Best 4 Cycle String Trimmer – Buying Guide & Review 2023

Last updated on November 8th, 2022 at 02:34 pm

In our opinion, a simple home wrapped in the softness of plants is much better than a palace. However, provided that the lawn is well-maintained and presentable. It’s not just you who needs to look good, the plants do too! Nobody likes the sight of unwanted grass and weed getting the most of their garden. So, what’s the solution for it? This is where you will want to invest in a Best 4 cycle string trimmer that will take this responsibility and give your garden a blooming look!

Why choose 4 cycle string trimmers over the 2 cycle ones?

If you’re tight on budget, then 2 cycle ones are the best option for you. However, if you’re looking for some professional help, then 4 stroke string trimmer should be your ultimate buy because they are well-engineered and far more efficient.

Gardening is a very rare interest and hence, we are often in the dark regarding the appropriate tools that we need to practice it.

However, this is where you let 4 cycle weed trimmers reviews help you to walk you to the best 4 stroke trimmer.

Choosing the Best 4 Cycle Line Trimmer

All of them, more or less, might appear to be the same but the truth to be told, they have different functions and skills. It is understandable how choosing the best 4 stroke string trimmer among all others can be an overwhelming experience, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Curved or straight shaft

You want to keep the Best 4 cycle string trimmer head as close to the ground as possible without having to bend, for that purpose, there are two types of shafts.  For tall guys, it is a deal for them to choose the 4 cycle gas trimmer with a straight shaft while for the shorter ones, they should opt for the curved ones.

Power source

There are three sources- cord, battery, and gas. Corded trimmers are cheap but they cannot be used for an area of more than 100m. The battery ones provide smooth and quiet trimming but the maximum you can trim is 30 minutes on a single charge. Gas-powered trimmers are loud but they can run for as long as you feed them the required fuel.

Looking for gaps

If there is a large gap between the trimmer and the cutting head, then chances are that tall grass will wrap itself around the shaft instead of being cut. Hence, choose the one with minimal gaps.


Trimmers like to disperse debris in the air while they cut. Some of the top 4-cycle string trimmers deflect them but still, you want to make sure you’re wearing gloves, protective eyewear, etc.

Now that you have got criteria to follow, it must have become more perplexing on which one to buy! After all, all options seem like the perfect choice.

However, that is far away from the truth. Our team will take you out of the dark by revealing these products, which are among the top 4-cycle string trimmers.

8 best 4 cycle string trimmer

They say there’s a best to everything. Similarly, the following 4 cycle string trimmers have been selected after thorough research so that you don’t have to!

1- SENIX GTS4QL-L 26.5cc String Trimmer


        • Full crank engine for vibrational power.
        • Straight shaft design.
        • Easy to control front handle.
        • Dual-line bump head of measurement 0.095.
        • It has a cutting swathe of 17.7’’.
        • Gas-powered.

When you head out looking for trimmers, make sure to check the best rated gas string trimmers. Following this, we landed on “senix’s” trimmer which has the highest rating and much more!


  • Perfect for tall people.
  • It is easy to trim with it.
  • Leaves no unleveled grass behind
  • Perfect for giving sharply defined edges to your grass.
  • Covers more area at a time.
  • Lightweight.


  • Produces a lot of noise while working.
  • Paying for the fuel.
  • It overheats while working.
  • The string is not very strong.

If you’re willing to spend less but expecting more, then this is very much what you’re looking for. When we talk about the best lightweight gas string trimmer, we have this on our minds. Try not to fix your eyes on the garden once it has been trimmed with it!

Someone who personally used this reported it to be the best straight shaft string trimmer and we totally agree!

2- WORX WG170 GT Revolution 20V 12″


      • Works with batteries.
      • A trimmer, an in-line edger with wheels, and a small scale mover.
      • Adjustable handle.

If you’re tight on budget and you cannot afford anything above $100, relax, we got you! This trimmer by “worx’ brings us promising quality and guaranteed lasting years. Look closely and you’ll see the best 4 stroke string trimmer in front of you!


  • Quiet and smooth.
  • Gives you an even trimming.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • You can get all three functions in one- saves you money!
  • For both short and tall people.


  • Do not trim a lot in a single go.
  • Replacement of batteries is needed.
  • Cuts a swathe of only 4 inches.
  • Takes you a lot of time.

Even though it is slow, it can trim your grass without ruining it completely. It can bring the narrowest of the areas within its reach and give your garden an eye-catching look. Missing out on it will be only your loss.

A customer has to say, “this trimmer is awesome.” As far as we know, the only time people say “awesome” is when it really means something!

3- Craftsman WS235 2-Cycle 17


      • Dual line head of measurement 0.08’’.
      • Gas-powered.
      • It’s a 2-in-1 product due to the best string trimmer brush cutter that comes along it.
      • A powerful engine with42.7 cc cycle.
      • Gives less resistance while starting.
      • Straight shaft design.

Get smarter and invest in something better. And “craftman” trimmer is the next new “better”. We know it because we trust this brand. It’s time to make both the money and the time you invested worthwhile.


  • Can cut shrubs, bushes, etc too.
  • Fast and efficient.
  • Smooth and easy to use.
  • Perfect for tall guys.
  • Lightest commercial string trimmer.
  • Portable


  • It makes noise.
  • It is a 2 cycle trimmer.
  • The cost of fuel is additional.

With so many pros and a few cons, we doubt you still want to scroll down! All of these reasons explain why it can be rightfully called the best straight shaft string trimmer that you don’t want to ignore.

Our beloved customers couldn’t resist themselves from calling it “a great trimmer, very powerful.”

4- Poulan Pro PR28SD, 17 in


      • Gas powered.
      • Surefire fuel delivery system.
      • It has Spring-assisted, start-up system.
      • Automatic system for starting.
      • Assisted by a dual-line feed.
      • An air purge to remove the air from the carburetor.

If your morning starts with reading newspapers in your garden, then you certainly want to make sure it’s a garden more than a forest! To restore your garden in its best look possible, it is crucial that you use the adequate tools for it i.e. This “popular pro’s” trimmer.


  • Easy to replace the fuel.
  • Gives less resistance and easy to use.
  • Fast and less exhausting.
  • One of the best rated gas string trimmers.
  • The best lightweight gas string trimmer.


  • Makes noise.
  • The cost of fuel is on you.
  • Shuts down after a short interval of time.

If a low priced trimmer has all the features that any other expensive or best rated 4 cycle weed trimmer would have, then trust us, it’s your good luck! Try your luck and give this trimmer a chance, because your garden deserves it.  A gardener, just as passionate as you, used this and reviewed it as, “i would buy it again and recommend it to any home-owner.”

5- Husqvarna 128LD 17″


      • 28cc 2 cycle engine.
      • Has a cutting width of 17 inches.
      • Runs on unleaded gas.
      • Tap n’ go line release feature is available.
      • A translucent fuel tank to help you monitor the process.

This column is for the ones who are ready to make a big investment. This has been our customers’ favorite for too long now, because yes, not only does it fulfills all the required needs, but also give more for its price. So, let’s see why it is the ideal gas-powered weed eater 4 cycle for you.


  • Easy to reload the trimmer line.
  • The sharp edger gives your grass an even look.
  • Lightest commercial string trimmer.
  • Versatile and smooth maneuverability.
  • The shaft can be detached for easy transportation.


  • It has a 2 cycle engine.
  • Adjustment of carb is needed.
  • The jet needs some opening to work.

If the pros had a greater effect on you than the cons, then rest assured that this is it. Standing in the market as the best gas string trimmer 2019, it will serve you for as long as your garden lives. We are not surprised to see a user of this trimmer say, “the best trimmer I’ve ever owned.”

6- Remington RM2510 Rustler


      • 25cc gas engine.
      • Quickstart technology starting system.
      • Dual-line bump head.
      • A line of 0.095 is possible.
      • A cutting swathe of 16 inches.

Anyone who has experience in buying technical tools will know this brand. With a big name in the market, it never fails to amaze us with its efficient products that are truly a blessing to our daily lives.


  • Easy to start.
  • A single tap to feed your trimmer a new line.
  • Smooth and soft.
  • Dangerous for even the thicker patches!
  • Wide cutting areas make it fast.
  • Lightest commercial string trimmer.


  • Prone to make a lot of noise.
  • Adjustment of carb is required.
  • The brush cutter is not reliable.

Regardless of these cons, for small gardens and for home use, this trimmer is the ultimate buy due to its features that are ideal for trimming a small scale garden. You’ll do anything but regret after buying this trimmer because it worth your money and our research. Someone who gave this trimmer a chance said, “i’d buy it again!”

7- CUB CADET 25 cc Gas 4-Cycle Straight Shaft


      • 25cc 4 cycle engine.
      • Uses 0.095 in line.
      • Has a cutting swathe of 17 inches.
      • Straight shaft.
      • Gasoline-powered.

Has gardening become more of a burden than a hobby? It’s because of your uncompetitive tools that aren’t enough for the clean trimming of your garden. However, it’s time to make this job more fun and playful. This 4 cycle powerhead will make you get out of your bed and trim your garden!


  • Wide cutting areas cover a lot of grass in a single go.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Durable and power are reliable.
  • Perfect for tall people.
  • Reliable 4 cycle gas trimmer with attachments.


  • Fewer customer reviews.
  • Gasoline is expensive.

Even though many fewer people have reviewed the product, those who did gave us many reasons to choose this for you. One of the customers said, “glad i bought this.”

8- Greenworks PRO 16-Inch 80V


      • Runs up to 45 minutes on a single charge.
      • 32 cc gas-powered engine.
      • Has a cutting area of 14-16 inches.
      • Self-winding spool head comes along.
      • Has a user-friendly load head.

If you’re here, we assume you haven’t found your match as yet. But, only up till now because if you miss out on this one, it will be your loss.


  • Less charging, more trimming!
  • The most powerful engine on your screen.
  • The refilling of the trimmer line is easy.
  • Smooth maneuverability.
  • Durable 4 cycle gas trimmer with attachments.


  • Not suitable for large gardens.
  • Battery and charger are not included.

If you’re still unsure, go through the features again because there isn’t any chance you would want to miss out on such a reliable and efficient trimmer. Someone who was smart enough to buy it did not regret his decision as can be seen from his comment, “I used it in the bush for 3 months but still works like new!”


Now that we have walked you through these products, it’s time that you walk through your garden and while keeping all of these in mind, make a decision. Whatever decision you make, all of these will lead to happy gardening!

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