body
  • It comes with a user manual
  • It will tighten, revitalize and moisturize your skin


  • It is not that durable when compared with other spray tan machines
  • You will need an air compressor to make it work

Final Verdict; 

Overall, Belloccio Turbo Tan Premium Model will provide you with plenty of nutrients and vitamins that will nourish your skin and give you long-lasting tan.

3. MaxiMist Allure Xena – Best multipurpose spray tan system

MaxiMist Allure Xena – Best multipurpose spray tan system

Key features:

  • Color: Black and gold
  • Brand: Maxi Mist
  • Features: It has bottles of Tampa Bay Tan Products for Light, Medium, and Dark Skin types containing 8oz
  • Skin Tone: All
  • Item Weight: 6 Pounds

If you want to choose the best spray tan machine that will offer you with more than ten benefits a day, you should try Maxi Mist Lite Plus spray tanning system. The excellent feature is that it is a low budget and is perfect for newbies so that one can make it a part of her life.

The design is light in weight and is portable, and you will get on-board tanning gun storage within the package. It brings forth ECAL, EU, CE certifications and you will also get spare parts for free. It plugs in a sophisticated and modern HVLP system so that you can spray it as soon as you open the pack. 


  • Natural and 100% vegan ingredients
  • Paraben, gluten, and soy-free
  • Three color levels
  • One-year warranty on turbine motor
  • You can use it as soon as you receive it.


  • Small hose in comparison to other spray tanning machines
  • It requires a powerful outlet

Final verdict/Judgement/Final words:

Overall, MaxiMist Allure Xena Sunless spray tanning system is one of the bests options for people all over the world as it consists of organic ingredients. The term organic refers to paraben, gluten, and soy less.

4. Norvell Sunless Kit M1000 – best mobile spray tan machine

Norvell Sunless Kit M1000 - best mobile spray tan machine

Key Features:

  • Brand: Norvell
  • Property: Antioxidants
  • Kind: Dry

If you want to select the best spray tan machine that will supply you with a variable range of bronzing solutions, we suggest you review Norvell Sunless Kit M1000 Mobile. Much like the rest of the top spray tan machines, it retains a spray tanning machine as well as a spray gun, and multiple answers that will allure to all skin genres.

Norvell is one of the prominent top-most brands so when we talk about spray tan machines because they have certain rules and requirements that all products must attain. You will get a higher-technology chrome control panel so that you can choose various accents and finishes. It comes with a carrying handle so that you can take it with you.


  • Changeable speed control
  • Fetures professional spray tan kits
  • LED light Indicator
  • Automated heat capacity
  • Highly effective HVLP engine
  • Two hollow gun holders


  • Bit difficult for newbies
  • Costly

Final Verdict/Judgement/Final words:

Generally, the Norvell spray tanning kit is a top-notch airbrush tanning machine featuring best mobile spray tan equipment that will offer you peacefulness when it comes to domestic tanning.


5. Aura Allure – Best portable spray tan machine

Aura Allure – Best portable spray tan machine

Key features:

  • Possesses a huge Black Skylight tent for Tanning
  • Thick, womanly, and easy to handle and store
  • Efficient Style with Skylight Tent.
  • Tent comes with a Carry Bag.

Aura Allure airbrush kit is one of the best professional spray tan gun so is greatly recommended. It is quite easy to spray as well as amazing for beginners. They have not compromised with the quality. It offers a salon like artificial tanning. Because of the satin technology. It is known as a professional spray kit used by the gun nozzle. Its outcomes are painless as well as perfect. It comes with a liquid comprising of airbrush tanning which is added to the nozzle when needed. 

The Aura Allure Airbrush Spray Tan Kit has an installed storage, making up for the best spray tan equipment. Another best feature is the secret filter which acquires all the surplus tanning solution which then seeks to sure that excessive spray tan is not going to release. Get that airbrush tan look with no trouble and muddle.


  • Good-quality Kit
  • Satin technology
  • Great option for newcomers


  • Costly

How to pick a topnotch spray tan machine:

One should keep in mind the following key points before moving to the selection of best professional spray tan machine. This will surely help you in making a wise decision!

  • Estimated use and cost per tanning:

When it comes to cost, the gun itself is just a small portion of the total cost, especially if this is for a business purpose. You will end-up spending more money on your location and consumable items like tanning solution, towels, disposable undergarments, wages, etc.

Supposedly if one can completely spray the required area in 2 ounces. This means he is spraying approximately 2 ounces of tanning solution per customer. Moreover, if the gallon of tanning solution costs $128 then one is spending $2 of tan solution per customer. Thus, the estimation of ounces in one gallon is 64. One can earn a handsome amount by tanning 64 clients with just one gallon of solution.

  • Noise

In case you are purchasing the machine for professional use then make sure it should not be noisy and the sharp sound of compressor does not disturb the calm climate of the spa. On the other hand, if one is thinking to use it for home visits still the best at home spray tan system should not be noisy as it will make the other home mates uncomfortable. May be the customer will hesitate to contact you in future. 

  • Weight

One should be wiser to buy it as you will be investing your valuable amount on the best spray tan gun. When you are comparing the weight of different options, consider how you intend to use your spray tan machine. Whether you are buying it for commercial reasons or for home visits or you will use it for itself. It should be easy to carry.  If you will install it in, your spa or salon it can be heavy while in some cases it needs to be moving from one place to another so do choose the one lighter in weight. However, It can create problem, if you’re a professional who does home visits, or an at-home Dyer looking to perfect your year-round tan. If so, search for a lightweight model that is easy to transport and store.

  • Cost

The perfect spray tan machine needs to fit into your budget.  This could range from something as simple as an Iwata Revolution series or Paasche VL to an entire system where the gun itself is a part of the whole.


As described earlier, there are multiple options when we talk about artificial tanning with the help of best spray tan machines on the market. The professional spray tan machine reviews suggests that these 5 are the best options available!

Everything rely’s on your pocket, your skin type, and requirements. It is the highly recommended option for those who want to have an elegant, tanned skin but want to protect themselves from the skin damaging UV rays. 

If you have ever this kind of bronzing with machines feel free to contact us or share your experience below in comments box. Your comments will be highly appreciated.


  1. How long does a spray tan last?
    Approximately it stays for 10 days depending upon the darkness you have got. Whereas the air brush tans which gives darker results stays for long than the lighter ones.
  2. Will my spray tan get darker overnight?
    It entirely depends upon some factors. If you do not take shower after getting tan it will lead to a darker tone or it can get darker overnight but still there isn’t much to worry about.
  3. What can I do if my spray tan is too dark?
    There is nothing to worry at all. One can apply coconut on the darker areas before going for shower and it will surely help them in lighting the tone.
  4. Is using a spray tan safe?
    Yes, applying a spray tan or tanning with air brush or gun is safe and has no harm at all. For further information, please visit the U.S. Food & Drug Administration website.



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