Best Around The Neck Bluetooth Headset

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A pair of wireless headphones around the neck looks classy and creates a sports-friendly environment around you. The market is flooded with wireless headsets, and it is pretty difficult to find an appropriate pair for you. If you are looking for the best around the neck Bluetooth headset, you are on the right platform. I have enlisted the best headsets that can be your perfect and worthy purchase just for your convenience.


A Buying Guide To the Best around the Neck Bluetooth Headset

To make the best purchase, you must acknowledge the things to consider before buying a wireless Bluetooth Headset.

Buildup Quality 

  • The buildup quality of the headset depends upon the price.
  • Cheap models come with a plastic neckband and thin wires linking the earbuds to the Neckband.
  • Expensive models come with rubber neckband or leather wrapping neckbands, giving a more premium look to the headset.


  • Comfortability depends on the size of the earbuds and the material of the Neckband.
  • Rubber or leather neckbands are way more comfortable than the plastic ones.
  • For your comfort, put more notice on the size of the earpiece.
  • Most of the earpiece are of bigger sizes, and if your ears are smaller, it can be very uncomfortable for you.


  • Most of the models come with a battery life of up to 8 hours, and some have 10 to 15 hours.
  • You should go for a headset having a battery life up to 10 hours or more.

Quality Of Sound 

  • Some of the models have strong bass quality, and others offer more or less affected audio spectrum.
  • As per your choice, go for the headphones with control schemes and strong bass.
  • Also, check the sound, whether it is clear or not.
  • Check the call option if it works fine or not.

Top 6 Best Around The Neck Bluetooth Headset


1. Samsung U Pro – Wireless Behind The Neck Headphones


  • Extraordinary sound quality
  • Produces vibration on calls
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Has no ear-hooks

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  • Light in weight and has a stunning design
  • Compatible with UHQA
  • Possesses Flexible Urethane Joints
  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.1
  • Noise-canceling feature
  • Wireless headphones
  • Weighs 6.40 ounces

U Pro headset by Samsung is the best yet affordable wireless headphones; it comes as a flexible design. It does not only allow you to have clear sound, but also it can read your text messages to you. The Samsung Level U Pro is the most ergonomic around-the-neck device available. Its collar will fit pleasantly on anybody’s necks. Bass quality is in the same class as expected; the pitch is on point.

This headset behind the neck comes with a two-way speaker unit and Ultra High-Quality Audio (UHQ) technology that gives overall sound. Samsung Level application that is accessible for Android gadgets lets you access the control settings of these headphones. Level U Pro is a moderate Bluetooth headset that probably won’t offer the extraordinary sound you anticipate from a Samsung gadget.

Customers’ Reviews 

People who used this Neckband Headphones with Mic absolutely loved it. These headphones’ volume is super loud, and the Level U Pro sounds amazing with the UHQ sound. For anyone that has a newer Samsung mobile phone and having volume problems should try to download the app. In short, this product is totally worth buying.

2. Bose SoundSport- Wireless Behind The Neck Headphones 


  • Flawless sound quality
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • Cheap in price


  • Shorter battery time

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  • High-end quality of sound
  • Balanced at any volume, you operate
  • Has active EQ. Connectivity technology
  • Offers wireless convenience
  • Easy to connect Bluetooth
  • Durable and reliable
  • Sweat and weather-resistant
  • 6 hours battery runtime

The Bose SoundSport remote earphones are always at my priority list when it comes to flawless sound quality. These headphones are reliably adjusted and simple to connect. Additionally, it is sweat and weather resistant, and it is truly agreeable. This best around the neck Bluetooth headset does not offer quality sound solely but affordability also. Yes, this device is very light on your pocket.

This best around the neck Bluetooth headset is just connected by a dainty wire around the back of the neck. You can even remove them from your ears and helpfully hang them around your neck. Bose Connect App makes it truly simple to avail peculiar facilities. You can be notified about battery use, call time, and even your pulse with its help. Ideal for any individual who likes to remain dynamic. The battery life is somewhat shorter at 6 hours, and it is the only drawback of this amazing headset.

Customers’ Reviews 

Customers’ review depicts that this headset is very proficient among users. People loved its bass quality and high pitch. The flawless sound quality of these best neckband earbuds can take you to the world of music and offers you an upbeat game. What you get at this price is more than enough.

3. Sony C400- Best Around The Neck Bluetooth Headset 


  • Sturdy buildup quality
  • Smooth functioning
  • Clear bass
  • Cheap in price


  • Heavier Neckband

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  • Offers simple Bluetooth connectivity
  • Has a battery runtime of 20 hours
  • Has dynamic sound
  • Comes with 9mm neodymium drivers
  • Vibrates when receiving a call
  • Weighs 1.23 ounces

Sony’s new is the best budgeted behind neck headphones. Sony WI-C400 has a remarkable battery life of about 19 hours, which is more than enough. The Sony WI-C400 has a characteristic sounding profile. The bass isn’t immense and doesn’t have a robust effect. The midrange is acceptable, and the high pitch is clear. However, it doesn’t appear to be muted like most Bluetooth headphones in a similar range.

These over the neck headphones offer a helpful method to deal with the cable wire, which can be balanced by sliding a ball situated on the Neckband. The buds are little and lightweight with a decent look and compatible fit. When it comes to its call quality, the better quality would be appreciated.

Customers’ Reviews 

The sound quality is very clear and decent. These best wireless neckband headphones do not have noisy bass like a lot of headsets. Call clarity was amazing from the other end, even in a loud vehicle, so the microphone is good overall.

They’re lightweight and comfortable. Buyers’ reviews supported this device very much.

4. Jabra Elite 65e- Best Around The Neck Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones


  • Easy to operate
  • Longer battery runtime
  • Clear sound
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Affordable


  • Softer earbuds would be appreciated

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  • Offers three microphone call technology
  • Blocks noise to give a clear sound
  • Possesses sound isolating earbuds
  • Offers battery runtime of about 8 to 13 hours
  • Has two years warranty

If you are looking for a headset that comes with a basic purpose of purchasing a headset for voice calling, then this could be you’re the best selection. The call quality of this headset is just amazing and distortion-free. The magnetic clip facility is likewise one more advantage so that you can look more snappy when the earbuds are bolted on your chest.

Much the same as numerous around the neck headsets, these lounge around your neck by remaining in your comfort zone. The custom comfortability originates from the earbuds, as these earbuds are truly very comfortable and amazing. These neckband headphones with mic cost less and looked sturdier that they would be a magnificent pick for you.

Customers’ Reviews

Reviews say that these headphones’ buildup is of top-notch quality, which makes it the best neckband Bluetooth headset. These allow easy and quick pairing and does not get a dawdle for you. As these headphones come at a cheaper price, so they are truly outstanding in this money.

5. Mpow Jaws Gen5- Noise Cancelling Headset


  • Comfortable Neckband
  • Longer battery life
  • Clear sound


  • Could not find any

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  • Has a battery runtime of 18 hours
  • Offers enhanced sound transmission
  • Allows quick pairing
  • Packed with 8mm dynamic speaker system
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use

This Jaw headset highlights Bluetooth 5.0. It conveys a steady and dependable connection. You can connect two gadgets simultaneously, which makes these headsets incredible to use. The battery is another enormous redesign. The publicized recess is 18h, yet we have 15.5h featuring half volume. The battery takes under 3h. So, it has a quick charge, and auto-off features are not upheld.

These around the neck headphones are viable with both Android and iOS gadgets. The amplifier works well, indeed. The Neckband will vibrate when there’s an approaching call. Your voice may sound somewhat shrill on the opposite end, yet it will be entirely coherent. All things considered, the mic execution is more than enough. Keeping a long story short, these headphones are incredible to use.

Customers’ Reviews 

These over the neck headphones are incredibly great. Its Neckband is pretty comfortable, and battery always adds up a plus in these best around the neck Bluetooth headset. People who bought these sets say that it is worth buying.

6. Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds Wireless Headphones Around Neck


  • Very loud sound
  • Clear sound quality
  • Easy to setup
  • Longer battery life


  • Built-in mic of better quality would be appreciated

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  • Packed in with Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Battery time is up to 7 hours
  • Comes with removable flex collar
  • Offers call and track control
  • Has a microphone

Skullcandy is popular for its bass, as it is pretty incredible. The entirety of their earphones and earbuds convey a beast bass, and Smokin’ Buds are the equivalent. The bass isn’t extremely quick, and it’s not totally controlled. It spills into the midrange and makes the low mids sloppy. When it comes to the high pitch, the reaction is somewhat milder yet not inert. With everything taken into account, Smokin’ Buds 2 gives fun and amusing sound.

Smokin’ Buds 2 comes with Bluetooth 4.0 having a standard 30ft range. There are no best-in-class highlights like NFC, multipoint pairing, or aptX support, and you have been given all. The pairing is steady, and the control scheme is spontaneous and direct. There’s a basic 3-button controller with the inline mic on the cable’s left finish, 4 inches from the left earbud, as the buttons are not onto the Neckband. But know that these headphones are easiest to use.

Customers’ Reviews 

These around the neck earbuds charge actually rapidly too, so regardless of whether you run out of battery, simply plug them into a compact battery pack, PC, or a divider plug and they’ll be back going snappier than you’d anticipate. People who used this Neckband Headphones with Mic completely adored it. The volume of these earphones is too boisterous. So, this item is absolutely worth purchasing.


Times are gone when headsets were nothing but a mere luxury, but now, having the best around the neck Bluetooth headset has become necessary for many. So, for your easiness, I have enlisted the best around the neck headphones mentioned above. Please go and check them on Amazon to make you’re the best purchase.


What are the best around the neck Bluetooth headphones?

If you are looking for the best around the neck Bluetooth headphones then in my recommendation, it is Samsung Level U Pro. Some Other best ones are as follow:

  • Bose SoundSport
  • Sony C400
  • Jabra Elite 65e
  • Mpow Jaws Gen5
  • Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds

What are those headphones around the neck?

Headphones around the neck are those which come with a support band that sheathes behind the neck. These headphones are very comfortable, and you can have neck support for using it for an extended period.

Which is the best Neckband?

The very best neckbands are as follow:

  • Samsung U Pro
  • Bose SoundSport
  • Sony C400
  • Jabra Elite 65e
  • Mpow Jaws Gen5
  • Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds

What is the best retractable Bluetooth headset?

Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds Wireless Headphones Around Neck must be your pick when it comes to the best retractable Bluetooth headset.

How do you keep wireless earbuds around your neck?

You will see, your earbuds are labeled as L (left) and R (right). the best way to keep your wireless earbuds around your neck is to keep the left earbud on your left side and the right one on the right side.





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