Best App Controlled Dog Door For Your Back Door

Last updated on August 4th, 2022 at 01:15 am

With the advent of technology in recent times, its also positively impacted our pets. An app controlled dog door is the obvious example.  These doors are not only convenient for pet owners but also allows the pet to move freely. An assembled research for the top-notch products and considerations will help you to make a wise decision.

Things to Consider For App Controlled Dog Door

Sensing Ability

  • Make sure that the sensing option with your app controlled dog door has the ability to only open the door when the pet comes near it.
  • Know if the door you are buying supports sensing and smart control feature whether it be electronic pet door or automatic doggy doors.
  • Your main picks would often fall in between magnetic dog doors and sensor activated large dog door. Choose the one which suits your criteria best.

Size of the panel for door

  • It is highly important that your sensor activated large door accommodates to the size of your dog.
  • The sizes available for you would be from small, medium, large and all the way till extra-large.
  • You can go for either small or large dog doors with options from choosing wooden or aluminum frames.
  • Small and medium sized doors work great with dogs of smaller breeds and pubs.
  • While large and extra large dog doors easily allow older dogs or even fox to enter through.

Should be easy to install

  • Having an easy to install app controlled dog door is always a plus, so make sure your remote control dog door is easy to install.

A smart chip or a smart key

  • Both a smart chip or a smart key are an advanced technology feature which would be embedded inside your dog’s collar.
  • A smart chip door works when your dog is near the electronic door these chips unlock the dog door and vice versa when they are far from it.
  • While a smart key dog door would make use of a special combination which unlocks the door for your dog and then locks it.
  • Make sure that your locking pet door support these features for the best results.

Door construction material

  • It should be up to you to go for stainless automatic dog door which are proven to last longer than the wooden ones.
  • If you want tough material then your picks could be from more steel or aluminum smart doors.

Top 9 App Controlled Dog Door

1. PetSafe electronic smart dog door with sensor

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Key Features

  • Highly customizable.
  • Features easily accessible entry and exit points for your dog and also has auto locking pre -installed feature.
  • Gives the advanced water repellant collar for your dog door with sensor.
  • Has the option for giving smart chip access points for up to five pets.
  • Gives three locking modes.
  • Battery charged smart dog door.
  • Easily installed on most household doors.
  • More addons for the door can be bought to make it even a wifi doggy door.

PetSafe has proven to be one of the advanced and leading companies which provide excellent quality remote dog doors. Their pet doors are ideal candidates for automatic dog door opener due to their trusted technology and manufacturing style. The smart key feature is quite nicely expanded in operation here to include at most 5 pets making it a good choice if you have several pets. This chip technology makes sure that only your pet with the embedded smart chip installed in its collar is able to pass through and no one else. Which also increases security.

Customer Reviews

For those who used this smart dog door reviews were mostly positive. People often pointed about the difference in the range knob the door from the one displayed to the one they actually got. However, rest of reviews appreciated its well thought out design and its easy to use functions and keys. Their automatic doggy doors worked at most of the times with their given key pattern and they faced no major complaints.

2. SureFlap Microchip electronic pet door

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Key features

  • Uses its chip feature RFID to scan your dog’s code only at the entry point.
  • Gives the ability of smart control through wifi doggie door and their own phone app.
  • Prevents any unwanted animals form wandering inside your home increasing security and comfort.
  • Easily programmable by the touch of one button and that’s it.
  • The microchip installed works on all of the chip collars which support collar activated doggie door.
  • This automatic dog door opener can be easily installed for doors, windows or your walls.
  • More accessories are available at cheap prices from the manufacturers.
  • Battery operated electronic doggie door which can go for up to a year.

SureFlap is another one of those brands which enjoy the top position on the amazon best seller list regularly. Their smart app controlled dog door has revolutionized the concept of wifi doggie door and remote control dog door opener. The latter of which is still being used by some if not all the brands.

This microchip enabled doggie door with collar sensor uses an effective and accurate process to scan your dog’s code. Furthermore, this sensor activated large dog door has the smart option of choosing your own lockdown time periods for keeping your dog inside.

Customer Reviews

The electronic dog door reviews for SureFlap have been mostly positive. Customers reported using an opposite technique for using this collar activated doggie door. In which they installed the automatic dog door the other way to prevent their pets from going out. This enabled them to come back in easily. The automatic dog door also received praise for its good battery life even after a year.


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Key Features

  • High quality rigid aluminum used in construction.
  • This electronic dog door large enables greater security and are fully tested according to EU standards.
  • The Magnetic closing technique is always on point for the dog door.
  • Also reduces extra energy losses in your homes.
  • Comes with more freedom for dogs and other pets which is made possible by the independent locking mode.
  • Good quality plastic flap installed within the door.
  • Includes UV blocking inside the padding of the door panel.
  • Favors easy installation ideal even for non-practical users.
  • Comes with a long five-year warranty which covers all costs by the company regarding your dog door.

MAVRICFLEX doors always bring something unique for their users and in the market. They include long panel sizes which are suitable for all kind of pets specially dogs. Apart from providing greater security they also give more independence for your pet. With easy to install user guide and nothing much complex this dog door is an ideal pick for someone looking for simpler yet effective dog door. Also, the larger size of the door flap means you can accommodate more than 1 pet at a time through them. At the last, their large aluminum panel gives you premium quality material which would not let you down under any weather condition.

Customer Reviews:

This magnetic controlled dog door was fairly easily installed and favored simpler installation with no issues on the customers end. As a result, most were happy with the product they bought and have kept using it for more than 6 months. However, with some customers a minor issue was seen in the magnetic strip of the door panel which had a few cracks in it. Upon calling the company they were quickly replaced.

4. High Tech Pet Power Electronic Dog Door

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Key Features

  • Motor installed mechanism makes the door slide vertically upwards in a fast manner.
  • Indicator sensing system installed.
  • Comes with four different accessing options for the security of the door.
  • Comes with their own battery adapter.
  • Ideal for all weather conditions.
  • Comes in various different sizes accommodating most of your needs.
  • Also favors in wall installation.

The power pet doors are again loved all around thanks to their design and stylish panels. These electronic dog doors for walls are a new and smart addition to the market of dog doors. The motor and sensor combined gives a strong and smart security technique for your pets. The 4-way access method is also another efficient method allowing you control like never over your dog security.

Customer Reviews:

Those who used this product were satisfied with its performance indicating that its larger size made them more at peace with the way their dog can now use the door. It was also suggested how you can easily cut the top bottom of your door to accommodate for your pet accordingly. However, some customers did report the problem with the sensor working faulty sometimes but nothing major.

5. PetSafe Wall Entry Kit smart door

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Key Features

  • Available in two sizes large and small which go with the Pet Safe automatic dog door as mentioned earlier in our guide.
  • Easily installed.
  • Gives a wide angle telescope like design which enables for rapid installing of the dog door.
  • The kit includes necessary hardware and the frame for the dog door.
  • Same premium quality guaranteed.
  • The kit design allows for installation on exterior or interior walls as per requirements.

Promising the same design and premium quality this kit for dog door lets you install the electronic smart dog door in most kind of walls. Whether they be thick walls or even on doors. For installation on a brick wall you need to understand the given instructions and then do the job. However way you take it, with this kit you can easily fit the smart door without major difficulties.

Customer Reviews:

For those who experienced this product around half of the people did complaint about how the door kit did not gave results as expectations. Some people were unhappy with the experience of the installation of the brick wall for this kit. Saying it was only limited to a certain type of walls. While the other half was satisfied with the experience saying that the product worked well for a few months if installed right otherwise it fails.

6. Ownpets Screen Dog Door

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Key features

  • Appropriate sizing door for your dogs and other pets.
  • Able to self close automatically using the magnetic property of the door panel giving a quick process overall.
  • Door lock can even be applied to prevent your pets to wander around when you are not in home or during night time.
  • Blocks UV rays.
  • Good quality material used in manufacturing.
  • Easily installed.

These dog doors are versatile starting from their manufacturing and ending at their operation. These dog doors can easily be installed by you and no further professional help is required. They are made with sturdy and hard quality lockers making them almost impossible to break. The magnetic lock feature also works efficiently aiding to the security of your screen door.

Customer Reviews:

Those who used were again fairly happy with this dog house with door lock commending upon the easy installation this dog door favored. The process was overall quite simple and highly recommended by more customers. In short, most were happy for the way the screen door satisfied their money.

7. Hakuna Pets Dog Pet Door

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Key features

  • Easily fitted on most screens, doors and glass etc.
  • Aluminum panel gives it a stronger look and added security.
  • Two method locking system favoring both lock and security code feature.
  • UV blocking flap with a long warranty.
  • Could be used easily for both inside and outside of your house.
  • Easily installed with detailed and user-friendly guides given upon purchase.
  • This extra large electronic dog door favors all pets of all sizes with ease.
  • Long term warranty of up to three years.

Hakuna pet doors give pets more freedom and control over their lives through there high quality dog doors. By introducing their intuitive two locking methods. You have more accessible access for your dog doors. You can either choose the automatic lock control method or the magnetic lock method. More on, the added aluminum as always favors the build for the door in the long run. While also saving your energy savings.

Customer Reviews

This product had somewhat mixed reviews with half of them being positive while other being negative. The customers mainly had complaints regarding the loose bolts of the dog doors after a few months use. So many of them did their own tricks to solve the issue, while the other half were pleased with the easy access it now granted their pets and high security.

 8. Endura Flap Pet Door

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Key features

  • Flaps available in variety of sizes ranging from small to XL.
  • Simple and easy to use design favoring your pets and yourself in installation.
  • Saves energy.
  • Easily installed on your doors with detailed step by step guide.
  • Three side magnetic design allows for easier training for your nervous pets without any worrying.
  • Can be easily installed upon either walls, windows or sliding glass doors.
  • High quality aluminum frame used in construction making the door durable in long run.

The flap controlled dog doors by this brand have a particular sense of ease around them. Thanks to the user friendly design and high quality aluminum used it makes it an ideal candidate for your dogs to enter and leave at will. Without causing them to scratch their skin. Apart from minimizing energy losses inside your homes these tough flap doors also block high UV rays.

Customer Reviews

This premium product also enjoyed mostly favorable reviews from the customers. With them saying how this dog door easily accommodated their large sized dogs and other pets. More on, its speed and flap material are appreciated and customers were pleased with the way it stopped strong winds and humidity to enter the room from outside.

9. Ideal Pet Products Pet Door

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Key features

  • Scratch resistant frame.
  • Uses a vinyl material for the flap with curved edge to give it a sturdier look.
  • Available in four sizes ranging from small towards super large.
  • Used vastly for average sized dogs and larger dogs.
  • Also features a locking pet door to keep your pet in control and safe.
  • Offers email for assistance and available all week for queries regarding the dog door.

So, if you are someone like me who is after the best classical dog door for their house then this can be a great option. Where you get premium quality dog door at a reasonable price. With high quality build and flap material they let you free from the previous hustle of going and attending to the door for your pet to enter. Now no matter, what the weather conditions around you just relax after you install this dog door one time.

Customer Reviews

Again, this lock dog door received mostly positive reviews from the customers, who loved how the installation was not that difficult. How almost all of the pets including baby dogs were able to go through the door without any difficulty at all. The magnetic automatic lock for the dog door was also commended with some customers saying it was much better and faster than that of some other rival brands.


Whether it be a bluetooth dog door for a smart controlled dog door or a wifi doggie door. In a time when technology and smart control can aid for your pets in a more intelligent way why not take full advantage of it? An automatic dog door gives you the edge for ensuring the freedom of your beloved dogs in a safe and effective manner.


Do doggie doors lock?

Yes they do lock themselves and this is based on the sensing technology which is embedded into your dog’s collar. When the dog approaches the app controlled dog door it unlocks the door and when it passed from it afterwards it gets locked.

What is the best doggie door?

PetSafe Electronic Smart Door

What Exactly Is A Smart Pet Door?

A smart pet door basically means that it uses its smart technology to sense when your dog is near the door and when it wants to go in. Based on this mechanism the door functions to open and close.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Smart Pet Door?

A smart pet door functions intelligently to let your pet inside and out when you are not around. It also adds to your comfort level knowing that your pet can easily access your house without any difficulties. Apart from that, it also adds to a greater security level for your house since no stray animals can wander inside randomly while using smart pet doors.

How do I know what size dog door I should get?

To put it in simple terms you need a door whose flap has a height which is more than 1.5 inches than your current tallest dog or pet. While the stepping over point for the door size should not be much more than about 1/5th of your smallest dogs height from the floor.

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