3 Best ASMR videos from each Type / Category

1. Whispering

The best ASMR whispering sounds are ones that sound like a soft voice speaking close to your ear with a slight echo. The sensation usually starts at the back of the head and moves down the spine, tingling all over.



2. Scratching ASMR

Scratching ASMR sounds are videos that have been created by people who enjoy the sensation of scratching objects with their fingernails or other objects. They are usually recorded in a bedroom or bathroom.

3. Writing

Writing through old pens or the ones that you might see writing introductions on our movie screens brings a nostalgic feeling to our mind.

If you have a multimedia project that needs a sense of creativity, the sound of a pencil being sharpened or drawn across paper is the way to go. It’s great for an artsy video background!

4. Chewing

The sound effects of this kind, such as chewing & eating, might be too much for some viewers with sensitive ears. But if you’re ok with it you should definitely try it out.

5. Keyboard tapping

This is supposed to be text, but the sound of typing is soothing. It’s good for relaxation or where you can’t read easily. Keyboard tapping ASMR sounds is somehow interesting to hear when u have pin drop silence elsewhere.

6. Painting

Believe it or not, paintbrush strokes on hardboard creates sounds that ARE found soothing by many people. Painting brush strokes found their way into ASMR sounds quite recently.


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