Best Affordable Camera for Landscape Photography: A Beginner’s Guide

Last updated on July 26th, 2022 at 10:29 am

The best affordable camera for landscape photography should be less complex yet possessing dynamic specifications offering manual settings for the ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

Saving the user from this baffling dilemma, a list of top rated digital cameras has been assembled for ease.  


Analyzing the need, we have picked Panasonic Lumix FZ300 as our editor’s pick to save your time.  A guide of considerations will help you out to know the feature you need to look for

The Essential Features for an Affordable Cameras are…..

For photography, there are three main pillars; ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.


  • This is the core element of any camera providing clarity to the image. 1 megapixel offers 1 million pixels. The pictures with high resolution keep the high quality of the image when cropped.
  • The cheapest camera has the pixels including 256x 256, 640x 480, 1216 x 912, 2240 x 1680 and 4064 x 2704 which is approximately 11.1 megapixels.


  • The aperture of any camera is denoted by the numbers such as f-number or by f-stop for example f/8 or in some cameras, they are written without slash like f8. For ease, you can differentiate it with a large aperture, medium, and small.  The camera must have a minimum of 3 different aperture settings.
  • It helps to adjust the lighting conditions. The aperture with the rating of f2.8 is highest than f11. 


  • The ISO refers to the image’s sensitivity. It helps to accumulate light for the image or video. The high ISO rating offers great ability to capture high-quality image in the low lightening condition. It is also one core element that controls exposure.

Sensor Size

  • There are either the cropped sensor or full-frame sensors. Cropped sensor magnifies by 1.5x the effect of the zoom lens that you mount on the camera. Whereas a full-frame sensor using the same focal length as cropped sensor allows more objects to fit in the frame.
  • A larger camera sensor is better as it is capable of reducing the noise of the image by providing a dynamic range. A camera with a 50mm lens with cropped sensor will act like a 75mm lens on a camera offering a full-frame sensor.

Shutter Speed

  • It refers to the time span the shutter of the camera is opened, exposing the camera sensor to the light. Also, the speed of the camera to capture a picture. The long shutter speed causes blur in the motion.
  • For landscape photography, a long shutter speed is required. To capture a moving image a fast shutter speed is helpful. A camera offering different modes is recommended for a variety of shutter speeds.

Manual Control

  • This manual feature gives full control over the image exposure. The user selects themselves the ISO, aperture and shutter speed. 

Best Affordable Camera for Landscape Photography


1. Panasonic Lumix FZ300; Best Camera for Landscape Photography

Key Features

  • Gives 4K videos and 4K photography
  • 30 frames per second
  • 25-600mm zoom
  • 5-axis correction
  • Constant f2.8 aperture
  • Weather-resistant
  • Touch panel with 3-inches frame

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Panasonic Lumix FZ300 the best camera for landscape photography as it offers high resolution; 4K pictures and videos using 30 frames per second. With the crystal-clear 4K quality, you can also take individual photos out from the videos by offering 4 different photo modes including 4K Burst (shoots at 8 megapixels), 4K Burst S/S (start/stop); offering play and pause in the video, 4K pre-burst (begins to record a second before and after pressing the shutter button).

The lens; Leica DC Vario Elmarit Lens offers 24x zoom with the full range F2.8 to work in low lightening conditions.

For shooting in low light, it offers 8 apertures to fulfill the standard quality. The MOS sensor provides 12.1 megapixels. The weather-resistances make it suitable in every weather condition specifically the dust.

To prevent the blur from the images, Panasonic Lumix uses 5 axis correction technology hybrid optical image stabilizer which is capable to detect the horizon line with five different moments. These features also work for videos.

Customer Reviews

Indeed, it is my best investment. I love to travel around and capture landscapes and portraits. This could be a perfect beginner landscape photograph camera as it is less complex than dslr.

2.  Canon PowerShot SX530; Best Beginner Camera for Outdoor Photography

Key Features

  • 50x (24-1200mm) Optical Zoom
  • Has built-in Wifi
  • 16.0 Megapixel
  • 30p video
  • 1080p HD quality
  • Compatible with apple and android operating system

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The is the best camera for nature and wildlife photography to begin with. It is able to take the shot effortlessly whether it is close or out of reach with its 50x zooming power.

The ergonomic design and intelligent IS helps in tracking the object with clarity and complete focus. Further, this could be the best dslr for landscape photography as it provides 1080p HD quality images with almost 16.0 Megapixels. It offers wireless connectivity for convenient sharing.

A high-sensitivity and DIGIC4+ image processor altogether creates the Canon system. This model is compatible with the Connect station of Canon CS100. You can transfer your data by tapping NFC allowing you 1Tb of the hard drive. You can also connect it with your LED.

The video quality that it provides is 30p with a quiet impressing zooming range. For panning shots and video, there is a seek assistant to zoom in and zoom out. Along with that, the creative shot mode allows capturing pictures in 46 different filters. It automatically saves 5 more variations of your image.

The hybrid auto feature makes it a camera for nature photography records a 4 seconds video for a still image and joins the clips to make a small video. Finally, the AF (autofocus) features enhance the speed of the shooting which makes it the best camera for nature and wildlife photography.

Customer Reviews

I am astonished knowing about all the features at such an affordable price. This camera is no doubt underpriced. The quality that it produces is very unbelievable.

3. Nikon CoolPIX B500; Best Landscape Compact Cameras

Key Features

  • 16 Megapixels
  • 40x Optical Zoom
  • 3.0 inches LCD
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Allows stress-free shooting
  • 1080p HD quality with stereo sound

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This is our 3rd choice for the best medium format camera for landscape. It will provide HD quality images with the NIKKOR glass lens for images and videos. The flip-out LCD keeps you up to date with the object.

The low light sensor with a lens-shift vibration reduction helps to perform well in poor lightning conditions. Additional features include easy menus, creative effects and some automatic functions. This camera is capable of building a connection with your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology for instant data sharing.

You can get a close shot of a faraway object with 40x optical zoom and 80x dynamic zoom without compromising the image quality. The vibration reduction feature prevents shakiness and blur from the image by keeping the shot steady.

The best thing about this camera is that it is user-friendly. You can easily master it in no time. For more convenience, just install SnapBridge app on your smartphone or tablet that will unlock more features. It also has built-in wifi, NFC, and BLE for easy sharing.

Customer Reviews

Novice camera totally, the zoom feature is great as it does not burst the pixels of the image. The accessories that came along are great. It is a wise investment.

4. Canon PowerShot SX420 Digital Camera; Best Camera for Nature and Wildlife Photography

Key Features

  • 42x optical zoom
  • 20.0 Megapixels
  • 3.0 LCD
  • Wireless connectivity
  • 720p HD quality
  • Has different scene mode
  • DIGI 4+ Image processor

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This camera possesses a 42x optical zoom (24-1008mm) and 24 mm wide angle lens for professional shots. It has built-in wifi and NFC for quick and easy file sharing. This is the best affordable camera for landscape photography and for shooting wildlife because of its versatile arrays.

For the crisp images, it has sensors and a DIGI 4+ image processor. The 720p quality videos are just a click away. The smart auto feature in this camera automatically detects the object and adjusts the camera settings accordingly. Sometimes, the image processing may decrease the pixels of the image.

The versatile features such as different capturing modes provide more detail to the image. This camera is also compatible with Android smartphones and tablets with which you can remotely control your camera.

The 3.0 LCD allows the user to keep monitoring while on the video mode. It offers advanced features and functions by enhancing the processing speed with the help of DIGI 4+. While recording a video, you can delete the unwanted scenes in the playback mode. You will get 15 shooting modes on this camera.

Customer Reviews

I just started with photography and had no prior experience in that. I just bought this dslr which was quite affordable with such amazing features. This is perfect for point and shooting images as well.

5. Kodak AZ401 Digital Camera; Best Cheap Camera for Photography

Key Features 

  • 16 Megapixels
  • 40X Optical zoom
  • 24mm wide-angle
  • 720p HD quality
  • 3 inches screen size
  • Offers Panorama view at a 180-degree angle
  • Battery Operated

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This camera comes with a 16 megapixels’ resolutions, delivering a crisp and clear image with optical stabilization. This features ample, crops, zoom, and enlarges the images. The panorama view provides 180 degrees.

The 24mm wide-angle lens allows a wide range of frame without compromising on the image quality. It has a 40x optical zoom lens providing you the perfect shot without getting closer to the object.

The 3 inches wide LCD ensures what are you capturing. You can get a wide image in just one single frame with 180 degrees panorama feature. If you want to capture things that are moving, this camera will allow the perfect picture. Kodak provides 720p HD quality video which you can easily edit.

Customer Reviews

This camera is a good option for beginners. It easily captures the long distant objects with the help of wide range angle. This is no doubt an affordable camera, I bought that because my old one broke down but it has become my companion.

6.  Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H300; Best DSLR for Landscape Photography

Key Features

  • 20.1 Megapixels
  • 35x Optical Zoom
  • 720p HD quality
  • 3.0 inches Screen
  • Image stabilization
  • Allows photo editing
  • Battery Operated

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This cyber-shot camera is more user-friendly because of its easy settings for professional shoots. It is able to take high-quality close-ups with the optical zooming in feature of 35x which is perfect for shooting wildlife, sports, and travel snaps.

The crisp and beautiful images can be contained by 20.1 megapixels for the stabilized and blur-free images. You can also add more pixels by adding an additional lens to the camera for more enlarged and zoomed images. This will help to maintain the quality of images when cropped.

This camera is battery operated and requires AA batteries that are easily available. The automatic features give a crisp contrast. The 26x optical zoom helps to capture the distant objects that make it perfect to capture the moments from historical places.

Its cyber-shot feature captures the moving object efficiently by making it static. The 720p HD quality for videos which can be played in MP4 format as well, able to record 29 minutes’ segment straight. 

Customer Reviews

I really wanted to start with a camera and I selected this one. Nothing is perfect here. I got this camera that came with some drawbacks. The main thing that bothered me was that it took the struggle to focus the middle when the image is zoomed.

What is Aperture?

Aperture helps the light to pass from the lens to enter the camera, in other words, the aperture is the pupil of the photography as it carries out many effects such as light exposure, brightness, etc. changes in the aperture automatically adjust the lights and another thing accordingly.

What Settings Are Best for photography?

For getting a better experience of photography, the first thing is to adjust the setting of the core of photography i.e. the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. The aperture adjusts the amount of light in the image.

The large aperture provides brighter images as it allows a lot of light whereas a small aperture darkens the image. A medium aperture is balanced and provides the images with a normal amount of light. If you are shooting in low lighting conditions or at the night, adjust the aperture at large. 


We all watch out for the product that not only fits in our pocket but also has all the latest features. The following article is written by assembling the list of affordable cameras that are also the best camera for nature photography. Make sure the product that you are getting must have the specifications that meet your need.


What is the best affordable camera for photography?

An affordable camera should have a camera lens with a minimum of 12 megapixels. There are cameras available starting from the range of 100 bucks. Further, check the ISO and aperture.

What companies manufacture the best affordable cameras?

The best affordable cameras possess more or less the same features with minor variations but all of them have versatile specifications to capture every moment. The top rated cameras are produced by Nikon, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Kodak, etc.

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