[Tested] Best Air Rifle Scope Under 100 – Guide 2023

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Air rifles are preferred by the shooters and the hunters because of its accuracy at crucial times, its design, functionality and how durable the product is. Having the best air rifle scope under 100 could be a budget-friendly approach for the users when you can have many other choices available.

Some important considerations enlisted below will influence your decision to spend your bucks on the right product.

Editor's Pick

Bushnell Red Dot Sight

☞  weight: 4.0 oz.
☞  reticle: 3 MOA DOT reticle
☞  magnification: 3 x 24mm

BUYER’S GUIDE | Best Air Rifle Scope Under 100

Fixed or Variable Firearm Scope

As an initial step, you have to narrow down which scope actually you want to get whether it is a fixed rifle scope or the variable one. This will refer to the eyepiece magnification.

  • The fixed scopes like 4x 32 or 6x 32, the first number that comes in the scenarios are 4 and 6. This will tell how much the target will be magnified. For distant iron sights, high magnification is great for the objects that are different but at the same time, the field view will become small.
  • Fixed rifle scopes are low magnification with a big field view for the closer and the moving ranges.
  • The variable scopes however possess ocular magnification. These eyepieces are adjustable from 3 to 9 times in variable scopes and from 4 to 12 times if magnifies which is 3-9×32 or 4-12x 32.


  • Mostly, the aircraft-grade is made by aluminium to make it more durable but you can also find steel and high-quality plastic too. Aluminium scopes are weather-resistant specifically waterproof.
  • Generally, people use the same rifle scope in fog and other weather conditions which might cause scratches on the surface of the lens. Make sure to get an aluminium scope that has a protection coating for the lens.


  • Adjustability is the feature that helps the scope to set easily itself with the air rifle scope. The knobs will provide the idea of elevation adjustments. Parallax adjuster is also a feature you will find in the quality scopes. Make sure to get the scope with the following feature as they are capable of aiming the distant shots accurately.

The Focal Plane

  • The focal plane is another important part of considerations as it determines where the focal plane the reticle should be placed whether at the first or second focal plane.
  • For beginners, it would be a bit tricky as the first focal plane changes the size but at the second plane focal plane, the size remains the same which is easy for newbies.

Light exposure

  • Light conditions define a clear image of the aim. More number of lens means lesser light exposure. Before getting the best quality rifle scope make sure to check the light exposure of your scope.

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Top 11 Best Air Rifle Scope Under 100


1. Bushnell Red Dot Sight

Bushnell Red Dot Sight

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Key features
1. weight: 4.0 oz.
2. reticle: 3 MOA DOT reticle
3. magnification: 3 x 24mm
4. settings: 11 elevation adjustments
5. Reverse recoil
6. Lockable Turrets

The Bushnell AR Optics is one of the best scopes for air rifle, Transition 3x magnifier offers instant red dot magnification. It combines splendidly with the Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot and is ideal with any red dot optic. And is known as one the best air rifle scope under 100.

It has a fully multi-coated optic that provides crisp bright images. You can add some capability to your most popular red speck with the Bushnell AR Optics Transition 3x magnifier. It has a length of 121.0mm/4.764IN which makes it the best air rifle scope.

Features and specs include unlimited eye relief that is for easy use with two eyes. It’s a high-quality scope with Multicoated lenses, extended battery life and rubber scope tube cover for better protection.

High-end features include

Waterproof Construction – O-ring mounted optics stay dry within, in any event, once fully submerged in water.

Shockproof construction – designed to resist knocks, blasts, drops and therefore the crude condition of the sector.

Customer Reviews
Customers who have purchased “Bushnell red dot sight” highly recommend the product because of its mirror finish lens that provides excellent light and reduce glare too.

2. Pinty 2.5-10×40 Illuminated Rifle Scope

Pinty 2.5-10x40 Illuminated Rifle Scope

Key features
1. Weight: 20.5 oz
2. Reticle: Mil-dot
3. Variable Magnification: 2.5x-10x40mm
4. Settings: 5 levels (red), 5 levels (green)
5. Heavy Recoil
6. Adjustable Turrets

For a better training experience, the multi-coated green objective lenses boast higher light transmittance. the standard matte black  Pinty 2.5-10×40 AOEG Red-green illuminated mil-dot plan of action Rifle Scope with Red optical combo- green illumination Lens Color has the best features.

With such a big range of competing strategies, it’s a good plan to possess a brand that is providing the highest quality products for all your training requirements. an airgun scope that you can simply trust. And the best air rifle scope under 100.

The product comes with 5 levels of brightness for all environments. A quick and secure attachment to all air riffles and consists of a solid aluminium alloy construction. An O-ring seal is for waterproof and fog-proof performance.

Pinty 2.5-10×40 AOEG Red-green illuminated mil-dot plan of action and the best air rifle Scope in the world with Red optical combo- green Lens Color comes to a sky-high recommendation for many like-minded people.

Customer Reviews
Customers have highly recommended this product due to its average price and high-class performance. Just mount it on your pistol and you’ll be able to see the laser out to about 45 yards on a cloudy day. Nothing like regular rifle scopes.


3. UTG 3-9X32 1” BugBuster Airgun Scope

UTG 3-9X32 1” BugBuster Scope

Key features
1. Weight: 13 oz.
2. Reticle: 4 mil-DOT
3. Magnification Levels: 3-12x32mm
4. Settings: ¼ MOA per click adjustment.
5. Powerful Recoil
6. Lockable turrets

 Features of the UTG line of best airgun scopes for the money is the conservative Bug Buster arrangement which would possess all the necessary qualities pleasantly. Worked as a 3X12X32, quality scope, in general, getting high ratings among air rifle shooters.

It includes a spherical structure that controls the joint like movements between a scope inner and outer tubes. The signature scope construction platform of TRUE STRENGHT has been the heart of every genuine scope. It has been tested on all the best air gun scopes, killer air guns and rifles with extreme recoil. 

This scope will fit well on a small lightweight rifle, for example, the Benjamin Steel Eagle, or Marauder PCP. These rifles are only instances of the general sort of best adjustable scope for air rifle design being considered here.

An air rifle shooter can utilize this UTG scope framework on pretty much any rifle being considered for administration. It is showcased as a “spring safe” scope sight. Its premium locking and resetting feature protects its critical optic parts for proper zeroing.

User Review
Most of our customers has recommended this product as an excellent choice scope under 100 for air riffles. This high-quality scope offers adjustable objective lenses.

4. Simmons 511039 3-9 x 32mm RifleScope

Simmons 511039 3-9 x 32mm RifleScope

Key features
1. Weight: 10.7 oz.
2. Reticle: truplex
3. Magnification: 3- 9x32mm
4. Settings: parallax adjustment
5. Heavy Recoil
6. Adjustment Turrets
7. Multi-coated Lenses

Simmons 22 mag rifle scopes are built with a 1” tube that consists of a fully coated lens. It has ¼ MOA parallax adjustment. For your hunting plan, there is always a perfect Simmons scope designed in many series that fit all your air rifle needs. A fast focus system of quick target acquisition with ¾” optics for all long ranges.

Each series of scopes has a high transmission coating of the lens. Calibrated at 50-100 yards. The series has a continuous manner of popularity in America’s most famous break barrel air rifle scopes. It contains an exit pupil of 3.75mm and a 60/60 reticle adjustment range. Through its superior optical expanded eye box, it gives you reliable and faster target acquisition. 

This long-range optic is at the upper end of the glass sight system for air rifle systems. This is a very good optic but adjustable objective can fall apart if installed on the wrong fit air rifle.

Customer Reviews
This product is not like regular rifle scopes. One of the most reliable scopes out there.

5. CVLIFE 2.5 – 10x40e Scope

CVLIFE 2.5 – 10x40e Scope

Key features
1. Weight: 20.5 oz.
2. Reticle: Mil.dot
3. Magnification: 2.5x-10x40mm
4. Settings: 5 intensity red and green levels
5. Heavy Recoil

Bullet Drop Compensator permits fast modifications of the reticle for shooting focuses at explicit distances of 100-150 yards.

Multi covered Green Lens with a higher light transmittance contrasted and typical blue focal point permits a more clear picture.

Unique 2 in 1 Design degree and weapon sight laser assembled together to guarantee precise shooting. Extension and weapon sight laser fabricated together to guarantee exact shooting.

5 levels of red and green reticle empower the extension to be utilized in assorted lighting conditions. Worked with the Kellner eyepiece takes into account an additional field of view and causes it to have the option to wipe out of the majority of picture variations.

The visual is developed with a dioptric alteration focal point that can give myopic and farsighted users and a reasonable viewfinder picture without the utilization of eyeglasses. Scratch-safe covering shields outside focal points from scratches of oil and soil.

Customer Reviews
“You cannot find a better affordable scope within 50$ than this. Definitely a bargain with surprisingly good clarity.”  Made for wide range hunting.

6. Vortex Optix Crossfire II RifleScope

Vortex Optix Crossfire II RifleScope

Key features
1. Weight: 19.2 oz.
2. Reticle: Mil.dot
3. Wide Magnification Range: 2-7 x 32mm
4. Settings: 60 MOA adjustment click value

Specially designed for segregating trackers and shooters, the Crossfire II series of power scopes provide the foremost vital levels of performance and responsibility.

With a long eye facilitate a fast centre lens system, fully multi-covered focal points and resettable MOA turrets. That is clear, tough and bright.

Vortex has updated its best-rated rifle scopes series within the Crossfire. With the sleek new style and enclosed highlighted features.

The new line operating features includes longer eye alleviation, fast centre eyepiece and updated, finger versatile, zero resettable 1/4 flightless bird flat-topped turrets.

Fully multi-covered focal points with hostile to intelligent covering optics convey astonishing light-weight transmission with an edge to edge clarity.

The 1-piece tube is nitrogen clean and O-ring mounted for 100% waterproofing and moist proofing at any changes in any conditions. you mustn’t struggle to get to your objective with the generous eye box and adequate field of view for easy target acquisition.The new Crossfire conveys exactly what you would like, with a VIP vortex’s lifetime warranty.

Customer Reviews
Relying on the customer reviews, a customer wrote that “ the product functioned flawlessly and is of much higher quality. The illuminated reticles work great.”

7. HIRAM 4-16×50 Riflescope

HIRAM 4-16x50 Riflescope

Key features
1. Weight: 14 oz.
2. reticles: 4 types
3. magnification: 4-16x50mm
4. settings: 5 lighting

 HIRAM 4-in-1 comes with a 4-16x50EG rifle scope rangefinder, a LED electric lamp, a green laser, and reflex sight. Magnification of 4x-16x, adjustable rangefinder and parallax settings from 15 Yards to boundlessness. All the features are for giving ultra-clear vision and a bright image.

5 lighting modes of high, medium, low, strobe, SOS can oblige users chasing needs around evening time with 200 lumens electric lamp  Reflex sight and highlights 4 reticles with new style base catch change offering simple you to control of splendour and shading modes, obliging different needs.  

Picatinny mount effectively mountable to any 22mm rails (Picatinny or Weaver), Picatinny/Weaver rings for straightforward connection; flip-up focal point tops for a simple activity. Nitrogen-filling guarantees 100% waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof.

Customer Reviews
Customers have reviewed this product as the rifle scope combo fits your air rifle perfectly. They are in love with every single feature of this product especially the one-piece mount.

8. UTG 3-12×44 30mm Compact Scope

UTG 3-12x44 30mm Compact Scope

Key features
1. Weight: 1.45 pounds
2. Reticles: 36 color easy tap reticle
3. Magnification range: 3-12x44mm
4.  Settings:  10 yards parallax adjustments

UTG 3-12x red dot is a mil-dot of 36 colors. It helps you to achieve the targeting point you want. Really precise and personal scope with many different colors of your choice and a cheap night vision scope for air rifles. Even if it takes shocks it won’t move because of its built-in strength platform.

The product comprises of Best in class multi-coated emerald optics to achieve the light transmission for best ever clarity. You can change colors anytime by pressing the 1 button. This feature is helpful with the passage of lightening and darkening.

By clicking a high-tech memory feature, you get directly back to the shading/brilliance setting. That last utilized generally creative, low profile enlightenment control with 2 delicate and control buttons intended for generally common, smooth and quick reaching finger activities.

Exact 1/4 MOA for each snap rise alteration side wheel flexible turret (SWAT) for adjustable Parallax change from 10 yards to Infinity.

Customer Reviews
Customers gave all the recommendations and positivity to this product as it is the best in class. Comes in 36 color light reticles. They produce clear and strong build magnification scopes.

9. Gamo Swarm

Gamo Swarm

Key features
1. Weight: 16 oz.
2. Reticles: 30/30
3. Magnification range: 4x32mm
4. Settings:  two-stage adjustable trigger

This is a fundamental air rifle scope designed for spring-worked air rifles. This Gamo system will withstand the worries of the spring-driven air rifle and is appropriate for universally useful patio air rifle firing. With the best scope for Gamo air rifle.

Utilizing the multicoated focal point system and a duplex style skimming reticle, the degree is intended scopes for air rifles. This extension is an imprint standard scope when applied to over-the-counter Gamo air rifles sold as anoscope rifle unit.

Built with high-quality aluminium and covered with a dark anodized finish, the degree will fill in as a broadly useful light air rifle glass locating system. This scope is climate impervious to a point, yet a multifunctional system can bring about practical issues down the road.

Light transmission of this scope is great. A reticle consists of blue-coloured that controls reflection in direct sunlight. These features take up all the stress of the spring air gun and are considered for those types of air guns that require control.

Customer Reviews
Customers have reviewed the product helpful so far. Lots of power on 22 hunter scope. Great looking and good hunting pellet gun that helps you achieve 20 shots on the go.

10. Monstrum S330P 3X Prism Hunter Scope

Monstrum S330P 3X Prism Scope

Key features
1. Weight: 14.5 oz.
2. Reticles: black with red/green crosshair
3. Effective Range: 3×32 prism
4.  Settings: ½ MOAs

For people who are on a budget, the Monstrum S330P prism scope is the best affordable option and the best budget air rifle scope. This Hunter scope does not have all the whistles and bells like other expensive scopes. But it meets all your necessary air rifle requirements.

Monstrum Tactical has been known for making dependable and top-notch shooting gear, and the 330P is an extraordinary case of their promise to quality and craftsmanship. The S330P is perfect for mounting on ARs and works best for near mid-extend shooting.

On the off chance that you need an optic that won’t cost a fortune, mounts effectively, and can deal with an assortment of assignments, this crystal rifle extension is actually what you need.

It has multi-brightness levels and is perfect for use on ARs and small-calibre rifles. These type of scopes gives the option of ease in using big air rifles because of their specified designs. They use better grade standard rifle scopes for best springer air rifles.

Customer Reviews
Speaking of the best air rifle scope under 100, this rifle scope offers the best adjustments as compared to the price they come in.

11. BARSKA New 5-20x50mm Riflescope

BARSKA New 5-20x50mm Riflescope

key features:
1. Weight: 21 oz.
2. Reticles: duplex
3. Magnification: 5-20 x 50mm
4.  Settings:  4x zoom ratio
5. Cleaning Cloth

With a target focal point of 400mm, this extension pulls light well even in low-light circumstances and utilizes an entire 1-inch width “large rifle” tube lodging. This makes for a decent mounting framework of best air rifle scope under 100. when rifle bases and rings are wanted as extension mounts for the Barska glass sight.

Barska is a new current package inside the air rifle scope grouping, and to date it has increased some strong after among shooters. I previously watched this brand in western South Dakota quite a while back and watched it again in fame rapidly.

This is actually what the best air rifle scope under 100 that utilizations spring force will do when shot and furthermore what even the compacted compressed air firearms can return with respect to the backlash.

In this manner, this degree is easy to use on both spring and compacted air models of air rifles. Fabricated strong and field-intense, the air rifle model utilizes what Barska calls the “Converse Recoil” system.

Barska utilizes ¼ moa clicks for rising and windage, utilizes a 4.2-inch eye help and holds a parallax modification objective. Target and longer range are attributes related to this extension. And a waterproof, fog proof and shockproof Hunter scope.

Customer Reviews
I cannot be more satisfied with the product at such a reasonable price range.


ATN X-Sight

is a portable, lightweight and easy to use system that can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. The ATN X-Sight has an integrated camera with a wide-angle lens and a high-resolution sensor.


Key Features:

High-Resolution Camera

Wide Angle Lens

Waterproof & Shock Proof

Compact Design

Easy To Use

Compatible With Most Smartphones

Battery Life Up To 2 Hours

Quick Release Plate

Tripod Adapter

Cleaning Kit

 Carry Case


The ATN X-Sight comes with a carrying case, battery charger, power cable, tripod adapter, quick release plate and a cleaning kit. It is also compatible with most popular smartphones or tablets.

User Review:

It is one of the most popular choices with exceptional zoom level to aim. Whether it’s ambient light out there or plenty of light, it’s favourable for all kinds of hunting trips.


Types of reticles

Finding the best air rifle scope under 100, here are different types of reticles that offer different viewing experience, such as;

Crosshair reticle

  • It is good for precise target shooting but not for hunting.
  • Does not work fine in low light environments.
  • These are not as fast as other reticles.

Duplex reticle

  • It is the most common reticle design for various rifles.
  • It has a thick outer crosshair that stands out easily against the target.
  • A combination of thick to thin cross helps in faster and more accurate aiming.

Mil-dot reticle

  • This is used for long-range shooting, especially where you need to estimate your distance and your target.
  • These reticles are perfect to compensate for the bullet drop and wind.
  • It offers a complex operation, which is not suitable for beginners.

Illuminated reticle

  • This rifle is best for low lighting and in deeply woody areas.
  • They come in different combinations and colors that offer a clear view of reticle in every type of lighting and weather condition.
  • Good quality illuminated reticles offer brightness adjustment as per the requirement.
  • Brand value

Bigger price tags do come with quality.

While making a purchase it is important to look into what brand you are going to choose as reputed brands do not only offer high quality but also warranty that lasts you a fair amount of time. You may find cheaper yet attractive offers when it comes to buying a rifle scope but they can cost you even more with time and again maintenance.

Not worth it!

Going through all the points you are now ready to make the best purchase of your life keeping what suits you the best. Do not get trapped into deals and other false claims that various companies offer unless you are sure of the quality and the functionality of the product and oh, obviously trusted customer reviews.

What Else is Important to Know About Rifle Scopes?

Quality and Budget: When it comes to choosing an air rifle you can find a lot of products starting from $30 and go beyond $1000.The quality of the products significantly depends on the price as well. To save yourself from trouble, it is better to invest in something that lasts you a long time, rather than going for a cheaper product that does not last a season.

Eye relief: Eye relief is basically the distance that is required to be maintained from the scope to get a clear and complete view of the field. This distance is mentioned on the rifle scope, which makes it easier for you to find the one that suits your needs effectively. If you have had a fair amount of experience with air rifle scopes, you must know that the more power the scope has, the less eye relief it would provide.

So, choose wisely, choose accordingly.

Light exposure: Light exposure plays a pivotal role in the clarity of the view you are going to have with the help of a rifle scope. More number of lenses means lesser light exposure. To make the best out of your purchase, make sure you carefully check the light exposure capability of the scope as per your needs.

Field of view: As the name specifies, it is the total area a rifle scope cover through a lens. To have the ultimate shooting experience, it is better to make sure the rifle scope you are going to purchase has a wider field of view. It helps in covering more area with less motion, which means better and more precise aiming.

Personal preference: One thing that most of the buyers overlook is an evaluation of their own needs and requirements, which ends up in getting the wrong product. To save yourself from the trouble, make sure to take notes of;

  • What is your purpose of using a rifle?
  • Where are you going to use it?
  • Are you a beginner, moderate, or pro at dealing with firearms?
  • What is the power of your rifle?
  • How often are you going to use it?

These questions really address the main features in aiming rifle scope that makes any product the best when it comes to functionality and durability.

Reticle: The reticle of the scope is the crosshairs of the scope. Reticles come in different styles like tactical ones, electronic ones and some may be thick or thin reticles. You need a reticle with which you are comfortable. They shouldn’t be so thick that it blocks your clear view while shooting. Electronic reticles are great at nighttime as they highlight in the dark but may require frequent charging.

How to Install an Air Rifle Scope?

Conclusions | Best Rir Rifle Scope Under 100

Air rifles are now used not only by military or law enforcement but also by shooters and hunters for various purposes like competition shooting. Aiming is the most crucial when it comes to hunting or shooting, which demands an exceptional state of the art air rifle scopes. The one that stands up to the functionality, quality, accuracy, and other factors like shock-proof and illuminating.

If you feel you do not need a rifle scope and you are doing just fine, you need to try out the best rifle scopes and see the difference all by yourself. Riflescopes are made accordingly to fit different rifles, whereas some are just made for particular rifles to make them more suitable.

So, it all ends up on one thing and that is a personal preference. When it comes to the products and the types, you will find every size, shape, feature, design, and price for the best rifle scope under 100, but what makes the difference is choosing the one that fulfils all your needs and requirements.


Which scope is the best air rifle scope under 100?

The best use of the scope depends on personal preference as per the needs but narrowing it down to the best air rifle scope under 100, can save you time and effort. Hammers Air rifle is one of the best overall scopes for beginners to pro users with essential features along with durability.


What is an ideal budget for an air rifle scope?

Prices vary as per the features a scope has, quality, durability, manufacturing, functionality, and the brand. Where branded scopes are the best when it comes to quality, you can also find some reasonably good air rifle scopes under $100 easily.

What is scope magnification?

Scope magnification is indicated by numbers from the smallest to the largest. It depends on the magnification power of the view or the image quality you are getting from the scope. For instance, 3x means that the bright image you are going to see from the scope will be three times bigger than the actual image.

Where can I buy the best air rifle scope?

You can find it in your local stores, but that is what we would never recommend. It is because you can have an overwhelming experience with all the assistance and a wide range of products. To make the best purchase, go to a trusted website after completing your research regarding what product to purchase. You can also find real-time customer reviews of the products to make an accurate decision.


What are thermal scopes?

Thermal scopes are used to detect the presence of heat sources. They use infrared radiation, which is invisible to humans but can be detected by special sensors. Thermal imaging cameras and night vision goggles work in a similar way.


Would you recommend Hawke Sport Optics? – YES

Hawke Sport Optics scope is a great value for the money. It comes with an adjustable focus knob that makes it easy to dial in your desired magnification level. The reticle pattern on this scope is also very accurate, which will help you get more out of your shooting experience.

The Hawke Sport Optics scope has a wide field of view (FOV) of 30-30mm at 100 yards, which means you can see everything from far away without having to move your head. The 1-4x magnification range lets you zoom in on the action when needed and still get an unobstructed view.

This is one of the best scopes with precise adjustments for shooting for Long-distance shooting due to its large FOV.

7 Significant Factors To Know About The Best Air Rifle Scopes [2022]

How To Troubleshoot Your Air Rifle; Zeroing; Ultimate Guide

How to adjust a rifle scope?

How do you sight in a rifle scope?



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