Benefits of self-monitored alarm systems

Last updated on August 16th, 2021 at 05:46 pm

There are several reasons to get a home-security system, but traditional monitor systems are not your only option. Professionally monitored security systems are pervasive, and most of the people choose them to avoid self-monitored security alarms.

Self-monitored systems put all control in your hands, from installation to responding to an alarm. Self-monitored systems come with primary device cameras, sensors, control panels, and alarms. You just have to install it and monitor it from your smartphone.

What is a Self-Monitored System?

All security systems involve alarms, cameras, and sensors, but the important thing is who will monitor and respond. The significant difference between self-monitored and professionally monitored security systems is who will answer the call.

When sensors detect motion, smoke, and glass crack, they instantly send an alert on the connected app that is installed in your smartphone and compatible in working with the security system. Now it depends on the user how he responds, and some security systems allow speaking through the mobile application and also have an emergency button that connects a user directly with concerned authorities.

A person with a self-monitored security system can view the camera video from any distance by using the application and respond accordingly.

On the other side, the professionally monitored security systems send notifications to a monitoring station, where a professional assistant lookup in the matter and check the footage and take necessary precautions on your behalf. In this case, the monitoring assistant is responsible for everything that will be happening. Monitoring stations also keep updating the user from the real facts and help you to decide whether the threat is enough to call the authorities.

The best thing is both options keep your home safe. The only thing matter is how often you check smart application and respond to emergencies.

Why you need a Self-Monitored Alarm System?

Installing a self-monitored security system will give a new experience of safety. It is easy to use and less costly than professionally monitored systems. Here are a few benefits that you will enjoy by having self-monitored security.

1. No-Middleman

In a professionally monitored system, when the sensor triggered, the alert goes to the monitoring assistant. Then they inform you or make calls to emergency responders.Self-monitored security systems cut out the middleman and allow you to control everything. It means if your kids come early from school or your dog triggers the alarm, then you do not have to worry about the nonemergency that causes stress.

2. Free or Less Monthly Fees

You can save money by the self-monitored system. All monitoring agencies charge higher amounts for their services. So you do not need to pay someone to monitor your home while you can do it in a better way. Several companies offer equipment and charge a one-time fee, but the best self-monitored security systems are not always cheaper.

Some require minimum financing or fee. Mostly they charge for the application that you will be connecting with your security system. Other features they offer like recorded video and extended storage, and they charge extra amount for such type of service. Most of the time, it begins monthly

3. No False-Alarm Penalties

In some states or cities where false alarm involves fire crew or police are often ends with a fine. The best security systems allow you to view the live screen and examine the situation before you call the authorities.

4. Easy-Portability

They are portable and can be adjusted anywhere. They are more beneficial for renters because they can move from home to home. Self-monitored systems are easily installable and do not have any monitoring center that requires your new home address. These systems are usually smaller and well-designed, which is the perfect fit for apartments, townhouses, and condos.

5. Flexible-Configuration

If you have changed your mind about the security system, self-monitored systems are easy to change, upgrade, or cancel. More there are no higher charges for up-gradation and cancelation.

Other essential things about sell-monitored alarm systems:

  • Offers limited backup to store all events. You control everything, but if your system loses the connection, then you might not know about the emergency or miss an alarm. You can avoid this nuisance by having an extra back up for your security system. That will keep your camera and sensors alive all the time and allow you to store or record videos.
  • The limited connection is another notable thing if you are traveling and loses the cellular signal; it means you are disconnected from your security system. More if the software you are using crashes or the application fails in operating the function, then it could be a bad situation for you.
  • A fail-safe feature is not included in self-monitored alarms. If someone forces you to disarm the security system, then you can not use any other hidden option to contact emergency responders. On the other hand, professionally monitored systems allow a fail-safe button that can still send the notification to the monitoring center if the system went off.


A security system can not be ignored. It secures your family and home from unwanted emergencies. There are two ways to monitor a home, professionally monitored, and self-monitored both are good and keep your home safe. In self-monitored systems, you are responsible for all situations, while professional monitoring plays a role of a middleman between you and home security; it takes all responsibility to prevent mishaps. These monitoring centers charge higher amounts, and you pay for extra equipment like sensors, alarms, and cameras.

Self-monitored is a one-time purchase, but you also have to pay a little amount for the device or application you will use to control the home security system. If you are living in a rented house or apartment, then a self-monitoring system is the best fit for you.




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