Amplifidor, a Saudi portal to facilitate Brands and Influencers generate Pre-Seed

Amplifidor, a provider of a web and mobile platform for the influencer sector situated in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, raised an undisclosed sum in Pre-Seed funding.

The funders were kept a secret.

The company plans to use the funding to expand personnel and operations as well as to build the platform.

Amplifidor is a platform that was created as a place for open collaboration between influencers and their communities, as well as between brands and their stockholders. 



It was co-founded by Faisal and Waleed Alqahtani



Users can locate new possibilities and join ongoing campaigns—referred to as “missions”—easily thanks to the platform’s enhanced discovery algorithms, which recommend collaboration candidates based on users’ interests and shared values.

While brands can look for the ideal creators or communities that suit their needs, track their influencer ROI, and manage their partnerships all in one place, creators can manage their network, track their growth, and find new creators or brands to work with. 

By identifying and involving internal influencers and stakeholders, including as workers, investors, advisers, and others, brands can also unleash their internal influence.

The platform is now undergoing a personal alpha test.

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