11 Awesome Benefits of Treadmill Incline

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11 Awesome Benefits of Treadmill Incline

Treadmill, an efficient and easiest way of working out regardless of place; you can put it at home or in the gym studios whatever put you at ease. This exercising equipment is an all-rounder for toning your body in the perfect shape.

Normally, a lot of people use a treadmill in a straight position, which is nothing compared to the real-life situation. Because there is no wind pushing our body. So, it is simple and easy. But the incline treadmill a little bit more challenge to our body as it is an example of going up the hill.

What is the Incline Treadmill?

The incline treadmill is more effective than a simple one. If you do an incline treadmill for 30 minutes per day, then you will see results within 2 weeks. Working on an incline treadmill helps your lungs to breathe better and it also improves the blood flow drastically.

Principles of Incline Treadmill

  • When you position your treadmill, it resembles that you are walking or running up the hill which is a great exercise for our body and for our heart.
  • By doing the incline running the heart starts to pump faster without increasing the speed of the treadmill.
  • Nowadays, most of the treadmills are coming with built-in feature. They also offer incline programs that increase and decrease the incline to the treadmill to give it even more real like experience.

Tip: When you are running in incline mode: Don’t grab on the treadmill supports; keep your arms free like running/walking in real life because it minimizes the calories burning process.

Usage of Incline Feature

Using the incline feature is a great way to do intensive work out without even increasing the speed of the treadmill. Even 2% of incline is more effective than the treadmill placed on a leveled surface.

You can burn more calories by using the incline feature however, the calorie-burning frequency depends upon each person’s body weight.

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Benefits of Incline Treadmill

Hill Workouts on the Treadmill Using Incline

The treadmill offers you to workout inside the house without needing any trainer or getting up early and to walk alone on the streets and having an unfriendly terrain. 

Most of the affordable treadmill now offers you the incline built-in.

  • The home model of the treadmill can go up to 10% grade.
  • The standard commercial model can go up to 15% of the grade and the best one which trainers use can go up to 30% grade.

Incline motor help to adjust the height of the incline. Using an incline treadmill has a lot of benefits to the human body so, let us take a look at these one by one.

Some Calories Burning Facts..

A treadmill is a great way to burn more calories, but not every person burns the same amount of calories as the other one. Here are a few factors on which the burning of the calories depends upon.


People having more weight burn more calories as compared to people having less weight. It is a law of nature. If two men run on a treadmill on the same condition than the one having more weight will burn more calories.


I think everyone knows this, the more intensive workout you do the more calories you burn. Due to intensive workout, the heart pumps faster and the lungs also start working faster so you burn more calories. 

If you are a beginner, do not be hard on yourself. Intense workout indeed burns more calories fast but, when you stop working out, you are more likely to get the weight back hastily. 


The inclined mode of a treadmill helps to maintain the proper posture. So, the more incline you have will help you more on burning on more calories.

Hand Rails

If you are holding on the handrails of the treadmill then you will lose calories. Because of that, the handrails the machine/treadmill is also bearing some of your weight—the motion of your body is not free and due to which you burn fewer calories.

Weight Loss

If you are planning to reduce your weight at home without going to the gym and you want to buy a treadmill for yourself then make sure that whichever model of treadmill you buy, make sure that it has an incline motor built in it.

  • For losing weight you have to burn more calories per day; as normal people eat less after the exercise. You can also reduce your weight by counting the calories of the food that you are taking.
  • Work intensity is the main thing when losing weight, if you do a more intensive workout you will burn more calories which leads to weight loss.
  • Consistency is also important when it comes to any kind of exercise or weight loss. According to research adults need a minimum of half an hour of exercise five days per week.
  • It doesn’t matter you do it in the gym or at your home on your treadmill. So, be consistent and the result of weight loss will start to appear within a few weeks.

Fewer Chances of Injury

Running on any outdoor surface is difficult as compared to running .

However, a treadmill reduces the stress on your knees and pain in your back. Even on the flat level treadmill, there is less stress level as compared to the outdoor running.

So, if you even increase the incline then It will further reduce the stress level on your body. The good part is that even if you crank up the speed of the machine or increase the incline and the intensity of workout, even then there will be no more stress on your knees or on your back.

Muscle Building

Walking or running in the treadmill also helps to build muscles.

If you are using a flat level treadmill, it will also help you to build muscles but the incline treadmill helps to build muscles 15% faster as compared to level one.


Treadmill helps to increase muscles on your calves and other parts of the body because running is an exercise for the whole body and not for a specific part of the body.

Cardiovascular Fitness

  • An incline treadmill is a great exercise to improve your cardiovascular muscles. While incline running; your heartbeat increases which is helpful for cardiovascular muscles.
  • Normally, the heartbeat of some people increases slowly so they have to increase the speed of the machine which is not that good for someone with weak joints and knees. Otherwise, it is a great exercise for cardiovascular muscles.

Aerobic capacity

Incline running also increases the aerobic capacity of a person. Aerobic Capacity is the measure of oxygen that can be supplied by the heart and lungs to the muscles of the body.

Running incline also helps to increase the stamina of a person which is the best benefit of treadmill according to me.

Build Stronger Legs

Running on the treadmill helps to build the muscles of the legs like calves, upper legs and even lower legs which leads to stronger legs.

How to Setup a Treadmill Incline?


These are some of the greatest benefits of the Incline treadmill You can achieve these by keep running on a treadmill five times a week for like thirty minutes.

The treadmill is great for people who want to burn their fats and lose their weight. I tried my best to explain to you, people, the benefits of an incline treadmill; I hope that you like this article. Please let me know your thoughts on this article.

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