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[Editor’s Pick] Bench Rest For Rifle Shooting

The best bench rest shooting calls for a stable platform that allows hunter to shoot more precisely. If you want to enhance your hunting skills, purchasing a rifle rest is the best way to achieve improvement in your shooting skills. These bench rests for rifles are made of steel frame and feature a sand bag that helps the shooter in measuring equal surface.

Choosing a best hunting bag can be a wearisome act as there are many options available in the market and it can be hard to know which one is better than the other. Read our top 8 rifle bench rest review to find out 8 best rifle bench rests in the market.

Top 8 Bench Rest For Rifle Shooting

1. Cladwell zeromax adjustable rifle shotgun shooting gun rest:

Cladwell zeromax adjustable rifle shotgun shooting gun rest

Key features:

  • Dimensions: 23 inches x 12 inches
  • Durable tube steel frame
  • Full elevation adjustment

This best rifle rest for benchrest shooting comes with all the features included in it that are required by modern shooters nowadays. The Cladwell Zeromax is a no-frills full length rest that offers a rock solid platform to shooters that allows quick set up with convenience. This best rifle rest doesn’t tire you with the complexity of assembly that other bench rests have.
According to the caldwell shooting rest reviews, this full-length rest is easy to use, accommodates many weapons with different caliber and is easily adjustments. This best shooting rest for the money is also very affordable and cheap compared to other bench rests.


  • Included; Filled medium varmint front bag
  • Micro adjustments to correct elevation
  • Great recoil reduction rest for rifle and shotguns
  • Rock solid shooting base
  • Ballistic nylon rear rest holds the gun securely in place
  • Easy adjustments without removing the weapon from the rest


  • A little hard to adjust elevations and points

Customer review:

This rifle rest is great for light caliber and bore sightings. The rest is very affordable and holds the rifle in place without any damage to the point of contact. But this rest is not perfect for precision machine rest so be careful not to get it for that purpose.

2. Cladwell the rock BR Outdoor range adjustable rifle stand:

Cladwell the rock BR Outdoor range adjustable rifle stand

key features:

  • 14 inches cast iron foot print
  • Weight: 13 lb.
  • 12 inch diameter
  • 2 stage elevation adjustments

This best rifle bench rest is specially designed for shooters who like to use rifle rest for accuracy in competitions. This best rifle bench provides accuracy in windage adjustment and also has independently adjustable feet. The Cladwell BR rifle stand also provides fine elevation adjustments.
This best shooting rest can be used with a medium varmint bag and a 3 lobe bag, both of which come with the product, and can also be used with any Cladwell deluxe front rest bag. These bags will hold your gun in place securely without any damage to barrel or stock. The adjustment knobs in this best shooting rest for sighting in are placed strategically so you will not have to remove the gun from the rest to adjust elevation and points.


  • Accurately adjusts windage and elevations
  • Independently adjustable feet
  • Solid and dependable
  • Precise positioning
  • Non-destructive rest
  • Useable with wide range of bags
  • Easy to adjust knobs


  • Doesn’t include precision machine accuracy
  • Adjustment process can be a bit tacky

Customer reviews:

I wanted a rifle rest that is affordable and fully adjustable. I am very happy I bought this item. This rest is perfect for casual league competition with perfect weight and easy adjustments. It is a great value product with many amazing features.

3. CLADWELL The Rock Deluxe Adjustable Front Rest rifle shooting rest:

CLADWELL The Rock Deluxe Adjustable Front Rest rifle shooting rest

key features:

  • Weight: 5.5 lbs
  • 7/8 inch diameter steel post
  • 7 ¼ inch height elevation adjustments

This is the best shooting rest for ar15 as it provides accuracy of your ammunition with its accuracy adjustments. The fingertip elevation adjustments and an adjustable cradle ear assembly provides additional accuracy. The forend stop, lock lever and independently adjustable feet also ensure that this best rifle hunting rest provides ultimate performance. The cast iron base of this best shooting bench rest provides rock-solid stability.
Cladwell the rock deluxe front rest comes with a medium varmint filled bag and can be used with any other Cladwell deluxe universal front rest bags easily. These bags ensure to provide secure holding of the gun without inflicting any damage to the gun.


  • Vertical adjustments: 4.5-7.25 inches
  • Amazing accuracy adjustments
  • Cast iron base for rock solid stability
  • Compatible with a range of weight bags
  • Conveniently placed adjustment knobs


  • Stitching is not firm
  • No windage adjustments

Customer review:

The product is built very well and I am very happy with this purchase. The base is heavy and didn’t move at all. The weight worked perfectly in combination with the spiked feet. The easy adjustments of height and tightening are my favorite feature of the bench rest. I would recommend it to friends too.

4. Cladwell lead sled adjustable rifle shooting recoil reducing rest:

Cladwell lead sled adjustable rifle shooting recoil reducing rest

Key features:

  • Dimensions: 27 inches x 12 inches
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Recoil reduction by 95%

The Cladwell lead sled is the best lead sled as it combines the features of a traditional lead sled with modern technology to provide amazing performance. The skeletonized front rest cradles your ammunition and the rear shock absorbing pad reduces recoil rate.
This best pistol rest for sighting in has 3 sand bags that secure your lead sled. This lead sled also has a modern weight tray that works with variety of weight types easily. This rifle sighting stand provides easy elevation adjustments with a no-wobble elevation ram and 4 inches front elevation ram. The lead sled also has features to provide micro-rear elevation accuracy and an adjustable weight tray. All these features combine to make it the best rifle rest for benchrest shooting.


  • Precision elevation ram
  • No-marring rear cradle protects stock from damage
  • Rubber feet grip for a stable shot
  • Easy elevation adjustments
  • Reduces recoil rate to 95 percent
  • Easy to adjust knobs without removing the gun
  • Can be used with variety of bags


  • Small clearances

Customer review:

This is a great bench rest for shooting rifles. As soon as I got it, I was excited. The assembly is easy and took me only 10 minutes to assemble it. I tested it with my 30-06 and the performance is awesome. It is a solid thing with makes shooting enjoyable.

5. HYSKORE 1003629 DLX gas dampened precision shooting rest:

HYSKORE 1003629 DLX gas dampened precision shooting rest

Key features:

  • Dimensions: 24” x 16” x 12”
  • Weight: 13 lbs.
  • Powder coated welded steel construction

This best gun rest uses compression damper tech to absorb recoil progressively. The amazing recoil reduction eliminates any damage to the stock, bedding or gun and doesn’t let you miss the target with amazing accuracy and precision.
This competition shooting rest has powder coated welded steel construction and provides amazing stability and the firearm remains damage free.


  • Compression damper technology
  • Absorbs recoil efficiently
  • Saves gun and stock from any damage
  • Amazing precision and accuracy
  • Strong construction
  • Hydraulic trigger release eliminates motion contamination
  • Convenient and portable


  • Doesn’t work with many rifle models
  • Plastic adjusting knobs

Customer review:

This rest is very-well made with high quality strong materials. I am very glad for this purchase. Though it is a bit high priced but I think it will be worth the price with the amazing performance this rifle rest provides.

6. Vanguard scout B62 Bi-pod Rifle Shooting stand:

Vanguard scout B62 Bi-pod Rifle Shooting stand

Key features:

  • 360 degree yoke movement
  • 62 inches maximum extended height
  • 1.1 lbs.

This portable gun rest is extremely lightweight and is made of durable aluminum alloy material. This rifle holder for sighting in is perfect for on-the-go hunters as it provides easy mobility. The yoke of this gun shooting vise is V-shaped and is rubber lined that provides greater stability to guns.
The yoke is moveable on 360 degree rotation and to provide ease of shooting from any angle. This gun sighting rest also has a quick flip leg lock which allows you to adjust height easily.


  • Adjustable height with quick flip leg lock
  • Light weight and portable
  • Provides easy mobility and maneuverability
  • Quick to set up
  • Rubber yoke for amazing stability
  • All angles easy shooting


  • Can be slippery

Customer review:

It is a great bipod if you want it for predator hunting. The adjustable legs easily adapt to any terrain and the rest is very lightweight. Great value purchase.

7. BOG adjustable bench rest:

BOG adjustable bench rest

key features:

  • Dimensions: 20- 42 inches height
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Quick cam lever lock

This pistol shooting rest is very lightweight and has multiple accuracy adjustments that allow for a precise target shoot. The pistol sighting rest has dual frame for amazing stability and the upper frame balance point also increase stability. This pistol shooting vise rest features non-marring molded front forend support and rear stock that allow you to hold your gun securely in place without any damage to the point of contact.


  • Lightweight
  • Dual frame with upper frame balance point for stability
  • Tension knob for easy up and down tilting
  • Conveniently placed, adjustable tension knobs
  • Great for ground blinds and long range shooting


  • Doesn’t work well with long magazine rifles

Customer review:

this is a lightweight stand and is very easy to carry. The stand is good value and keeps my rifle ready during long days of waiting for the hunt. Very good value product.

8. Cladwell NXT Handy bench rest:

Cladwell NXT Handy bench rest

key features:

  • 12 inch diameter
  • Dimensions: 15 inches x 13 inches x 5 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds

This ransom pistol rest is a very versatile front rest. This best rifle rest for benchrest shooting has an innovative design and includes a detachable handgun support attachment which converts the rifle rest into a handgun rest in a quick matter of time. This ar15 shooting rest is made with a non-marring durable material with easy adjusting points.


  • Vertical adjustability
  • Reinforced construction provides durability
  • Soft front cradle
  • Soft non-marring material used in front cradle
  • Easy adjusting knobs


  • Short front attachment screws

Customer review:

This lightweight rest is easy to transport and carry around. It works great and saves me the hassle of heavy weight moving that comes with a lead sled.

Buyer’s Guide; Bench Rest

What to look for when choosing a best rifle rest for bench rest shooting:
When deciding to purchase a bench rest for rifle shooting, there are many aspects that should be kept in consideration so that you can have the best product which is most suitable to your needs. Modern rifle rests nowadays provide more features and maneuverability than old models.

Types of bench rest for rifle shooting:

  • Lead sled:

This rifle rest model is universal and mostly used in famous factories for gun testing and improving their groupings.
If you like to shoot a number of shoots back to back when rifle hunting, this type of led sled can help to cut massive recoil. The lead sled rifle rests have innovative technology and robust construction that allows the shooter to take a turn of shots without having to bear much weight on their arms of shoulders. These rifle rests absorb the energy that is produced during shooting and decrease the recoil to almost 90 percent. You can also add weight to the lead track so these lead sleds can be used with mostly any caliber.

  • Traditional:

These lightweight rifle rests are used to support the firearms. These bench rests include tables, supports and pods to stabilize the weapons. However, these bench rests don’t support weapons of large caliber such as shotguns or rifles but they still provide good stabilization on any terrain with many good features.

  • Bench rest:

These are also called Front Rest. They are great for mobility and are normally used in competitions. These bench rests can be a perfect choice for amateurs and people who like mobility in their rifle rests during shooting.

  • Additional weights to use with a bench rest:

You will need to add extra weight on your bench rest depending on the caliber of your weapon. These weights can include a range of dumbbells, lead shot weight bags, barbell weights and sand bags. If you want your bench press to distribute the recoil evenly, your best option is to use lead shot weight bags as they are sure to improve your results.

  • Fitting:

Assembling a bench rest can be a tricky task, but when you read all the instructions on accompanying assembling guide. This will be an easy task. Each bench rest is assembled differently and thus you need to get the one that you think will be easy for you to assemble.

  • Weight of the bench rest:

Rifle rests can be heavier as they are used for stability. Some shooters like to get the light weight models for ease of transporting. The best bench rests are made of lead or heavier metals as they allow you to cut recoil easily because the bench rests made of plastic will not reduce the recoil as much without adding additional weight.
If you are getting a rifle rest for competition purposes, it might be wise to get one heavier model as they will improve your performance and bear amazing results. Some shooters also like to get the rifle rest that is mountable on truck’s tail gate or steady table to avoid the wearisome task of assembling/disassembling.

Now let us read these top 8 shooting rest reviews so that you can get a proper information on best products that match your requirements.


The best rifle rest for benchrest shooting provides many appliance features. You can use these rests for shooting, routine maintenance and as a solid platform for gun cleaning. The adjustable settings allow superior accuracy and allow you to perform direct hits through even long distances.
Sometimes, it is not possible to shoot accurately which can be a result of shaking hands, heavy weight of ammunition and rough uneven grounds, but the pistol bench rests provide a stable solid platforms that don’t let your arms and shoulders get tired and provide a smooth level for hunting and shooting. The shaky hands won’t be a problem anymore.
Now that you have a perfect clarity on the best rifle rests for bench rest shooting, you know the types available in the market and the features each type provides, it will be easy to select one product that provides your required features. If you have read our guide, it will be easier for you to find an excellent product that is ideal for your shooting style.

FAQs | Bench Rest 

  1. what is the best bench rest for rifle shooting?
    CLADWELL The Rock Deluxe Adjustable Front Rest is the best rifle shooting rest in the market. 
  2. what is a good affordable rifle rest?
    Cladwell zeromax adjustable rifle shotgun rest is the best affordable rifle rest.
  3. what is the best recoil reduction rest?
    Cladwell lead sled adjustable rifle shooting rest is the best recoil reducing rest.
  4. which rifle rest is best from the perspective of portability and movability?
    Vanguard scout B62 Bi-pod Rifle Shooting stand is the perfect option if you want a lightweight shooting stand.
  5. do bipods affect accuracy?
    if you load the bipods exactly the same way on each shooting, it will definitely not affect accuracy.
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